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  1. It's only been a month but everyday I check with the hope of some miracle happening...I can't stand this distance any longer. Sometimes I feel like jumping on the next flight out of here and just being with him. We will be together again in 49 days but thinking that I will have to leave him once again is a horrible thought. The only thing that keeps the hope alive is that God willing next time will be the last time I will have to leave his side. I miss him so much...

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    2. Angela M.

      Angela M.

      Thank you for your words of encouragement. I know that we are all in this together and that it won't be forever! Yesterday was just one of those days where nothing seemed to help the emptiness and the fact that he is sick did not make it any better. He is better today and that makes me feel all the better myself!

    3. MrsAmancio


      wow a whole month!! you are doing it BIG chica lol. oh yeah we're meeting up how cld i forget?!! lol...funny story about what u just said...last time i was there in november was a short 4 day trip. i resented having to leave and got mad and took it out on him...wasnt expecting that to happen but the oddest things happen when u r crazy in luv. keep ur head up..

    4. StephanieM


      i'm glad i'm not the only one that feels this way, there's no way ANYONE could understand unless their in the same situation.

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