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    Habakkuk2vs3 reacted to naijaboy in CONGRATULATIONS TO LAGOSLOVE   
    Congrats to her! but what about us men waiting for our female fiances
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    Habakkuk2vs3 reacted to I AM NOT THAT GUY in I have pirated OS on my laptop, will it be checked at the airport?   
    I am a software cracker, and you guys need to stop making it so easy.
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    Habakkuk2vs3 got a reaction from qwerty1974 in THANK YOU.....THANK YOU...THANK YOU   
    To the Glory of the Almighty God, It is a real blessing to report to everyone that our interview was a success. SPECIAL THANKS to the VJ'ers as well because the process wouldn't have been this easy for us if not for your questions, responses, reviews, prayers and advice. A full review will be provided once I return back to the U.S. Once again Thanks and May God bless you all abundantly
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    Habakkuk2vs3 reacted to briancole in Airline madness!   
    Uff, that does throw a wrench into everything.............. My time's limited getting off work... Well, I'll look into the Peruvian embassy portion of this site again and see what it says.
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    Habakkuk2vs3 reacted to Anh map in I-864, gifting money- is this going to work?!   
    If you used a means tested benefit then the agency providing the benefit would/could sue the sponsor, not you.. Of course your spouse as the primary sponsor would be sued first. Then the joint sponsor.
    This isn't about emotions. It's about financial obligations. Your $20 marriage is as valid as someone's that saw it as a melding of hearts and souls. The opinion of the interviewing officer trumps all.
    The $55K gift is a waste of time and effort. Have your inlaws consult a qualified immigration attorney. Or better yet move on and find someone willing to take on the obligation.
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    Habakkuk2vs3 reacted to JimVaPhuong in I-130 El Salvador Question   
    He's not asking for a little longer. He's asking for a LOT longer. Consulates occasionally extend the validity of an issued visa by a few weeks or perhaps a month, but not by six months. He should have postponed the interview until he was ready to immigrate.
    Two options:
    First, he could go ahead and come to the US before his visa expires, wait a few weeks to get his green card, and then return to El Salvador to finish up his affairs. They won't presume he's abandoned his residence in the US as long as he returns within six months.
    Second, he could go back to the consulate and have his visa cancelled. He can reapply next year when he's ready to immigrate. He'll need to pay the fees again, and may need to renew some documents and repeat the medical exam.
    The first option is the best, in my opinion.
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    Habakkuk2vs3 reacted to NHKx2 in Dissolving love and a missed green card   
    I'd tell him you'll mail the Green Card after he repays you for the debts you incurred on his behalf. After he pays you back, mail the Green Card, but to USCIS.
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    Habakkuk2vs3 reacted to joyjohn in K-1 petition filed even not engaged yet....   
    Let me see if understand this.........they file for a K-1, but he didnt bother to ask her, and the courtship was 3monTHs long.......but one of them JUST got the divorce, so that means he was courting her while still legally married.... so the ink no more gets dry on the paper...and they file the K-1, with no ingagement............ sounds just fine too me .........HERE IN THE HILLS OF ARKANSAS!!!!!
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    Habakkuk2vs3 reacted to jkelly07 in k-1 packet (pictures/copies/evidence)   
    be sure to put G-1145 E-NOTIFICATION OF APPLICATION,on the top of your file.
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    Habakkuk2vs3 reacted to Inky in Past Arrest for Drug Posession-Visa Denial?   
    Its a question not a judgement.
    Our family has strong beliefs and it bothers that you put god and lying in the same question. GOD would never want you to lie about anything. God can only get you through things if you are truthful.
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    Habakkuk2vs3 got a reaction from Casprd in Is It Paranoia? Advice pls...   
    OP, please make sure you "clear the air" about this issue because if she keep saying "think about what i gave up to be here with you", every moment when an argument or an issue comes up, you will be reminded about how she was "doing so much better before coming here". Inquire about how much she really cares about you and tell her to weigh the love between you two vs. "what she is leaving behind".
    I wish both of you good luck, try to be gentle when you are having this conversation with her because she seems very fragile and sensitive and this is a very delicate matter to her.
    Once again good luck with the rest of the journey and your life together
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    Habakkuk2vs3 got a reaction from Ryan H in K1 visa to green card   
    I TOTALLY agree with the previous replies, if he is not READY to move here permanently then no need to apply yet.
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