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  1. oh!boy we're still waiting for our noa2.We almost reach our 7th month waiting for our noa2 and yet theres still now update to our case..arrrgg.

    1. Channah&Aaron


      ; Hiii!!! I am an October 28th filer, only one day after you and I am still waiting for NOA2 as well.. :((( its sooo stressful!! But welcome to the club, it's nice to stay in touch with other people who are waiting for so long too!!

    2. Francis&Rezza


      Hi Channah@Aaron!Yea..a very stressful stage is waiting not the interview or the preparation.The waiting for something that theres no exact date to be expected.hayss :( Hubby & I are stressed thinking of our NOA2. I tried to sent an email at VSC to follow up our case.I hope I'll receive a response to them this week.

    3. Francis&Rezza


      Oh!lets just look on the brigtherside of this stressful stage.We're not alone theres still october filers left aside from u haha!So lets try to be positive and have faith even if sometimes its hard hahaha..

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