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    Summer 2006:
    First met in person
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    Started seeing each other
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    Decided to get married

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    12/8/2010 I-129F Sent
    12/13/2010 NOA1
    12/22/2010 NOA1 Hard copy
    1/11/2011 Touched
    2/16/2011 Touched
    2/18/2011 Touched
    3/14/2011 Placed SR
    3/15/2011 I-129F approved
    3/16/2011 Touched
    3/21/2011 NVC received
    3/22/2011 NOA2 Hardcopy
    3/22/2011 NVC left
    3/28/2011 USEM received
    3/28/2011 NVC Letter Hardcopy
    3/30/2011 Packet 3 received
    4/1/2011 DS-230 sent
    4/9/2011 Medical
    4/11/2011 Police reports issued
    4/14/2011 Interview -Approved
    4/16/2011 VISA received
    4/21/2011 POE
    6/23/2011 Marriage
    7/12 2011 AOS Package sent
    8/5/2011 NOA (AOS, EAD, & AP)
    8/26/2011 Biometrics appt.
    10/17/2011 Interview
    11/30/2011 GC approved!

    10/23/2013 Removal Of Condition filed
    11/19/2013 Biometrics taken
    2/10/2014 RFE
    5/7/2014 approved!

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  1. Please, please, no more radiation.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. crystal01


      yeah we're kinda scared with the radiation thing too :( i hope the problem does not escalate..

    3. bubpce


      I hope everything will be ok. Im sorry for everything that is happening in your country, its so sad :( But im sure they will find a solution soon for the problem. Stay safe and i hope you are ok

    4. neko


      Thank you Sassha:) we are still so scared about the radiation pollution but I guess the only thing we can do for now is to believe in the workers who have been trying to stop the leak.