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    God is together in our journey with love, faith, and commitment for each other no matter how tough our life can be we are always together. Finally with my hubby in NY.

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  1. Got an email an Eligibilty Letter from IVMANLAppointments@state.gov is this the correct sender based on your emails too for an Eligibilty Letter? So how many days it is before I will receive the one in registered mail? Many Thanks. . . . .

    1. Retscpo



      i got the mail (air21) almost a month after the USEM received our case file.. The email was after i already had my sched 3 days after;))

    2. MarionMargie4ever


      Hi sis chon,mine is from IVManilaReplies@state.gov.they emailed me May 12 the i got my hard copy May 13.Goodluck my dearie sis..

    3. JohnloveChona0503


      @yes now I got 2 emails from US Embassy, ok it is from IVManilaReplies@state.gov after I got an email from IVMANILAppointments@state.gov. both dated May 17, 2011.

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