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  1. Ok.. something happened to my post and it took my dates out from the post.. Guess that is why it was taken out and not used any more.. Either way, i tried.. sucks that it does not work any more.. was very helpful when it worked.. Thanks
  2. Hey Guys.. Long time ago when i had done this for my spouse.. We had used the below format for everyone to put their information.. It was easy to follow and we would know at any given instance how every bodies application was progressing. I would recommend that we copy/paste and update with you information when you post on this thread.. Every month filers were using this for their own month and posting it on their month posts.. Not sure when and why this stopped.. It was very helpful when it was there.. Folks who have filed before me (03/05) post your information before me and those after post it after.. this way it will be sorted by when it was filed.. Thanks NOANBC|--/--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--|Kansas City,MO...|IOE
  3. Hello All, Just applied last night for both my parents. Date of submission: 3/5/2020 Field Office: Kansas City. Thanks
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