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    Hep B? if so it is only required for persons 18 years old and under
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    We got packet three in the mail friday and figured that many people dont get it that we sould post it to help out. I have attached the three main pages. They also send all of the DS forms, medical forms ( you can find it online here: http://travel.state....L-0001-0707.pdf ), the affidavit of support form I-134, and a few misc things about picture sizes and how to prove you wont be a public charge. You will have to zoom up to read them...Had to make them small in order to attach to the post hope this helps

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    aimeevsgarnette got a reaction from vinnette in INFO WINDOW APPT   
    We had to schedule an info window appointment and it was scheduled for two weeks after we sent the email...it took them only a day to reply. Everyone for the info window comes at the same time at 1:30 (at least thats how it was in June). He didn't actually go to the appointment because the embassy called him and told him he should have been approved at the interview so I am not sure how the appointment actually goes.
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    congratulations. Tell them to get back to September!!!!
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    aimeevsgarnette got a reaction from Anna and Ali in September 2010 K1 Filers   
    I was able to place a service request finally this morning very nice tier one lady did it. Congrats to everyone that has been approved so far! And for all of us still waiting...its coming soon!
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