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    Hello everyone,
    I know my fiancee' file has been at the VSC office for a month now. Lately it has been a draw of luck with NOA2 being sent to Jan and Feb filers.
    I'm a US Citizen by birth and my fiancee was in the USA for a year and left prior to her visa expiring.
    Curious if I could contact the USCIS hotline and place a service request for an expedite due to the bomb blastings in Pakistan taking place on a daily basis.
    As I know everyone have been waiting for their NOA2 for a while now... but honestly it is not fair that we as US Citizens are kept apart from our soon to be wife longer than the processing time posted on uscis.gov website of 5 months.
    My fiance had her background check conducted by DHS as part of her visa processing during her last visit to the USA in 2009.
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