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    Hey VJers,
    Been lurking on here for a long time now (since before we started this journey) and have learnt alot about this process. I just wanted to share my experience at Knightbridge, had my appointment this morning at 11.30am.
    I arrived at Knightsbridge a little early (about 40 minutes early) and the receptionist told me that they were fully booked till my appointment time so she advised me to go to the coffee shop just outside. I didn't and chose to wait in the waiting room. She took all my papers and as people have already said before me they accept four of either size of the passport photos. She gave me the medical questionnaire to fill out, of which i answered 'yes' to two of the questions. Tobacco use and glasses.
    At precisely 11.30 am i was called into the xray. I was asked to remove my top and bra and to tie my hair up. I didn't have a hair band or anything so i'd advise people with longer hair to remember to take something to tie their hair up. She gave me a clip to put mine up which i honestly didn't like. She gave me a gown and xray was done. She asked me to wait for her to check over the xray before she asked me to go in to a "ladies" only waiting room as the Doctor wanted me to keep the gown on. She closed the door to give me privacy which was nice of her. She was friendly and it was very quick.
    I think i was in the waiting room for maybe a minute before the Doctor called for me. I had the oriental Dr, she introduced herself and showed me where to put my things. She went through the medical questionnaire with me and briefly told me what was planned for this appointment. She did ask me how many cigarettes i smoked on average (im in the process of quitting but I keep failing). First she took my weight, my height then checked eyesight, ears and mouth. She checked my blood pressure and it was quite high (i gathered it would be) 169/80 : ( She said she'll take another one later. She listened to my heart, then my lungs, checked my abdomen for any pains, asked me to undo my jeans and pull them down a little, she had a quick peek and said it was ok. She then retook my bp which was 125/70 which is what i normally am. Then came the blood test, one bottle, painless. Im not a fan of needles even though i am a nurse, i really dislike it when some people 'jiggle' the needle around if they've missed the vein (although sometimes you really have no choice). She then asked me to get dressed and told me she's happy with everything. She said the nurse may want to speak to me regarding vaccinations but from her point of view everything's in order and good.
    I then went back to the main waiting room and the receptionist called me. She told me the nurse was happy with all my vaccinations, handed me back all my paper work, paid then left.
    I was out of the medical centre by 12.00. I was only in there for 30 minutes! Receptionist did say it was because i helped them out by being so prepared. I just followed all the advice i've gotten from here so thankyou all very much. I'd like to add that i got my vaccination reports from my GP, occupational health and my university medical centre. I was worried about my chickenpox history but since i had a varicella blood test before joining the NHS i was in the all clear. Turns out as NHS clinical staff you are advised to have the varicella vaccination if you have no history. Apparently i totally forgot i had this blood test.
    Total spent : Vaccinations, flu Tdap and MMR - free. Asked occupational health and GP.
    Medical : 245 pounds plus travel 26 pounds.
    Hopefully i have't forgotten anything and i hope this will help some one as many others have helped me.
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    Oh my just as i decided to post on this thread we got approved!
    Take me off that list! yaaaaaaay. Now back to more waiting
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