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  1. How do I post a topic or a question? Cause I got like 2. First, Ive found that they dont accept co-sponsors on the affisavit of support here in MNL. My question is , if the annual annum is just a bit over the proverty line guideline, would they question us? And second, on the immigrant visa application, there's a question there, what do you intend to work as? (or something like that.) Should I just write none or should I write my intended job/career when I get there in the US?

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    2. lonelycouple


      @star moon congranstulation...

    3. Country Girl

      Country Girl

      Haha di kmi sosyal late ko na kc natuklasan tong VJ kaya yun ang nangyari anyways sulit naman hahaha

    4. Country Girl

      Country Girl

      @lonelycouple...thanks :)

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