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    It's your time now.
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    I haven't received anything. When I called them, they only say that check the visa bulletin even though they knew that my PD is current.
    My dad is coming to the US consulate this afternoon. I am waiting for his news.
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    Yes, I do.
    It was on May 25th, 2010
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    People start to receive interview letters. The latest priority date which assigned interview date is October 3rd, 2000.
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    Nickname-----------------Priority Date----------Country--------------Interview Date Assigned-------------------Notes
    nicolette_1200-----------October 1989 ------------- Philippines
    snappy-------------------September 1990---------------Philipines
    jmac01-------------------August 1990---------------Philippines
    torque2011----------1st July 1991---------------Philippines
    ra928--------------------June 2000---------------Iran
    Carol8386-----------20th November 2000--------- -----Vietnam
    JYousuf-------------12th December 2000---------------Bangladesh
    Kishor Upadhyay -----5th January 2001---------------India
    SHAILESH PATEL------19th March 2001---------------India
    jp301--------------------March 2001---------------India
    sony2001-----------------March 2001---------------Macedonia
    Sachin6878-----------4th April 2001---------------India
    Sheen---------------28th April 2001---------------Canada
    Airjulius22---------23rd June 2001---------------Dominican Republic
    manoj patel--------------October 2001---------------India
    simonjoe-----------------October 2001---------------China
    udaypannu----------------November 2001---------------India
    Singh94------------- ----February 2002---------------India
    ikabirul-------------7th February 2002---------------Bangladesh
    Ashish------------- 16th April 2002 --------------India
    ashpatel1970------- 16th April 2002-------------- India
    jay19patel---------- ----April 2002---------------India
    nrocky--------------24th August 2002---------------India
    sanjku74------------- ---November 2002---------------India
    jolly0687----------------December 2002---------------India
    sahilshah-----------31st December 2002---------------India.
    meritoncutra ------ 1st September 2004 --------------Macedonia
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    Just a note for your family: Please follow instructions of doctor to prevent the contagious of TB disease. I didn't mean that your husband has TB disease. But it is safe for everybody if we know how to prevent TB disease.
    Good luck
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    @visagrant: Thank you for the new look
    @ra928: I got your country changed
    @everyone: Please add your PD on this list, I can't post so many posts so it's good if you guys can place your cases on this list . Thank you very much . so the following people can see it clearly.
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    Hi Noval,
    If your parent's case has the priority date before Jan 1, 2000, the case will not be affected by Feb 2011 retrogression. I hope your parent will get the interview date soon.
    Good luck
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