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US Immigration from United Arab Emirates

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Please tell me the process in UAE
10:02 am July 20, 2016



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Hi Guys,

Who among here process their K1 visa in UAE? Can you please advise us the processes. Which link to pay the visa fee and links to fill up DS 160? Do Embassy in Abu Dhabi Notify us to schedule the interview?

Any info is much appreciated.

Our petition got approved today.


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2:30 pm July 13, 2016



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Hi Vj Members,

I need your help esp those filipina that has already experienced with regards to getting NBI in PHILIPPINES as im so confused. Ive read some sites about how to get NBI and there are some comments where they already process all documents needed in abroad and sent it to their representative in philippines yet they weren't able to get it in NBI branch near in their place and advice them to claim it in MANILA. I am working in Dubai and planning to get NBI for our K1 fiancee visa so i need your advice guys.


1. Is it true that we can only get NBI in Manila?

2. Is there any other options or way to get the document into the nearest branch or in NBI Dagupan City Pangasinan as its just one hour away from our place instead of going to Manila where 6hrs away.

Thank you so much in advance. I'll Appreciate all your commments.

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Fiance in Military
10:46 am July 10, 2016



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Hi All,

We are waiting for NO2. My Fiance is working in the US military. What documents do we need for proof of income, affidavit of support etc? Thanks

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why would an updated form be needed (split topic)
2:55 am July 8, 2016



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Hello everyone. Why would we need to bring an updated i864 form if it's sent to NVC? in my case, I haven't had any updates on the form. Will I still need to bring a copy of it because unfortunately I didn't make copies of our i864 form. Didn't see anything on website requiring an updated one for the interview


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Police certificates for time spent in USA?
10:00 am July 7, 2016



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I'm a UK citizen married to a US citizen currently living together the in the United Arab Emirates.

We lived together for several years in the USA previously.

Do I need to provide police certificates for my time in the USA?

The quotation below is from the NVC. I therefore assume I don't need police certificates for my time in the US. I'd appreciate people's experience with this issue. Thank you.

"Note: Present and former residents of the United States do NOT need to submit any U.S. police certificates."

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