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ROC - No separate extension letter for children?
12:55 am January 31, 2023


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Hey everyone,

I filed the form I-751 for both my son and I on the 23rd January and received a notice on the 26th January 2023..the extension letter..

However It did not mention my son who is 19

years old and will need to renew his drivers license when the green card expires on March 18th 2023

He is also working and needs to be able to drive because of where we live in Pennsylvania, our own transport is necessary.

I ve been going through the forum trying to find someone with a similar situation but no luck

I would greatly appreciate any advice.

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3:27 pm December 30, 2022


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Hello, I am completing the application online for my mom. Us citizen filing for parent.

It asks for photographs. Are these passport sized photos? How many? I have looked everywhere and not finding specifics.

Thanks in advance!

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K2 Clarification on Filing and Fees
10:21 pm December 17, 2022


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Hello Everyone,

So, I am about to file ROC for myself and my son who just turned (19yrs old). I just want to make sure I am clear with the info I have before I continue with the forms and filing.

Am I just filing (1) form with (1) fee plus (2) biometrics fee? I just wanted to make sure because of his age. Thank you all in advance for your response.

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Travelling on passport with maiden name
12:14 am December 4, 2022


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Hi everyone - due to a family emergency I had to book a ticket to the UK for the next day. Although I naturalized in April, I never got around to getting my US passport, so Im having to travel on my native passport which features my maiden name. I brought my naturalization certificate and my drivers license (both have my married name, which matches my reservation). When I checked in, the lady mentioned that TSA may not let me through because my passport does not match my reservation - but they just looked at my license and let me through, and I am currently waiting at my gate to board. The problem is I am nervous about coming back home in a week. My passport features my maiden name, I have my naturalization certificate with me, and I forgot my marriage cert (but I found a scan of it on my email on my phone). Do you think I should anticipate a problem getting back home next week? Thanks for any and all advice - I entered the US on a K1 visa in 2016 and never left the country because I never wanted to encounter a situation where I got locked out .so I am literally sitting her nervous as hell because I forgot my marriage cert at home. Thank you!

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Overstayed visitors visa. Can parent Petition?
9:34 pm November 21, 2022



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If someone overstayed their visitors visa, can a US Citizen parent petition them and can they Adjust while in the US?

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