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What is the current processing time for Atlanta field office?
12:14 am


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Does anyone know the current processing time for Atlanta? From filing to interview/oath.

According to their website, they are processing June 2016 cases but I don't trust their posted timelines.

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10:30 pm


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Does anyone have any information on how this one works. I have a relative who in 2001 who through a lawyer applied for the GC but 15 years later they still have not gotten the card. What paper work do they need to show that they qualify for the LIFE act Green Card?

Thank you,

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k-1 visa got approved (interview expeirence)
1:23 pm

ragini bhatt

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Hi Guys,

My name is ragini, I am excited to inform you all that i got approved today (05/29/17), for my K-1 VISA. I am from Tanzania and my Fiancee resides in California and we have been staying in Dubai since past six months as we started the process for k1-visa from Abu Dhabi. We applied the k1 visa on the 16th, December 2016 and it took roughly 5 months to get approved. When my documents were approved from the USCIS, I got the email for the confirmation and attachment of three letters which described the time and date of the interview, documents required as well as the medical/vaccination information.

My Interview date was 05/29/2017 which is today, and the time given was 8:00am of which i decided to reach there by 7:00am (and i am glad i did that as the queue was long). As soon as i reached at the embassy there was a long queue of people standing outside at the counter showing their passport and confirmation letter/appointment letter to go inside the embassy. My fiancee was with me and he had his us passport too but he was not allowed to go in with me. After showing the passport and confirmation letter i went inside for the second step SECURITY CHECKIN, you are not allowed to carry and bags or electronic devices.

After the security check up, i had to wait until i was told to go in the other office which is the second building. As soon as i was called i went in and had to show my passport and appointment letter and was given a token number & was told to sit and wait until my name was called upon. i was called after 10 mins to the front counter where i had to show all the original and photocopies of some specific documents. (a video will be posted tomorrow on (raginisexoticdesigns) youtube showing the whole process and documents required). As soon as the submission process ended i was called for the biometrics....finger prints at the next counter and after exact 10 mins i was called in the interview room. (depending on the number of people and token numbers you will have to wait).


I must say i got lucky as the interviewer was kind and friendly towards me and asked me few question on how i met my fiance, his family, how and when he proposed to me and we had the chat on my country Tanzania and the way he loves it. I was asked to show all the original documents and he told me congratulations you are approved along with a pink small paper that shows the date and time of picking up my passport from the embassy.

So, the above was my k-1 visa journey in Abu Dhabi today and i am happy that i am approved. i will be posting a video on youtube by tomorrow showing the process and requirements of k-1 visa package and if you need any info related to previous marriage termination documents or so, email me on ragzbhatt26@gmail.com or just post your query below.

Best of luck to all the applicants.

Ragini :)

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7:48 pm


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My fiance lives in Tanzania, and I am trying to fill the forms for the K1 visa but I have an issue. My fiance doesn't have an address, or a mailing address. (Apparently in TZ things are done more organically.) He's in the process of getting a PO Box, but things are moving extremely slow. Is there anyway around this? What should we do?

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AoS from Expired F-1 Visa
8:29 am


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Pardon me if this is a duplicate however I did search and couldn't find any topic that answered my questions.

I am preparing my packet and will be sending it in on January 5th (January Filers).

Anyway, my questions are;

Ten years ago I was arrested couple of times for driving while suspended and one other time for theft by receiving. My friends thought it was funny to switch my license plates and put my friend's, when I went to the court and explained to the judge he dropped the case and told me nothing will ever be on my record about the incident. I have not had any tickets since then, however last summer I was pulled over by a state patrol for speeding but he never gave me a ticket.

I have disclosed both incidents and explained what happened, my problem is when I went to the state police website to do a background, it came back with nothing as in no record and they provided me with a confirmation number.

My question is, do I call the county court and request a court record of both incidents and attach it with my application? or do i print the state police report with the confirmation number and send that with the application.

Second question, Im currently out of status came on a student visa, what do I answer where it asks Current USCIS Status?


Goodluck to everyone filing.

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