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collect documents now?
10:03 am January 21, 2015



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My wife name selected for 2015 lottery . Her case number 2015AS00009XXX. We submitted ds-260 last november and waiting for email from kccc about interview date.

Me and my wife born in Sri Lanka and currently live in canada. We have 3 children born in canada.One of my son 9 years old and minor disability called "global developmental delay".

We get disability tax credit and benefit from government of canada. I don't have much saving money in bank.But, we have a house with mortgage and have a new car with financing in canada.We plan to sell our house and car if we get visa.

I educated as "electronic technician" .But i work as "security guard" in canada.

1. If we get visa, can we live and work anywhere we like(any city) in usa? ( i didn't decide yet where to move, but i heard good about live in california)

2.is going to be better future for us in usa than canada?

3.if we move to usa, we going to miss tax credit and benefit from canada because of my son's minor disability.Are we going to get anything from usa government because of my son's minor disability?

4.I don't have big money in bank.Can we show " our house" when embassy ask bank statement?

5.health care covered for us in ontario government in canada.Is better to look for a job in usa now to cover health insurance in usa?

6.is fine to we move to buffalo,then i can keep work in canada while live in usa? or we have to completely move to use for live and work?

7.is good to start collect all documents now or wait for the interview email first then start collect all documents?

8.green card is a permanent resident card, right? what is the requirement to get usa citizen and usa passport?

9.Can we have both canadian and usa citizen and have canadian and usa passport same time?


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DV2015, Police Certificate
10:40 pm January 15, 2015



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My wife name selectted for DV2015 Her case Number 2015AS00009XXX. We have 3 children.We already submited DS-260 last November.We waiting for email for the interview appointment .

1.When we going to get interview appointment at montreal canada?

2.I born in Sri Lanka and lived there from 1967 to 1986. Then i moved to europe from 1986 to 1997., then i moved to canada from 1997 to 2015.Do i have to get "police certificate from each countries?

3.My wife born in Sri Lanka and lived from 1974 to 1999, then she moved to canada from 1999 to 2015.Do she have to get police certificate both countries?

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9:42 pm January 12, 2015

Chris & Pam

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My fiancee and I haven't met yet. I know it is required before filing for a K 1. I am the US citizen, and I'm unclear if my presence is required at the interview. If so, would it prudent to combine the trip for meeting her, with the interview. Having just said that; is that even possible with the meeting being a requirement for the filing and subsequent interview.

Thanks for your imput.

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