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I-131 Request for evidence with active travel permit
12:14 am today



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Hello guys,

My wife has her Advance Parole Document/travel permit that's valid until 9/24/20. We applied for a renewal on 6/16/20.

She left the country on 7/28 to visit her family in Korea and was planning to be back before her travel permit expired. We expected that her new card/renewal would arrive in the mail while she was gone. No big deal.

This was not the case, the USCIS sent a request for evidence stating that she forfeited her i-131 application. But she already has a travel permit active, this is just a renewal.

The request for evidence wants her to prove she was not on the flight that left 7/28.. but she was, because she's allowed to travel with her current active travel permit.

Can somebody please advise? What should I do in this situation?

Thank you very much!

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I-130 denied and EOIR-29
12:12 am August 7, 2020

Jun Park

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Hello, I have a complex situation right now and I'm looking for help. I am citizen of South Korea and entered US with F-1 VISA. My husband is a US citizen.


-Interview July 2019

-RFE August 2019

-Denied January 2020

-Submitted EOIR-29 on February 19th

And I called USCIS and BIA but both say they can't find case. Is this normal and what action should I take? I'm confident our case should be approve. Here's my situation We had an interview last year summer but the officer said my divorce was not valid because both I and my ex was not living in South Korea at the time that divorce was finalize in court. I filed the divorce case in Korean court on February 2015 and I was living in Korea at that time. On March 2015, I came to US with F-1 visa to study. On March 2017, the divorce was settled. My ex's location is unknown during the divorce case but he went to the court and finalized the divorce when it was settled on March. Till I married my new husband on October 2018, I was a F-1 visa student. After denial letter, I've met a lawyer and sent EOIR-29 to Hialeah office arguing since Florida's law requires 6 months residency to file divorce and I lived in Korea for years before filing divorce. My lawyer supported this with a case from court and argue the cases that the USCIS officer provided are irrelevant since they represent quick "mail order" divorce. Recently I was researching and found other cases that can support me. Matter of MA could be apply to our case by In my case since, (1) Both parties were married in South Korea and were subsequently divorced in South Korea; (2) Both lived in South Korea as husband and wife for a period of time; (3) I was living in South Korea for years at the time of filing. Ex-husband, personally reported the divorce finalized by the court as it is required by the Korean law. (4)Both are citizens of South Korea. This matter of ma was used by USCIS to judge validity of foreign divorce. Also, I think I could make an argument that since I was in the US with F1 visa, my domicile was still South Korea and officer's assumption of my domicile being US is wrong and my divorce is valid. The only problem for me was that when the decision came out, I was studying in US.

What would my chance of appeal? How long it would take? Is it normal that BIA and USCIS can't find my case on the system?

I also divorce in Florida again remarried based on lawyer's recommendation but I still want the appeal to be successful because filing again is expensive.

Can I send additional arguments that I recently find? Because the denial letter arrived to the old address which was changed in the system 7 months ago, I lack time to met lawyer and send EOIR-29.

Thank you for your help!


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AOS/Green Card processing time different with GC/US Citizen sponsor?
10:26 pm July 28, 2020



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Hey all,

Is the processing time different from the GC sponsor and US Citizen sponsor for I485?

It seems like US Citizen sponsor's processing time is most definitely faster than the GC holder sponsor.

I have a GC and got married last year and filed for Green Card package (I485, EAD, I130 and I131) and was scheduled to have interview before it got cancelled due to COVID-19.

Any GC holder sponsors waiting for their spouses to have interview or some kind of actions?

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I-601 and I-485 were approved!
8:16 pm July 27, 2020


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I just wanted to share my experience to help anyone who goes through similar situation.

couple of years ago, I was sent back at the airport in the states for inadmissibility due to misrepresentation.

Soon after my then-fiance now husband and I applied K-1 Visa and I was able to come back to the states with K-1 Visa.

We got married and applied for AOS in June 2019 and had an interview in December 2019.

But they sent me a Notification of Intent to Deny letter in March 2020 and of course we were panicked.

Luckily, we found an amazing lawyer and his team and they did amazing job on our case in such a difficult time.

They submitted the package in early June and 3 weeks later we got the first notification they received our package and started processing.

After about a month, I got a text message, email and app notification saying that our AOS case was approved and USCIS ordered a green card!

Now I'm expecting the final notification letter and the green card come to my mailbox!

It was very stressful and nerve breaking time since the interview went so bad last year.

I just wanted to cheer and say to you guys going through this that don't give up and wish you guys the best luck!

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Requesting tax transcript in the mail form
5:50 pm July 19, 2020



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Before Covid, I applied online to receive the tax transcripts by mail from IRS.

I can't seem to find the link anymore. Is that option not available anymore?

I can simply print online, but receiving the tax transcript by mail looks better and genuine

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