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I-134 Proof of Income - I'm unemployed, but have plenty of liquid assets
5:30 am July 21, 2021



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Hello! I'm currently filling out the Form I-134 for the K-1 Visa. I'm wondering if it's possible to be the sole financial sponsor of my fianc , given that I'm unemployed but have enough liquid assets to prove I am above the HHS poverty line * 5 for a household size of 2.

Here is my "financial" background:

  • Currently unemployed (last paystub from this year was in February 2021); Current income: $0
  • Tax returns from last 3 years show steady income
  • Checkings & savings balance: ~$103k
  • Stocks and bonds: ~$21k
  • I own two vehicles, low-balling a value estimate of ~$14k
  • Life insurance cash surrender value: ~$67k
  • I have a job offer letter stating that I will start in November 2021 with a 6-figure salary

Current situation: I currently live in South Korea with my fianc . We're both unemployed at the moment, we've been waiting for this visa process to finish.

When my fianc goes into his interview on August 10, I'm planning on attaching the following documents with the I-134 form (as proof of income and proof of domicile in the U.S.):

  1. Cover Letter (1 page)
  2. Form I-134 (8 pages)
  3. U.S. Federal Income Tax Return for 2020 (21 pages)
  4. Letter from [American Bank] confirming my accounts (1 page)
  5. Employer Letter (1 page)
  6. Offer of Employment E-mail (1 page)
  7. Paystubs from January and February 2021 (2 pages)
  8. 2020 Year-End Bank Statements (5 pages)
  9. Account Balance at [Korean Bank] (1 page)
  10. International Wire Transfers from [Korean Bank] to [American Bank] (5 pages)
  11. 2021 Stocks & Bonds Portfolio Statement (3 pages)
  12. Bitcoin Portfolio Balance (1 page)
  13. Life Insurance Policies and Cash Values (3 pages)

I'm wondering, is this enough to prove that I'm financially capable of sponsoring my fianc alone? Is this too much information?

Any and all feedback is much appreciated! Thank you very much!

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No Case Number Even After 60 Day Period from NOA2(May 2021)
6:00 pm July 20, 2021



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Hey, everyone!

We received our NOA2 this year (notice date: May 6 | approval date on USCIS site: May 7) and we still have not received a case number, and no further processing has been made since then.

My fiance and I have been contacting NVC at least twice every week now, since it is over the 60 day period. NVC requested to send a scanned copy of our approval notice to their NVC Research email. It has been already two weeks since they sent a reply saying they will try contacting USCIS to locate our petition. Called yesterday morning to be told the same thing they tell me every time, "We have not received your petition yet. There is nothing on file." NOTHING on file with our receipt number?? Even after all this time?

I even tried contacting USCIS through live chat several times (tried calling and was led to an automatic reply system every time) and was told to wait for NVC to receive the petition. They would not even confirm for me if my petition was sent for certain. "The case has been approved. As far as being sent, the update that we see is the receiving of the application by the NVC. Like I said that can take up to 90 days," was what one representative told me. USCIS says they cannot do anything till the 90 day mark, which will be in about a week and a half/two weeks.

I honestly have no idea what is going on and I was not sure if this is a problem that only we are going through currently. Is anyone having similar problems?? Has anybody resolved a similar issue?

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Unemployment and Removal of Conditions
4:14 pm July 7, 2021



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Good Day! I hope all are well. So recently my husband and I were able to buy our first house. We will be moving across country to another state and currently do not have jobs there but do have money to sustain ourselves for a little bit. (We are not concerned about finding jobs, we both have degrees and experience and don't think we will have a problem). But, in the mean time, I will leave work next week and he has already left work. Would it be okay to collect unemployment during the moving phases of our journey up until we find a job, or will that show as a big no-no when it comes to our removal of of conditions? Would it also matter when he applies for citizenship next year.

Side question, if we don't finish the permanent resident yet (still in the waiting phases) can he still apply for citizenship next year, I think according to our timelines, he should be at the stage where he can apply for citizenship by then.

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No Biometrics Yet (approaching one year)
6:03 pm July 6, 2021



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I filed my I-485 along with the I-131 and I-765 on July 8, 2020. I received an NOA 1 within three weeks. I also got an RFE, which I responded promptly to, and USCIS confirmed the RFE was received in early September of 2020. After that, I have received zero updates. No biometrics appointment letter nada. I m located in the east bay area (30 minutes from San Francisco). Should I continue to just wait, or should I call USCIS and see what is going on?

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Address in Korean
1:41 pm July 4, 2021



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My spouse and I are planning to file an I130 soon and I have a question about translating addresses. We have a document from the Community Center in Korea showing we live at the same residence. All of the information is in English AND Korean except for the address (the address is only written in Korean characters).

I'm not sure what I should do... should we translate the entire document (even thought the document already has a translation) or is it enough to just translate the address into English in a separate section... and do I need to state I am qualified to translate the address into English? I'm not proficient in Korean BUT I do know how to write my Korean address in English as I often have mail sent to me from overseas.

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