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My case is ready to be scheduled for an interview BUT
1:42 pm yesterday



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My case is ready to be scheduled for an interview BUT my combo card is still pending(no news for 162 days). What is going on with mine? Most of people here seem to receive the combo card first. Should I call the USCIS?

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Changing address for petitioner and beneficiary
8:42 am October 6, 2019



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Hi ?

We just received our NoA2 (yay) and waiting for case number from NVC.

My fiance (petitioner) moved to another place today and we know that we need to change the his address through USCIS website.

I (beneficiary) am currently living in dubai and I m going back to Korea, where I ll have an interview, next month.

In this case, how should I update my new address and contact number? Contact to NVC or embassy itself?

I know my fiance will be received a notification from NVC via email once they send our petition to embassy, but how the embassy will contact me if my contact number is changed? :(


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I-130 for step son minor child and divorce
11:46 am October 5, 2019


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My husband filed i-130 for my son last year September and I expect to receive RFE soon.

(My husband threw away RFE notice on purpose)

As I brief my situation, my husband traveled to Philippines last year and cheated on me and he punched my face so I called the police.

He got arrested and got 3rd felony but I hired the top lawyer and it dropped down to misdemeanor.

We tried to work out the marriage so we decided to bring my son here and he filed i-130.

But unluckily, the marriage didn't work out and may going to divorce. He became so ugly and now I'm going to move out.

Here is the question.

So what's going to happen to my son's processing?

We've been waiting for a year and I regret I should have filed i-130.

Does anyone have the similar situation as me?

Thanks for reading this and I may need to meet immigration attorney.

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Which ID and name should I use to travel within the states?
5:47 am October 4, 2019


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Hi guys.

I m planning to travel from AZ to WA to visit my friend soon and trying to book the flight tickets now.

But I ve got stuck in the name section.

My green card is currently pending and I have my military dependent ID card. And I used my husband s last name on both IDs

Still I have my Korean passport and on the passport, my maiden name is used.

So should I use my foreign passport and use my name as shown in the passport?

Or is it okay to use military ID with my husband s last name?

Thank you

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I love this website.
5:51 am October 3, 2019



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There are so many people who have good knowledge and help others....

I've also just found that this website shows the estimated date for each process.. :wub:

?????????? 2019-10-03 ????? 12.47.21.png

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