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US Immigration from South Korea

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Reducing Size of PDF for bank and utility Statements
4:40 am November 12, 2023


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For providing all pages of utility and bank statements to be submitted, since these are available as PDF, has anyone had experience with submitting these documents in a reduced size? if I were to print them out as is, the entire statements would exceed 150 pages.

For example, printing 2 pages per side of a sheet of paper in landscape mode. If double-sided, one sheet of paper effectively contains 4 pages of a statement.

Any insights or experiences with this would be greatly appreciated!

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Requesting comments on evidence for I-751
4:16 pm November 10, 2023


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We are now within the 90-day window to file I-751. How does the following look for a list of evidence?

Copy of Permanent Resident Card (front and back)
Copy of our daughter s Birth Certificate (front and back)
Copies of both of our Driver s licenses/ID (front and back)
Copies of the tax transcripts for the previous two years (2021 and 2022)
Copy of joint bank account(Bank of America) statements for last twelve months.
Copy of Charles Schwab Designated Beneficiary stating petitioner as 100% primary beneficiary.
Copy of recently (September 2023) opened Charles Schwab college savings plan for our daughter listing both of our names as joint owners.
Copy of utility bills in both of our names for last twelve months.
A page of family photo college from last two years(2022-2023)

Thank you in advance.

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N400 Additional Supporting Documents?
10:34 pm November 7, 2023



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Hi, everyone! I received my GC back in 2014 through marriage. Since then, I've been on the fence about applying for US citizenship (mainly because my birth country doesn't allow dual citizenship), but I finally decided to pull the trigger this year. I've been going through the online application (I'm applying under the 5-year rule), which seems simple enough, but I wasn't sure what documents I should submit for additional supporting documents besides the tax returns. Mortgage payments? Bank statements?

Thanks for your help!

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Submitted i864 with electronic signature - Possible to submit corrected file in "Additional Documents"?
4:08 pm October 28, 2023


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I submitted last night with electronic signature. Now, the i864 upload section is not editable. It's still possible to upload "Form i864 Affidavit of Support" in the "Additional Documents" section, though (see photo).

  • My question is will this actually work and be accepted? I'm not concerned it will reset my current timeline since I just submitted last night.
  • Context: I want to know if my new reality is I have to wait months to review, agent ignore the correct version in Additional Documents, get rejected, then have to resubmit and wait more months.



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Applying for Fiancé Visa - None of us have lived in the US
3:45 pm October 27, 2023

Alec Andreev

Alec Andreev

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I'm Alec, a 28 year old dual citizen (Danish and American). I've been living in Denmark my whole life and met my girlfriend who is a Korean a year ago. I am working in my own company in Denmark and I've never worked in the US.

Me and my girlfriend are planning to move together and want to live in the US as the process of getting a Visa is much easier in the US compared to Denmark. We want to apply for the K1 Visa so she can move together with me to the US.
I think the main problem is that I haven't been living in the US at all. Could that affect our K1 application? Is there anything we need to be careful about?

Furthermore, can I apply for the K1 visa on my girlfriends behalf here in Denmark? Or do I have to go to the US to apply?

All the best and thanks in advance

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