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7:20 am today


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Hey people. Are there any South Africans on here who applied for a k1 visa?
I know the consulate on joburg hasn t being conducting interviews and with the whole #resumek1visa thing on Twitter I thought I d email the consulate. They sent me an automated response then about a week later they replied with an email address (which I never saw before) which I should use for fianc visa related questions.

I sent them an email on behalf of all of us who would like for them to resume k1 visas But if you would like to yourself. The email is : johannesburgiv@state.gov

Sorry if this isn t new information.

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Push back from the USCIS after applying for Adjustment of status
3:35 pm August 4, 2020



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Hello Everyone

I was wondering if any of you had some difficulty proving to the immigration that you had alot of difficulty marrying within the 90 days, and what happened? thank you for your feedback. I have meeting a lot difficulty with them

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EAD Expedite
1:43 pm July 20, 2020



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Hello, all.

A few weeks ago my husband and I filed for an expedite for his EAD and AP, because I m out on medical leave and no income is coming in. We received an email last week, asking to fax in supporting docs which we did. We also received an email stating My husband would need to complete his biometrics first. We call USCIS this morning and the agent stated that we don t need fingerprints for the EAD and she will have an officer call me. I always thought biometrics were needed for employment card. Is this good news that an officer will reach out to us? We have no money coming in right now, and I can t go back to work until August 22nd.

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Parents of U.S. Citizen who also have a child under 21 at time of petition
7:59 pm July 17, 2020


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We pose this question fully knowing that immigration seems to be changing on a daily basis - so we are looking at the information as an ASSUMPTION of if the rules were to be the same next year as they are this year.

My husband can apply for Citizenship by marriage June of 2021, once approved we would like to apply for Green Cards for his parents from South Africa. He also has a teenage siblingwho will be over 18 but likely still under 21 by the time we can apply for them.

Where does his younger sibling fall in the application process? Would they be a derivative of his Parent's application because they would be under 21 at the time of filing? Because they would be direct relatives of a U.S. Citizen we are assuming their Priority Date would be before their 21st birthday since they are not subject to the visa bulletin. Would they also get a Green Card at the same time the parents get a green card? With the long timelines for Green Cards it is likely that the petition will be submitted before they turn 21, but the GC's not issued until after their 21st birthday.

We are just trying to figure out how to handle the younger sister, as that may change the timeline for his parents (as they will not leave her alone in South Africa).

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RFE Help!
1:23 am July 7, 2020



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My husband and I received an RFE for his I-485. It is asking for the birth certificate, 12 months of bank statements and my most recent tax info. We sent all of that in, except for my most recent taxes. I have not filed yet because of the Covid situation. Should we just send the same thing over again, or can we call uscis and ask more questions?

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