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Oath Ceremony - Houston - Guests?
8:48 pm June 13, 2022



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Hi, I tried searching as well, but not having any luck getting an answer for my question. My wife and I have an oath ceremony scheduled in Houston on Saturday, Gears road field office.

Are we allowed to bring guests to the ceremony?

What about our kids? We have a 6 year old who is becoming a citizen that day as well with us automatically. And another 4 year old as well, but he is a citizen, but we'll have to bring him with us.

Please let me know if you had your oath ceremony there recently.


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When will my biometrics appt be? filed Jan'22
4:09 pm May 30, 2022



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Just curious when my biometrics appt will be; I haven't heard anything at all from them since I filed in Jan '22. Im in CA.

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Job offer as reason to expedite I-130 process
5:30 am May 24, 2022

Dewald & Brittney

Dewald & Brittney

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Hello everyone, me again.

So a while ago I went to visit my wife in WNY. While I was there she took me to the school where she works at to introduce me to some of her colleagues, etc. It has come to my attention now that her principal is interested in hiring me once my visa is approved. My question is that whether or not this potential job offer would qualify as a reason to expedite the process. It would be as an ESL teacher in an area that desperately needs them, which is why he wants to hire me.

Thanks again for all the help.


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Where will my CR1 interview be conducted?
8:23 am May 16, 2022

Dewald & Brittney

Dewald & Brittney

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Hello everyone,

So my wife and I are still waiting on the I-130 to be approved, but I want to get my ducks in a row.

I currently live in Bangkok, which is where I work. I am also a South African, which begs the question on where will I have to conduct my interview?

Will it be possible to conduct it in Bangkok, which will save me a flight, or will I have to schedule it in South Africa?

Sorry for the rookie question and thanks in advance.


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Can a k1 petitioner be a joint sponsor for relative?
9:51 pm May 9, 2022


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Hi ! ???

I tried researching this information online and via VJ to no avail. I am the petitioner for my fiance and will be completing the AOS by myself. I make more than enough to meet the poverty guidelines for what would be a household size of 2 (non-military). I was recently asked to be a joint sponsor for another family member because their sponsor does not make enough. I initially declined given that I have to sponsor my partner. However, now I feel bad.

Does anyone know if there is a problem or red flag with sponsoring a spouse and being a joint sponsor?


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