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How to transfer from EU school (university) to USA school?
8:27 pm March 6, 2017


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Hi everyone,

I've been wondering if anyone has any experience with transferring to some US university/college?

Whom do I turn to- what kind of advisor, site? Do you know of any specific school that's very foreigner with Green card due to K1 friendly and acceptable (doesn't complicate a tons)? It's already confusing for all they kept asking me at A&M was if I'm a citizen and I don't know if I go under a citizen or a foreigner...?

I studied veterinary medicine at the university in Ljubljana , Slovenia. Due to health issues and move to US to be with my husband I couldn't finish and now with some new laws I may not ever be able to finish. But I want to have at least some kind of degree in US to be able to do work I love (lab work, field work, research). I tried contacting the A&M Texas vet school to at least get some guidance and see what kind of transfer is possible and if at all and they were very stuck up, mean and uncooperative. I surely don't want to go to vet school; my EU degree would be equivalent of Masters/PHd biomedical science and not professional vet degree.

Anyways, I'm really devastated by this all and surely don't want to go all the way back to a freaking high school or something (which again in my country I did great and got also vet tech degree out of it) for high school was enough that I did it once in my life...there's just so much of math,physics and other classes I'm completely not talented at that a person can live through.

THANK YOU for any help, ideas, experiences...anything...

Hope you have a wonderful day <3


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Has anyone had trouble to travel with advence parol?
4:55 pm January 19, 2017


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We've applied for my AOS and I recently received my working permit and supposedly the same card is valid as my advance parol for the trip home. I don't expect to receive green card by then (30th May 2017), since we applied for AOS on like 15th September 2016 and we all know this thing takes forever...specially in Texas it's supposedly up to 380days.

So I was happy to get the parole but then another girl in the same situation told me that she wouldn't dare to travel with parol coz it's not completely certain that I'll be able to re-entry the US- is that true? Should I rather wait till I get Green card or is it completely ok to travel home with parole? Has anyone had bad experiences with parole?

Thank you for your info and help

Best Regards,


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