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US Immigration from Saudi Arabia

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11:59 pm October 2, 2019



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We filed a i 130 form , ( with lawyer ) he mistakly added that I m in the US and I want adjustment of status ( and my case was APPROVED, we got the approval form saying I m adjusting status instead of going to the NVC ( I m not asking for adjustment I m out of the US it should go to NVC .

HOWWW. Can we fix this and how long it will take to fix it ?

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11:35 am October 2, 2019



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I m approved!!!

i have few QA,

1- we received approval letter , but when checking online , it s not yet approved is that normal? And the approval date is 16 September in the letter but not yet updated online.

2- do I need to do any action after the approval ( the letter attached )

Note :

im living out of the United state


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I received request for Evidence.
3:35 am September 4, 2019



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Hi ,

i received RFE on 13 August 2019 , and they was asking for ( picture - passport size picture ) and divorce certificate - the marriage ended at 2012 for me and we are currently ( married )

in the United state and my home country with all legal documentation.

we took the pictures and we send the documents and the status changed to ( we received your RFE ) .

my Q is how long it usually take to hear back from them on RFE?

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Main applicant third name missing a letter while correct in DS 260
6:58 pm September 1, 2019


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Hello All,

We applied for the diversity lottery visa 2020 and my wife won as the main applicant. we have 3 kids 9,8 and 5.

while filling DS 260 and after submission we found that my wife's third name is missing a single letter as below:

in lottery application--> ABULRAHEEM

in her passport----> ABDULRAHEEM

in her DS 260----> ABDULRAHEEM.

I know that DS 260 can be re-opened via request to KCC to be corrected however the mistake is in the initial lottery application which we filled long time ago.

we have a case number of 2020AS00021XXX which is way too far from receiving the supporting documents email from KCC yet I have no clue what to do in this regard.

please advise.



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K1 Visa in Riyadh
8:31 am August 23, 2019



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I would like to get some answers since I tried to email the US Embassy in Riyadh for some inquiry but they are not informative. It is frustrating on how the waiting time is and for unknown. The NVC forwarded our case on July 10, 2019 to the US Embassy in Riyadh. My Fiancee haven t received the packet 3 yet but was advised to gather all the documents, complete the DS-160 and medical examination. So she contacted the Embassy thru mail and they advised to send the confirmation page of the DS-160 to them on August 6, 2019 and they will contact her once the appointment has been scheduled. But I have been reading some article that we should send the DS-160 confirmation page, photocopy of passport and 2pc photo. Now we are confuse if we have to wait cause we already sent it thru mail as advised by the person she was communicating with thru email or send it via courier.

When are we going to expect the contact from them for the interview? Will it take 2-3 months from the moment they received the case from NVC or 2-3 months from the time they received the confirmation page? This is sad cause she s about to finish her contract this coming October 2019 and still doesn t have the interview yet.

Please give us some insight on our case and to what to do.

Thank you! Hoping to get some reply from your experiences.

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