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Name on renewed passport different from one on I-129F petition
9:11 am June 1, 2020

Hassan Raza

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Hi all,

Sorry if this has been answered before. My original I-129F petition for my fiance in Saudi Arabia has been approved. Currently in the NVC process. I applied using her first and last name, XXX ZZZ. This was before her passport expired.

Her passport expired a month after I applied, and she renewed it. She has a Pakistani passport and for some reason in Pakistan they often leave the "surname" blank. This was the case for her before renewal. Her full name, "XXX ZZZ", were both listed under "given name". Someone at the passport renewal department told her two things:

1) She must have a surname in order to immigrate to the US

2) She must have three names total (first & middle, which will go under 'given name', and a last name)

Because of this, she put her family name of "XXX" under "surname", and now it's different from my petition. In Pakistan's eyes, her name is XXX YYY ZZZ. In the US' eyes, her name is now YYY ZZZ XXX.

Do I need to have her change her passport to have "ZZZ" under the surname and "YYY" under the given name? Or will this not be an issue? Or can I addend this "XXX" name to her petition?

Thank you very much

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Marriage certificate name slightly misspelled
11:33 pm May 23, 2020

Hassan Raza

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I filed a fiance visa petition for my fiance, Aliza H. They approved my petition and am waiting for NVC to create the case.

My concern is regarding the birth certificate spelling of her name, which is spelled with two ee's (Aleeza) instead of an i in her first name. Last name is spelled correctly. All her other documents show that it's spelled with one i.

Do I have to have her birth certificate changed? Or is it not an issue as the spelling with two e's and one "i" is very subjective and common amongst Pakistani documents. Her goal is to permanently reside in the US here with me.

Thank you!

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2 year + 1 day vs. 2 year 6 month after break in continuous residence
2:27 am April 30, 2020



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Quick question about a >1 year break in continuous residence

What are the advantages of filing N-400 after 2 years and 1 day vs. 2 years and 6 months? I don t see a downside or upside either way.

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COVD19 and police clearance
9:44 am April 2, 2020



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hope everyone is safe,

due to current situation im not able to provide the police clearness and the everything is suspended in my city ,

Is it better to wait or submit my case to NVC without the police clearance and Say I will provide it in the interview?

plz advice,



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NVC , under necessary administration process
11:40 am March 19, 2020



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Hi ,

I have Q , I call the the NVC and they confirm that they received my case on ( 19 feb 2020) , and when I ask about my case they say it s under necessary administrative process.. and the current case creation in the website is ( 27 feb ).

can someone tell me what this means.

( under necessary administrative process )

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