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US Immigration from Saudi Arabia

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Need the address of California Service center
5:21 pm May 22, 2021


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Hi VJ family,

I made an error with my I129F form and I need to send a correction letter to California service center. I tried to check USCIS website but didn't find any address over there. Can someone help me with that? maybe checking their NOA for the address ?

Note: I got my case number but I didn't receive the NOA yet.

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Still haven't received USCIS receipt notice for I-485
5:54 pm April 16, 2021

Hassan Raza

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Hey I've searched for this on the forums and found a few threads but mostly were before and during the COVID-19 pandemic's peak. I was wondering if there are currently still significant delays going on?

I submitted my whole packet on April 5th, and was received by their facility on the 6th. It's the 16th now with no email/text yet. Is anyone else experiencing these same delays?

I'm mainly comparing it to my initial submission for the I-129F of which I received an SMS of receipt notice within 5 days of them receiving the package.


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Civics test during COVID-19 pandemic
9:24 pm March 18, 2021



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I'm sure this has been asked about a million times before but I wasn't able to find the answer to this.

Are civics exams asked verbally or on a tablet? And if they're on a tablet, are they multiple choice?

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Filing today
1:32 pm March 13, 2021



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We filing today. Expecting no hiccups.

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Court ordered name change BEFORE or AFTER submitting I-485? (merged)
8:01 am March 3, 2021

Hassan Raza

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Hi, my fiancee and I just got married (she came on a K1) and she changed her surname to my surname legally, via the marriage process.

However, her middle name is still her old middle name but in our culture, the wife would change her middle name to my (the husband's) first name. The only way to do this in NY is to file a petition and get a court order granted, then publish it in a newspaper. Seems like a lot of work for just a middle name change (her first name won't change). It says this can take 1-6 months or longer.

The issue is I need to submit a I-485 for green card application asap, given she only has about 1 month left until she overstays her K-1 visa.

Should I do this middle name change legally now, and apply for the I-485 immediately afterwards, even if she overstays her visa? Or should I just apply for it using her current married name and deal w/ changing the middle name after she gets her green card?

Thank you!

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