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Joint Sponsor
12:19 am July 9, 2018



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Hello everyone, I just wanted to know if anyone has ever been denied because their sponsor had any bench warrants, Is it possible to be a joint sponsor if you have any warrants? The warrant is actually from not appearing in court for a ticket, however it was a case of identity theft but she has yet to clear that. So I was just wondering if I should look for another joint sponsor or will she be ok to sponsor ?

Thankyous o

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3:26 pm May 31, 2018



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I filled to remove condition on my 2yrs greencard on 27 April 2018, within the 90 days that started in March 1st to June 1st.till now haven t heard anything; no receipt yet.

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B1/B2 Visa with Anotation
11:51 pm July 16, 2017

Michelle Arasi

Michelle Arasi

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Hi! My Dad was issued with a US Visa at Apia Embassy on May 2017. Visa Type is B1/B2 'R' which is valid for 6 months and also has 'M' or multiple entries however the annotation states 'TO ATTEND SISTER'S FUNERAL ON MAY 2017'. He wishes to attend his brother in law's funeral on the 29th of July using the same visa. Is he allowed to enter Hawaii regardless of the annotation? Please help

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Dual citizenship question on 129
1:36 am May 26, 2017



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Quick question: my fianc e holds a Russian passport but was born in Kazakhstan. The 129 asks what is your citizenship and do you or have you held any other citizenship. What proofs will they require from Kazakhstan. This makes her nervous since she has no contact there anymore and hard to get proofs should they ask now or at the eventual interview. Trying to be proactive. Thanks!!

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GC interview done but no comment on approval from officer.
10:07 pm March 2, 2017



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I had my GC interview. All questions were answered on both parties. we even cracked joke on how we met/ Every document at hand was submitted. To my surprise the officer never say approved. i was expecting a that lol,. All she said was if there is any further document required they will send us a mail. Was just worried.:blink: ... I heard some tells applicant approved immediately

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