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Flight Tickets as Evidence
1:18 pm July 23, 2015



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I am assembling my I-751 package and realized that my wife and I don't have all the bording passes from a trip we took together. I have both boarding passes from our flight there, but then there is only half of mine (torn at the perforated line) of the trip back. Not to mention that the small airlines in Europe let you print your boarding pass at home.

Obviously we still have the email confirmation of our tickets from the airline.

Should I submit the boarding passes I have or rather not since I don't have all of them and some are printed at home?

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K-1 visa after F1 denial, looking for good law advices
10:32 am July 22, 2015



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Hello everybody, here is my case:

I am italian, me and my boyfriend have been dating for the past almost 2 years. We met in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Italy and USA.

We were over the distance, but didn't feel ready yet to get married, since we never had the chance to be together for more than 2.5 months straight, so we figured that a student visa would have been the best option, that would have given us a couple of years to be together and see how things would go.

Also, I always wanted to study animation in California, so we put the 2 things together, he finds a job that can support me economically in San Diego, I enroll into the college (even though I had already a degree), apply for the visa, and there's just the LAST step: the interview. I was agitated, because I didn't have a job, or a property or husband or anything that could prove I had strong ties to my country, but after all, I wasn't doing anything wrong..although, I read that most of the people that said that have a boyfriend/girlfriend in the USA got denied their visa, so I was worried to talk about him.

Unfortunately one of the first questions was about my boyfriend, I was asked who he was (which sounded weird..how did they know his name??), and I said "a friend" and they was asked if he was "just a friend" and...yes....unfortunately I said YES.

My visa was denied ANYWAY for lack of ties, probably beacause I haven't been in Italy for 1 year straight in the past 3 years.

Later on I figured the reason they knew about my bf: when I went to visit him (Dec 2014) at the airport I told them that I was going to visit him..!

So, now, we decided to give up the student plan, and get married, but I am SO SCARED about my statement to the officer saying that we were JUST FRIENDS...

It's not like we were married, we could have had a crisis or something, but still, I would rather be able to tell the truth about me being scared and lie, because I care more that my relationship will be considered true and genuine, but also, I am worried that they will say I committed fraud or something.

Anyway, we are thiking to wait 2/3 months from the denial to apply for the K1 visa, just to make it a bit easier, but also, I would like to know if any of you went through the same situation, or at least, knows a good lawyer, that we can trust, and that is not just interested in filling our papers and get the money, because we can fill the papers ourselves, but I need advice about what's the best filing timing would be, and what's the best thing to say at the interview when they will ask (and they for sure will) about what I said previously, and if we should file more proves of our relationship.

He is coming to visit me in a week, so it's not a problem to have other proves. Even though we have already tons. I mean, we have REALLY BEEN into a relationship for almost 2 years so..I think it's hard to think the opposite, but I also know, from this recent experience, that they can decide to believe anything they want, and I really really really need to be able to live a normal relationship with my boyfriend...!

So please, ether you've been through it or you know a good, trustful lawyer, I would be happy to hear!

Thanks so much!

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Receiving of physical green card
10:05 pm July 21, 2015


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Hi all,

i am writing to all of you who last year were with me in the nightmare of immigration.

I came in the US at the end of April with a CR-1 visa. At the border they told me that I would receive my green card in the mail in about three months but until today I have received nothing.

Moreover if i check my case status on elis website (https://elis.uscis.dhs.gov) i see it "processing" but if i check it on https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do i receive an error

"My Case Status does not recognize the receipt number entered. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283."

Is any of you having the same problem?

I have tried to call the 1-800 number but it is impossible to speak with a real person!

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Immigration Visa IR1 - first steps and timings
11:26 am July 21, 2015



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Hello everybody,

I am Italian and my husband (we got married May 30th) is an american soldier. After spending 5 years in Italy (where he met me 4 years ago), he got stationed in South Carolina. I followed him for the first 6 months with a tourist visa then I needed to come back to Italy for a trade show for work + for the visa expiration. After a few weeks, I wanted to leave again on a 6 months visa, but it got denied to me - no particular reason, just they wanted me to get in the States with an actual visa and I agree as I know how tough the US is with this things and I am all about it. So, We decided to get married, he came to Italy a couple of months ago and we married.

Now I am in Italy and he is in America and we are trying to get the Immigration visa for spouses IR-1.

My first questions are:

- We sent the petition a month ago - does anyone know how long it takes to get an answer on the approval?

- He will need to leave for an army special training for the next 3 months - he Leaves August 21st. If I will be the agent of myself, would the NVC send the paperworks to my house in Italy or I need to get an agent in USA? My sister and her family live in the Stase, would this help?

- How long does it take from the visa petition approval to the interview?

- Is there anything we can do, as he is a soldier (has been for 10 years with 4 deployments) to speed up the process?

Thank you so much for your help.

My best,

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2:39 pm July 20, 2015

K & V

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I haven't seen an Italian thread in this forum. I'm curious to see how many Italian VJ members are out there.

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