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VERY qualified Joint sponsor exempt from taxes
12:30 pm June 11, 2015


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Hi there,

My wife and I foresaw no issues on either side with us making it through a successful filing process, however, we found out yesterday that the person who was going to be our joint sponsor, while he makes VERY good money and is a top figure in his prominent, international position, is currently exempt from paying taxes while on his 3 year contract overseas where my wife is also located. Will THIS disqualify him from being able to sponsor or will a job letter and letter of explanation suffice?

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I-134 & Joint Sponsor
7:08 am June 10, 2015


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When I declare my income for the I-134 form for the K1 Visa, I believe I will run into problems. I know I need to include W2's/Tax Returns/ect for the past 3 years; but the problem is that 2012-13 I was deployed so all the money I made was nontaxable income (making it appear as if I had made almost nothing for the whole year). Now I am National Guard and that W2 alone doesn't cover the 125% poverty, and I am, and have been since I came home, a full time student, leaving me with no "Job Letter."

My GI Bill, school grants, BHA, National Guard checks and Disability (from deployment injuries) make up my income to which I have an ample amount to live off of. None of these except the NG checks can be taxed making the others unable to be claimed as income; and so because of all of this I appear to not be able to even support myself let alone my fiance.

Is this going to essentially require me to have a Joint Sponsor?

Also, if it matters much, I have quite a bit in savings (I don't know if there is an amount that clears me of this trouble of lack of income), a substantial amount more in assets, and even more in life insurance (I only add that here because of the slot it has on the form).

Thanks in advance!

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