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US Immigration from Gabon

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Can I get an extension?
4:47 am February 9, 2017


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Hi everyone,

I need some help. Wife here on B2 with i130 at NVC. She's pregnant and now doctor says she cannot travel. can she get an extension? B2 expires April 1st. Anyone has similar experience? Thanks

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2 years GC and husband working abroad
5:33 pm November 28, 2016


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Hi all!!

If this is the wrong forum pls moderators move it to the correct one.

So, I'm going to enter the USA on K1, hopefully by February, because we are just waiting for the interview now. My future husband's ( now fianc ) company might move him abroad, beginning June or July 2017.And we want to go together. Of course we will be coming back and forth for vacations or family events.

I'd like to know, since we don't want to be apart from each other anymore, what could be our options?

I've read in the guides that, I could file for a re entry permit before I leave if I know I'll stay out of USA for more than a year. What about when my 2 years GC expires ? Any advice or opinion or experience is welcomed!


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RFE response update
11:07 am October 20, 2016


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Hey everyone...I'm really worried now. Since october 7th we sent our response to rfe nothing has changed in our case status. We don't even know If they received it and my fiance said he didn't certified the letter he sent. So he can't track it. If I was sure they received it i I wouldn't worry too much.

Is it okay if we call ? To know if they received it or not ?

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RFE ....DUI charges back in years
9:34 pm October 6, 2016


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Hi everyone !!our Rfe letter came today my fiance missed some boxes that he didn't check. Specially those were they're asking if he ever been convicted to a crime and stuff.

So he had a conviction for underage drinking in 1997. And a DUI 2003 and 2013. All were cleared. The question is does he need to mark that, and if he does, what type ofor document he does need to prove that he was cleared? He was never in jail he had tickets to pay or something like that. Thanks for your advices;)

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Would my wife have difficulties entering the US?
12:12 pm October 3, 2016


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My wife has an approved I-130 and was recently granted a visitor visa. Her case is still at the NVC. would she has difficulty at the US airport? She'll be here for a short visit. Thank you

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