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US Immigration from Faroe Islands

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" American dream "
8:53 am March 28, 2018


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Dear people- what do you consider by " American dream " and what is that actually? Why millions of people are trying so hard to come here? Arent expectations a bit too high when reality shows up?

What was your main reason for living here? And (honestly)are you satisfied or disappointed?

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Money and immigration
4:22 pm March 25, 2018


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I will put my question here, please remove if not okay.

Well , inspired by similar question at K1 forum I have decided to ask you for an advice. My AOS is pending ( B2) and I would like to transfer all my money from Swedish ane Faroese bank account to our join bank account in USA.

USCIS wants us to have join account as the proof of bona fide marriage , right?

But also, have read that might be a huge red flag for them- as " foreigner want to pay her/ his Green Card ".

Of course that I don't want to pay my husband anything- we simply want to have our money at one place.

So ...what to do ? Do they really go that far and even check our bank transactions; have they right to do that? Are we allowed to do what we want with your hard earned money or we have to be very careful not to be suspicious?

Thank you for your advices!

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9:50 am March 19, 2018


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A lot of us are AOS- ing from different visas and personally I can not judge anyone because I am the one also.

Reading different topics here the word " intent " has caught my eye. Yes I know very good the golden rule but my simple question is - why ( as far as I know) in many cases people aren't even asked about that at their interviews? Seems very strange to me.

What do you think, dear members?

Thank you for your answers.

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Age matters or?
10:14 am March 16, 2018


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Dear people!

Reading about your cases and struggles here, one more question has appeared in my ( maybe crazy) head: does age matter? I don't mean age gap but our age in general. Our case- we are both older people, I have had my life completely "in order" before got married here ( 2 jobs, appartement, a lot of money saved in retirement fund, etc) .Have left completely all as well as comfortable life in developed Scandinavian country.

What are your thoughts- would that raise eyebrows of the IO at interview?Never been crazy about living in USA before( visited many times even as a little girl) - my husband is the one and only reason I am here , and at this forum as well.

Thank you all ?

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Hello from F. Islands?
1:43 pm March 15, 2018


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Hello! I'm 55 yrs old, from Torshamn ( capital of F.Islands), have lived and worked in Uppsala ( Sweden).

Now married for 69 yrs old USC and live in beautiful Alaska.

Wish you all a lot of luck at your long immigration journey. ?

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