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Our experience/AOS before work permit
7:44 pm October 9, 2019

Chepe Grande

Chepe and Joha

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Hey all, I've been using this site as a resource for a long time but I have been in stealth mode. I just wanted to share a little about the process as my wife and I experienced it so maybe it will help anyone in progress. We applied for the fiance visa in October, 2017. No additional documents were requested and my fiance (at the time) had her interview in Costa Rica in August, 2018. She was approved so I traveled to CR and we came to South Carolina in October and were married on October 6. We sent the requests for the work permit and AOS in December, 2018. The wait times looked daunting and I was not expecting resolution of the AOS until the end of 2019 at the earliest. Here is the part where it gets a little scary. We received the AOS interview appointment for May without any news on the work permit/SSN request other than the initial notice that our paperwork was received. I saw several videos and comments from "experts" who claimed that if you do everything right you will not get your AOS appointment first. We gathered all the documents we could without being able to include any items like joint bank account or other financial documents since she had no SSN. We did try to get her an SSN when she first arrived but it seems like there is a debate between the SSA and USCIS about whether or not someone in my wife's scenario should have an SSN. At the interview in Charleston we told our story in brief and then presented an album of our photos starting when we first dated in May, 2015 including wedding pictures and a few more recent ones. I printed a few pages of our chat log from Whatsapp and I had one of our friends write an affidavit. We also presented documents showing we had traveled together and paperwork from her OB/GYN showing that she was pregnant and had a miscarriage in January, 2019 (a whole other sad story). I feel pretty sure that the officers have already reviewed everything before the interview and they have a pretty strong feeling of whether to approve or deny before you even go there. The officer was businesslike but friendly - much more so than the one who processed her paperwork in the ATL airport when she first came with her visa. He was quick to dismiss my concerns about not having any financial records as proof since we didn't have the SSN. He actually made it seem like he did not expect the SSA to give us one. The officer seemed almost grateful when I gave him the Whatsapp log like that was the icing on the cake for him to go ahead and approve us. Success! It seems that since the AOS and work permit requests go to different offices, it really is just determined by random luck and how deep the backlogs are which process moves forward first. That is the main point I wanted to cover. Do not panic if the same happens to you. We were very nervous about that after Googling too much. Good luck to all and feel free to ask me anything. I'm no expert but I am happy to help as many others have helped us.

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AOS income requirement
2:09 am October 9, 2019



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Need some advice. We are getting ready to apply for my fianc s AOS. I am the petitioner, and I know I don t meet the income requirement for 125% above poverty level. I know assets can make up for missing income. Can money in your savings account make up the difference? Anyone who has been through something similar, any information would be greatly appreciated!

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Can you get rid of your 2nd or 1st name after you get married?
8:36 pm October 2, 2019


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Hello once again everyone, I apologize in advance if this has been asked already but I am quite confused after the SSA experience I had...

I'll try and layout everything as easy as possible.

So let's say my name is Anna Nicole Smith and I marry my now husband, Thomas Johnson.

I decide to take his last name but I also want to remove my 1st name since I've never really liked it, so I would like to just be Nicole Johnson, is this possible or do I need a court order to have my 1st name removed?

By the by, I've never had a SSN before and I arrived on a K-1 visa on August 29th.

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What happens if you file with the "wrong" gender?
11:38 pm September 21, 2019


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Hello everyone!

To make a long story short, I'm a MTF trans girl and my husband and I were wondering what'd happen if we file the AOS paperwork with female as my gender?

As a side note, I have not had any sort of surgery so far nor do I have any paperwork to state the contrary from my birth certificate which says male.

Thank you in advance for any input that could be given :)

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Problem with i-485 filing?
10:40 pm September 9, 2019


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My attorney hasn't been very communicative and I'm basically in the dark. Wanted to know if you guys think something is wrong.

I'm on an L1B visa (expiring in march 2020) and got my PERM approved in January (notice date on the I-797 is 01-30-2019).

Priority date on that I-797 says 01-31-2018.

Now, my attorney supposedly filed our i-485, i-765 and i-131 on 7/30.

So far neither of us has received any notifications, including any tracking number.

The checks I sent to USCIS haven't been cashed either.

Should I be worried about this? My attorney just told me "something is wrong, I'll try to find out how long this is taking now" and then "we might need to file again but for now let's just wait some more".

From what I've heard before we should've gotten a notification within a week of filing. And by now we should've gotten the biometrics appointment. Right?

Thanks for any information.

- Will

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