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Connecticut Filers
1:12 am February 7, 2020


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Just checking to see if there is anybody else in this forum that is filling for N400 that lives in Connecticut

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MyUscis account estimated time accuracy
2:08 am November 22, 2019


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So I applied for N400 yesterday and I checked my account today and it said that it should take 8 months the whole process. Has anyone that applied in the past know how accurate their timeline is?

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I-751 application and my job
2:55 am February 21, 2018


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So i was a temporary worker at this job that I wanted so bad, it s been 6 months working there and they finally offered me a permanent position. I was so freaking happy!! The schedule is good and the pay is great also with insentives for doing hard work. A job everyone would wish to have. So now came time for me to sign paper work and show my eligibility to work in the US and oh boy what a ride I been through. So I explained my ordeal to my HR personnel and then I had to send in some documents and that they will have the later of the company look over the information. I just hope everything is ok and that I don t to lose my job cause of this and the lack of knowledge that some people and companies have regarding immigration law.

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Money Order mistake!! Need some help.
2:30 am June 1, 2017


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I really need some help please. I made a mistake on the money order by putting the wrong name instead of USDHS. What will happen to my application and my money order? Will they send back the money order? Has this happen to anyone before?

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Money Order Error!!! Need help please!!!
10:37 pm May 27, 2017


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Hey everyone I need some advice please! So I mailed out my i751 and I sent it attached with my money order and I was so nervous I wrote for it to be paid to the service center instead of USDHS. Will they send back my money order since it has the wrong name on it? Or what they will do? Has anyone been in this situation or know of anyone that has been? Any advice would help. Thank you in advance!

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