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    Finally DQ as of yesterday, December 12. I am expecting an interview email in the beginning of January because of the holidays. London embassy, CR1. It has taken us almost 8 months to be done with NVC, mainly due to our lawyer being a moron. Our twins are due to be born in June so fingers crossed my husband gets here by March, hopefully. I feel like I can finally breathe and actually enjoy my pregnancy
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    Derivatives and change of country

    What is this sudden upsurge of people who feel the need to post all in bold?
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    Derivatives and change of country

    Every single word must be emphasized.
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    Is she cute? And how thick is her accent? Asking for a friend.
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    Travel Ban Support Group

    Finally, our journey has come to an end as well. We picked up our visa today. Interview was 2 days ago, and visa was ready the 2 days after interview. We are ecstatic. The visas are being given out everyday, almost everyone is getting visas within a couple of weeks of interview. We talked to many many people who came, got their visas and left. Many were second interview (first interview was before the automated system) but many more were first interview like us. Bottom line, things are back to normal for the most part, almost everyone interviewing is getting visas. I did hear some refusals for men who have served in the military, but have not spoken to anyone that had this so I don't know how widespread it is. We are going to visit a few places in turkey and then hopefully fly into the US next week! I wish everyone here speedy visas and unification with their loved ones. We were in AP for a day, and the mrs was going nuts, so I cannot begin to imagine what many on this board are going through. It is deeply unfair to people who interviewed between dec 2017 and july 2019, but the one piece of hope I can offer you is that many people I saw were getting visas were second interview where the first interview was 2018/early 19.
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    After 361 days (and my occasional griping about it here), we finally got our I-130 approved. A notice came via cell phone, then by the egov website, then by the myaccount website, but all within a few hours of each other. I wish everyone here the best of luck, and less of a wait than we went through!
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    Employer-sponsored Health Insurance

    It works both ways. If a person takes a new job, enrollment is automatically open with that company as being a new hire is a “qualifying event” for the coverage offered at that company. It has nothing to do with the marketplace. Once enrolled and covered under the employer insurance, the marketplace insurance can be cancelled.
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    Time Person of the Year 2019

    Approximately two dozen posts about recipes and the British election have been split into their own thread.
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    The above posts have been split from the Greta Thunberg TIME Magazine thread.
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    Enjoy the gaslighting, comrade?
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    Duke & Marie

    NVC Filers - December 2019

    I believe they need originals of everything submitted to NVC
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    Derivatives and change of country

    Your post is missing lots of details. Which visa? Who is the USC petitioner? Who is the beneficiary? Please try to communicate the situation a bit more clearly to get accurate advice.
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    Hai Frdz, Anybody in this forum having petitioners who living in Texas and got NOA1 with other service center ?
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    October 2019 K1: did anyone receive NOA2

    Hang in there! It will come when you're least expecting it! The one day that you're not checking your case status 😄 That has been my experience with USCIS.
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    Bernice Boakye


    Yes he is here
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    OCTOBER 2019 AOS Filers

    "Case is ready to be scheduled for interview" on mine. My biometric was November 12
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    I got an e-mail today saying that my petition for my brother is approved. I know the NVC will take a very long time to give my brother a visa number.
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    I just got a notification that the I-130 of my parents have been approved. Currently researching on the next steps.
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    NVC Filers - December 2019

    Yes all his (civil) originals, the ds260 code and the ORIGINIAL i864 with wet signature. His passport, passport pictures, medical and so on ALL listed here: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/interview/interview-prepare/required-documents.html Family-based visa applications: - A signed Affidavit of Support from your petitioner and any additional financial sponsors who submitted a Form I-864 on behalf of your visa application. Applicants may bring photocopies and scanned versions of signed Forms I-864 and associated documents. (Please note that the form must still be signed; typed names and electronic signatures will not be accepted.) - Financial evidence showing your petitioner’s income, such as IRS tax transcripts, federal tax return, or forms W-2. If you have any additional financial sponsors, you must bring the same type of financial evidence for them, along with proof of their legal status in the United States. - Proof of the U.S. petitioner’s status and domicile in the United States (photocopy of a U.S. passport, naturalization certificate, or legal permanent resident card).
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    No problem! I hope everything goes well for you.
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    Does anyone really believe the left wing media when they are doing analysis of something like this?
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    Isn't it Horowitz's job to protect the institution? I am not surprised by his conclusions and trying to play down the facts he uncovered. But they are facts, and reasonable prosecutors may use them at some point.
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    I agree with Boiler, why is Time making fun of a child?
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    Thanks Thank you Fenja i got my visa yesterday and will like to go to the States by February and the expiration date of my visa is on 10th of June hope i got no issues thanks i need you to reply me thanks once more
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    NVC Filers - December 2019

    I haven't had our interview yet, but what I know is all original documents of the applicant not the sponsor. Copies of anything related to sponsor. Only affidavit of support they want the original signature of sponsor. Someone Correct if I'm wrong.
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    It could be, but everyone's thoughts and situations are different. I don't want to be separated from my spouse and we have a way to make it all work without putting ourselves in a hard situation. For some, it may be necessary, but to people who might have the option to stay together of course they are going to take that.
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    Yes they do, that is not the issue. They take Amex, Discover, Visa,, MasterCard
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    NVC Filers - December 2019

    you need all originals documents you submitted through the website yours and the other person.
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    There is a sample picture of an approval notice here, you’ll see it says “approval notice” under notice type, below the beneficiary's name. This is what you need to find. https://citizenpath.com/form-i-797-notice-action/
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    I-130 November 2019 Filers

    The timeline chart that uscis has in not upto date by a long shot so dont even waste your time to look at it It's best to just fallow threads to find out how far ahead they are.
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    Nothing is going to happen since POTUS is under a term limit they can wait him out. We have already seen that the entrenched bureaucrats are comrades in arms of the 2 parties.
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    Thanks for providing some additional info! When I checked yesterday the date was updated under “Immigrant” still in AP. It hasn’t moved to “non-Immigrant” with a date change yet. Hopefully it will be updated by the end of the week.
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    Just ate there tonight. Awesome food. 2 month waiting list for reservations. But I snuck in as a single walk-in in under an hour. Wish I had taken a picture of the menu. You can have your choice of about 5 different cuts of prime rib. Or fish. Salad, bread, creamed corn, creamed spinach, and (for my first time ever) Yorkshire pudding. Which isn’t pudding AT ALL.
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    CR1 Visa Approved

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    - The dossier was being worked on before Crossfire, and involved foreign agents, bureaus and the DNC - The DNC was already working with the bureaus and Ukraine to smear the Trump campaign starting at the latest, early 2016 - The CIA also had a Brennan run covert operation that was up, the full scope we don't yet know of until Durham is done - You are tagging along with the debunked conspiracies that Trump colluded with Russia to affect the 2016 election, even go so far as to pretend there's still a life to the pee tape - The dossier was obviously unreliable hence why it was no longer used to justify FISA renewals on the same people for the same premise - Cute personal attack on Nunes, and the conjuration of Gohmert into the conversation, but there's no actual argument here beyond what looks like a Brennan-like cut and paste from a Maddow interview. - "Crossfire Hurricane" was, by your argument, initiated July 31st, you said the FBI wasn't aware of Steele's work until after, wrong. There are several communications between Steele and the FBI from June/July, and Steele met with FBI agents (including Gaeta) early July.. I guess Maddow or Brennan didn't tell you that. "This stuff is not that difficult" When you're busy parroting other people and not thinking for yourself.
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    NVC Filers - December 2019

    I believe he needs original documents.
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    Waiting for an NVC visa?

    It will took a few weeks for NVC create the case number. You're not the only person waiting. In addition, thing will slow down by the end of the year.
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    New Black Panthers or whoever in Pennsylvania, intimidating white voters from voting... not prosecuted by 0bummer DOJ... if memory serves.
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    There are many couples who need to live separately for a while for school or job - so your situation is not unique. You will need to change your address with USCIS - but you need to think about this: Will YOUR address be the one that will be the "permanent" address? If so, use YOUR address. Assuming the two of you are talking frequently, you can forward or open (with her permission) any mail that comes at your address. You are only apart for 5 months - and SHE is the one with the "temporary" address. When comes time for ROC, just write a cover letter explaining that your wife remained behind due to a previous job commitment. (Does she have a written contract with the school district?) Make sure you have documented evidence that you spent time together (Will one of you fly to the other? Keep boarding passes. Drive? Show mileage logs for your car and substantiate with gasoline receipts.) Take pictures with friends. Have the friend with whom your wife is staying write an affidavit describing the situation and that s/he was more than happy to accommodate your wife while she finished the school year. Not sure how you will handle money, but if you are with a bank where you both can use one account, then keep doing so. Most of all - don't be afraid of USCIS. Just keep any documents that show you kept in touch, and that the separation was only temporary. Good luck to you on your journey! Sukie in NY
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    We got shot in the back today, Truth In Advertising man. Everything the same as the last 2 times, Old Hand we man. Maybe this Many'rd time will be the charm, jury out man. Fizzicle therapist mauls us on Saturday, remove impediments man. Then we should have a better idea, accurate insights we man. Total cost = $0.00, steal man
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    1. Then train him to manage to stay home alone for Many hours, and oj tak. 2. Most people work over time, oj tak, typically until they retire, oj tak. Many. How can you be more vague than a range of "Many-Many hours or something like that," oj huh? Obtuse Asia! Obtuse, OBTUSE Asia!
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    Are you sure they take American Express?
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    May Allah issue our loved ones visas and bring them to USA safely in this second week of Ramadan.. in this blessed and holy month. May Allah make things easier for all of us. Amen. ❤❤❤
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    Thanks for responding H&T. You are right however my immigrant visa process has been a little different. We had applied in 2013, had an interview (scheduled by them) in Nov 2014. The interview started off well and everything seemed okay but at the end I was told I had to do an i601 waiver (due to my previous stay in the US). The waiver was approved last summer and then I was asked to update our DS-260, get new police certificates,pictures and medical (since it had been over an year). We submitted everything by mid December 2018. After being in AP for around 7 weeks, they said they had reviewed the file and in order to continue, I would need to schedule my biometric oath (re-oath). This time around, for my 2nd interview they need me to schedule my own interview date through the ais (green) site that I have been getting their communications from. This seems similar to the K-1 applicants. Hope someone can enlighten on my booking issue...
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    There is an update on DOS website for new applicants. Keep these timings in mind before planning and applying for J1 waiver. Change in No Objection timeline from '6-8 weeks' to '12 to 1 weeks', almost doubled. Source: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/study/exchange/waiver-of-the-exchange-visitor/how-to-apply-waiver.html
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    Admin Processing

    Excellent!! Time to do the happy feet dance!
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    OCTOBER 2019 AOS Filers

    Weird. But, at times, I heard it takes up to 10 weeks. Maybe they waived your interview?
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    Is this sarcasm? Because quite frankly, im losing my cool, i tried to be polite and as calm as possible and people actually come here to seek help not to get humiliated and so on. I find it quite amusing that some people here are extremely rude. I am new here and i honestly had no idea i shouldn't post in bold letters. I thanked and thank nice people who responded/respond nicely and i honestly dont have patience with inconsiderate and insensitive people and bullies. This forum is not as helpful as i thought it would be. 👌
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    OCTOBER 2019 AOS Filers

    Mine has currently been 45 days since biometrics with no update; so not always the case
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    Time Person of the Year 2019

    Not yet, am hopeful. Labour have had a disaster. Swinson has lost her seat.
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