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    You won’t be able to bring them both at the same time. How old is your sister? They cannot use tourist visas to immigrate, that’s fraud.
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    Here is the truth- If he left the US prior to AP approval, then his Adjust of Status will be denied due to abandonment either at the interview or later. It has happened. If he is able to get inside the US, then he should immediately re-file the entire I-485 package as @arken said.
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    While he may be able to enter US using the AP after you give it to him, it's best to file for new i485 since the current i485 is now considered abandoned.
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    Tourist visa is not an option because that would be fraud. You can not use a tourist visa to immigrate, hence the reason why it is only for tourism only.
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    The fastest way is for you to apply for your mom, then when she gets her GC, she can apply for your sister (overall 4-5 years assuming your sister is still a minor when your mom becomes an LPR). You could also file an I130 for your sister as an F4, but depending on the country it could be anywhere from 15 to 22 years for a visa to become available. You cannot have your mom come to the US with a B2 visa and plan to immigrate. Good Luck!
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    Do you mean that it was a marriage done for the sole purpose of immigration, rather than a relationship? I don't believe you would be allowed to attend the interview.
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    Thank you for providing your perspective. It’s rare to see that here because we get one side of the story only. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry to hear about the camera in the bedroom thing. That must have been horrible and I’d be very upset and angry too to put it lightly. Nobody has the right to do that even if it’s a spouse. It is obvious that there are many issues here. Would you be open to attending marriage counseling with you wife?
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    You need to tone down on your rudeness. @AW1704 was trying to be helpful & clarified for those who might not know.
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    AOS based on K1 after marriage

    This means absolutely nothing unfortunately. I don’t even know why they use that misleading phrase. I was also K1 to AOS. My EAD application was finally looked at after 11 months of waiting.
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    no, sorry. You will need at least one tax return / tax transcript and it has to be from the most recent tax year. Also does your W-2 say married or single? There is no guarantee the CO won’t share your paperwork with your parents and no guarantee your CO won’t mention that you have a spouse. Also no guarantee your parents won’t look at their file on NVC’s web site. If your parents admit they didn’t know you were married then it calls into question whether there is a bonafide parent / child relationship. And if they feign pre knowledge that is misrepresentation. I don’t see any good options for you given your constraints.
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    Lil bear

    Visa after greencard?

    Supporting the immigrant doesn't mean that the sponsor has to agree to have live with them. We don't know the discussions that took place before during or after the process… what options were offered or discussed. Knowing extended family relationships .. there was probably quite a lot of unspoken expectations and plans in many minds and hearts. Clear communication in a timely manner doesn't always happen 😓 Past is gone , done .. chance to start again .. and get a happier result hopefully
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    Proof of Relationship

    OP, you will run into different opinions on this topic and i assure you, each case is treated in its own uniqueness by an Adjudicator. First, the most important evidence is the time spent together Then, after that, the only thing i wouldn't throw into the list is the Bathroom sink!!! Every other thing goes there lol. Upload as many as relevant documents that you can lay your hands on into the petition. Do not let people tell you what pages of this, or numbers of pictures etc. It's better to do too much than do too little when it comes to the Lagos Embassy. The principle is Quantity goes on top of the list! Since you've been together for 5 years, i will suggest an email from each month or one from every 2 months for the five years some of the things to send are: Flight Boarding passes-Time stamps on passport Wedding pictures (You send according to your discretion) Pictures with each other's families Financial co-mingling(If there's any) Insurance policies naming each person as primary beneficiaries Call logs and chats, emails that span your entire relationship gift receipts etc affidavit of supports from close family who can vouch for your relationship
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    There is no 90 day rule for USCIS. That is a myth. He can work ONLY after receiving a valid Employment Authorization Document. It could take 8 months before he can leave the US. Good Luck.
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    Adjustment of Status after marriage

    Hey, No, he cannot work until AOS is completed or he gets EAD first.
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    The CO will ask what he/she wants to ask. He/she may quiz them about your marriage, or he/she may not. Having a lawyer or having you there has no effect on what is asked.
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    Yes, you are wrong. Very wrong. Your spouse left his friends, family, job, country, etc, to come and live with you. You were all he had here, and you were the only reason that he moved here. He had nothing and nobody besides you. That is a very small world for him, and as the US citizen spouse, it was your job to help him feel comfortable in his new home country. That does not mean that he should be sitting at home with you 24/7. You should be encouraging him to find things that he loves to do, explore the neighborhood, meet new people, feel at home. It is not just about you; it is also (and maybe mostly) about him adjusting to his new life in the US. It's great that he already found a gym that he likes; let him do what he enjoys doing, he may make friends there and not miss home so much. When I had just arrived in the US, my husband drove me around the area many times, pointing out everything that he thought I might find even remotely interesting: garden centers, yoga schools, little coffee shops, a European store, an animal shelter I might want to volunteer at, an Ethiopian restaurant that he had heard lots of vegetarians loved, other nice looking places to eat. Literally ANYTHING that would get me out of the house, exploring my new neighborhood, and finding things that I loved to do. He bought me a bike so I could go wherever I would want to go. While he was at work, he would text me to remind me to go out and explore; when he would get home, he would ask me where I had gone, how it was, if I met new people, etc. Your husband is not your property. You don't own him, and he doesn't have to sit at home with you constantly. He has to go out and explore, so he will start feeling at home. He will be a much happier person if you give him that space. The cameras are totally creepy; I would definitely leave if my spouse had put cameras all over our house to keep an eye on me.
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    That’s a very unfair and cynical way of looking at a post which was a) only trying to help and b) agreeing with you. But whatever. Have a nice day.
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    August 2022 NVC submission

    Yea last week it updated like later in the day so I’m sure it will update later today as well! So exciting that we are getting closer!
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    Unfortunately, certain humans choose to interpret Islam in their sick ways, much like other religions (Christianity and KKK/eugenics comes to mind). I’m a practicing Muslim and find this appalling but unsurprising as have seen countless times as Islam gets twisted to fit their violent narratives. Fortunately though, this CII’s “rulings” are non-binding.
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    This is the fastest and probably easiest way to get it done. Downside is minor passports are only good for 5 years, so when you need the next one, and stepdaughter is 16, you will be in the same situation again. I like this route, solves all your issues in one go around. Things to consider is how fast the court process is, and how much this route will cost. Both of the above are good suggestions.
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    Sue for full custody since your ex isn’t complying with the terms of dissolution
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    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    twice now.
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    "persuade" $$ the father to give permission.
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    Consult with a Family Lawyer
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    VAWA, Part 26

    It has been returned to USCIS and if you do not request the card be forwarded to the new address, it will be destroyed and you will have to request another card. Contact Congressman and ask for assistance. FYI - only your attorney can change you address, they have to submit another G28 in order to do so.
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    I-864 states that you must attach your tax return for the most recent tax year.
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    Visa after greencard?

    Thats what I feel like.. its a long process and she cant explain her long absence and if she is denied the re-entry at POE then why go through the hassle. Looks like she abondoned her status.. and if I were to use that option may be I should have done 5 years ago to try luck.. but since now I am close to getting the citizenship I can petition for her the right way..
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    Mike E

    Pregnant StepDaughter

    So @DriMacias you will have to orchestrate things. 1. grand child is born 2. Daughter enters USA on immigration visa, requiring someone to take care of the grand child for several weeks. That somebody cannot be you. You must be inside the USA on the day your daughter enters the USA on her immigration visa. Or travel with your daughter. 3. daughter files I-131 to get a re-entry permit. 4. daughter files I130 for grand child 4. daughter waits for I-131 receipt 5. daughter returns to MX with receipt. 6. If there is a biometrics appointment for I-131, daughter returns to USA. This time you can be the one to take care of the grand child in MX while your daughter attends biometrics 7. you will likely be the joint sponsor for your grandchild. Thus again, when your grand child is issued an immigration visa, you must be in the USA on the day your grand child enters the USA on an immigration visa. Or travel with your grand child.
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    5 years and your parents haven't sniffed that you're married? Hard to belive this or you must be good at burying stuff. And should your parents obtain visas without knowing about the marriage, how will you juggle your living arrangements? Is your spouse going to leave the house the whole time your parents are around?
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    Paging moderators. @TBoneTX et al I suggest you consider locking this thread. Just my opinion. I don’t think it will be helpful to anyone including the posters for a married couple to come and expose the details of their marriage. Best advice has already been given, get a counselor to work with to determine if this marriage is salvageable. I wish you both the best going forward.
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    Affidavit of support

    Well that's a valid enough personal opinion and I see where you are coming from. But...in a spouse visa case, the petitioner's history, even criminal history except for sex crimes against a child are not grounds to deny a petition or visa application. Since he effectively has not sponsored another person who is now an LPR, the ex wife will not need to be counted in his household size. In a spouse visa case, he will not be able to delay the "use" of the I-864. Petitioner's are not required to be "seen in a favorable light" or be "ideal candidates" to sponsor immigrants, in order to bring their spouse with whom they have a bona fide relationship to the USA. Felons currently in prison bring spouses to the USA.
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    Marriage counseling can really help with the communication.
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    If he’s disinterested, counseling won’t help. Many young Ghanaian men these days are scheming players who will do all the right things to get to the proverbial land of milk and honey. I should know, I am from there. Have an honest talk with him to find out if he’s invested in the relationship or not. If he’s not, sad to say cut your losses. I don’t have any information about you and him to gauge accurately however the timing makes me skeptical of his motives.
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    I-751 September 2022 Filers

    Yes! Time to hunker down for the long wait. But at least it wasn’t a rejection. Apparently it was received on the 21st but for some reason I only just got the text today. Strange but at least I can have some peace of mind now
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    Actually, I did file the K3 in April. But prior to my approval I didn't think it worked 🤣🤣 Now I think it totally did.
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    The rudeness is a Swedish thing, actually. We are the "know-it-all" people, and don't you dare correct us even if we're wrong. 🤣
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    Note that instead of filing I-90 you can file N-400. Advantages of doing this: * if you file now, you will likely have a U.S. passport in hand before your gc expires * in the event the above is incorrect, you get free I-551 stamps that extend your evidence of LPR status until your naturalization oath is complete * most I-90s are taking over a year and 3 years is not unheard of * you avoid paying I-90 fee
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    Transferring money to the US from Europe

    Use Transferwise. They offer the best rates and its fairly easy. You usually get your money within days. I have used this service since 2014.
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    Bank wire....
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    Mamdooh 12

    July 2022 NVC Submission

    Thanks God, just got D Q,after 10 months journey and 4 rfe,wish you all the best hang in there
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    Waiting for green card in the usa

    She has to wait in line like everyone else.
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    Applying for medicaid for our child

    It could be considered at any point during the processing. Like I said, it is based on the totality of circumstances. No one can predict how your particular case will be adjudicated. Assets and joint sponsor are positives. Being unemployed and needing to make use of medicaid are negatives.
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    Lil bear

    Waiting for green card in the usa

    Adjustment of status from a tourist visa is not possible when the petition is based on the spouse of an LPR. She must complete the process in her home country She may visit according to the limits on her visitor visa but she cannot stay here
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    26 months sounds ridiculous to me. We filed mid pandemic and it took us 11 months to be approved. GC was even approved in 6 months. I feel like they are trying to speed up after covid. But who am I lol 🤷🏼‍♀️ I wish you all the luck tho. Doing the wait while being separated is horrible.
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    Pregnant StepDaughter

    Are you asking if the baby can immigrate with her? The answer to that would be no, there are no derivatives allowed in this case.
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    Asap will not be soon. Consequences of previous decisions and choices don't go away just because we want to be together
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    Letter of extension is expiring

    Except it isn’t. The glaring ones are fairly obvious. Yet the hoops that genuine people have to go through and justify how they live their lives according to some arbitrary checklist being checked by some idiot who’s never had a passport of their own, defies logic and the boundaries of what is reasonable. It’s intrusive, stressful, and upsetting, and that’s even if it goes well without any hiccups. I happen to know a couple of people who came here as tourists and simply overstayed for years. They then had sham marriages in order to stay - they actually paid their spouse to do it. In all cases they are now LPR or in one case a citizen. But me? Do everything by the book, proper immigrant visa at the consulate via DCF (which requires an interview), file the joint i-751 on time with no shortage of documentation …yet because my ex spouse is a sociopathic malignant narcissist and purposefully set out to destroy me and make a provably false accusation to USCIS, here I am, 7 years on, and on my third I-751 filing, seemingly in eternal limbo. It’s a crock of s*** and needs to be radically reformed, or better still just scrapped and checks very much front loaded.
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    Tourist visa while on NVC stage.

    The visa officer did ask me this: “why you don’t have citizenship yet you been married for so long” (9 years) I said I already applied for an immigrant visa and we are working on it and she just said ok approved. hope this gives to people who want to visit while working on their immigrant visas.
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    You can apply for him but he needs to leave the US. It will take 15-20 years to receive an immigrant visa.
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