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    Your “fiancé” cheated on you and got pregnant. And you’re sticking around ? wow...
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    Ok, I didn't want to post, but it seems it needs to be said. I am not trying to diminish anyone's journey or trying to say that we are the only ones that have it hard or have ever had it hard or will ever have it hard. But I have also noticed that in a lot of threads where people are discussing taking action and trying to get political figures to please do something about K1 visas, there is often at least one person coming in saying something along the lines: "I am so glad we did CR1" or "this just proves that K1 is not a good choice" and so on and so forth. And it then has a tendency to turn into a discussion of why CR1 is superior. Or they start to discuss politics and who is the worse politician. And the original intent of the thread is lost. I am not going to tell anyone not to post, but can't you see how such statements are not helpful. Some of us did our research, had very good reasons why we chose the K1 and were willing to live with all the consequences of this. But NONE of us knew Covid would strike, NONE of us knew we will be stuck. And of course people get emotional when they read statements like I listed above. Don't you think we aren't asking ourselves if we were idiots for doing K1, if we made the wrong choice? Even if we had all the info and did all the research. I know I do. Again, I am not telling you not to comment, you have a right to, but maybe, just maybe consider if what you want to post will be helpful, or if it's just adding noise or changing the direction of the conversation.
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    When Joe Biden takes office in January, he has pledged to reverse many of Trump's controversial immigration policies from the last 4 years. Here are a few key items that Joe Biden plans to change: Merit-based/Family-based Immigration and Diversity Visa Biden disagrees with Trump's position of creating a merit-based family immigration system. Biden would instead "expand" family based immigration to the US. He would allow any approved family visa beneficiary, whose green card is not yet available due to the annual country cap, to receive a temporary visa and enter the U.S. until a permanent visa (“green card”) becomes available. In addition, Biden would support legislation that: Expands the definition of “immediate relative” beyond spouses; minor, unmarried children; and parents of U.S. citizens to add spouses and children of green card holders, exempting them from caps; and Allows parents to bring their minor children with them at the time they immigrate into the U.S. Biden would also continue the Diversity Visa program, stating it brings needed diversity. "Dreamers" and Pathways to Citizenship Biden believes that Dreamers and their parents should have a roadmap to citizenship through legislative immigration reform. When he enters office he will remove the uncertainty for Dreamers by reinstating the DACA program, and he will explore all legal options to protect their families from inhumane separation. Public Charge Biden would reverse Trump’s public charge rule. He believes the rule runs counter to American values and the history of the nation. Reversing Travel Bans On Day One of his presidency, Biden intends to rescind Trump’s travel bans on travelers from 13 countries, most of them either majority-Muslim or African nations. Skilled Workers Biden supports reform of the H1-B system including increased alignment to the current workforce. Once reform is complete, he plans to expands the number of high-skilled visas. Refugees Biden supports raising the annual allotment of refugee admissions to 125 thousand from around 15 thousand under President Trump. Mexico Border Wall Biden plans to immediately stop diversion of US Defense funds for the border wall, effectively stopping its expansion. Trump will immediately prioritize reunification of "lost" children from asylum camps with their parents. sources: https://joebiden.com/immigration/ https://www.heritage.org/immigration/report/president-trump-and-joe-biden-comparing-immigration-policies https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-immigration-biden-factbox/factbox-here-are-six-things-joe-biden-will-likely-do-on-immigration-idUSKBN27O00R
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    I’m sorry that you are frustrated but aiming it at government employees is a bit unfair. Decisions around Embassy reopening are made in Washington by Dept of State so your “lazy government employees” are depending on that decision. Humble yourself - Immigration is not a right, and no timeline is granted. Even more so under current circumstances. You are physically with your Fiancé, what else do you need? Others are waiting apart from another.
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    Marieke H

    K1 Visa Proxy Marriage

    This is a terrible plan. Don't do it. I don't have firsthand experience and I'm not an immigration attorney, but hey, it's against the TOS to tell others not to post. If you only want immigration attorneys to respond, you should probably pay one to do so.
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    Covid Vaccine and Immigrants

    This will be my last comment to not further derail this post as OP received their answer- but I think it’s important that misinformation does not continue to spread and allow unnecessary deaths (or strain on the health care system)- I have yet to see a covid vaccine be the cause of death to thousands of people and ALL vaccines and drugs have side effects- it’s sad to see someone prefer to choose death from covid over a day with body aches and chills, if they even experience side effects at all (from vaccine). All these deaths from those not vaccinated- I guess it’s Gods way of having Darwin’s theory play out. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have no time for those who can’t appreciate advances in modern day medicine (that’s why we have a higher life expectancy-thanks to modern medicine) or those who flood their “brains” with conspiracy theories.
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    No, I don't "get that feeling". Everything is ALWAYS Trump's fault??.......For your information, the world is in the midst of a PANDEMIC...which originated outside the US!!!!!
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    Case Complete to Interview August 2020

    Yahoo! Our visa is finally issued it was such a long process I can't believe it's finally over 🥳
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    APPROVED I got back to my room and collapsed to my knees and just sobbed for 5 minutes, like I'm a big emotional dude but didn't realize how much tension needed to come out haha. Messaged my wife with the "Welcome to the United States of America" letter and she called and we talked and laughed and cried for 20 minutes. Usual process that everyone here mentions: clock's broken, room is super quiet and dull, staff are totally nice. Passport taken, wait 45+ minutes, documents taken, wait maybe 15 minutes, then interview. I was asked about how we met which ended up being a rambling tale as it usually is, and about what wife does for work. Fingerprints taken, handed over most recent pay stub and tax return from my wife, and then she said congratulations there's no problems here and that was it. I'm having problems believing it was only really two questions but I guess we talked about stuff based on the questions so I probably answered stuff indirectly. I was able to change my flight just to leaving at 16:00 today so quickest cross-country trip ever. YAY SO HAPPY EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HR I love you, I'll update my timeline shortly. Wife and I figured out yesterday that today is DAY NINE HUNDRED of our process. 900 days since we mailed the original petition. And it's done, my God it's finally done, I'm going to cry again, thanks VJ, you guys have been great and I'll be sticking around for some time for support and stuff. Sorry to the one person I randomly got cross at that one time, that's not me normally and I still feel bad for that. Thank you all for direct support and for your stories and data and everything else.
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    I loved that my first green card said I was a resident alien. I’d show it to my kids and their friends and regale them with tails of my upbringing from another planet. I told them I was part of forward invasion force. Their friends would return home to have nightmares. Seriously though, the term alien is from Latin like much of English (and thus, ironically it was probably due to an alien invasion of England in 1066 that the term made it into the lexicon). I will not be signing this petition. It is just. a word. Get over it. There are bigger problems like the backlog of immigration petitions that have a current priority date or that aliens have a hassle getting an SSN. Proud to have been a legal resident alien.
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    Not true. The stimulus check is a tax credit, something that eligible taxpayers are entitled to. It is not a publicly-funded benefit like food stamps that casts doubt on someone's financial capacity. Stop with the fearmongering.
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    Approved Spouse Visa. Zoom Marriage!

    CR-1 Visa Approved! Zoom Ceremony. My husband and I married through Utah Online marriage ceremony in September 2020. I visited him in Costa Rica in October 2020 and filed for the CR-1. Our I-130 was approved January 29, 2021. We were DQ in the NVC on February 16, 2021 and received our interview date on February 24th. My husband passed his interview this morning and now we await his passport and POE in the coming weeks.
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    Despite Covid and a swath of US consulate closings, 34 VJ'ers had their IR-1 Visas approved in July so far! Good news and congrats! https://www.visajourney.com/content/visa-approvals-this-month/
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    In June 2019 @KartineeKartoons started a group message for Canadian spousal applicant VJers who were stuck in the Montreal interview scheduling backlog. They invited members at the same stage in the IV process and the message group has remained active more than a year later, currently with 199 VJ members. Not all members are active in the conversation, and a few weeks ago someone suggested it was time to disband the message group. I am inviting all the active members to hold our discussion here, publicly in the forum, moving forward. Having our collective experiences and knowledge siloed behind closed doors is a disservice to the the whole of the VJ community. Let's strengthen the community as a whole by making a shift. Invitations: @DGF @shammykay @Tofu @sjb17 @rainbow-skies @Mzamour @Cath&Claire @sh114 @S.H.11 @Leah123 @DoubleE @Hadarah @MWhite @legendqueue @SeriaRisa11 @PawlD @i5love @Jay&Sid @mizzem @Kingsrish @Abhikochar @Je9ala @Madison99 @ArgiE0601 @Lovepeace0303 @leo18 @A&RN @marahm18 @acmanu @Sanmcall @Dkw @SASAS @Romans13 @Rose__ @InspectorGrover @canadavisa22 @chefcurry88 @lngtimecoming @Lovenature @mam521 @Noam D @Pat1976 @dee&vee @AMSAL @ReadIcculus @Jacqueline H @Couchpotato560 @Dbrennan @eketros @MrsDex @wordsfromdani @kburbasaur @Jenn&Matt @Waitin-Game @mika__ @Specter @ameena1423 @chanel167 @TOtoVA @Michelle_VM @BunyanP @HRubin @Irregularblob @US-EH @C&L2018 @rafale1973 @Lois K @2Ps @Rush11 @jackanddeona @Kaleigh11 @vjcl @SJS8581 @Ptitchou @fxch3 @starboogie @tmac99 @Flowergirl 737 @Prairiegirl3 @Skaur0609 @Cammabear @Emilini @jacketconfident @eagle212 @betzzymathew @Sarjb77 @Akaur @JACHA @Rotorhead @BeeSee @CGs_Mother @SAsal @Todd@Alya @Hamlet @AfterTheSnow @JandTK @Mel and Deb @Abe&Noha @anto3knee @PennyLaneB @JenTex @Aminac13 @Canadiangirl38 @Jaret&Rachael @llednew.rm Group members not specifically listed above haven't signed into and/or read VJ messages for a while but are more than welcome to participate. Let's all help keep information accessible to all and transparent, and alleviate the anxiety other visa applicants experience navigating this convoluted process.
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    For this post my wife with be Miss Doe and i will be Mr Smith. In 2013, i got married to my US wife in Arlington, VA. I then returned home to the UK and started the CR-1 Visa process. We filed the I-130 and everything else needed to get the CR1 Visa, early on in the process we decided between the two of us that i would be taking my wife's surname, i would no longer be Mr Smith but become Mr Doe and we filed accordingly, putting my name down as Mr Doe on the DS230. I sent our marriage certificate to the UK passport office, the UK DMV and the UK tax office and received my new passport and drivers license back under the name Mr Doe. In Feb 2014 i moved to the USA, My visa was under the name Mr Doe in my passport that was in the name of Mr Doe, I've been in the US 7 years, my name is Mr Doe, my state driving license, my passport, my mortgage, my bank accounts, insurance and everything else is as Mr Doe, i AM and have been for the past 7 years Mr Doe after legally changing my name through marriage. My interview at the DC field office (Fairfax, VA) was yesterday at 12:15pm, at 12:45pm a lady (Who we will call Karen 1) came out to the waiting room and called my name. She was polite, asked how i was and led me to an interview rooms. We sat down, she explained she would be conducting the interview and doing my civics test, she said the process shouldn't be more than 30 minutes. She started with the civics test which i passed by answering the first 6 questions correctly. She then asked me to read a sentence on the iPad screen and then to write a short sentence on the screen, which i did correctly. She then opened what looked like my immigration file, a thick brown folder full of paper documents. She started to go through my N400 application, asking several questions like was my address correct, how long i had lived at that address, confirming my wife's name etc etc She then asked when i got married and i said Jan 2013. She looked at the papers and then looked at me and said " So you returned to England for 12 months after you got married ?" I said " yes, i did the CR-1 visa process, that's the correct process to go through after being married in the US, the petition was then filed from the UK" to which she replied, "mmmm that's unusual, most people come over and get married then apply for their Visa here" i told her i didn't do a K1 but a CR-1. It was at this time that i realized i maybe knew more than she did about the process! She said she had never heard of the CR1 process!!! She kept looking through my file and reading out aloud, " ok, your I-130 is here, you marriage certificate, your divorce certificate (from previous marriage in the UK) and as she was doing this I'm thinking, what has this to do with things? all this has been checked out and was part of the Visa application process not my N400. She then stopped at my birth certificate and flipped backwards and forwards between that and my marriage certificate. She then said to me " why is your name now different to your birth certificate?" I said because after we married i took my wife's surname. She immediately said back to me, "oh, you cant just do that, that's not allowed, where is the official paperwork that you changed your name?" She then said "you should have filled in a DS30" to which i replied, " i did fill in a DS230 and you should have a copy of that in your file" after looking through the file for several minutes she said there was no DS230 in my file. I said "well the process is the same for the Husband taking the wife's name as it is vice versa, the marriage certificate is proof enough of my name change". she then started rambling on how DC, Maryland and VA and all the other states have different rules about surnames!! She said " its fine though, she could fill a few forms in on her computer and all i would have to do was get an appointment at the Arlington courthouse, get the papers signed and stamped and then return them in the mail to USCIS and we'll give you another interview!! i KNEW this wasn't correct and i said " I'm sorry but this is not needed, my name has already been changed legally already" She then said she would go speak to her supervisor. She returned 15 minutes later and said "yes, its as i thought you will have to do a name change through the courts" by this time my palms were sweating and i was becoming frustrated trying to explain that she had it wrong, i was polite but firm. I then asked to speak to her supervisor (whom we'll call Karen 2), she said "certainly, I'll go get her". Karen 1 disappeared for 5 minutes and came back saying Karen 2 would be in in 10 minutes. We both sat there in silence until Karen 2 arrived about 15 minutes later. Karen 2 said she had spoke to one of her colleagues and that no one knew exactly what the situation was and should be, i said " there is one person that knows, me!!" between Karen 1 and 2 they agreed that i had to do a name change. I then started to show Karen 2 a copy of my DS230 from 7 years ago on my cell phone, she would not look at it and snapped back at me " I'm not interested in your DS230, that's a Department of State form, nothing to do with this and they have been known to make mistakes" I was like #######!!! i told her that Karen 1 had mentioned that there was no DS230 in my file and she had been looking for it but Karen 2 was not having anything to do with it! I then asked what if my wife had taken my name would she have had to go through the courts? She said "no that's normal when 2 people get married, what you have done is not normal and is not really allowed" At this point i was still very calm but inside i was fuming and i thought F**k it, I'm gonna fight my corner and if i piss them off then so be it. She then said, "you will have to change your name through the court", i said " so what name am i changing it from? Mr Smith does not exist anymore, he hasn't done for 7 years, my passport, green card, bank accounts, mortgage state ID are all in the name Mr Doe and it was changed to that legally in the UK and on the DS230, so how can i change my name and what do i change it to?" she just stood there looking confused and didn't know how or what to say. I then asked her how my Visa and all the correspondence from USCIS was issued and addressed to Mr Doe, where had they got that name from ? again, she couldn't answer and didn't know how to respond. My questions to Karen 2 went on for over 15 minutes but what seemed like an hour! she was very arrogant and ignorant and didn't want to talk to me, just to Karen 1. Then Karen 1 turned to Karen 2 and said ( and this is verbatim i kid you not) "I've just googled it and it says its OK" Karen 2 said, "what website does it say that on ? is it the courthouse website?" Karen 1 said " no it just says it on google that a man can take the wife's name" Karen 2 then said to Karen 1, ' OK put it through" and walked off!!!! I was in there just over 2 hours, LOTS of questions and conversations between me and both Karens that I've forgotten and I cant even remember the amount of times i asked things and they didn't know what to say. I left the office happy but totally frustrated and shaking! if i had just left it and taken their word for it or not stood up for myself i would have not been approved!! So my Oath is next Tuesday and I'm looking forward to it but the whole things left a real bad taste in my mouth:( My wife says i should write a letter of complaint, im just gonna move on but i wanted to vent through this forum that has been a great wealth of information over the past 7 or 8 years, Thanks K & S DOE!!!
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    Look if you don't agree with the post fine. But don't sit there and tell us not to do something. So you mean to tell me a professional athlete should be able to get in but not my fiancée? I'm sick and tired of hearing CR-1 IR-1 people saying that our Visas don't matter. Go to another forum if you don't like it. K Thanks 🤬
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    Just got back from my interview. I got APPROVED!! It was really quick, was in and out within 30 minutes and nobody else was there. CO was really friendly. He asked quite a few questions but it was more like general chit chat. He congratulated me on our anniversary today and told me to expect my passport back within 2 weeks. I called my husband once I got out (at 05:30 his time 😂) and woke him up with the good news! I still can’t believe it’s finally happening and that I’ll be with my husband soon!
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    VAWA, Part 23

    Hi Community, My I-485 got approved today without interview and I wanted to thank all of you who gave me pieces of advise and information during this VAWA journey. I wanted to share my timeline and advise for those who currently is surfing through here and looking for info: August 25, 2018 - US Entry on a K-1 Visa September 14, 2018 - Marriage September 28, 2018 - I-485 Application (together with EAD+AP) October 2, 2018 - NOA 1 I-485 (biometrics took place 3 weeks later) January 2019 - EAP+AP approved April 2019 - Divorce April 24, 2019 - I-360 Application (applied with a lawyer, but moving forward acted on my own without lawyer's help) September 2019 - Sent in more evidence on my own by reading this forum (I think my lawyer didn't include those docs on purpose in order to get RFE and charge me more). Please note that I sent in more evidence on my own without receiving a request for it twice total (once divorce paperwok and another time police clearances and my birth certificate). 3 times extended EAD + AP while waiting for I360 decision based on still pending I485. May 24, 2021 - I360 Case Was Approved August 2021 - I485 Request for updated medicals (my original medicals expired 1 months prior to this request) September 27, 2021 - I485 Approval (Card being Produced status) To all of you who is reading - I think very important for you to know that you are allowed to submit evidence for your I360 case (if you think your case is missing something) on your own without a lawyer. I only used an attorney in the first place because I didn't know about VAWA at all and I needed urgent help. But after reading this forum even the attorney I worked with was telling me that I know too much and I could do it on my own, etc. After I read the case she prepared I found that there were multiple mistakes made with names of people, facts, dates etc etc (I had to send another letter to Vermont to just correct her mistakes) and also some docs needed for this case were missing, which I think my attorney didn't put there on purpose. Those docs are required for a decision on I360 for sure. So by not including it my attorney planned to get an RFE...and her contract with me would oblige me for another $1000 to reply to an RFE. So when I started reading this forum I took this under my complete control and figured that my attorney is acting against my best interest. Another GREAT piece to this story is that my attorney assistant once called me and said that the attorney is not honest and that she purposely is not doing things I asked her to do, purposely missed docs, purposely was not even providing me the copy of my case for a few weeks...and her assistant actually recommended me to report her to the board of attorneys which I didn't do yet, but I will now that my cases are all done and I do not need her anymore for anything at all. But yeah people please be careful with attorneys please - mine was basically trying to suck the moneys out without providing the best service possible. Luckily for me from the beginning I refused to add my attorney to my I485 case and once I360 was approved we kind of are done already. Summary: I485 took 3 years exactly and I360 took 2 years and 1 month. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting, you will get there soon!
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    Not adjusting to new life in the US

    My situation was different but similar. There was no COVID when I arrived, I haven’t had to adjust to motherhood and I was able to work from the very beginning. But I went through similar emotions of feeling “lost” and that I would never settle here. It was almost like a grief for my old life. And I’d visited over 40 times before I moved! Case in point that no amount of visits can prepare you for living here. Anyway, here’s what I did. It may or may not work for you. Stop comparing things to back home. Accept that things are different here and the life you had in Europe has gone for good. Mourn the loss of it, for sure. But convince yourself to start to see things as “different”, not “wrong”. I’m in a group on Facebook for British ex pats and I see posts from people who’ve been here a decade of more still lamenting that they can’t find custard powder or fairy liquid here. Some of them even resort to importing things at huge expense from Europe. Don’t. Just find a new way to make custard or wash your dishes. Find a new way of doing things. I can’t stand the bread here. I grew up in a bakery that my family had owned for generations. Until I went to university I’d never eaten bread that wasn’t made in our own kitchen. The stuff they sell here and call bread, it’s an abomination. Yes, I know they sell so-called artisan stuff here. Still not good enough for me. Much too sweet. So I make my own now. And I actually enjoy it rather than seeing it as the twice-weekly chore that it was throughout my childhood. And much better than ordering from British food suppliers online. It’s my connection to my past and brings fond memories. Allow yourself the memories but don’t be angry that those days are gone. I’m finding that I’m less and less saying “we don’t do it like that at home” and more and more “that’s different. But it obviously works here”. Some things don’t change, and that’s OK. You will still be you. And your homeland will still be your homeland. But start to see it as a favorite vacation destination now, and look forward to going back again, rather than seeing it as a the home you been pulled away from. Carve out a new you. Keep some bits of the old you but accept that some bits are gone for good. When my mum comes to visit all I hear is “well we don’t do/say/have that in the UK”. My response? Well, this isn’t the UK. Things are not “wrong”, just “different”. Last month I became a US citizen. People I work with were thrilled and sent messages of congratulations like I’d run a marathon. To me it was just paperwork. I’m still me. Someone said “how does it feel that you’re now an American?” And I really don’t know. I’m still me. Still can’t understand the rules of baseball. Still need to use a knife and fork to eat and will never be able to cut food with the side of a fork. Still expect “chicken salad” to be a garden salad with slices of grilled chicken rather than chopped chicken in mayonnaise. Still say “Aubergine” and not “eggplant”. But that’s ok. Not everything has to change. But not everything will stay the same either. It’s an adventure to be enjoyed.
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    Does anyone else get the feeling that Trump secretly stopped all immigration until the election was over? These processing times and quite frankly the embassies blatant disregard for people’s time just doesn’t add up to me. People are working at these embassies but are literally doing nothing. I don’t know...just seems like something he would do. Maybe I’m reaching, but we all know how he feels about immigration.
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    I heard Mexico would pay for a border wall but I haven’t seen that happen. I also heard we would wake up one day, back in April, and coronavirus would be gone. I haven’t seen that happen either.
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    And maybe stop rushing into relationships and spend time, lots of time, getting to know the other person. You had a fiancé trying to arrange her interview in January 2019 but you broke up and you petitioned for another fiancé 5 months later (with whom you were already romantically involved whilst the first one was arranging her embassy interview). Before the second one even got to the interview stage you suspected cheating. You must have suspected this wouldn’t end well. I know a K-1 only requires you to have met in person once before filing, but that doesn’t mean you have to file after the first visit. As you have seen twice now, short courtships are not working out for you, you need more time. Slow down! What’s the rush? And if these fiancés are pressuring you into rushing through the paperwork, it’s likely the papers they want, not you. The right one will wait.
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    Thread is moved from the K-3 Process forum to the Waivers forum. Jesserose24, it violates the site's Terms of Service to tell someone not to post. It's suggested that you review the TOS (to which you agreed to adhere when you registered) and not violate a provision again. Furthermore, avoid insulting highly experienced members. This is your only notification before administrative action against your account. VJ Moderation
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    As one of those "lazy government employees" you referred to, I can assure you we are not sitting around doing nothing on our cell phones. The vast majority of the federal workforce continues working from home or alternate work sites. Consulate officers still have plenty of work without conducting visa interviews. It isn't laziness that delays your packet 3. The consulate is deliberately slowing your progress. They have to reschedule hundreds of cancelled interviews before you continue through the process. Sorry you are having issues finding the foods you are accustomed to eating. Given the rising beef prices in the United States and Vietnam, I am sure many families in Vietnam and the United States would have difficulty empathizing with your struggle eating beef, chicken, eggs, noodles, and rice every day. Vietnam is one of the greatest foodie/seafood destinations in the world. Definitely reconsider where you are shopping if you are having so many issues with food quality. Bread made with rice flour - like the traditional Vietnamese baguettes - are gluten free. Ask if it's rice or a rice/wheat mix. Vietnam is not a third-world country. It is usually referred to as "third world" (or "hellish") by people trying to insult the country and/or its people. Leadership's decision to close embassies will have long-lasting impacts on immigration. The entire immigration process is a long and frustrating ride. Patience is even more necessary now than ever before. Best of luck to you and your fiance. Jason
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    Hi VJ family! I'm back to (finally) share some positive news. After many emails explaining why the Consulate made an incorrect decision on refusing my husband his immigrant visa, they finally fixed their mistake and ISSUED the visa. We just received the tracking number today. It's been such an emotional roller coaster for us these past 3 years and even more so in the past 3 months alone since our interview in December. I'm proud of us for staying strong and fighting our case to the Consulate and never giving up! We're so grateful that the end is now here. @Hawk Riders - time to change our place in the tracker to be highlighted in GREEN (approved). I hated seeing that highlighted in RED these past couple of months. Thank you all for your support and guidance throughout our journey. WE DID IT! ❤️
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    Covid Vaccine and Immigrants

    Amazing how people come on to an immigration thread to derail it with wild claims that have no basis in either fact or science. To the OP: no, the Covid vaccine is not required at the medical. But please be aware that literally 97% of current hospitalizations and 99% of deaths in the US due to Covid are among the unvaccinated. https://www.npr.org/2021/07/16/1017002907/u-s-covid-deaths-are-rising-again-experts-call-it-a-pandemic-of-the-unvaccinated
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    Unfortunate choices were made. You might have to petition her for a visa and wait your turn, just like the rest of us. Funny how the party line on VJ is that overstay is without consequences. Until it isn’t. You ‘feel’ like that, and yet US immigration law clearly says otherwise.
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    I made a note to myself to be sure to come back here to Visa Journey to share with you all my experience with my filing of the writ of mandamus, whether the results would be good or bad, as I am hoping many of you, who were stuck like me, get the resolve you deserve. I noticed no one has documented enough about it so I'm happy to be the first. My Writ of Mandamus that my lawyer filed forced the Jordanian Embassy to make a decision on our case since being stuck in AP since September 2019. It was a SUCCESS. My fiancé picked up his Visa this morning. Before I get into the process, how long it took, who I hired, etc, I will breakdown my timeline first below. I'm asking the senior and regular active members here to try to refrain from continuously sharing FALSE information about WoM. In the past several weeks I have read numerous comments from many of the senior members on other WoM posts DISCOURAGING people to move forward yet admitting to not knowing much about it or how it works. First of all you are not lawyers. Try not discourage on a subject you don't know much about. That's what petitioners and beneficiaries should seek legal consultations for. No two WOM's are alike. Only a lawyer can tell you if you are a good candidate and hopefully, you will consult with a lawyer like mine who insisted he see the petition and hear our case before agreeing. So here is my timeline and what happened with my WOM: - Visa Category, K-1 - Fiance's consulate Interview was 9/8/2019 (I-129F petition filed 3/23/2018) - Agent at window advised we need to wait for a call that would "come in shortly" and returned passport - Numerous emails sent to the Embassy inquiring what they needed with no response - October 31, 2019 received an email from embassy asking for proof of relationship....we sent the same exact package they returned to us 10 minutes before his interview. Only thing we added were a few more photos - No updates or word from them until January 2020 where I saw several updates on CEAC, no communication. - February 2020 pandemic hit, no word. AP changed to REFUSED - Researched writ of mandamus just in case we didn't hear anything soon and in fear pandemic will drag our case - April 2020 located the best lawyer for me with long successful track record and paid for a 30 minutes consultation. After hearing my story and seeing my case, he accepted my case. - May 15th I started my case. - May 22nd my case was sent to the 8 agencies my lawyer was suing. They have 60 days to respond. - Those 8 agencies are: USCIS, DEPT OF STATE, DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, US CONSULATE AMMAN JORDAN, SECRETARY OF THE DEPT OF DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, THE DIRECTOR OF USCIS, SECRETARY OF STATE, CHARGE' D'affaires of the US CONSULATE AMMAN JORDAN. - June 29, my fiance receives a call from the US Embassy Amman asking him to update his Medical and send it in with his passport. We wait. - July 18, Passport is sent back to my fiance with a list of 10 questions (similar to DS-5535) and to email responses back and wait for a call. Paper states it can take 2-6 weeks. - July 18 also, US Attorney emails my lawyer and asks for a 60 day extension since its close to deadline. Judge also grants it. - July 23, I email the responses to the 10 questions to Embassy. - August 26, Embassy calls my fiance back to resend his passport again - September 2, my lawyer receives an email from the US Attorney advising him that the Visa has been issued and CEAC status changes an hour later to "ISSUED" - September 3, my fiance tracks the tracking number and sees Visa is already at Aramex and goes picks it up. It took a total of about 3 1/2 months from the time they were served to finish. Definitely worth it. I have read some members giving incorrect information that the WoM could cost around $15,000 and read other outrageous numbers. It does not. I checked numerous lawyers before hiring mine and have received quotes anywhere from $4000 to $8000. Definitely have not heard more. I paid for my consultation which was then applied towards my WoM. My lawyer charged me on the lower end than most. I hired Jim Hacking of The Hacking Law Firm. I would only recommend him. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. Wishing you all love and happiness!
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    Hi everyone! My visa was approved this morning I was in and out in a little over an hour! The security lady made me feel bad when I showed up because I was "very early"... In reality it couldn't have been earlier than 10.40am for a 10.45am appointment... I waited on the subway platform for a while since I didn't bring my phone and it was the only way I could know what time it was! But anyway, everyone else was fine. I was told to go to the first floor, booth 5 or 7. Before getting on the elevator, I confirmed to one of the agent that he said the "first" and not the "third" (because I didn't want to get yelled at lol). He was empathetic and said "yeah I know, with the masks I'm always having people repeat themselves". Regardless, there's a sticker with the name of the consulate right by the elevator button for the consulate so you can't get it wrong. The security guy upstairs was nice. I was very very stressed going there, but once I sat down it got better. The building isn't nearly as intimidating and formal as I was expecting it to be - it reminded me of where I went to get my health care (RAMQ) card. The two officers I spoke with were very nice, the second was actually very friendly! Now for the details, I'll try to remember as well as I can! The first officer only asked for my passport, birth certificate, our marriage certificate, police check and passport pictures. I'm a temporary resident here so he did ask about my status, I showed him my work permit. He confirmed my husband's address, phone number, occupation; my date of birth; the date of our marriage; he asked if I ever had any issue crossing the border, if I had ever been arrested. He confirmed how long I'd been here in Canada for. He gave me the pamphlet on domestic violence. It was a little hard to hear him with the mask and the glass but he seemed to be mindful of it and he was also kind of turning his head to have his ears towards me when I was speaking. So I think that if you can't hear them well, they'll be understanding of it (I'm specifying because that was my worry!). Then I sat back and waited to be called for the second part of the process. The second officer started off by thanking me for my patience and saying I was at the end of a long road - which kind of told me right away that I was going to be approved!! He had a speaker of some sort so it was very easy to hear him. Then he asked me to tell him about my husband, how we met. He asked what was the longest I'd ever stayed in the US (I said about 2.5 months during the lockdown), how often we see each other, if it was a first marriage for both of us, what does my husband do, what do I do. He said everything looked really good, lots of green lights. Then he said he'd hang on to my passport. He gave me a paper to show at customs because my packet will be electronic, I won't have an actual envelope to give them when I cross at POE. He told me a couple of logistic things about getting my passport back that I can't remember at all (oops) because I was suddenly realizing that we were finally DONE and I was getting emotional lol. But I live in Montreal so the passport just has to cross the city. Then my eyes filled with tears, I couldn't speak for a couple of seconds so I just looked at him with the most grateful look. He was like "yay, happy tears, that's good right?" lol. He congratulated me, told me to "take care". A very nice gentleman! So globally, I would say it was very stressful leading up to it but the actual interview was painless. The officers are nice, the questions are very standard ones. I was definitely over prepared paperwork wise, knowing now what they actually asked me for. But I would 10000% recommend doing in this way: it's best going in knowing that, whatever they ask you for, you can just pull it out of your binder and give it to them. It was definitely a thought I held on to when I got nervous about interviewing! Also note that I had uploaded the following documents on CEAC a week before the interview, even though I didn't get an email: 2019 tax transcripts and W2, my more recent police check, and an updated I-864. This last one had changed quite a bit since the NVC stage but they didn't ask for any supporting documents (namely updated bank statements or a letter from my employer, since we're using my income and assets to qualify). I think we really went to town at the NVC stage with the supporting documents, so it made the rest of the process go smoothly. That's it, I hope it helps! Pheeeew, what a crazy ride. Seeing my husband's smile on my phone screen when I told him was just amazing 😍: 😭 I'll relax for real once I get my tracking number. I hope to be able to fly down this weekend, I cannot wait to be reunited with my spouse... and our 2 cats of course!!! I'm going home!!!!
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    Crazy Cat

    USCIS launches SAVE feature today

    I see this initiative as a good thing. The government should have been enforcing the I-864s all along. Why should taxpayers have to carry the load for someone who VOLUNTARILY signed an I-864? Public burden concerns have been around for decades..That is nothing new...however, this initiative is new...and I welcome it. "Sponsors are individuals who agree to use their income and resources to support sponsored aliens." "If a sponsored alien receives a means-tested public benefit, the sponsor is responsible, upon request, for reimbursing the agency providing the benefit. "
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    You guys, I am SOOO excited! ☺️😊 My original interview date that I selected was August 17th because it was the earliest one available. I checked the booking site to see if there were any new dates and they now have August 6th The relevance of that date is it's going to be our second wedding anniversary!! I immediately rescheduled to the 6th. I'm going to let my husband think it's still booked for the 17th, and I plan to surprise my him on the day Hopefully it will be positive and something along the lines of "Surprise, I had my interview today and got approved, happy anniversary!!" If that's the case, it'll be the best anniversary gift in the world 💙
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    Covid Vaccine and Immigrants

    And “opinions” are what is killing us.
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    Covid Vaccine and Immigrants

    There’s no requirement for anyone to get a covid vaccine, unfortunately. (Unless it’s job specific) I strongly urge you to get vaccinated so this thing can stop mutating and we can go back to living “normal”. Oh and to protect our kids who can’t get vaccinated.
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    I try to show as much empathy as possible since being on this board and with the entire COVID situation. However, for some reason, I dont have any empathy at all for the OP. As far as I understand from the quick read of the thread, the OP's fiance or gf has overstayed for 2 years, which would be the entire length of this pandemic. Canada has not been closed. For the longest of time, you could have flown into the country but not crossed overland. There were ways to get back. Im mainly in the Philippines section and those couples (especially K1s) are going through pure h$ll. Many of those couples have not seen their significant other for 16+ months, many others are over the two year mark now. They have followed the rules, they have put their relationships on the line with the distance, the inability to even see each other with that country basically closed off to most foreigners. I converted to Buddhism about 25 years ago and that red light to me is called karma. Hopefully, though, things will eventually work out for the OP.
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    Still in total awe and disbelief that this is real but hallelujah, I WAS APPROVED THIS MORNING!! 🙏😭🇺🇸 details to come!
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    We were approved! Hubby is so glad its over, but he says he won't believe it until he sees it. 😂
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    I just paid the IV fee online after getting my passport back. I didn't get a slip with details about how to pay the IV fee. I just went to https://my.uscis.gov/uscis-immigrant-fee, entered my A-Number (Registration Number on the visa) and DOS Case ID (IV Case Number on the visa) and followed the instructions on the site from there. My flight is booked for September 25th to El Paso via Dallas FW, leaving from London Heathrow. If anyone else happens to be leaving from Heathrow that day drop me a message and we can rant about how stressful this process is while we wait for our flights 😂 I can barely believe I'm typing this, but after nearly two years since our NOA1, I can actually say WE'RE DONE with the IR1 process! I honestly would've made a 100 more mistakes than I already did without the lovely, helpful and supportive members on this site 💙 Now I can relax for a few years before having to worry about naturalisation 😪🤣
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    Best Birthday ever!!

    My husband's first interview was on his birthday in 2017 and did not end as we hoped. His third and final trip to Islamabad embassy happened to be on my birthday. After spending 4 hours at the embassy he walked out with Visa in hand (yes this actually happened)!!! Alhamdulillah!!!! I'll update more later after I get over the initial shock. Ahmed is coming home!!!
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    I MADE IT!!! POE was a breeze!!! Absolutely no problems traveling from Mexico into the US with a K1 visa!! Wow I’m so relieved right now it’s insane. What an adventure! I really hope all of you can make it into the US too!! I would definitely recommend traveling to Mexico! My POE was Charlotte btw, nearly empty. It was super fast
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    I'm home. Arrived at Peace Arch around 5:45pm on Thursday Feb 18. Day was sort of an avalanche of delays and minor things going wrong but nothing really major, so showing up at the crossing was a few hours behind schedule. I rolled up in a 10 foot uhaul towing my car. Said I was activating my visa, was asked if I was moving which was a fun question given that I was *driving a moving truck*, and got sent over into secondary. After a while I got asked the usual declaration questions, answered them, and presented my list o' stuff and what boxes they were in. The list was treated like it was on fire so I guess nobody wants to have to actually review the list and they may figure that if someone actually went to the trouble of preparing such a list that they're not playing fast and loose with the rules, which was true for me. Chilled in the truck for about 30-40 minutes, tried to distract myself from randomly crying or whatever about being on the very last step of this 908 day journey, messaged my wife who relayed a message from our 6-year-old that he thought it would be a good idea if they came to the border to help, since I was taking "for ages", etc. Eventually another officer came to check the visa and told me to come inside. I recommend the restroom inside the Peace Arch CBP building for its exciting 30-second-long flush, incidentally. Anyway I sat on the bench in a very empty building (5 or so officers and me) and admired the Chihuly glass-blowing stuff. Got called up and answered a few questions and had a photo taken, which I didn't see but is quite possibly the worst photo ever taken of me as I was exhausted, my hair was a wreck from loading the truck and hooking up the tow dolly in the rain, and I'd been randomly tearing up for the last hour or so. The officer stamped my passport and said congratulations and I sputtered some sort of thank you and said "I'm just gonna go cry in the truck a bit" which I did while messaging "I'm coming home" to my wife before driving the last 15 minutes to get to her and my step-son. She'd made spaghetti and meatballs. It was the most delicious meal of my life.
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    Okay there Socrates... The statement/waiver process is supposed to be a thorough explanation of *your* personal beliefs/convictions regarding vaccines and why these beliefs require you to be exempt from the vaccine and overcome the denial. I’m not exactly sure how anyone here is suppose to help you with that, ESPECIALLY since you very plainly said you don’t wish to discuss stances on vaccines. If you’re so confident in your stance and your ability to get the outcome you desire... I’m not really sure what you’re asking for at this point. Impressively, some users have been able to provide some advice and guidance in response this thread, but you’ve been dismissive and honestly rude in response.
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    I just wanted to share my news with you guys on this post. My fiance had his interview in March and they've had his passport since then. We were literally few days away from getting the visa but they closed due to covid. We have been staring at our CEAC status that said "Refused" for 6 months. Last Friday, it was updated to "Administrative Processing" and this afternoon it changed to "Issued". They definitely started working on K1. I think they're starting with cases already at the consulate and soon they will start getting cases from NVC. Keep the positive vibe and be patient which is hard I know. Fingers crossed for all of you! 🤞
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    Most of us doing a k1 would already be married if it wasnt for covid. So you can pretty much think of them as our spouse.
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    Case Complete to Interview August 2020

    Husband had his interview in Prague today..........APPPPPPPRRRROOOOVVVEEEDD!!!!!!! The man at the embassy said he should have his visa in hand in 3-5 business days!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank you to everyone in this chat and all the others who were so helpful and encouraging along the way!!!! I hope you all are approved/interviewed soon and reunited with your loved ones ASAP!!!
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    Embassies Reopening

    Does anyone know when the embassy on Mars will reopen? Have they even got the news yet? Trying to get my bride here on the little used ET-1 visa. Thanks
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    What a tasteless sarcasm....!
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    I am sorry for the situation that you are in. The reason you are denied was because of your overstay and illegal status. They forgive overstays when you marry a US citizen. They do not forgive it for marrying an LPR. You need contact a competent immigration attorney at this point.
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    How pathetic when the level of political discourse is reduced to schoolyard epithets and populist scare mongering rather than a reasoned debate of actual positions taken by people. This is why we should be keeping politics out of these forums.
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