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    How long at port of entry ?

    She just got here. I'm on top of the moon right now !!!
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    Moving to the U.S. with my boyfriend

    You’re 18 years old and planning to live with (and possibly marry) someone you’ve never even met? Sit down and have a talk with yourself about this for just a little while. What’s the rush? Are you just desperate to get into the USA for some reason? Certainly sounds like it! Get to know each other first. You should be eligible for the VWP (meaning you can visit without need of a visa) so take advantage of that and visit a lot before you make this decision. Not sure if you’ve been here before but it’s nothing like the movies, I can assure you.
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    She still wants to stay with you after you went through her phone multiple times, made assumptions about what you found, and then went behind her back to sabotage her AOS instead of doing the adult thing and you know, asking her about your concerns? If you get denied it will be the best thing that's ever happened to her. I'm sorry I do not find this story sad at all, at least for you. It's tragic for her that she moved to a new country for a relationship with a partner that clearly doesn't trust her. What happens if you get approved and you start your lives together and find something else on her phone you don't like, or are suspicious about? I don't even understand the jump to withdraw the I-864 if she was planning on returning to her country. That's usually the step you take when you are afraid she would stay in the US and keep you on the line for any public charges. Bizarre. I suggest couples therapy. Lot's of it.
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    2nd K-1, any restrictions?

    Since this is only he second k1, you have no restrictions. But sorry, I had to laugh when you wrote you have "marriage prospects" in couple different countries. It sounds like foreign wife shopping so much.
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    Very VERY bad K1 situation

    First email the embassy there and tell them of your desire to cancel the petition. Only you can cancel it. You can email USCIS too but they don't have any control of the petition anymore so. You can send all evidence and all with the email if you wish as they may be able to put something in their files about him, but doubt can "ban" him forever. Also, even if he gets the visa and managed to travel to the US... he can't adjust status except through marriage and sponsorship through you the petitioner, one fail safe of the K-1 so to say. So he would not be legal, not be able to get a green card let alone citizenship. First and foremost, get in touch with the embassy immediately and have them cancel the petition before it gets issued. He may sit in AP for along time as a lot do, but don't chance it. Get it canceled now. I would contact them first before confronting him personally. Sorry this has happened to you, but at least you found out now instead of later. This is the warning we at VJ give about knowing people because it's amazing the lengths they will go to to deceive people for their own gain. This is proof of what we have been talking about that others say we are crazy to think.
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    I’m sorry to hear about this. It’s so frustrating and heartbreaking to be taken advantage of and feel like there is nothing you can do about it. And it’s true that unless you have concrete evidence of fraud it’s hard. However.... one thing you can do if he truly disappears out of your lives and shirks his obligations to your child is to put on record that he owes child support. That wlll be an issue for when he tries to naturalize as it will go against good moral character and prevent him naturalizing. You don’t even need a court order for child support for this (although that would be better anyway for a number of reasons), as the courts hold that it is a moral/ethical obligation rather than a purely legal one.
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    Very VERY bad K1 situation

    He wont even have the money to book his ticket anyways. She was going to book it once he received Visa in hand. Now all he will get is a ticket to hell.
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    I hope you make a great salary and your child support payments are very high, I as a man could not imagine abandoning my children over bruised feelings
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    You are right, Today is a good day 😁
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    CR1 Denied and Possible Revocation

    While arranged marriages are common in India, most people don't have your particular facts. Most arranged marriages in India don't involve immigrating to the US. People have been know to arrange fake marriages for their children to immigrate to the US. Your USC sister-in-law filed for her parents as Immediate Relatives. Derivative beneficiaries are not allowed. Your wife was never going to immigrate with them. (CSPA and aging out is not an issue here). Shorting after immigrating to the US without their daughter, the US Embassy suspects that they arranged a fake marriage for their daughter to immigrate. You are connected to her family, you weren't a suiter that she met. Her family arranged your love affair. That's suspicious given that it was done shortly after they immigrated and she couldn't. You knew her about a month before going to India. How long before hand did you buy the tickets? Did you buy them a week after talking to her and then waited 3 weeks to take your trip? You married her after 2 weeks there. In 6 weeks between meeting her, you were married in a giant wedding with 1200 people. How easy is it to arrange a wedding that quick? Seems like something that would take a few months to arrange. Seems like the wedding was planned and the only thing missing was a US citizen groom. That's the suspicion. How was a 1200 guests wedding arranged after you started to talk six weeks prior? Sound normal to you?
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    November 2018 AOS Filers

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Day 139: NEW CARD is being produced for EAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    November 2018 AOS Filers

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    Well, as an update, Kristina flew in Saturday evening, no problems. She received passport in hand Friday, flew in the next day. The flight was rough, it was her first ever, but all in all not too bad. Lots of tears on her part, but that's normal for her anytime she gets stressed. For anyone transferring in JFK, be aware that international to national flights must go through immigration, take their bags, take a train to another terminal, turn bags back in, then go back through security. make sure your non English speaking spouses are prepped well. Also, her immigration interview was conducted in English, even though she doesn't really speak it, but she made it through. They basically just asked her why she was here. She stated "to marry Justin" while shaking and nervous, then they laughed, told her to calm down she was fine, then stamped her passport and she was on her way. Before the interview, they asked why she didn't speak English and she said "because I was stupid in school and I didn't pay attention enough" and they all laughed and the officer said "I appreciate your honesty". On another note, she arrived here raving about how amazing her travel through JFK was, stating "never in my life have I seen so many happy people everywhere, everyone in America is so happy. When I cried, 2 different grandma's came to me, one bought me water, I tried to pay her but she wouldn't take the money. everywhere I went everyone helped me so much without even asking. America is not like Ukraine, it's not like Europe, people here, they are nice, they help, they are happy to help you". I'll let that reflect onto everyone here, because even though she really didn't know it, even before leaving she had already received help from dozens of Americans that she didn't even know, out of the kindness of their heart, so I thank each and every one of you for that, for all the help we received during this process.
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    Withdraw and refile new

    So since your ex was approved already, how do you know if she didnt arrive in the US? All your "fiances " are from the same country...? I mean good luck and everything, but look at this from USCIS perspective. And your last ex was only approved few months ago.. and you already sponsoring a new girl? Looks like you're just bringing in one woman after another... Maybe they to take some time to be single before bringing in another girl you probably barely know...
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    Urgent Doubt!!!

    The government switched the languages when they hacked the email......
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    Hello everyone I got approved for my interview this morning at the American Embassy in Accra . My interview was at 7:30 am .by 7am we were asked to queue and was ushered in after showing our interview letters at the entrance. Whiles in there i was lucky to be called first to submit my documents to a Very Polite Ghanaian woman. She requested for my medical report, police certificate, passport , two passport pictures, original birth cert, copy of my son's birth cert , a copy of his passport ( my son got automatic citizenship here in Ghana and has an American passport ), any other documents that shows proof of relationship so I gave them a photo album , receipts from Western union, money gram and world remit, a copy of my husband's passport with stamped pages of entry and exit from Ghana , and a few copies of whatsapp call logs and messages . After i submitted all I was asked to go sit and wait . After 10 minutes i was called to window 7 where I met an American man who will be around 40 years and he asked who filed for me I responded, he asked when we met , when we got married , when did my husband leave Ghana, what job he does , what is his job description,what is the name of the company my husband works. I answered all these questions confidently and he kept smiling .He said the words ' you have been approved, congratulations ' .He didn't ask to see any financial documents. Thanks for your prayers and advise.Good luck to all who will be having their interview soon and I pray y'all get interview dates sooner .Remember to keep eye contact and speak louder .
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    APRIL 2019 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC

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    November 2018 AOS Filers

    Okie doke, here's the detailed rundown of our Green Card interview; I'll put a copy in a review of the office too. First off, a list of what we took, and whether it was needed during the interview: - Copy of I-864 - sponsorship form; not needed, but we took it just to be safe - All of my husband's pay slips since the November application; not needed, but again just to be safe (We weren't sure if we'd get an RFE here, because my husband earned less than the limit in his 2017 tax return and only got a promotion in June of 2018. His 2018 tax return was also below the limit because he only had six months in his current position) - Our 2018 Joint Tax return; not needed - My husband's (sponsor) birth certificate + copy; Not needed but it is requested on the letter - My (beneficiary) birth certificate + copy; Not needed but is requested on the letter - My Husband's passport + copy; Not needed - My Passport + copy; Actually needed! Yay! He didn't take the copy, though, because there was already one in the file. - My Husband's driving license; Needed; was reviewed to get into the building and again in the office - My UK driving license; Needed; I guess as an extra form of identification - My Employment Authorization Document; Needed; it actually does request this on the letter too so definitely take it if you have one! - Interview Letter; Needed; again, it's requested - Certified copy of marriage certificate; Not needed! Weirdly he didn't ask for it at all! Definitely take it with you though, when you go. - Vaccination worksheet provided during the K1 medical; Not needed but mentioned - Print out of I94 Record (entry on K1); Needed - Joint Bank Account Statement; Needed and kept by the officer - Printed page of husband's life & medical insurance showing me as the beneficiary; Needed and kept by the officer - Copy of the joint lease for our apartment; Needed and kept by the officer - Wedding photo album and two loose pictures; Needed and reviewed by the officer; kept the loose copies Our appointment was at 1.45PM at the Jacksonville office. We arrived at 1.30PM and made our way through security, and were directed to sign in with the reception clerk. The clerk then printed out a ticket with our number on it, and directed us to the waiting room. As we waited there we noticed several other couples but no one I recognised from here (might not even have been Adjustment of Status couples!). There were a few TVs displaying information, and an example of a Civics question for naturalisation; (which ocean can be found off of the East Coast?). We were there maybe about five minutes before the officer came and called our ticket number. He was nice enough - a little brusk, perhaps, but definitely friendly! We followed him to a little room in the back of the building - which was a relief to my husband because there were windows in the waiting room similar to the windows you stand at for K1, and his comment was that it didn't seem very private. There we were told to remain standing for the oath (he did let me put down my folder though!) and we swore in to the interview. We were told to be seated - I had to sit on the right because he needed to take my fingerprints (both index fingers) and my photograph. He asked for our IDs; my husband's driving license, my passport, EAD and driving license. I explained that I didn't yet have a US one, only a UK one. We told him that we're working on it and that I've got a learners permit. Then he confirmed that we were adjusting from a K1, that this was our first marriage, that we had no children, asked me to spell out my name (first, middle and new last name), and asked me my date of birth. He asked my husband what address we lived at - my husband, who has struggled with our new address since we moved, took a while to remember but did explain that he'd lived at his previous address for twenty years before moving to the new one. The officer seemed pretty satisfied with that and moved on to asking me all the questions that were on the form about criminal history, whether I had killed anyone, whether I belonged to the communist party etc. My husband found that a little weird. Then he checked the medical on his PC, confirmed that I'd had the medical done previously and not done a new one. Then he asked for any joint bank statements we had, any leases. He made the assumption we didn't have any joint insurance, and seemed pleasantly surprised when I put that in front of him. He wanted photos too - and looked through the entire album that we had brought with us - and took the paper copies for his records. He asked who someone was in the wedding album (my dad!) Then he asked my husband questions; when and how did me meet, he wanted the month and year too. When did we meet in person (month and year), where did we stay, when did we start dating, who proposed to who, when did my husband propose, where did my husband propose, had we had any children, had my husband ever been to the UK, how many times and the reason for his visit, has my husband met my family, had I met my husband's family. Then he said he needed to print something from his computer but his printer wasn't working so he left the room to try it elsewhere. This is where I thought he was printing an RFE, because my husband - who is terrible with dates - kept getting dates wrong. From the way he said he was going to ask my husband questions, I realised I wasn't allowed to help too, which was hard! When he returned, without paper, he restarted his PC to get the thing to print - and surprise! it was a thing for me and my husband to sign referring to removal of conditions. He said that we had to apply any time before the greencard expired, but no sooner than 21 months "from today", and that the greencard would be in the mail. It honestly took a few moments for it to sink in because I'd super convinced myself that were were getting an RFE. He asked if we'd prepared the forms for the AOS ourselves, and then assured us that the ROC would be "much easier" (so maybe I won't have to do a second interview..? One can hope! 😂). Then he escorted us back to the entrance to the building and wished us luck! About thirty to forty five minutes later I had an email to say that a new card had been ordered for production! Detailed enough @Allaboutwaiting?
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    Case Complete to Interview June 2019

    Approved today!!!! 😍 we’re beyond happy! Thank you everyone here for your support during this journey !
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    November 2018 AOS Filers

    Pup woke us up at 4am this morning. But it was worth it because I checked our status and our interview has been scheduled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🎉❤️
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    1. MAGA cap 2. T-shirt that says "Relax, Gringo -- I'm Legal!"
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    Anything is possible. Submit in your application with the fees and see what will happen. They might change the rules just for you
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    September 2018 AOS Filers

    Yesss yess yessssssss yes Card is in production! Yes!
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    Case Complete to Interview June 2019

    Yeayyy We got Visa approval in Riga embassy. Just had an interview 1h ago. Came little bit before time and waited additional 30min because of previous person. I should be able to pick up my Visa tomorrow afternoon. Questions asked- Who is pettitoner? When we met? how we met? How long we are married? What my husband do for work? Where we are planning to move in the USA? What I do for work? Thank you everyone for your help and support in this journey. I know I will need later again it when changing to 10 year GC. Thanks and good luck to all of you!
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    I got good news to begin my crazy day at work today. Visa was approved for my wife. She said interview lasted only 3 minutes which included only 3 questions and small talk. Overall, she found it to be smooth. Consulate: Accra Q1. How did we meet? Q2.How did husband initially go to the USA? Q3. Has she traveled outside Ghana before? Thanks to everyone for your help and contributions. All the best to you all in your process and forthcoming interviews.
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    Choose between your child being near you both and starting school at a different time or starting school in Aug/Sept and being away from parent. Complaining will not make a difference. You admit that you had not planned to move to the US; many CR-1 people have likely had plans to move to US long before you changed your mind. You being angry will not get you anywhere, and an "attitude" may hurt. He should be denied entry to visit as he is a likely overstay being too impatient to wait his turn. You will not get any sympathy here from the many people who have waited and will wait far longer than your husband has or will. An attitude adjustment on your part will benefit your child as well as yourself.
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    CR1 Denied and Possible Revocation

    You might, and it is just a suggestion, want to read the thread.
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    Its absolutely impossible. If she leaves US without the green card (12 to 15 months ) or AP (which takes about 5 to 6 months alone) then she will not have a way back to the US and you'll need to start a spouse visa process for her to be able to come back (12 to 14 months). She cannot go to her country and do AOS from there or wait for green card or AP over there. If you knew from a start that she'll need to go back then you screwed up big time. Should have applied for spouse visa instead of K1 visa. Before you ask about this - you cannot deliver her AP or green card to her country. The moment she leaves US without proper documents her AOS will be canceled.
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    Recieved our IL TODAY CC MAY 17 PD MAY 25 IL JULY 22 Intview Aug 26, 7:30 am Ankara embassy Finally...
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    Omgggg. We got the interview date! June 27th! Embassy is Ho Chi Minh City. Pd 7/17/18 CC 5/1/19
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    Hi guys, Just wanted to tell you about my experience during my visa interview. First, let me provide a bit of background. When I was 15 years old I overstated my visa in the US with my Italian passport. I left with a volunteer departure before I meet the one year mark. So, today was my visa interview at embassy in Santo Domingo. I was so nervous but my husband came to accompany me during the process. We get in and stand in line to provide some documents, that process took about an hour. Afterwards sent us to wait for our interview. We did not wait 10 mins when we were called. The consul first asked us to provide all the evidence we had for our marriage. We provided a photo album, flight records, money sent, among other documents. He probably took 2 minutes looking through those when the questions started. He asked the following questions: 1- tell me about your relationship history. 2- he asked my husband how many times he has traveled to see me. 3- where have I travel and how long I've stayed at each location. 4- who my husband lived with. 5- was I ever arrested or detained by a police officer or immigration. (During this questions I explained that I was stopped by an immigration officer during my over stay) 6-where was I heading when I was stopped. 7-with who was I living during my stay and what did I do during that time. After we have answered all the questions, we waited approximately 20 mins. Then, he came back with my passport and a paper and said the worst thing in the world..."Unfortunately, you have a ten year penalty for over staying your visa. Your visa has been denied, you need to contact USCIS if you wish to continue with your case" At this moment, I was in shock. I could not say anything... Honestly I was about to cry. Then my husband said "excuse me, may I ask you a question. Does the ten year penalty applies to her even if she was a minor during that time?" (We had done the research regarding this topic before applying for the visa) The consul seemed confused and took the paperwork and passport. We then waited for a few more minutes while him and his colleague reviewed something on the computer. Then he asked again if I was deported which I explained to him again that it was a volunteer departure. I provide the paperwork, he makes a copy and says "this information changes our decision, congratulations your visa has been approved!!" I am so happy but this has been a Rollercoaster of emotions. This taught us that they could make mistakes and is very important to be well informed. I hope this helps.
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    Case Complete to Interview June 2019

    Passport and packet picked up✅ Tickets bought✅ Ready to be be reunited with my child,will bring POE review after arrival we using Atlanta.... Good vibes to all waiting for interviews,may you prevail and be reunited....👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
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    Thank God for today.My CR1 visa was approved today.I cant wait to get it and go be with my wife.Its been a long time coming. Does anyone have an idea how long it takes to get a visa after your interview?
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    How long at port of entry ?

    Thank you. Let me say this: This is one of the most happy days of my life. I can't even describe the emotions that I have right now. Almost 3 years she and I planned to be together. So many ups and downs in that time. Happy times, and a few trips to hell and back. So many times I thought this day would never come. Now my girl is here with me. I almost have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. Again, thank you all for the support during my stressful few hours earlier today. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to all of you.
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    Actually the financial requirements are too low in my honest opinion. I would eliminate co sponsors and you need to realistically be able to support who you sponsor.
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    It all started one day in 2011 when clicked the "submit" button to send my online application for the annual diversity lottery. Little did I know then that this simple clock was going to change my life fundamentally. I lived in the middle-east back then, in a very wealthy family, and I did have everything I could ever wish for. I was not happy though. I never felt really at "home". They say home is where the heart is, and my heart belonged to America for as far as I can remember. I was fascinated its the culture, its freedoms, its innovation, and everywhere I looked around me I could see something that originated in America that made my life better. You can then understand how I felt when I saw that my entry was selected. I had only a 1 in 100 chance, yet luck smiled at me and I was picked. My elation disappeared shortly though and it was replaced with immense worry. What if for some reason the following steps in my immigration were not successful? What if after the medical and X rays they tell me that I have 5 kidneys or something similarly weird? What if I freeze and can't speak a single word during the embassy interview and they kick me out? What if my nervousness makes me throw up on the consular officer? But it all went well, and in less than a year I was on the flight heading to America. If you've never been to America, there is simply no way for me to describe to you just how beautiful it is. Walking the streets I used to see in sitcoms and looking at the iconic buildings and monuments I saw in movies I felt I was dreaming. I loved this country before I was there, but now I was madly "in love" with everything about it. From that moment on every time I referenced "home" my friends and family knew I meant the USA. Over the next few years I got to learn about the American people first hand. They are patriotic, family oriented, and God loving people. They believe in communal work and do what they can to make life good for everyone around them, and they are as honest as they get. Yes, you'll meet the occasional liar or cheat, particularly when you interact with car rental counters or used cars sales people, but they remain the absolute minority. The vast majority of the American people are kind, fair, polite, and have a great sense of humor. No matter what was going on in my life, every day I woke up and remembered that I'm in the United States I smiled and carried on with my day in an excellent mood. Not sure if that's a normal way to feel or of it's just me because on my crazy love of this country, but that's how I felt anyway. Fast forward, it was time for me to apply for citizenship. Being a middle eastern man with an ethic name I perfectly expected that my application would take years of scrutiny and security checks and that I'll not get an interview in the foreseeable future, but I could not have been more mistaken. America came through once again, and I was treated exactly like everyone else, and my processing time matched that of others in my field office. I was extremely nervous during the interview, considering how it was the most meaningful thing that has ever happened in my life. My ultimate dream was so close yet so far, and time seemed to come to a halt as we went through the interview. Near the end he asked me the application's yes or no questions, and while I answered a simple yes or no to every question I gave a different answer to one question. He asked me if I was willing to bear arms on behalf of the United States, and the answer came directly from my heart "ABSOLUTELY YES", while struggling to hold back my tears. This country has given me too much and generously brought me over to live under its magnificent bill of rights, so the least I could do to repay its kindness is to spill my blood for its protection if it's ever needed. He gave me the piece of paper with the box next to the recommendation for approval checked, and I felt that I was reborn at this moment. Decades ago when I was born for the first time the stupid roulette ball of life threw me in a random place that I did not choose, like, or ever really belonged to, but now this mistake was about to be corrected and I was closer than ever to becoming an integral part of the land and the people I adore. I wished dad was still alive so I could have phoned him and gave him the eagerly anticipated news, but sadly he died earlier this year and I'll never get to tell him. Hope he's watching from somewhere and smiling though. Over the years I read immigration forums and extensively searched their topics for advice and information. Now that I'm days away from my oath and about to delete the immigration related bookmarks from my browser I decided to offer a big thank you to everyone who spent even a few seconds helping others and sharing information. Also want to tell those who are still in earlier stages of the journey to hang in there, because it's well worth every bit of your effort to become a part of this most magnificent country on earth. Just do it right, act honest, and give America every bit of love and hard work you have because in doing so you are creating an even greater place for your children and grandchildren to live in. Thank you and good luck to everyone.
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    Childless (not by choice) IR-1 person here. This is the path of life you chose. An overseas move takes a lot of planning and had you filed a year before you moved, when your plans were first put into place, the separation would have been considerably shorter. You surely didn’t wake up on a Monday and decide to return to the US on the Tuesday? We all chose this. We all knew that marrying someone from another country would involve time apart, a big move, expense, paperwork, and general disruption to our lives. My husband and I spent the first 2 years and 3 months of married life living on separate continents. I can assure you I don’t love him any less than you love your husband. We survived. I am sorry that your child will miss her father but it happens to thousands of children of military parents also. Vent all you like. But allow others to vent back. And don’t be surprised if not everyone agrees with you. And no need for the superiority attitude because you are an IR-1 and not a CR-1. You were a newly wed trying to stay together with your husband at some point too. As you have seen, USCIS doesn’t care how long you have been married or how many children you have - there is no queue-jumping. And rightfully so! You’d be outraged if you, like me, could not have children and found that others, who are more fortunate in that respect and have been able to have children, were considered by USCIS to have a more valid marriage and given priority over you.
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    Very VERY bad K1 situation

    VJ Fam, I never imagined when I made the original post what a profound affect this particular situation would have on me as well as others here on the site. This has been so emotional. So mad!! Not only because Sarah is a friend, but because it could have been me. I know the Visa Journey site is intended to help petitioners and beneficiaries with topics pertaining to various Visas, but I think its important to remember that we, the VJ community, are also human beings. Each and every single one of us on this site, past or present, man or woman, regardless of the type of Visa relates to you, has felt some sort of emotion at some point in time during your visa process. Whether its petitioning for your fiance's or spouses, parents, or children, a job, finally getting naturalized, etc., regardless, there was a deep emotion attached to it. As emotional as this process is, I cant imagine it all coming to a crash and feeling in some ways, victimized. Here is the update...Im calling it The showdown!!! I waited all day for this!!! And yes in case any of you are wondering, yes I was rubbing my palms together when the phone was ringing!!! Sarah waited until an hour ago to call her exfiance. I sat right next to her and gave her my 100% support. Being that its Friday morning in Jordan and her exfiance is off, it was the right time. She decided to call him direct and not call video chat only because she looked a bit sad and emotional and didnt want him to see that. She wanted him on speaker so I can hear as well. He answered and sounded very happy and also concerned because she told him she has been sick so he wanted to know how she was feeling and he was very worried. She was honest and said she felt like ####### and didnt feel good at all. He asked why and what exactly she was sick with and kept saying he was worried maybe she had a flu. She told him she was sick from him. He didnt understand what she meant I guess and told her to go see a doctor or go to the ER because again, hes so worried! She said she needs to talk to him about something important and he told her and he was making coffee and she said hurry up and pour your cup and get to a quiet place I need you to be able to hear me clear. Then finally told him your girlfriend called me on facebook. He said who (very casually)? she told him she called, never saying it could be accidental. She said she called her but she didnt answer. That she saw her facebook page and wanted him to explain what she saw, she listed all of it. He was on the verge of denying it when she said more firmly what she knows alot. She asked him to be honest, not to lie, lying would make it worse and to think carefully before answering. Then I heard him talk nervously and say it was a girl he knew but was not interested in. Sarah told him one last chance to tell the truth otherwise she hangs up. She gave him few more facts and asked him to say true or false. Surprisingly he did not deny most of it. I can hear him light up a cigarette and take long drags (guess I would too) and eventually said yes its true he did have a relationship with her but it was many years ago. He was sorry he never mentioned it. Things ended with her years ago and then met Sarah. As far as those same romantic posts, he said she may have had them from me when I sent them years ago. She must have saved them. Sarah asked why would he send her the same exact posts he once sent to a previous woman? He apologized. He was pretty quiet didnt know what to say I guess at that point and listening to see if she had more. She continued. He got aggatated and said someone was jealous of them and giving them the evil eye (ahhhh a classic!!). There are some other things that she knows that was not shared here on VJ that confirmed their ongoing relationship and plans. She chose not to share all of it with him and said she was aware of his plan. He denied having such plans but adjusted his previous explanation and said his parents did put pressure on him to marry her but infact he had lost interest when he met Sarah (his story kept getting worse!). He did say something that I agree with...the only thing I agreed on. That in fact the call made to Sarah was not an accident. It was done deliberately to trigger her to "find her out", maybe throw a wrench in their plans. He kept saying he was sorry he never talked about her but that she was ex. Kept referring to her as that, his ex. Sarah didnt want to continue talking because he continually changed his story and timelines. She mentioned she knew more. She told him she didnt want to hear from him again. She wants to forget about him completely. He is no longer engaged to her. He is no longer coming to USA he is no longer a part of her life. He asked if he can have her talk to his mom. She refused. He asked again and seemed he was walking around to locate her in the home. Sarah said I will not talk to anyone. You will talk to her and tell her why you no longer engaged. She finished the call by telling him the final details that confirmed his fraud and he was quiet or taken back then wanted to deny it some more. Sarah said we are done and that he wouldnt hear from her again. She asked him to apologize. He did immediately and started to sound like he was panicked. He said to hang on a bit longer, and to let his mom have a talk with her. She said she was done talking and that he needs to find God, etc. Before he can call back she blocked his number and everything else. She is doing good. She was strong. No tears. She was angry a bit after but said she agreed with me that God loved her and had her back on this. She did great. (I was kind of wishing she cussed him out a little...but thats just my fighter pilot kicking in!) I hope she will STAY strong. Next week when she gets updated from the Embassy I will update you all here so we all know the process in the cancellation, what it entails, etc.
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    Overstaying ESTA after NOA2 approval

    You'd risk the k1, just to attend someone else's wedding? How important is your relationship to you?
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    FEBRUARY 2019 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC

    We were approved 😍😍😍
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    K1 Visa Refused

    Nothing you can do but wait......and I would advise against using the "white guy" argument.
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    During today's oath taking ceremony (3/14/2019), USCIS gave each one of us a packet that include, among things, a manila envelope that says 'Message from the President of the United States'. You can sense the stance of the current administration regarding immigration by the congratulatory letter that was in it. Thank you for the letter, President Obama!
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    We got approved today, questions were asked: who is calling you , what i do, where do i live ,how do we met with timeline,when and where we got married,who came from my side /how many people came to attend the wedding,is this her first marriage,did she ever applied for us visa before or does she ever travel outside india ,where we went for honeymoon then she was asked to show wedding album in which officer went on some pics and asked who are they and how they are related and then after typing for few minutes she said those golden words that your visa is approved .whole interview lasts for 10 minutes ,we went there by 6:45 am and they let us get in by 7:30 and were done by 10:30 am .overall it was good experience just be confident and thats what my wife did she answered all questions straight forward with confident and honestly .we went well prepared and had all documents to support or backup any of their questions and I wish good luck to all who are waiting either to get interview dates or who already got the dates ,hopefully you will all get approved and be with your love one's soon. Also they will try to trick u like asking same questions again so be aware haha Here is our timeline: PD:May 7th ,2018 CC: Mar 13th ,2019 Interview: may 6th ,2019 Result : Approved
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    Case Complete to Interview May 2019

    I would like to thank all of you visa journey members. Without you guys, I would have missed much preparations. It was good and comforting sharing our experiences along the way. So went through the interview process, no big surprises just like our other friends experiences. Question asked were: 1. When did you know get to know your spouse? 2. How did you know your spouse? 3. when did we get married? 4. when did your spouse go USA? 5. In which visa category? 6. Which major was he enrolled in? 7. was he married before? 8. Does your spouse have any children? These were the questions and got approved right there and then. Asked when should i expect my passport, officer said in about a week or little longer. Once again thank you visa journey family. I am so thankful to you all. Yes. Thank you for all your help.
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    Well i Think it was about time! Way to may think it’s okay to just stay after they get a visa to visit. Hopefully they will stop adjustment from visitor visas also.
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    If this was the dumbest immigration decision, this website probably wouldn't exist: You're fine. Send the I-131 plus a copy of the I-485's receipt notice (NOA1). No fee required. You may not get a combo card, though. But AP will be processed still...it just might be a separate document.
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    My wife is mainland Chinese. We are thousands of miles away from her mother, and hundreds of miles away from mine. And we both like it this way. Get out of your parents' house Even if you need to rent and apartment for a short time. Don't accept "gift" money from your mom to buy the house. Encourage your wife to work for someone other than your parents.
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