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    I’m sorry to hear about this. It’s so frustrating and heartbreaking to be taken advantage of and feel like there is nothing you can do about it. And it’s true that unless you have concrete evidence of fraud it’s hard. However.... one thing you can do if he truly disappears out of your lives and shirks his obligations to your child is to put on record that he owes child support. That wlll be an issue for when he tries to naturalize as it will go against good moral character and prevent him naturalizing. You don’t even need a court order for child support for this (although that would be better anyway for a number of reasons), as the courts hold that it is a moral/ethical obligation rather than a purely legal one.
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    CR1 Denied and Possible Revocation

    While arranged marriages are common in India, most people don't have your particular facts. Most arranged marriages in India don't involve immigrating to the US. People have been know to arrange fake marriages for their children to immigrate to the US. Your USC sister-in-law filed for her parents as Immediate Relatives. Derivative beneficiaries are not allowed. Your wife was never going to immigrate with them. (CSPA and aging out is not an issue here). Shorting after immigrating to the US without their daughter, the US Embassy suspects that they arranged a fake marriage for their daughter to immigrate. You are connected to her family, you weren't a suiter that she met. Her family arranged your love affair. That's suspicious given that it was done shortly after they immigrated and she couldn't. You knew her about a month before going to India. How long before hand did you buy the tickets? Did you buy them a week after talking to her and then waited 3 weeks to take your trip? You married her after 2 weeks there. In 6 weeks between meeting her, you were married in a giant wedding with 1200 people. How easy is it to arrange a wedding that quick? Seems like something that would take a few months to arrange. Seems like the wedding was planned and the only thing missing was a US citizen groom. That's the suspicion. How was a 1200 guests wedding arranged after you started to talk six weeks prior? Sound normal to you?
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    Withdraw and refile new

    So since your ex was approved already, how do you know if she didnt arrive in the US? All your "fiances " are from the same country...? I mean good luck and everything, but look at this from USCIS perspective. And your last ex was only approved few months ago.. and you already sponsoring a new girl? Looks like you're just bringing in one woman after another... Maybe they to take some time to be single before bringing in another girl you probably barely know...
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    Urgent Doubt!!!

    The government switched the languages when they hacked the email......
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    Anything is possible. Submit in your application with the fees and see what will happen. They might change the rules just for you
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    CR1 Denied and Possible Revocation

    You might, and it is just a suggestion, want to read the thread.
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    FEBRUARY 2019 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC

    We were approved 😍😍😍
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    K1 Visa Refused

    Nothing you can do but wait......and I would advise against using the "white guy" argument.
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    My wife is mainland Chinese. We are thousands of miles away from her mother, and hundreds of miles away from mine. And we both like it this way. Get out of your parents' house Even if you need to rent and apartment for a short time. Don't accept "gift" money from your mom to buy the house. Encourage your wife to work for someone other than your parents.
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    You gotta relax . People are stuck in AP for years sometimes. 3 months is not that bad yet. No one is prolonging this process on purpose. AP is always requires for additional checks.
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    You want suggestions as to what you can do to move forward. Here are some ideas. A CR-1 denial can be appealed, unlike a K-1 denial which cannot. Your file will go back to USCIS and in a few months you will get a NOIR. At that point you can submit more evidence of a bona fide marriage, such as more visits to be together, documents showing co-mingling of finances such as a will, health insurance, retirement benefits beneficiary designation, etc. That will take more time for USCIS to review the additional evidence, maybe months. If they like what they see, they can send it back to NVC, then to the consulate abroad for another interview, where the visa can be approved or denied again. If the file is not approved at USCIS when you submit the additional evidence after the NOIR, you can appeal the decision, but that takes more time, a year or more after that. So even if you are successful in the end, all of that process could take a year, two years, who knows? This process takes forever even without denials, appeals, file getting sent back to the US, etc. If your wife really married you for love, and not for immigration benefits to be with her family, then she should be happy if you move to India to be with her, to live with her and make a life there together. Then after living in India for a few years while the CR-1 process continues, with the appeal and everything, you can either move to the US together later or file for another CR-1. Many who have gone through a CR-1 appeal after denial and NOIR recommend that it is faster just to file a new CR-1. If you really love this person and if she married you to be with you and not only to live in the US, if the relationship is genuinely bona fide, she will be happy to be with you and live in India for as long as it takes to eventually get a spousal visa to immigrate to the US. Good luck.
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    You know what extreme hardship is? If you'd be so sick you wouldn't be able to leave a hospital bed and have a long list of medical reasons for why you can't travel AND your fiance would need a history of refused visas to US to try to visit you. And even then, getting a waiver would be HARD. Being cheap is not a hardship.
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    Thank God for today.My CR1 visa was approved today.I cant wait to get it and go be with my wife.Its been a long time coming. Does anyone have an idea how long it takes to get a visa after your interview?
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    Binder okay for I-129F filing?

    No they just cursed you while they had to remove everything from the binder.
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    So we move into our 1st apartment together on Saturday so this week so far has been extremely exciting... & now we receieve notification MY INTERVIEW HAS BEEN SCHEDULED!!!! Cant believe it HAPPY DAYS
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    Withdraw and refile new

    Eh.. let me guess. You're a middle age, white American. Your "type" is younger Asian (props Phillipino) or southern American girl. You know them for couple of months and then sponsor for K1. Doesnt work out, you meet another one and you sponsor her barely knowing her.. Dont worry. We see this exact thing all the time. Sometimes guys like you come complaining about being scammed also. Am I guess the pattern right? If it didnt work out 3 times already then maybe you should actually take TIME knowing someone. At this point USCIS will also put you through extra scrutiny. Also intent to marry you send with the original petition. She could've done medical and interview without your knowledge.
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    It’s approved!!!
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    NVC Filers - April 2019

    Hubby interview was approved today!!!!!! Thank you lord !!!!
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    December 2018 AOS Filers [merged threads]

    Got my EAD approved today. My PD Dec 13th. So doing the happy dance here! Wishing everyone prompt answer!
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    K1 Visa Refused

    Think people need to remember, this is one side of the story, only the OP's. What someone claims to be rude doesn't necessarily mean someone else would find it to be rude. Also we don't know anything about the OPs case or their relationship story. It could be ripe with red flags and false information and the CO simply called the OP out openly about it. We don't know. So before trying to just jump on the CO, who is an American doing a job over there, let's just relax a little bit. Plus OP hasn't come back to even clarify anything so.
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    We're in transit now 😊😊😊
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    WE GOT APPROVED! I am so happy I am over the moon with joy! ❤️ NOA1: 12/31/2018 NOA2: 04/02/2019
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    Hahahahha no. Omg that's actually hilarious. Please call USCIS that you want them to waive the MOST important requirement of K1 Visa because you dont want to spend money on a plane ticket. Amazing.
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