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    Ladies, gentlemen, others, I am pleased to announce that 3.5 years and a $5,000 USD mandamus suit later, we have lift-off.
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    Wow. Sounds like you have already got someone new lined up. I suspect that your wife WILL think you used her for a green card which led to citizenship, and I also suspect she'd be correct. Imma do a Mike E here, ciao.
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    So, a 2 year Green Card is now good for 5 years? This is ridiculous! They need to just eliminate the I-751 completely. Only 1%-3% of ROC cases are actually denied.
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    Daphne .

    Why wouldn't you file for citizenship?

    I am one of those people. I can have dual citizenship but have no interest in becoming a US Citizen. My reason is that the US doesn’t feel like my home and I don’t feel any connection to it, so don’t feel like a citizen anyway. I want to keep that distance (and yes, I am aware that this will mean dealing with USCIS for the rest of my life :)) . I am a Dutch citizen and will always only stay a Dutch citizen. My reasons might make no sense to other people, but I feel very strongly about them.
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    Why are you jumping this far ahead when marriage counseling is the next logical step?
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    VAWA, Part 26

    Hello all, I'm happy to report that my case has been approved yesterday, no interview. My timeline is below: 02/2018 - Ex husband proposed. 03/2018 - Moved in with my now ex-husband I've been with for 5 years (South Dakota). 11/2018 - Marriage. 12/2018 - I-130 & I-485 Application, notice received on same month. 09/2019 - Moved out due to abuse. Was bouncing around different places but settled for Los Angeles since I know people there and would be easier for me. Found a job that paid me $12.00/hour. Was able to get psychiatry and psychotherapy help from the local government. 10/2019 - Got notice that interview was scheduled in Nebraska. Found out through husband (now ex) who was threatening to go to the interview and ask them to deport me. 11/2019 - I decided that I needed to be brave so I went to interview alone, even if my husband appears or not. Husband did not appear, the officer who spoke to me was nice. He asked me what happened and I started to break down and actually advised me to file for I-360. I have never heard if I-360 before, so he explained it to me. He told me to submit it before 02/2020 and gave me an RFE requesting I-360. I immediately started schooling myself on what I-360 is and gathering everything I need to file it. That's also about the time I joined this VAWA thread, which I learned a lot from. 02/2020 - I missed the submission timeline as my vital records, police clearances, etc. from the Philippines did not arrive on time. 04/2020 - I received a letter about removal proceedings since I did not submit I-360 on time. I wrote back to my officer telling him that I'm at the mercy of the issuing departments back in the Philippines and I had no control. By this time I already had all the requirements I needed to file VAWA so I did, and I attached receipt notice. 05/2020 - Since I got really stressed out about the removal proceedings, I told myself that I would need an attorney to represent me if it were to happen again. I reached out to a couple, but every single one was quoting me for money I did not even have nor ever had in my life. I started to become really scared because I was barely surviving with $12.00/hour job that I would skip meals just to pay my share of rent. 07/2020 - I found out about Asian Americans Advancing Justice. I inquired but they did not have a capacity to take my case. They told me to continue researching VAWA attorneys. This whole month I had consultation appointments with different attorneys every other day. Some were giving me lower rates since it's VAWA, some does not. 08/2020 - Then an angel came to my life. I went to a consultation with an attorney. She specializes in family based petitions, but was a domestic violence attorney prior to that. I told her my story and the whole thing became very emotional. She offered to take my case pro-bono. A week later after her paralegal reviewed all the documents I sent to USICS (good thing I have a copt of everything), they submitted G-28 (notice of entry appearance as attorney). 09/2020 - Prima facie received. It was crickets for 2 years. My attorneys told me to be patient, and they showed me support. They told me to keep my mind off of it and focus on the other aspects of my life. So I did. I focused on healing myself from everything that just happened. From the abuse, the immigration stress. Those 2 years felt like a never ending marathon. I'm surprised that I even survived it and never gave up. I continued with my medication and of course psychotherapy. I gained back my confidence, and started to see my self worth. It was still financially hard at first but I excelled in my career as I gave most of my time and effort on that. It was my outlet. From a $12.00/hr retail job, I moved on to $20.00/hr junior designer job, then to $30.00/hr intermediate designer job, to now $50.00/hr senior designer job. I was able to move to a nicer place in a nicer area, I was able to purchase my own car. The independence felt great. I never knew that this was how my life would turn out to be. In between all of those, I found new friends, and I was just being unapologetically me. Life was worth living again. 04/2022 - I-360 Approved! 11/2022 - RFE for I-693. 12/2022 - Submitted RFE. 01/19/23 - New card being produced. 01/20/23 - I-485 CASE WAS APPROVED! I know that this was way too much detail but I'm hoping that it would give hope to everyone who's waiting for approval. That was 5 years of my life not knowing how everything will turn out. I'm glad I did not give up.
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    These last paragraphs are a contradiction by themselves. You’re a stronger believer in marriages, but you are wanting to end it because in the last two weeks she hasn’t been behaving the way you want her to? 🤨 yeah no, that’s not how a marriage works. You don’t get to dictate how the other person behaves. And why are you even thinking of a next wife, and more specifically, why are you worried about where your new wife is from? And why are you worried about her immigration status? You already know the other person.
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    Final update: My wife naturalized this morning at the Plano Event Center, Plano, Texas.!!!!!
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    Lol this is funny. So, are the number of bills going to be less once you divorce your wife and petition a new one?
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    Well it has finally happened, pressing back on the law firm got a lawyer to talk to me and she was able to get the US attorney to lean on the consulate to send me--at long last!--the request for medical, a new RCMP certificate, new passport photos and my passport, and to resubmit the DS-260 (for no described reason). This can be considered positive movement. However, the court deadline is Jan 14 and this stuff cannot be done by that date, so the lawyers are going to have to negotiate something with US attorney to allow more time.
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    Hi everyone! In each month's filers group there is a data miner posting daily numbers. There has been some interest in having all this information in one place instead of 4-6 threads. I've complied a master list and will update this every Sunday. This week seems to be a new record for USCIS processing of I-129Fs! I'll clean up the spreadsheet for next week. I wasn't going to include July and August until I saw how many approvals there were for them this week. Any other feedback is very welcome. Credit where credit is due: July - @Cheddy August - @fenerbahce1907 September - @Elson George October - @Kiana & Katarina November - November K1 filers FB group Have a great week and enjoy the excitement!
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    I posted this in the January 2023 filer thread but for anyone that isn't following that specific month thread they wouldn't see this. We just got our extension letters today. Instead of extending the expiration 24 months our letters are good for 36 months. Doesn't look like they anticipate anything getting better any time soon. At least it will avoid some of the problems people are running into with 24 month letters and still not being done and needing to make an appointment for an ADIT stamp.
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    Financial helps for green card holder

    But, that's what you signed on for.......right? Surely you must have thought about these things when you petitioned him at his advanced age? SMH. Sorry, but I think it is irresponsible and cruel to bring a very elderly person here and not provide him with basic health insurance.
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    VAWA, Part 26

    After more than 7 years, my 485 status changed to new card being produced. Went through 2 interviews with 3 interview cancellations, 3 RFEs, denial, MTR, 7-8 EADs. My case history is way too long but here’s a summary of recent events: Case moved to nbc earlier this year, they issued RFE in August 2022 for BC. Then case moved to field office, medical RFE was issued in mid October. I didn’t receive the rfe notice, luckily my attorney received a copy in November. Responded in November, then waited 2.5 months for a decision. After being traumatized in life for so long, it feels unreal, and I still keep thinking about what’s going to go wrong again. Fear has become my second nature. Missed out on the most important 5 years of my life. I can have some peace now and go see my parents, although I still feel stressed about international travel. I thank you all and this community for being there for each other, I’ve spent years reading your posts and comments.
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    I’m sorry to call this what it is. You actually used her. For you to just want to leave the marriage after a year of having your citizenship and making more money, and for you to already be asking about a new wife and immigration for the new future spouse, you already had everything planned out.
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    confused about my case

    Build a time machine and go back in time and read the instructions for the I-90 for a start, where in the very first section of the very first page it very specifically says not to file an I-90 for a replacement of a 2 year permanent resident card. FORGET about the I-90. It was a waste of time, money, nothing will happen with it and you won't get a refund. So that is done. Forget it. You need to file an I-751 now, pay the fee+ biometric fee, include your evidence of bonafide marriage, AND include a letter stating why it is being filed late (you could include a copy of your I-90 receipt here, indicating you filed the wrong form in error). It will be accepted and a receipt issued - note that the receipt letter is valid for 24 months from the date of expiry of the 2 year card, and NOT 24 months from the date of the receipt letter.. So at some point you will need to get an I-551 stamp in your passport for continued proof of status and for travel purposes. You will then have to wait a couple of years for it to be adjudicated, and quite probably receive an NTA for an immigration court appearance in the meantime for which you should get a lawyer if that appears. In fact, given you had trouble understanding which form to file in the first place, and now have a denial letter and possible NTA on the way, I would say you do need a lawyer in this case. Bon chance.
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    confused about my case

    If you have a hard time understanding the immigration processes/forms, you may need paid help to successfully remove conditions.
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    The immigration officer at USCIS ‘asked you to do couples counseling’? I find that very, very hard to believe. There is no way that would be the USCIS stance if you’d gone there to inform them that it was a fraudulent marriage. No way that GC would have been approved. Something about this story is very fishy. He can file for ROC with a divorce waiver.
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    VAWA, Part 26

    Another update to all members from this amazing forum ! Time line **March 2018 - filed vawa and ask the USCIS to hold the I485. Since 2018 they never took any action on my case ‘always renewing prima facie and work permit’. I sent a lot inquires from congressman to USCIS and they always saying ‘background check’. **July2022- I fired the lawyer who filed my case and hired a new one. The new lawyer was doing everything to make uscis take action on my case and that didn’t make any difference to USCIS they was saying background check again and again. My new lawyer recommended that I hire another lawyer to sue USCIS ‘MANDAMUS’. **September2022 - I hire a lawyer to sue the uscis that cost me $5k and the amazing lawyer assured me that my case would be approved based on my evidences against my abuser. **November 2022 - vawa approved. **December14/2022 - RFE i693 **January26/2023 - i485 APPROVED no interview THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone finally my journey is completed so far 🙏🙏🙏🙏 I sent my I693 to USCIS on 01/17/2023 and they approved me today 01/26/2023 . DONT GIVE UP, I hope everyone who is passing thru this long and stressful process can enjoy from this glory 🙏🙏🙏
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    This afternoon I have sent my passport and supporting items to Montreal. One step closer. Just hoping that re-opening the DS-260 not another dirty trick for delaying me; I am somewhat paranoid at this point. Otherwise, it felt good.
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    Print and take a copy of this letter. I have schooled personally more airlines than I can count, and won many a legal action against them when they didn't board my spouse when legally required to. I won so much money in one case it has covered every dollar and then some for what I have ever paid in immigration costs over the years. Just arrive early to the airport, and have a good attorney on retainer. https://www.cbp.gov/sites/default/files/assets/documents/2021-Dec/Reminder- LPR Boarding 20210305.pdf Knowledge is power... wield it appropriately as required.
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    N-400 September 2022 Filers

    Just pitching in from my end. Had my N-400 interview today (and got approved!). Here's my timeline: Filed based on 3 years of marriage to my wife who is a US citizen herself.
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    Why do I have the feeling that OP is never coming back?
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    Maybe she needs time to recover from a toxic job. Perhaps help her to find a low-stress part-time job, at least for now.
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    In case you're interested, here is a transcript of our I-751/N-400 interviews: We received an email a few days prior notifying me to be there for the combo interview. Appointment was at 1:00 pm Wednesday, December 14th. We were called in at 1:30 pm. Officer said, "You have already submitted a lot of evidence". The officer asked both of us a few questions for the I-751 interview. "How did you meet" How many children? When were you married? Did you pay anyone to fill in the I-751? He wanted to see evidence of marriage dated from I-751 filing date (March 2019) to present. I gave him bank accounts, credit card accounts, apartment leases, driver's licenses, Car insurance card. He did NOT ask for tax transcripts (I had already uploaded them) or original documents. He said "You satisfy the I-751 requirements". He then gave me the option of remaining in the room for the N-400 portion, but wife was comfortable alone. He escorted me back to the waiting room. Wife says he asked her a few questions we had answered in the I-751 interview portion, then asked her the 6 easiest questions in the 100 question list. Who is President? What did MLK do? Why did colonists come to America? Name one branch of Government? Name 2 cabinet positions? Who makes laws? About 30 minutes later, he escorted her out to meet me. She had the form which says "You passed the English and Civics test". An hour later, her N-400 status had changed to "Oath will be scheduled". The next day (I think), her I-751 status changed to "Case was approved". What amazed me was the rate the officers were calling interviewees in that afternoon. They had 10 or 12 officers continually calling people out of the waiting room. We were called 30 minutes after our appointment time. The officer told us "We are here to help her become a citizen. We are not trying to fail her. Officer said 2 to 6 weeks for the oath. When we got home from interview, the N-400 status had changed to "Oath will be scheduled". Next day, the I-751 status changed to "Case was approved". On Jan 9, 2023, we received the oath ceremony date.
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    Talk of processing hitting 700-800 last week! I am unsure if the spreadsheet I follow includes RFEs as it's usually almost 100 out from totals I see elsewhere so we're either meeting incoming or close to! Either way we shouldn't be seeing jumps in wait times any more (maybe we'll get one more 0.5 increase) and hopefully by spring they'll be tackling the backlog if not sooner! Unless there's a drastic change I don't know if we'll see much of a decrease in wait time this year but maybe we'll at least see some but right now I'm just happy that we shouldn't have longer waits coming!!
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    Who petitioned for him? This person should financially support him, that’s their responsibility.
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    YOU GUYS!!!! I got my RFE today!!! OMG OMG I am crying I am so happy! I never thought this day would come!!!! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, really thank you! I have informed mail so I will know exactly when the RFE arrives. I have a packet of info ready to overnight to them. Hoping for fast turn around!! I'm over the moon right now. I can't believe it!
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    Mike E

    Deciding to change from K1 to CR1/IR1

    @Crazy Cat has it correct. I’ve never said anything to the contrary. https://fam.state.gov/fam/09FAM/09FAM010208.html “ A marriage where one or both parties was not present (proxy marriage) is not valid unless the marriage was consummated. (1) Consummated: For the purpose of issuing a visa to a “spouse,” a proxy marriage that has been subsequently consummated is deemed to have been valid as of the date of the proxy ceremony. A proxy marriage consummated prior to the proxy ceremony cannot be considered a valid marriage for visa adjudication purposes unless it has been consummated subsequently. ” It’s a USA marriage. It will be recognized by the U.S. embassy in Morocco. Whether it is recognized by the government of Morocco is of no relevance. The term is consummate This is correct. Before filing I-130, the couple should take at minimum take selfie with their Utah marriage certificate, and along with the selfie, include a hotel receipt, and evidence the petitioner traveled to the beneficiary’s country of residence.
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    Make sure you physically meet after the marriage BEFORE filing the I-130. The marriage will not be recognized until you are together after the marriage ceremony.
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    Daphne .

    Time limit to file I-485?

    You can still go ahead and file for the adjustment of status, but waiting this long was very irresponsible.
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    They should just issue 8 * 12 = 96 month extension letters. Glad they didn't bother with 30 month letters. Can imagine the average airline employee figuring out how to add 30 months to an expiration date. As it is, I expect 10 percent of airline employees won't know that 36 months = 3 years.
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    Brilliant reason to leave your spouse, OP. 👏 We have seen this. You did not originate anything new. We all know. 🤢🤮 And when I always call out things like this immediately, some people say I am negative. OP stayed so as to get citizenship under 3 year rule and now wants to marry or bring from his own country/ probably wants to bring the real wife from Senegal. Well, if you and the Senegalese lady had kids whom you didn't mention while under your USC petition, kiss that ship goodbye. The will never immigrate under you nor your real wife. I am Mike-E-ing. No need to waste my energy.
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    @Free Man, I think your wife needs to join us here for this conversation.
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    The timing is the basis for scrutiny. You said the gc was issued a few weeks before the marriage ended. That’s a strange coincidence.
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    Perhaps it was not the best idea to have them overstay and adjust? Being unable to work/travel is the consequence to that choice.
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    Hello VJ Community, I attended my N400 interview today at NYC Federal Plaza so thought I would share my experience with you all! Before I begin, I want to summarize a couple of main points since it is quite a lengthy read: I noticed some people were being given orange pieces of laminated paper that had “SAME DAY OATH” printed on it in large font – contrary to my prior belief, it appears that same day oath ceremonies are being held on the third floor at Federal Plaza My experience was not that pleasant – the officer conducting my interview was snappy – additionally, he had my I-751 paperwork with him but opted not to review it there and then. He only ran through the N400 with me and stated he would be reviewing the I-751 paperwork when he had time – his exact words were that he would do it “maybe today, maybe later this week” (you can read on below for the full debrief) Background: I filed N400 based on the 3-year rule (married to a US citizen). I filed in Oct 2022 and received my interview notice in Dec 2022. Prior to this I had filed my I-751 in Oct 2021, although that had remained pending. The only update I received was that it had been transferred to another office to speed up processing - this was after the filing of my N400, so I had anticipated a combo interview. The interview: My interview time was at 8:35AM, so my spouse and I arrived 30 minutes early. Despite it being chaotic outside the main entrance, we made it through the security checkpoint in 15 mins. We proceeded to the 7th floor, and upon arriving at the reception area, an officer asked to see my paperwork – he looked over it briefly and at this point he directed my spouse to wait downstairs while waving me though to check-in. This caught us by surprise as we had anticipated a combo interview – we tried to explain we were married but he cut us off mid-sentence and repeated that my spouse needed to leave as the appointment was for me only. We said a quick goodbye and I continued on ahead. Total check-in and wait time was around 25 minutes before I was summoned by the interviewing officer. I was taken to an interview room and asked to raise my right hand, promise to tell the truth, etc. After that I was seated and the officer asked for my identity docs (passport, state ID, interview letter). To my surprise, the officer stated I was not eligible for naturalization since I did not meet the 5-year rule! I figured this was a test of some sort so I informed him I was filing under the 3-year rule as an LPR married to a US citizen since 2020. He nodded along and then asked if I had filed for ROC? I confirmed I had and that it was still pending. He nodded again and stated, “well then you are aware that the N400 cannot be approved until the I-751 is processed and approved?”. I confirmed I was aware of this. The officer then asked me to provide proof that I was eligible to file under the 3-year rule. I went through my stack of evidence and presented him with my marriage certificate. Upon seeing it he got snappy with me and said, “I don’t care about that, I want to see evidence of an ongoing relationship” – before I could react he proceeded to reel off a list of evidence (again, in a snappy tone) that he wanted to see: “taxes, leases, joint finances” ... fortunately, I had all of this, so was able to satisfy him regarding those requests and he seemed content. He took it all and piled it up but didn’t actually look through any of it - I realized after the fact that he asked for no proof of my spouse’s citizenship or identification. After this, he signaled that we’d begin the civics test – he whizzed through the procedure and then asked the following questions: When do we celebrate Independence Day? Name one of the writers of the Federalist Papers? Who lived in the USA before Europeans arrived? What major event happened on 9/11 in the USA? Where is the Statue of Liberty located? Who was the President during the Great Depression and WWII? Interestingly, as I answered each question he would not tell me if I was correct – he just continued onto the next question before stopping after #6. At this point he said we would begin the reading/writing test. I read and wrote the statements as directed and again, he did not confirm whether it was correct – just proceeded to the next part which was to question me on my N400 form. For this section he asked every one of the Yes/No questions to which I answered accordingly. I had to provide paperwork of a police caution dating back to 2006 – he was interested in seeing this and even stated enthusiastically that he’d “never seen one of these before!” – I thought it was a funny thing to share but said nothing. Secondly, he quizzed me on a ticket I’d received in April 2022 for running a red light on my bicycle. I provided details and gave him the ticket for the fine I’d received and subsequently paid via the DMV website. I thought it was interesting that he opted to keep those – I understood that typically officers only want to check a fine has been paid but assumed due to my police caution he was being diligent. After this, he said that the N400 interview was now complete but there was the "problem looking over your police documents and of the I-751 that is still pending". I nodded along as I understood his rationale for needing to look at the police docs - in every prior interview (for K1, AOS, etc.) it has been a talking point but has ultimately been approved without issue. I did however take the opportunity to ask if the I-751 was at another office as I assumed it must still be. He shook his head and replied “no, I have it here – and I’ll be reviewing it when I have time… maybe today, maybe later this week” – he even pointed it out from a stack of folders on his desk. I was surprised to only be learning this now. In hindsight, it may have been worth questioning him further but given his earlier snappiness and lax reply regarding it sitting on his desk awaiting review, I sensed I wouldn’t get a helpful response so did not ask anything else. At last, he stated that the interview was now complete, and that he would escort me back to the waiting area. I gathered up my things and he walked me out – as we walked along the hallway towards the waiting area, he turned to me and said that I’d "passed the civics test and I’d be hearing about next steps within a few weeks". I thanked him and wished him a good day. Overall, this whole process seemed a little unconventional compared to what I’d read about other people’s experiences - particularly the need to review the I-751 separately. I'm curious if anyone has had a similar experience or general thoughts to share on the situation. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about any of the above!
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    August 2021 K1 Filers - I129F

    Hi everybody , I want to thank all of you guys , who supported me when i was hopeless and complaining about this journey. i am appreciate every each of you. As I said last week. Today was the last scanning for me. I will not be here anymore. I wish you best and hopefully who is behind left their cases will get approved soon. Stay strong guys! There is nothing bigger than love and patience. Friday Result 119500: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 120500: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 121000: 1 Withdrawal (0 new / 1 in progress) 122000: 1 RFER (0 new / 1 in progress) 122500: 1 RFER (1 new / 0 in progress) 123000: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 123500: 1 RFER (0 new / 1 in progress) 124500: 2 Approvals (0 new / 2 in progress) 125500: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 126000: 1 RFER (0 new / 1 in progress) 126500: 1 Approval, 1 RFER (0 new / 2 in progress) 127000: 1 RFER (0 new / 1 in progress) 127500: 2 Approvals (2 new / 0 in progress) 128000: 1 Approval, 1 Withdrawal, 1 Other (Document Is Being Held For 180 Days) (2 new / 1 in progress) 128500: 2 Approvals (1 new / 1 in progress) 129000: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 130000: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 130500: 1 Approval, 1 Withdrawal (1 new / 1 in progress) 131500: 1 RFER (0 new / 1 in progress) 01/27/23: 26 Total Updates: 15 Approvals, 7 RFERs, 3 Withdrawals, 1 Other (Document Is Being Held For 180 Days) Total for this month: 149 Untouched, 2656 Approvals, 406 RFESs, 172 RFERs, 378 Denials, 9 Expedites(Denied: 9), 171 Withdrawals, 92 Others
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    B1/2 visa stay

    Because CBP has discretion whether to allow an alien in or not. They decide themselves according to how they feel. If he or she suspects visa misuse, they won't let alien in and can cancel visa. Tourist visa is for short visits to the US, not for constant 4-6 months visits with a month of being outside in between. Spending 8 months out of 12 is not tourism, CBP can percieve it is as residing in the US without permanent residency.
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    VAWA, Part 26

    -My Vawa was approved on 01/13/2023. -EAD C31 received on hands on 01/20/2023 exactly 7days after i360 approval. -I 360 approval letters received 01/24/2023. It took 7days to receive EAD C31 and 11 days to receive all approval letters.
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    Ultra wealthy individuals who make money in the US but eventually want to get out of US tax net. Renouncing citizenship is more expensive (exit tax plus fees) than giving up LPR. It's a super small percentage of LPRs though. Same goes for somebody with political ambition back in their own country. While that country may allow dual citizenship, it may block a lot of opportunities if one naturalizes in US. Again, super small percentage. There's also some percentage of those who would not pass N-400 due to good moral character and have to postpone it by 5 years.
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    Good. So now they’re going to roll out the 36 month extension letter to all us 2022 filers, instead of using that man force to work on 751 cases that should be approved in two days at most
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    I-751 July 2021

    Ok guys this is it! I am officially a US citizen 🎉🎉🎉 oath ceremony took place at the Federal Plaza room 310 at 1 on 1/11, my husband accompanied me but was not allowed into the room, I first made a line where I provided my appointment letter signed and dated, along with my old green card and work permit, they gave me the certificate, checked that everything was correct and then was asked to go into room 300 cause 310 was full, they gave us two envelopes, one with a letter from President Biden congratulating us and the other a USCIS package with instructions on life as a citizen, passport application, national anthem, pledge of allegiance and oath of allegiance and a tiny US flag, after that an officer gave a speech from the other room which we watched on a big screen, we all said the oath in unison, they congratulated us, we cheered and clapped and off we went, they asked us if we wanted to take pictures next to a US flag to go to the second floor and we all did, I waved both of my flags 🇺🇸🇩🇴 and I’m so damn happy and proud to finally being an American, it’s been my dream for as long as I can remember and it finally happened, if anyone would know about my immigration story, they would understand how important this achievement was for me and for all of us immigrants that came to this country full of hopes and dreams that are unfolding for us all. The entire process took about maybe 1/2 hr so it was quick, I took longer dolling up lol I looked like a congresswoman 😁to all of you still waiting I wish nothing but speed and good luck with your new American lives 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ps: I am learning the lyrics to the national anthem from that uscis pamphlet and will upload it to tiktok, will sing it better than fergie 😬 if you find it you find it 🤭 Good luck amigos 👍🏽 🍀 attached my very last USCIS update 🎉🎉
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    Not a good reason to already be already seeking out and planning to petition a new wife. Loving spouses try to help each other during times of turmoil or stress.
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    Yes you’re eligible but my god, this is pretty cold blooded. Sounds like you’ve got one foot out the door already. Why not work on your relationship issues?
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    Why's your topic "Pending AOS?" yet the body of your post reads something else? Are you trying to shop for options on when's the "safest time" to immediately leave your USC spouse? We know this "Oooo we divorced because of small arguments." Why don't you divorce before GC is issued?🤔 P.S: Reading your first post, and going with your choice of words, it seems you haven't got a GC yet. You seem to be calculating your moves. Nobody here is gonna help you scam your spouse/ immigration. Divorce the lady and let your true love file for you or if your true love is Ghanaian, stay and live in Ghana with her and don't use people to achieve a benefit and then dump them to bring your real wife from Ghana.
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    We can’t help you with a lie. First off, you don’t have an emergency. Second, if you did have an emergency, the US is super expensive. Third, you’re not a USC or a PR They don’t care about your health.
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    There's no country which has expensive Medicare than US. So, if you're trying to use your situation to get a faster route to US, think twice. It's not a good idea. And I agree with everything @Carlos.Brazil said. Wanna know how expensive it is? I went to the dentist 1 month ago and they never did anything other than take a scan. After insurance did their bit, I paid $300 out of pocket. My teeth weren't fixed. I was in an out in 10 mins. Just the $300 alone could have solved issues if I'd have gone outside the country. Doctors charge for anything here, even breathing in their office. So, go somewhere else. US isn't that rosy. Did you by any chance mention to your doctor that you have a US petition or want to obtain a B-2 to go to US or something? I really doubt if he just blatantly told you to go to US, out of the blues. A lot of USC here are going to M.East and Italy for Healthcare.
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    VAWA, Part 26

    Hello My Family, I’m September 2018 filler and My VAWA got approved today. I thank God and everyone on VJ, May God bless you all abundantly. MY CASE HISTORY (1) File form I-360 September 2018 (2) Request for Additional Evidence December 2018, Sent February 2019 (Good moral Character) (3) Request for Additional Evidence June, 30 2021, Sent September, 1 2021 (Final Divorce Certificate) (4) Today January 7, 2023 I got this email from USCIS. On January 6, 2023, we approved your Form I-360, Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant.
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