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    Fiance visa

    A normal petition without complications is very easy to prepare. Like someone said before, consider the spousal visa instead of the k1 if that works for you. In the past k1 visas had the advantage of being faster but now everything takes ages so that advantage is no longer relevant. I came to the US on a k1 and let me tell you that the months I lived without being able to work or leaving the country were awful. Not only I felt bad to live at my husband's expenses, staying at home without my friends and family all day was driving me insane. Lastly, I worked for a few months at an immigration lawyer and in my personal experience my boss was an amazing person, but she would be the first to tell you that no petition is guaranteed and that having a lawyer does not make things go faster. Actually, for simple cases like yours, they were put on the bottom of the pile and priority was given to complicated cases that are time sensitive like asylum requests, criminal background, writing wavers, etc. They also do not get the documents you need, you still need to do all the work. They just explain what is requested, give you a check-list and make sure everything is put together at the end. For some people this may be important, especially if they have problems understanding the instructions or have complicated backgrounds, but you seem on top of it.
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    Adopted children may be eligible for CR2, but getting CR2 visas does not make stepchildren into the petitioner's adopted children. There is another legal process for that, if you are interested -- look up stepparent adoption in your state.
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    I contacted the embassy in Poland today to request a case transfer. I have been trying to contacting the US embassies in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine but have never got any responses from Armenia and Kazakhstan. I got a response from Ukraine today refusing my request and recommended that I contact the embassy in Warsaw, Poland to see if they can accept my cases. That made me think Poland is the only option now and other embassies even know it. I also tried to contact Georgia and Moldova but I saw their website already says they do not accept transfer from another country. I was going to contact Belarus but I realized that all the interviews for Belarusian is conducted in Poland.
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    You should actually choose the immigrant visa, not NIV. It's weird but that's how it works: 1. https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=IV 2. Enter Case # and (Invoice # is only requested for NIV) and you'll get a popup that gives you the status and a few other pieces of info about electronic processing and logging in and ceac.state.gov/iv and steps for paper processing. My understanding is that you can also login to your account (see #2 above) at ceac.state.gov/iv and pay fees, see messages etc. When I logged it I got a message about nonimmigrant visas requiring DS-160 and that was all I could see. I assume after my case gets to the embassy and I have filed DS-160 I will be able to get messages etc here. Or I guess my fiancé will. I think this is the unknown. I'm hoping that my case is sent to the embassy on shipping day next Tuesday. Not sure what the "review" part is. Probably making sure they have everything the embassy needs? We started ours (well, his). I've heard most people wait until they get the "ready" status before submitting it and others who have submitted whenever. Remember the woman who filed in Feb and it took 6 months to interview (South Korea) who shared a detailed account of her process? She filed the DS-160 before she even got NOA2! Like, a month before. But it's only good for so long and if you think there could be a long wait for the interview, you might end up having to do it again and there's a fee. It's an online submission here: https://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/Default.aspx And it's long. And glitchy. And times out. You need to download the barcode page to take to the interview. Good luck! I can't imagine what's taking so long. I got NOA2 well after you and have my case # already. Also, I'm sure if anything I have said above is not accurate, I will be corrected
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    NVC acceptance just means NVC thinks it's a correct document. A month or so is normal for Consulates to complete a review of requested documents.
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    Basically to live in the US, now she can certainly visit elsewhere.
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    Do you have a common name which could possibly lead to a case of mistaken identity? That's really the only think I can think of here. Definitely a situation where you need a good immigration lawyer and this could end up costing thousands of US dollars. Even then, if you talk to a good immigration attorney, they may just tell you that there's nothing they can do. As @carmel34 said, even good lawyers sometimes can't overcome what the DoS decides. You should really consider living together in Nigeria or possibly a 3rd country, if that's an option.
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    1. What arrived at the embassy is not an approved K-1, it is an approved i-129f, as the K-1 is not approved until the interview. 2. If I'm understanding your post correctly, your case has only been at the embassy for 4 business days. This is NOT very long at all. It often takes 2 weeks or so to hear from any embassy after they receive the case from the NVC. In my situation with the Paris embassy, it took several weeks to get a welcome letter/interview date. 3. It is way too premature to contact a congressman. Even if you did get one to write a letter, they'd get the same response as you would -- be patient. The only advice anyone could give right now, including the embassy, is be patient. They haven't forgotten about you, visas take time. There is no reason to be concerned yet.
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    Crazy Cat

    Typo in petitioner's name on K1 visa

    How significant is the typo? It will not likely be an issue since it is not the visa holder's name. Option 1: Ignore it. This would my choice, personally. Option 2: Contact the consulate and send it back for correction. This is one of the 2 top reasons travel should not be planned until after the visa is in hand and has been checked for errors.
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    The WoM forces a decision and if the long delay is due to ongoing background checks that are incomplete because of uncooperative governments, or issues with things like a common name, they will most likely reject an application particularly if there is some possibility of a terrorist tie. Of course this is only supposition on my part, but one would think that a consulate is not just sitting on a visa request for the sake of delay. Administrative processing and long background checks can be very frustrating to folks waiting to immigrate, but sometimes forcing a decision with a WoM will not result in a positive outcome. That being said, there are stories out there where filing a WoM was successful. Based on my limited observations, it looks like a 50/50 gamble.
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    The WoM forces the consulate to make a decision. They connected the beneficiary to possible terrorist activity and because security checks were not completed they have to deny. They won't allow the beneficiary into the USA if there is a chance he is a terrorist. I think this is similar with denials from the fiance cases because the NVC cannot send the paperwork to the embassy for interview their only choice is to deny the petition. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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    VAWA, Part 24

    It is Wednesday, and therefore time for our Semiweekly Semiofficial VAWA-Thread Joke, practically guaranteed (that is, if correlation = causation) to evoke approvals and positive progress: ================================== DOUBLE THE TROUBLE A woman's husband cheated on her. They divorced, and the woman went on with her life, hating her ex-husband. One day, she found a beautiful lamp tossed in the street. She picked it up and rubbed it. A genie popped out of the lamp and said, "I feel that you are married. I will grant you one wish, but know this: anything that you ask, your husband will get as well, only double!" The woman thought and thought. If she wished to be rich, her ex-husband would become twice as rich. If she wished to be beautiful, her ex-husband would become twice as handsome. She finally came to a decision. "I want you to scare me half to death!"
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    No, it’s not. It takes various time for various people. No source or real data for “2 months max”. Administrative process cannot be expedited or waived in any way. They are quite common though. All you can do is wait.
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    That is only 25 days away that's pushing it u should understand a visa is never really approved till it is issued and u are told over and over , don't sell things, don't book airline tickets, don''t book the wedding TILL U HAVE THE VISA IN HAND since its the SD , you'll probably get the passport and visa but you're cutting the timeline close
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    Last month they approved her vaccination waiver due to religious belief and her greencard got approved! The I-601 took about a year to get approved. We submitted the i-485 and i-601 together to the same location. No RFE either!! All thanks to this VJ member soscolin who posted on here over 10 years ago. he recommended Alan Philips the vaccine lawyer. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/269164-form-i-601-for-religious-objection-to-vaccines/ scroll down to see his post. I paid Alan $500 and he helped my wife to write a good letter and he also recommend that we get 3 support letters from people you know (family members or friends). Alan is a kind man and he spent so much time on us doign back and forth emails, inorder to strengthen my wife's letter. I paid $900 for the I-601 too. So $1,400 total, WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Hell, i would have spent tens of thousands if I had to, so my wife wouldnt have to take the vaccine. Her health is more important than money. So all of those trolls or deniers who said "it would never get approved", you were all wrong.. People who believe in something will NEVER give up. Vaccine waivers do get approved, but people dont post on here, because we will get harassed...
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    Here is my question…. Are these children now my adopted stepchildren now officially? I am the Petitioner and they are the beneficiaries. Looking this up on google says the CR2 visa is for adopted children in immigration. My wife and her two children received their Visas a few weeks ago. I had to file three petitions. Hers says CR1 and both of theirs, ages 7 and 11 say CR2. My work pays all fees for adoption of children including outside of the US. My boss just brought this to my attention. If they are I could get this money back and put it into their future savings. I could call a lawyer and ask but I did all this paperwork for all three on my own and feel lawyers try to just take our money and that would defeat the purpose.
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    My approved k1 case arrived in the Embassy last Thursday and the status has shown 'Ready' ever since. We have not gotten any welcome letter from the Embassy (aka Packet 3) in order to proceed with the process and my email to them has gone ignored. We did fill out and submit DS-160 form. When calling the embassy, they told me that those services only offer email correspondence, hence I can't even talk with them over the phone about this case. I'm really frustrated and don't know what to do. I'm thinking about contacted my Congressional Representative and/or state senator office; this type of treatment is really uncalled for. Can anyone offer any advice? It would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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