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    With a pending I-751 since March 2019, I am hoping for a combo interview!!!!! It's time to end this journey. N-400 interview scheduled for Dec 14th in Dallas!!!!!
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    Loren Y

    The Journey Is over.....Finally!

    Not as long as some have had, but Yesterday the 6th of April My wife took her Oath here in Las Vegas,NV, and marked the end of dealing with USCIS forever. Seeing the Naturalization Certificate was the most beautiful thing. Everyone here from the beginning November 2017 when I filed the K1, until now I would like to send out a thanks to those that have provided great advice, and allowed me to help others. A couple I married from VJ that also did a K1 just had their Citizenship test, and passed also. Their oath is the 11th of May. Knowing I was part of their journey from Marriage to Naturalization was rewarding also. I hope all the others I have married here from VJ also get to this point. It is so satisfying knowing you made it thru the war, won all the battles, and came out victorious. For anyone else out there, keep fighting, and don't give up. It is possible to make it out... a little rough for wear definitely, and probably with some lifelong scars and things that will haunt you forever, but knowing you came out on top is worth it.
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    CR-1 Visa Approved! Zoom Ceremony. My husband and I married through Utah Online marriage ceremony in September 2020. I visited him in Costa Rica in October 2020 and filed for the CR-1. Our I-130 was approved January 29, 2021. We were DQ in the NVC on February 16, 2021 and received our interview date on February 24th. My husband passed his interview this morning and now we await his passport and POE in the coming weeks.
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    Sincere sympathies, but you've learned some substantial things. This cavalier attitude toward crucial requirements, possibly infected by inaccurate advice from others, will carry over into marriage (to you or anyone). Finances, for example, is a (if not the) chief cause of marital strife. He has not respected this. He also disrespected the need to prepare the apartment. Finally, he dismissed the need for, and the importance of, the police certificate. At minimum, this indicates fundamental difficulties in communication between the two of you. At most -- and realistically, in my view -- it indicates a crucial difference in attitudes toward responsibility and sacrifice. Accompanying this is an apparent disparity in the effort put into making the mechanics of this relationship happen, with the concomitant effect on your emotional state -- and especially the lack of even token concern when you were sick. This is not what most people would call a sound foundation for a happy marriage or even a dating relationship. You have the choice of deciding whether you can abide a lifetime of having to drag him through life's responsibilities -- the big ones, the everyday ones, and the unexpected crises that are inevitable -- and deciding whether you can overlook the mentioned deficiencies and never ever complain about them or bring them up again. The title of your thread suggests that you've already chosen your remedy. The definitive decision is yours, but I think that the indelible handwriting is on the wall, and that you'll ultimately feel far better about yourself by calling a permanent halt to this enervating, expensive mistake. If you decide this, you can thank your lucky stars that this didn't proceed to an unhappy short-term marriage and the mess of divorce. This world has innumerable attractive, appealing, responsible, supportive, emotionally available men who will willingly meet you halfway in forming a fulfilling lifetime relationship. Please keep this at top of mind.
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    I had to sue USCIS

    Hi all, This is just a summary of the events that led me to file a lawsuit with al lawyer called "Writ of Mandamus" to move my case forward. Removal of conditions filed in July 2019. October 2019 Fingerprints taken No movement for 2 years. In the meantime all my fellow July 2019 filers had been approved. In March 2021 my case was very much outside processing times, so I started contacting the DHS Ombudsman, my local representative and my 2 US Senators. Not one of them ever replied, nor contacted me in any way. With USCS I filed about 8 or 9 Service Requests. Not a single one was ever adressed. They were closed without any explaination. After 30 months waiting, I decided to file a lawsuit in October of this year, within 3 weeks my Removal of Conditions was approved and my N400 interview was scheduled and last week I became a Citizen. This should not be normal. Blaming COVID for these ridiculous delays is an easy excuse. I have a strong case, both me and my wife have good jobs, I am not from a "conflictive" country (whatever that means) of course no criminal records and I pay a lot in taxes to Uncle Sam. This process has been a complete nightmare to me and my family and I hope I never have to step inside a USCIS office ever again. I wish you all the best of luck,
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    Top 10 Mistakes at Visa Interviews

    Top 10 Mistakes at Visa Interviews The Visa interview is the most important part of the whole visa process. A successful interview has a positive impact on your visa being granted. Following are some of the most common mistakes people make during their interview. 1. Not Prepared Well for the Interview Being prepared for interview can better equip you for the interview. Prepare beforehand for commonly asked questions and their appropriate answer will be helpful prior to the interview. 2. Not Providing Complete and Truthful Information It is very important that you provide complete and truthful information. Any incomplete/false information can lead to unnecessary delay(s). False information can have severe impact on your future ability to apply for US visa. It may also cause you lot of frustration and legal actions against you. You could be band for life from receiving a US visa. THINK before answering. 3. Providing Incomplete Documentation Prepare all the required documentation with complete and authentic information. Read all the prerequisites and prepare all the documents accordingly. Keeping your documentation well organized can also leave to a positive impression on the consulate officer. 4. Not Carrying Appropriate Fee US consulate has strict methods of payments. Make sure you know the method and the exact amount of the applicable fee. For example, most US consulates don't accept cash as the payment method and would prefer separate bank drafts for visa application and visa issuance fee. Refer to an appropriate source for more detailed information. (most fees are paid upfront, but...) 5. Providing Unnecessary Extra Information Do not give away any information voluntarily which is not being asked. In many cases, people trying to be over confident and over smart give out more detailed answers than is required. This may trigger additional related questions which may not work in your favor. For example: Question: Why do you want to go to the US? Wrong Answer: I want to see how USA is and if I like it I want to stay back with my son. Preferred Answer: For tourism purpose and/or to spend some quality time with my son/daughter. 6. Inconsistent Information Inconsistency in the information about what you provide in the documentation and what you say during the interview can go against your case. 7. Arguing with the Consulate Officer Never ever have an arguments with the consulate officer. If you want some information ask in a polite manner. 8. Having Poor Communication Poor communication is the number one reason that can affect your case in a negative way. If your English is not that great, then you should request for a regional language interpreter. They are offered at the beginning of the interview. 9. Having too Much Communication (talking too much) Remember, you are the one being interviewed and not the other way around. So, keep your communication brief and to the point. Speak only when asked for an answer. 10. Appearing to be Nervous Being confident can bring positive results. Especially, in case of visa interview where a consulate officer has to rely on limited information provided by you. Their judgment is highly influenced by the way you react to questions, your body language, and the authenticity of you answers.
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    Ladies, gentlemen, others, I am pleased to announce that 3.5 years and a $5,000 USD mandamus suit later, we have lift-off.
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    You have many misconceptions about this process. I'll try to clarify some of them. 1) You are married, so you are no longer eligible for the K-1. After your next visit, you can petition her for a CR-1 visa. 2) I-130 petitions for spouses are not adjudicated at service centers based on where you live, so moving to a different state is irrelevant. Accepted petitions are batched to the service centers from the lockbox based on some secret USCIS algorithm. Yes, US immigration is expensive. Visits are expensive. The process is time-consuming. All of these factors should weigh in when we choose overseas partners. As far as the vaccine requirements, that is not a US immigration issue. If it becomes a barrier to seeing your wife though, you may have to reconsider your stance on the vaccine. Good luck - sounds like you need it.
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    If you think it's better to cross illegally, then try it. See what happens. You're not going to like it. P.S. The current system is the same one that existed under Trump, Bush Jr., Bush Sr, and Reagan.
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    Daphne .

    ESTA To AOS Potential Problem?

    Even though there are more red flags in this case than I can count, I can’t help but think that she will probably get away with it and you are able to provide her with the grand prize she was after. At this point, I am not even sure if/when USCIS even looks into these cases. Maybe it’s the heat, but I am starting to lose my faith that these (pretty obvious) cases of immigration fraud actually get noticed.. It just gets me down.. So many of us here had to jump through all the hoops and be patient in order to do this right, while others just play the system and get away with it. I have no advice for you, you seem to be very aware of what is happening and no matter what we would tell you here, you will most likely continue with the process, so what do you want us to say really? Our remarks/questions will be answered with a “Yes, but…”, so we are not adding any real value here. Nobody here wil help you to justify what is happening..
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    Crazy Cat

    Our Journey from CR-1 to Citizenship

    I found this old timeline while I was organizing laptop files. I updated it with the last few entries. Seeing these entries brought back a lot of memories of hope, anticipation, agony, and joy. It was quite a journey. Immigration Journey for Liyaa: Texas Service Center after transfer from Nebraska Consulate :Taipei, Taiwan Marriage: 7/30/2015 in Taipei, Taiwan. I-130 NOA1 : 4/27/2016 I-130 Approved :9/8/2016 Case received at NVC: 10/11/2016 Case # and IIN#: 10/24/2016 AOS Fee Invoiced:10/24/2016 AOS Fee Paid:10/25/2016 IV Fee Invoiced:10/24/2016 IV Fee Paid:10/25/2016 DS-260 Completed: 10/28/16 Scan Date:11/9/2016 Supervisor review: 12/21/16 NVC Checklist: 1/13/17 (Attorney failed us) Case Complete: 4/10/17 Interview Date: 5/8/17 Visa "ISSUED": 5/10/17 Visa and Passport in hand/Flight to USA Booked!!!: 5/12/17 POE Dallas DFW on June 22, 2017 SS Card received : 7/3/2017 2-year Green Card received in mail: 7/15/17 I751 mailed to Dallas PO Box: 3/28/2019 I-797 extension letter for ROC dated 4/2/2019 MSCxxxxxxxxxx received: 4/6/2019 Biometrics apt received for 4/25/2019: on 4/12/2019 I-751 "Ready to be scheduled for an interview" on 5/29/2019 Filed N-400: 8/7/2022 N-400 Interview scheduled: 11/9/2022 N-400 Interview: 12/14/2022 Oath Ceremony conducted 1/26/2023 Passport Received 3/21/2023
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    Based on page 13 of the I-864 instructions Just because I did not provide the answer you wanted doesn’t mean I’m trolling. You should have read the implications of the i864 before you signed it. As someone here likes to say, anyone DIY with immigration should be an A student in the forms. Good luck!
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    APRIL 2021 I-129F K-1 FILERS

    After 416 days, I'm finally approved! I'm so glad the nightmare and anxiety is over. Now on to the next step. I'll continue to update numbers at least for April and May fliers since I can easily update them during lunch / after work since I work remote.
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    So, a 2 year Green Card is now good for 5 years? This is ridiculous! They need to just eliminate the I-751 completely. Only 1%-3% of ROC cases are actually denied.
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    It's emotional blackmail, preying on the Filipino mentality of putting family first. @Timona accurately described what happens to some parents whose kids make it to the US. That $700 remittance is likely being used to keep up appearances to local friends and family. I am a Filipina. I also despise such behavior. If my parents ever said anything like that to me, I would cut off communication pronto. And to underscore my point, I would stop the money transfers. If they apologized, I would restart sending them a bag of rice a month. Your wife needs to draw firmer boundaries or the behavior is never going to stop. Filipinos have an extremely hard time saying No, especially to family, so the two of you need to be fully aligned with what is and is not acceptable financial support.
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    Wow. Sounds like you have already got someone new lined up. I suspect that your wife WILL think you used her for a green card which led to citizenship, and I also suspect she'd be correct. Imma do a Mike E here, ciao.
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    Ahmed is Home!

    It's been a crazy week! Just a quick update! To board a flight from Pakistan a covid test must be taken (and negative) a few days before. My husband traveled back to Islamabad to complete the Covid test and fly to USA from there. He flew Qatar to (stopping at Doha) JFK (JFK POE was quick and smooth). He was out of the airport after landing in under 45min (this includes getting off the plane, immigration and bag collection). We both still feel like this is all a dream and so very Thankful!
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    Ako & Rich

    JULY 2021 I-129 K-1 FFILERS

    Welp, there it is...we just got approved!!! 423 days. NOA1 7/19/21, NOA2 9/15/22. Wishing everyone else the best of luck! And we are happy to answer questions if anyone has them.
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    March 2021 K1 I-129F filers

    After 347 days of waiting I was finally approved! I’ll continue posting the updates as I have been for everyone 🤗 I’m so excited to be onto the next step!
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    I am one of those people. I can have dual citizenship but have no interest in becoming a US Citizen. My reason is that the US doesn’t feel like my home and I don’t feel any connection to it, so don’t feel like a citizen anyway. I want to keep that distance (and yes, I am aware that this will mean dealing with USCIS for the rest of my life :)) . I am a Dutch citizen and will always only stay a Dutch citizen. My reasons might make no sense to other people, but I feel very strongly about them.
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    Why are you jumping this far ahead when marriage counseling is the next logical step?
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    Duplicate member account has been subjected to draconian administrative action. Main member account has been subjected to similar draconian administrative action for these reasons: -- opening a duplicate account to avoid a suspension; -- reopening a closed topic in direct violation of Moderation instructions; -- insulting and antagonizing other members; -- restricting and inhibiting others' use of the forum; -- essentially spamming the forum with a purely legal issue. This thread is locked, and neither this topic nor its drama is to be restarted or carried into other threads. Many thanks to our good members here for having reported these transgressions. Favor: If you suspect that one poster's account is a duplicate of another, please include the link to the other account when you make your report to Moderation. It results in faster action against offenders. TBoneTX VJ Moderation
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    Hi! I used a lot of vj information to filed for aos and I wanted to share with you my experience and my aos package. I'm from Argentina and I came to America in November with a J1 visa (summer work travel program), after dating my husband for a year, we got married on May 7th. According to my visa, I had to go back home before June 30th and even though I married a US citizen and I knew if I overstayed it was going to be waived, I was still so worried that I filed for AoS asap (June 19th). A few things I'm going to say before I talk about my application is that I think 50% was pure luck, it was filing at the right time and date. The other 50% making sure nothing in my application could make the officer doubt and ask for more information or evidence. I made sure everything was disclosed and explained, it must have been either a pain in the ### or a blessing for whoever that took my case cause it was 400 pages long lol. Also the fact that my office was Reno helped a lot, I went twice for biometrics and interview and there was no one, the parking lot was empty, so they're pretty low on cases there. I didn't get help from a lawyer 'cause I considered my case was simple, it wasn't worth the money, we were on lockdown so I didn't have much else to do but getting obsessed with sending the perfect application, visiting hundreds of VJs topics and watching youtube videos. Another thing, specifically for I130 is that I was scared because my husband and I are in our early 20s, we got married a year after meeting each other, 7 months out of those 12 we were in a long distance relationship, he still lived with his parents, we both had part time jobs, we don't own anything, so we had to prove our love by telling them our story. How meant to be we are, how we clicked instantly, how we talked 3 hours a day every day, how I told him he could come to visit me and the next day he went to get his passport and bought flight tickets to see me, how we can't imagine being away from each other, that we did it for 7 months and we don't want to do it ever again, how we have plans for the future, etc. Our bonafide evidence was full of stories and we attached them with tickets, passes, reservations, photos, invitations. By the time of the interview we did gather a lot of primary evidence and the officer that interviewed us was more than pleased. This was my package main cover letter I had to explain a few things when I filed: 1. During a road trip all my forms of identification were stolen, so I lost my passport with my visa stamp and my country ids. Thankfully, I was able to get an emergency passport and sent that in the package with an explanation of what happened and secondary proof that I was here legally such as letters from my sponsors, employers, job reviews and flight tickets. 2. I was given an extension of my visa because of the pandemic, so I sent a letter from my sponsor that explains the extension and extra information on why I was given this extension (the borders of my country were closed and all my flights were canceled) 3. My husband was a dependent of him mom for 2017 tax returns so we wrote a letter that his mom signed. 4. I944 was intense haha, we couldn't get IRS transcripts before sending the application because at that time IRS offices were closed, so we sent the biggest WE TRIED letter, where we stated that we received no answer from IRS so we were going to send 1040s and W2s. 5. We didn't have a credit score or report because none of us has credit cars, loans, car, leases, anything. We're still pretty young and we haven't thought all that out yet (we should soon). So we explained that, we sent transunion letter saying we didn't have any of that, screenshots of the experian website saying they couldn't find me and I tried to get a credit card online and I didn't qualified. 6. For Education, I did an evaluation of my college transcripts with a NACES authorized agency (IEE), also I graduated from college but I came to America before i could sign my diploma so I don't have my diploma with me and that's the way I can prove I graduated, what I sent to prove I graduated was a certified letter by my college that stated that I did in fact finish college. The evaluation agency wrote that my degree was incomplete because they didn't accept the certified letter but I sent everything in my I944, cause why not. 7.I didn't send proof I know how to speak Spanish because that's my native language and in my transcripts from school we don't call Spanish classes that, we call them Language classes. I wrote a letter swearing I know Spanish and that's it. When I filed I was afraid that my husband's tax return were going to look bad, because in 2019 he made a little over the percentage he had to make to sponsor me, in 2018 he made half of that percentage and in 2017 he was a minor and was a dependent of his mom. Still I sent all that information because if I disclosed it first it means I'm ahead of any questions they can ask us. That's just my mindset, I know a lot of people believe it's better to just put the last tax return information and that's fine. Also when we filed, my husband was unemployed and so was I (pandemic related), so we sent his last pay stubs and that's all. (He did have a part time job but that didn't make enough to support me at that time and he didn't file for unemployment) Another thing is that (PLEASE DONT DO IT) I worked in the past unauthorized, this was way before I met my husband and I didn't think of the consequences, I had no idea at some point it could come back to bite me. So, I disclosed it, I said from what date to what date and in I485 I said yes to working unauthorized and violating the terms of conditions of my nonimmigrant status. So this was my timeline and here's what I sent the June 2020 filers group and hour after the interview: And that's it. Right now, I have a job offer and I'm waiting for my green card to arrive. I'm excited about the winter, being with my husband without having to think of visas, uscis, forms, is great. I did get only the conditional green card, so in 2 years I'll have to do this again hahah. I hope this long post helps you, please let me know if you have any questions, this was my experience, probably had a few mistakes, it's not perfect, I was just very lucky this process went as smoothly as it did. Thank you thank you thank you VJ members for answering all my questions and giving me so much information!
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    Congratulations.. What about couples who can't or DON"T WANT to have children? I think this is extremely discriminatory.
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    We just submitted my wife's N-400 online under the 5-year rule. Let the new wait begin!!! I really hope she gets a combo interview soon. They owe us a favor. BTW, filing under the 5-year rule was pretty easy.
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    ~~ Topic moved from IR1/CR1 Forum to Effects of Major Family Changes on Immigration benefits ~~ This is a classic case of a US citizen thinking he has any power in a situation like this. Please do not worry, he cannot affect your immigration status. This is a typical scare tactic and also sounds like a manipulative way to try to “get you back”. You are a lawful permanent resident and unless he is an immigration judge, he cannot take your LPR status away. Carry on and pay no attention to his antics.
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    Not sure, if I'm an exception... but I had absolutely no problem with being unemployed for months. Lol When I arrived, I tried to make myself feel at home. I tidied up, cleaned, painted every room of the house, fixed broken things, started woodworking, built shelves, worked in the yard, and so on... I did everything that I never had the time or energy for when I was still living in Germany. I live in a very rural area. So, I also explored the woods, went hiking, etc. Then after a few weeks, I also adopted a dog from the shelter and spend all my free time with him. I built him a fence, bed, an agility trail, etc... Time actually flew by. Wish I could have been unemployed even longer. I didn't get everything done that I wanted to get done 😁
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    March 2021 K1 I-129F filers

    Hi All, Today has been a hectic day. Took my dog to the vet for a check up in some cysts that were growing, as he had previously a serious tumor. Then went to accompany a friend to have his back "fixed". In summary had little time today to check USCIS case tracker. Which I was doing earlier today, when it reached my group, and guess what? There it was, OUR CASE WAS APPROVED TODAY. I must confess I had an hour of overwhelming joy, where fiancée and I face timed, with both our parents joining. I must say this is a happy day for me and for her, and for many people around us. Only took 399 since submitting the petition and 393 since they received it, but this stage is now done for us. I will continue checking up and all the people that I care about in this forum and do wish everyone still standing from March (and any other month), including with stats. I must thank this forum and this community for the support in the many rough days that we had. Thank you so much everyone. Hoping for the best for everyone here.
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    God is a good God

    VAWA, Part 24

    Thanking God , what a surprise? I'm crying, I am a man. Many of you remember me. I had a 204c FRAUD CHARGE on my I-130 that came last March 2021 while my i360 was pending already. even @sandranj gave me less than 1% chance. Many people here encouraged me but gave me less chance since I had a fraud charge I received NOID on my i360 last November asking me a list of things that seemed impossible (I posted my NOID notice here) but I tried to gather proofs. Sent response to NOID on January 31, 22 and today booooommmm card production. Applied i360 October, 2019.
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    (From my blog) A Warning To Green Card Holders About Voting Do not register to vote in any election until you have officially been granted US Citizenship. Going into this election season, it is very important to understand that for a Green Card holder, (Lawful Permanent Resident) to register to vote is not only improper, but can have severe consequences in the future. Even though there are States that have instituted policies that do not require evidence of US Citizenship when registering to vote, the voter registration documents do ask whether the person registering is a US Citizen. Many have simply checked the box and gone ahead and registered, knowing that even if the State Law requires showing government issued identification, their driver license will suffice. While this is not legal advice, the publicly searchable “9 FAM” (Foreign Affairs Manual) is quite clear regarding the potential consequences of falsely claiming US Citizenship. There is no more serious a misrepresentation, based on the consequences, dealt with in 9 FAM. The potential consequence of registering to vote or for any other federal or state benefit afforded only to US Citizens includes Deportation and a LIFETIME BAN from entering the USA. If any reader who is not a US Citizen, has registered to vote in any official State of Federal election, I advise them to seek competent legal advice as soon as possible, to discuss minimizing or eliminating the risk of any future deportation and ban. The law is, what the law is. Regardless of whether this particular or any other immigrant related law is being consistently enforced today, that can change at any time. False claims to US Citizenship are taken very seriously by Customs and Border Patrol Officers. Some years ago, I was traveling with my step daughter, when we encountered a border check station on Interstate 10 in West Texas. My step daughter was quite proud of passing her citizenship test just the day before, and proudly answered yes, when a CBP Officer asked if she was a US Citizen. I quickly corrected her, so the officer would hear me, saying, “You WILL BE a US Citizen after your swearing in ceremony, but you’re aren’t a citizen yet.” Fortunately, the officer was understanding and we were soon on our way without incident. Many have registered to vote, somewhat “innocently” because of the misrepresentations or ignorance of well meaning officers at the DMV (Driver License Offices) or even a campaign worker. * * DO NOT REGISTER TO VOTE IN ANY ELECTION UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY GRANTED US CITIZENSHIP * *
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    If you have a SSN, you can get a phone line. If you have a SSN and a immigrant visa in your passport, you can get a bank account. I suggest your spouse get off his rear end and do his share as a spouse and help you!!!!!!!
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    Huge Age Gap...65/21

    I'm a Filipina. I lived 30 years in the Philippines and dated many Filipinos before eventually marrying an American. Time for some brutal honesty. The age gap is definitely a consideration. But for many people, especially those who don't have significant resources of their own, the bigger consideration is money. I don't know of any 21 year old Filipina with her own resources who would happily marry a 65 year old man. But I can think of many 21 year olds without resources who would do and say anything to land a rich senior citizen. Especially one who offers a path to US citizenship. People will tell you what they think you want to hear because they see you (and your young fiancee, once she gets to the States) as a golden ticket to a better life. They will never admit it to you, of course. A good test to see if this relationship is genuine: try pretending that you lost all your money (and of course look and act the part). See what your fiancee does.
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    Daphne .

    Unique Problem

    Wow! I wish I had people line up for me like that on such short notice! It took me 45 years to find somebody I was sure enough about to get married to, while other people find 2 of them in 6 months! 😅 Is your friend still in touch with the first one? Maybe she can ask them if the I-129f was actually filed? And if it was filed, if they withdrew the application?
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    It's been a few years since @missads wrote a very helpful post about getting ACA insurance for immigrants over the age of 65. The original post (linked below) is still a good read for anyone going through this process. I recently helped a relative apply for insurance through the ACA. There is a lot of confusion regarding whether immigrants can use the ACA, is this a public charge, do they get medicaid or medicare, etc? If you are over 65, many will assume that you simply get Medicare (as indicated by @missads's post). Similarly, if you have lower income, people assume you will get Medicaid. For new immigrants to the US, neither would apply (with few exceptions). I will try to provide some information regarding this based on our own experience. We initially contacted a licensed insurance agent to go through this process. The agent was familiar with the ACA, but was as unfortunately not familiar with immigrants applying for insurance through the ACA (mostly confusion regarding the public charge rule, which I guess is confusing by design). The agent also said that a social security number and green card were required, but these documents are not required (as indicated in other posts in this forum as well). Initially, we got short term insurance for the first few months, which was okay for medications, but had high deductibles, was subject to preexisting condition rules, had poor hospitalization coverage, and had higher premiums. Thankfully, we did not need to use this insurance, but the lack of coverage and acceptance at most hospitals was something that was hanging over our heads. We then started looking into applying for insurance through the ACA. We actually called the ACA help line and were told that we could apply, but that we would not get a subsidy since the applicant was an immigrant with no income (they thought that the subsidy could not be calculated since there was no income to base the subsidy off of) At this point we figured we had nothing to lose, so we then applied for insurance through the ACA website, and were successful. We received a decent subsidy as well. This made both HMO and PPO plans very affordable (all were less than $300 a month, and many of the HMOs were less than $100 a month). In the Healthcare marketplace, plan availability and pricing varies state to state, and even zip code to zip code. One plan may be $500 a month in one state/zip code, and the same plan may be $300 a month in another state/zip code, so your pricing may vary. 1. What immigration statuses qualify for insurance through the ACA? See link here: https://www.healthcare.gov/immigrants/immigration-status/ Note that this also includes applicants to certain statuses as well. 2. I am going through the adjustment of status/AOS process, am I eligible? Yes: https://www.healthcare.gov/immigrants/immigration-status/ Applicants for any of these statuses qualify to use the Marketplace: - Temporary Protected Status with Employment Authorization - Special Immigrant Juvenile Status - Victim of Trafficking Visa - Adjustment to LPR Status - Asylum (see note below) - Withholding of Deportation, or Withholding of Removal, under the immigration laws or under the Convention against Torture (CAT) (see note) This would include those who entered in on a K1/K2/K3 visa, as these are categories that will go through the adjustment of status (AOS) process. 3. What documentation do I need to prove immigration status? The ACA application provides a list of acceptable immigration documents. 4. I have not received my physical green card, how can I prove my immigration status? The ACA application list of acceptable immigration documents includes "Immigrant Visa with I-551 language" and "Temporary I-551 stamp". It also includes"I-797 Notice of Action" 5. I am going through Adjustment of Status/AOS via K1 or via marriage in the US, how can I prove my immigration status? The ACA application list of acceptable immigration documents includes "I-797 Notice of Action" 6. I am one of the handful of people who has a K3 visa, and will be going through Adjustment of Status/AOS process as well, how can I prove my immigration status? The ACA application list of acceptable immigration documents includes "I-797 Notice of Action" 7. Why not just get Medicaid or Medicare? Most new immigrants do not qualify for medicaid and/or medicare. Medicare is a system that one must pay into (by working a certain amount of time in the US, if I am not mistaken). Immigrants with less than five years of presence in the US are not eligible for Medicaid except for certain situations (See Medicaid website for more information) 8. So I can't get medicaid, can I at least qualify for an ACA subsidy? This is probably the most confusing part of the application and the ACA in general, but the answer is Yes, you may qualify for a subsidy based on your income. Reference: https://www.irs.gov/instructions/i8962 Alien lawfully present in the United States. Certain aliens with household income below 100% of the federal poverty line are not eligible for Medicaid because of their immigration status. You may qualify for the PTC if your household income is less than 100% of the federal poverty line if you meet all of the following requirements. - You or an individual in your tax family enrolled in a qualified health plan through a Marketplace. - The enrolled individual is lawfully present in the United States and is not eligible for Medicaid because of immigration status. - You otherwise qualify as an applicable taxpayer (except for the federal poverty line percentage). Since we met these requirements (enrolled in an ACA plan, will file taxes on our own/not as a dependent, and are not eligible for Medicaid), we qualified for a subsidy, subject to the calculations. 9. How do I qualify for a subsidy? The ACA application will ask you for information regarding your estimated income for the year. There are many threads and forums that discuss how to estimate your income, so I won't go through that here. It is understood that if you underestimate or overestimate your income, everything will get adjusted during when federal income taxes are filed. When filling out the application, we indicated "No, I have not been denied medicaid" (because we never applied), but then answered "Yes" to "Were you found ineligible for Medicaid based on immigration status". It is a bit confusing since we did not apply for Medicaid, but this seemed the closest since we knew that we were not eligible for Medicaid based on immigration status. This is the key sequence of questions that will force the system to evaluate your application and calculate a subsidy based on being an immigrant who does not qualify for medicaid (as indicated on IRS form I-8962). If you select "No" for "Were you found ineligible for Medicaid based on immigration status", your application will be forwarded to Medicaid, which can be problematic for a number of reasons, namely - delays (Medicaid takes a lot of time), you will likely be denied anyways (immigration status), potential issues related to being a public charge (still being litigated, but better to not deal with that if at all possible), and the system will show that you applied for Medicaid. 10. I just came to the US, how do I prove my income (or lack thereof)? If you arrived during the previous year (for example, you arrived in December 2019, and are applying for ACA insurance in 2020), you should file a tax return even if your income is $0.00. This was also mentioned by @missads. Make sure that the ACA applicant is not claimed as a dependent on someone else's taxes. If they are claimed as a dependent, then the TOTAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME will be used in the ACA subsidy calculations. If you haven't filed taxes yet, the ACA has an "income worksheet" that can be used to prove income. Since we had no income at the time of application, we write "$0.00" for the value, and then write an explanation below (where the form asks for any additional information). We explained that the applicant was a new immigrant and did not have any income, and that they would file taxes at the appropriate time. We also attached a copy of the visa and I-551 stamp indicate the date of entry. Moving forward, you should file taxes each year (even if your income is $0.00), as this will be the standard way of proving income (or lack thereof). 11. I did not receive my SSN/SS card, how can I apply? The ACA application does not require a social security number (the field is optional) 12. When should I apply? ASAP! You have 60 days within a given "life event" to apply for insurance. "Gaining lawful immigrant status" or "Gaining LPR status" (I don't recall exactly what the wording was) is an applicable life event. If you apply before the 15th of the month, you will get insurance beginning the next month. If you apply after the 15th, your insurance will be active after an additional month. For example: If you apply on November 12, your insurance will be active December 1. If you apply on November 16, your insurance will be active January 1. 13. I just arrived to the US, and open enrollment is over, how do I apply? See #11 above. "Gaining lawful immigrant status" is a life event, so you can apply. It is best to apply as soon as possible, as the clock begins the day you enter the US. 14. What about the public charge rule? The public charge rule was in court when we went through this process. However, many posts have indicated that taking ACA subsidies does not make one a public charge. This also appears to be indicated here: https://www.healthcare.gov/immigrants/lawfully-present-immigrants/ Enrollment in a Marketplace plan (with or without premium tax credits) is not a public benefit under the public charge final rule. Previously, this was also inferred to at this link as well: https://www.uscis.gov/news/public-charge-fact-sheet 15. I want to get my SSN to make things simpler There are many posts on VJ about SSNs not being sent in a timely manner, and SS office closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to these posts for guidance on obtaining a SS number. The general theme, at the time of this writing, is that you can call the local SS office and plead your case. 16. People on VJ, among other places, say "why don't you just work?" Many immigrants with LPR status are retired, so they have worked, but have incomes that are low enough to qualify for a subsidy. Others may be looking for work, but still need coverage in case something happens. 17. Can I really file taxes even if my income is $0.00 Yes, the IRS allows you to file taxes even if your income is $0.00 Hopefully this helps. Best of luck!
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    You must meet first. Full stop. This is not about immigration but taking marriage seriously: online infatuation is nice but having actual interaction with someone and getting to know them in real life is necessary in order to know if that is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
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    Too late. There are none. You can't back track now after she has residency. Those violations would have been discussed at her first GC and 90% likely forgiven. Whether or not her name is on the lease, kicking someone out of their residence is illegal. If she has EVER received a piece of mail there, she is a resident. Also illegal. Again....assault. Take that up with your divorce lawyer. I think you should divorce and move on. It's her immigration journey now. Reporting her for anything may result in your own legal troubles for doing the things you have listed which are forms of domestic violence. Tread carefully.
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    Update: I-751/N-400 Combo interview conducted this afternoon at the Dallas Field Office. Appointment was at 1:00PM. We were called about 1:30PM. Officer wanted to see evidence of marriage from filing the I-751 (2019) until now. Officer wanted to see evidence of marriage since I-751 filing. I showed him both our driver's licenses, bank accounts, credit card accounts, Credit Cards, apartment leases (with signature page), Car Insurance. He said, " You meet the requirements for I-751". After the I-751 interview, he said "Now, we will start the N-400 interview". He gave me the choice of either staying in the room or going back out to the waiting room. My wife chose to do the interview alone. He then escorted me back out. About 30 minutes later, the officer escorted my wife out to meet me. She says she was asked the 6 easiest questions among the 100 possible ones. Who is the current US President, for example. I'm glad that interview is done!!! Now, we wait for the oath ceremony!!!
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    VAWA, Part 25

    God is GREAT. Thank you god…🗽🗽🗽🗽Patience..Patience.. Patience.. Finally guys I got my GC in hand. Can’t explain the feeling that finally it’s over. PD- Dec 2019 Concurrent filing. 3 Prima facie. No RFE. Interview was good and Thankfully my lawyer came with me so that helped me a lot. My GC was approved same day after interview. God is Great. Thank you virtual family and hope everyone gets GC in this forum. I wish everyone’s dream come true.. God is great🗽🗽🗽🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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    VAWA, Part 25

    Dear family, My VAWA journey is over after a little less than 3 years. Nov 2019 filer, I360 approved Dec 2021. Very mixed feelings, not so ecstatic as I expected I'm gonna be. Totally calm actually... Maybe due to the fact I've been waiting for this for almost 13 years... Anyway, I want to say thank you you all for your kind words and encouragement and advice during this journey. I did everything myself (with a 100% help on here) no attorney involved at all. Thank you @sandranj , @Stillwinning!!!😊, @Demise, @Pinkrlion@shiva32 and all others members of this forum that I forgot. After all I can say this place is amazing. I knew nothing about VAWA when I joined - now I know more than some lawyers 😁. Keep supporting each other - it's hard to describe what this community did for me - I'm ready to give my share back. I went through it all, horrible marriage, Stokes, I130 denial, life threatening assault, hospital etc etc but back stronger than ever. Never ever give up!!! There is always a hope! Once I read God only throws on us what we can take. In October 2019 I lost everything: status, wife, job, business equipment, place to stay - basically my whole world collapsed. Everybody turned back on me - everybody stopped answering my phone calls. Almost 3 years later everything turned around. A lot of people wrote here - God works in mysterious ways and it's definitely true. Had an interview on Friday for like 45 min. Very nice officer - but first question was like: So tell me - how come you have I360 - it's usually for women? But after reading here for years I knew what to say and I pointed him to my affidavit and said I really can't go through all of that again... Then later I explained a new moments that are still going on after filing I360. He was curious why my addresses don't match at all (ID, VAWA, IRS, USCIS, car registration joint with abuser) nothing actually matches. He was surprised but my explanation was perfectly logical and he was like Oh - WOW - you`ve been through a lot. When did you have last contact with your wife, did you file for divorce, how long did you date before getting married, did you ever get arrested and I485 questions. Gave him medical and last 3 year taxes, marriage certificate certified copy and that's it. He handed me that piece of paper that says your case is under review, we can not make a decision at this moment and will let you know if we need anything from you bla bla I left field office feeling after like a stroke hitting 3 red lights in a row (thank God Chicago downtown doesn't have red light cameras) and took me a whole day to get myself together. I thought oh God they are gonna keep me waiting for weeks now... (Chicago is notorious for that) At 23:15 Lawfully app started blinking and I was like - oh not that stupid sh*t again with their commercials etc but I opened it and here we go...
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    I can not believe how this thread has progressed. I feel like I should apologize to the OP for the unacceptable tone in this thread and am considering advising her to post in the VAWA megathread, even though she is not a VAWA case. But it appears to be the only place on VJ that is moderated to support victims of abuse rather than interrogate them. Again there is nothing in the law that states she was required to come to the US to be with the husband. And before everyone tears apart that awkwardly worded sentence- the ir visa requires you to first have the US citizen or LPR file the 130 establishing the relationship. There is then the interview at the Embassy in which a decision is made and the visa issued. Thats it. There is no follow-up determination. There are no requirements to live with your spouse. For the CR one would have to file ROC. But as we all know divorce is not a reason for ROC denial, hence the routinely approved divorce waiver filings. People here are getting caught up in the idea that her entering on the visa, which was properly approved and issued, must be wrong because morally they disagree with it. Again the visa was issued properly. There no fine print stating what you must do afterwards. It doesn't get revoked if things changed between it being issued or endorsed at POE. It can be stopped during that period if the petitioner requested such, but it wasn't. The relationship does NOT need to still be intact at POE. Im sorry if people disagree with such but thats how it is. I understand people think they are trying to help by connecting dots in a devils advocate fashion to show how a case 'could be' brought against her. But thats not how it works. The 'dots' being used are N/A. And then the comments suggesting she better not get involved in a new relationship! Wow. Dig through the forums and find the postings by the user kkk1. He had a very similar story. He entered on an IR. Never lived with his spouse. Has since remarried and obtained citizenship with zero issue. He still checks in with the forums with updates and to express his gratitude for the support he received, although under a new user name. This whole idea that the OP has done something wrong is very disheartening to read. Things change. She didn't obtain the visa under false pretenses. And this whole idea that well we don't know that, and it looks suspicious is nonsense. Separation or divorce after the benefit was issued can be an indicator of bad intentions but it is not enough on it's own. You all know this. So what else is there that could be considered 'a dot' to connect. She seems to have ample evidence of it being an unhealthy relationship. And this thread reads as people saying well you knew it was bad so you must have intentionally stayed for the benefits. Textbook victim blaming. Its appalling.
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    Issued Today! Yaay!!!!

    Hey Everyone, I am over the moon since last four days. I was approved at my interview last Friday and the status changed to "Issued" today. I want to share my experience in hopes that it will help someone like me out there, who is currently having sleepless nights and extreme anxiety. Our case was not straightforward due to the following major and minor red flags. 1. Age difference of 27 years which is uncommon in India. Two of his children are older than me and just two years of difference between me and the youngest one. 2. Overlapping relationship. We fell in love when he was still legally married, although estranged from his ex-wife. 3. Fiancé not meeting my family after we got into relationship. He met them back in 2018 for a brief cup of tea(official visit to India), but we were not a couple then and also, I had no photos to prove that they met. (This is actually a huge cultural shock). Only had Duo and whatsapp video call screenshots from this year, that I carried for the interview. 4. I have not met any of his children or siblings, only friends. 5. He is a catholic and I am in Hindu and we both practice our faith (may be minor flag). 6. Did not front load our i-129F petition( just 25 pictures from 4 visits), because we did not know what a red flag is at that time. I joined VJ and other FB groups months after filing the petition. So what we had going for the both of us is, he was my manager on the client end for nearly 4 years. We got into the same team in October 2016 and worked remotely together until April 2020. Since the time our NOA2 got approved, I started to lose my sleep thinking about all the above problems during the interview. I slept at 4:30 or 5 in the morning and gained a significant amount of weight due to the stress (I stress eat). Last Friday was my interview, I was basically shaking after I got done with the document verification part. I was the first person to interview that day in the Mumbai embassy and below were the questions asked by the CO- 1. So, "Mr XXXX" is your fiance and he was your Senior IT manager for 4 years?? 2. When did you start talking to each other? 3. When did you meet face to face? 4. So he currently lives in "YYYY", Does his ex-wife also live in the same area? 5. When did he divorce? 6. So basically you are reason he got divorced, right? (Heart skipped a beat, here). 7. How many times did Mr XXXX visit you in India? 8. Did you apply for B2 visa in 2018 only to meet Mr XXXX or was it for something else? 9. What are your marriage plans? 10. How many children does Mr XXXX have, what is the age of the youngest one? 11. Have you met any of the children? 12. What is your educational qualification? 13. Are you quitting your job or do you have other plans? There were some more follow up questions based on the answers I provided, but these are the main ones. At this point, the CO opened my old passport and punched something on the B1/B2 visa and told me he is cancelling my tourist visa, BUT he is going to issue the K1 visa. I could not believe my ears! The interview lasted about 2-3 minutes and the whole process lasted about an hour. I had taken about 450 pages of chat logs, call logs, emails, post cards, photos and other items and intentionally laid them all out in the counter in hopes that the CO will ask for it, but he never did. He looked at me taking those out but didn't care about it at all. The case status was "Application received" on Friday. "Administrative processing" on Saturday and Sunday. "Issued" this afternoon. I know this is just the first step in the immigration process but it was a huge deal and I cannot thank this forum enough for getting me ready for the interview. I have read the guides and posts as old as 2008/2009, made tons of notes. My fiancé at the end told me that I was over prepared but I honestly don't regret a thing! People, it is always better to prepare for the worst and just hope for the best. And also all the senior members here are always to the point and awesome! Thank you -
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    She finally arrived to USA !!

    My Finacee finally made it to American soil. Took 28 months with Immigration, thanks to Covid, but we made it. She took a flight from Manila to LAX, while I took a flight to LAX landing 3 hours before her, And we got a flight back to NC 4 hours after her arrival. The only nervous part was after her flight landed, it took her 2 1/2 to get through CBP, I was getting a little worried, she said there was a very long line there. I do want to thank everyone here for all the help and advice. Without everyone here, I am not sure if it would have been possible... I know the AOS part will start soon and I will be needing all kinds of help again....... Rujen
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    APRIL 2021 I-129F K-1 FILERS

    Holy wow I just got approved. Was really worried we'd get an RFE because we did our letter of intent on one page instead of separate but looks like its okay
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    Let it go, and seek happiness for yourself...
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    You have no "leverage". In New York, it's illegal to evict your spouse. She did nothing wrong in refusing to leave. Breaking a mirror with a baseball bat is a form of domestic violence. Now, you're gaslighting and bullying her. It's not disparaging if it's true. The best thing you can do is divorce her and let her get on with her life.
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    Getting a K-1 Visa fastest?

    It is no longer "fastest" overall, and the AOS process for K-1s is a big negative. Most of us who did a K-1 even when the petition process was only 6 months (vs current 13 months) would have chosen a CR-1 in retrospect. "Fast" is not a reasonable criterion for choosing a visa in 2022.
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    VAWA, Part 25

    CASE APPROVED!!! more than 2 years of anguish and waiting, now my case has finally been approved. I am a Jan 2020 filer, no RFE, 3 PF, please do not lose hope!!! It's happening for all of us!!
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    $700 is a lot of money in third world country like Philippines. This was my monthly paycheck, after taxes, from a gas station that I used to work at for 30 hours a week while at University. Engineers with 8 years experience earn $1000 per month in Kenya. Your MIL isn't even an engineer. What I think is happening is she now wants to maintain and show upscale status in the neighborhood being that her children are in the US. This is so common amongst parents in third world countries whose children are abroad. They demand, even if they did not even pay a single dollar to get you to US. Basically, your struggles got you to US and when they (parents) woke up and realized that you're in US, they now start using you as pension. Well, cut the ungrateful person off. Let her stretch $0. You and your wife owe her nothing. Birthing someone shouldn't guarantee entitlement. Your wife didn't ask them to birth her nor for them to engage in Adam and Eve, the scenario that brought her to existence. The highlighted should be your wife' clap back to her mom, should MIL entitlement reach unbearable levels. I loathe such kind of mentality.
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    guyssssssu just got approved!!! no RFE. 💖 337 days, 11 months. noa1 > march 10th, 2021 noa2 > february 10th, 2022
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    Not getting my questions answered

    We’re all volunteers here to answer questions as best as we can. We’re not getting paid to do this. We volunteer our free time to come here and try to help whenever we have time or opportunity. And I don’t appreciate this sense of entitlement coming from you. No, nobody here will hold your hand and spend hours explaining every redundant step on how to create a profile and answer few questions to book an interview and pay a fee. It is very straightforward. This is DYI (Do It Yourself) website and each one of us “experts” has done hours of research on our own to be where we are. Nobody was holding our hands. And again, we’re volunteers. Good luck with the rest of the process. I don’t say this often but you will probably benefit from an attorney because they get paid actual money to hold a clients hand at every step of the way (if you’re even lucky to find such a decent lawyer of course).
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