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    I found this old timeline while I was organizing laptop files. I updated it with the last few entries. Seeing these entries brought back a lot of memories of hope, anticipation, agony, and joy. It was quite a journey. Immigration Journey for Liyaa: Texas Service Center after transfer from Nebraska Consulate :Taipei, Taiwan Marriage: 7/30/2015 in Taipei, Taiwan. I-130 NOA1 : 4/27/2016 I-130 Approved :9/8/2016 Case received at NVC: 10/11/2016 Case # and IIN#: 10/24/2016 AOS Fee Invoiced:10/24/2016 AOS Fee Paid:10/25/2016 IV Fee Invoiced:10/24/2016 IV Fee Paid:10/25/2016 DS-260 Completed: 10/28/16 Scan Date:11/9/2016 Supervisor review: 12/21/16 NVC Checklist: 1/13/17 (Attorney failed us) Case Complete: 4/10/17 Interview Date: 5/8/17 Visa "ISSUED": 5/10/17 Visa and Passport in hand/Flight to USA Booked!!!: 5/12/17 POE Dallas DFW on June 22, 2017 SS Card received : 7/3/2017 2-year Green Card received in mail: 7/15/17 I751 mailed to Dallas PO Box: 3/28/2019 I-797 extension letter for ROC dated 4/2/2019 MSCxxxxxxxxxx received: 4/6/2019 Biometrics apt received for 4/25/2019: on 4/12/2019 I-751 "Ready to be scheduled for an interview" on 5/29/2019 Filed N-400: 8/7/2022 N-400 Interview scheduled: 11/9/2022 N-400 Interview: 12/14/2022 Oath Ceremony conducted 1/26/2023 Passport Received 3/21/2023
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    *** Thread is moved from Off Topic to Effects of Major Changes forum. *** ======================== If he's violent toward you or the baby, get out NOW to a place of safety. Hire the meanest, nastiest divorce attorney that you can find. Whether your (soon-to-be ex-)husband is working or not, child support will be taken out of his hide by the state of Texas.
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    1. Don't even mention to him you have proof. 2. Don't tell him about any plans for divorce etc. 3. Put all of your documents in secure place outside of home, make digital copies of everything prior to this. 4. Secure your phone, social media and email by setting new passwords where applicable and ensuring he doesn't know them. 5. Stop contributing anything towards joint account and build your own savings. 6. Move out of the house to a new place he doesn't know about. 7. Ask for restraining order on him if you're worried about safety 8. File for divorce Immigration wise, you have nothing to worry about, especially if you have 10 year GC. Worry about your safety and future of your child.
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    Hopeful diva

    VAWA, Part 26

    My journey has finally come to an end. Want to say thank you to Sandra and many others who helped me years ago when i started my vawa journey & Want to share my VAWA N400 process. application Sent to uscis - sept 27 2022 Priority date - sept 29th 2022 Fee processed - oct 5 2022 Notice for biometrics received - Oct 17th 2022 Biometrics - Oct 25th 2022 Interview scheduled- Oct 26th 2022 Interview - 29th November 2022 Oath ceremony- 11th January 2023 (didn’t make it) Oath ceremony rescheduled & held - February 25, 2023 officially a US citizen. feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Below is my vawa journey for those who want to know. My vawa was approved in 4.5 months. Jan 23 2017- filed I-360 Jan 24th - I-360 received at VSC Feb 14th - received receipt notice for i360 Feb 21- prima facie issued March 02 - received prima facie for i360 in mail March 20 - i485 transferred to new office, Vermont March 31- sent out additional correspondence/evidence for i360 with blue sheet attached to prima facie April 3rd - additional correspondence delivered April 5th - additional correspondence received and under review by VAWA unit April 12th - EAD and AP applications transferred to Vermont May 23rd - EAD approved and card is being produced May 24th - VAWA approved May 26th - EAD/AP card received June 6th - vawa notice date June 15th- transfer to NBC Jan 19th 2018 - interview scheduled for feb 28th Feb 28th 2018 - interview Aug 2019 - RFE & Response Sept 24th 2019 - approved and green card production ordered Sept 29th 2019 - greencard recieved Had my green card for 3 years and applied for citizenship
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    The 2 year conditional green card is not a trial period for you to decide if you want to keep your immigrant spouse. You have no control over her immigration status, and you don't get to send her back now that things didn't work out. The best thing that you can do is to encourage and support her to naturalize, so at least you won't be on the hook for the affidavit of support anymore. Other than that, divorce proceedings and outcomes will be similar to what they would be if you had married a US citizen.
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    I don't know if this really frames the situation correctly...it makes it sound like his wife is somehow in the wrong for not wanting to uproot her current life to move to a foreign country away from her support system that exists outside of her marriage - a marriage of only ~1 year as well. OP has given us no information about why they seemingly have no choice but to move to the U.S., and it seems he knew before marriage that she didn't want to move. If I were her, I would see it as a red flag that my spouse is basically forcing me to leave my home but is "terrified" of having to sign a document pledging to support me.
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    10 year ban legally. Practically my prediction is she is never coming back to the U.S. on a nonimmigrant status.
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    Crazy Cat

    Re-entering on ESTA

    "So, I would be re-entering the US 5 times in a time period of 7 months. Never for more than 90 days. All the while being able to prove to immigration that I am independently financially capable of not needing employment." I think this is an overly risky plan. You cannot live in the US without a proper visa. So many visits in a short time is playing with fire, imo. Each & EVERY entry is at the complete, sole discretion of CBP. If they even suspect that you are spending too much time in the US, you can be denied entry, and you can lose ESTA forever. It is risky.
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    VAWA, Part 26

    Hello my case was finally approved after so long!! Vawa submitted Dec 6 2019 and it was approved on march 10 2023!! Just waiting for the next step! Keep the hope alive for those waiting, your turn will surely come!
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    After being in AP for 120 days with no DS-5535, I finally got approved. I'm so happy to be done with this. Now I'm waiting on my passport to be returned.
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    She was here 2 and a half years????!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! Her chances of any appeal are zero, imho. She could have left LONG before she did. Looks like she has an overstay of about 2 years and a 10 year ban. Her excuse just doesn't add up, IMO.
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    There have to be consequences for working without authorization. Otherwise, people would not bother to get work authorization. * If ICE determines you have worked without authorization you can be detained and ICE can issue you an NTA. Your I-485 case with USCIS will not move forward until the court dismisses your removal case * If in the course of a normal CBP (or internal stop by BP,, which is arm of CBP) inspection your unauthorized work is discovered, you can be held for ICE. Then see above. * You must disclose your unauthorized work to USCIS. This can have long term consequences. CBSA can deny NEXUS. * The fact your unauthorized work history can be shared with CBSA suggests future difficulties visiting Canada unless you are a Canadian citizen. * I don’t know if there are consequences for security clearances
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    I just checked my husbands case status on the uscis website and after FOUR years it finally says case was approved!!!! I don’t know if it helped at all but I did google our states immigration congressman and they were putting in an inquiry last week, and yesterday it was approved. I’m so relieved and I wish you all a painless removal of conditions process. This website has helped me so much from the start and I appreciate all of you! ps we did NOT apply for his citizenship
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    Should have thought of that before you got married.
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    I'm 100% sure of that. She's has pretty much all the rights you have other than voting and taking certain jobs requiring US citizenship. You cannot withdraw or cancel I-751, it's her petition to remove her conditions. USCIS received a lot of bonafide marriage evidence and potentially statements from you during AOS and I-751. Even now you say it was a bonafide marriage. She'll have to file a new I-751 with a divorce waiver, or convert existing petition, but that's up to her. Don't forget, you're still liable for her as the sponsor, because you filed I-864. Liable even when you divorce, and until she naturalizes or works and contributes social security for 10 years. You can consult with an immigration lawyer if you don't believe me. But best to focus your energy on divorce, immigration wise you don't have any power over her.
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    Crazy Cat

    Advance parole

    It appears from your post history, you have applied to adjust status from a tourist visa. Your immigration processes in another country doesn't qualify as an emergency, imo. You are free to apply for emergency parole, but inability to leave the US for several to many months is one of the known drawbacks to adjustment. Many people rush into adjustment without knowing all the facts. Immigration requires a great deal of knowledge, planning, time, patience, and money. A failure in any of those areas can cause delays, inconvenience, and problems.
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    He is not the judge of that. Please plan your escape - https://www.thehotline.org/
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    K1 visa concern

    Please visit the US embassy website in Amman at this link. https://jo.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/fiancee/ it clearly says that Katb Ktab is considered legal marriage by US law. Hope this helps!
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    IR1 - Difficulty finding work

    Nope. There's a chance that they're intimidated, or too lazy to want to contact overseas references. Human Resources departments here in the Colonies can contain the dregs of the company, and hiring managers may not understand what an MEng is. Confront this through a strong cover-letter that explains what you've told us here. Gaps aren't as big a killer as in past years, and you can also explain them in the cover-letter. Turn this into a benefit by listing your capabilities in a 2-column bulleted list, in your resumé, cover-letter, or both. Yes, and good. Actually, the numbers game might be your biggest obstacle. Are you relying on job ads in LinkedIn and similar portals? Listings can attract many dozens of applicants within just a few hours of posting. You have to be lucky in timing. In job-hunting, as in life, sometimes it's not so much what you know, but who you know. Suggestion #1: Identify some area companies where you'd like to work. Learn who the appropriate department head is. Call (don't e-mail) and ask for a 20-minute in-person appointment (call it an informational interview) to gain his/her advice on your best opportunity and how you should proceed. Even if no opening currently exists, the manager will now know you. Repeat this process. You might even volunteer to work in a unit for free for a week or two. Suggestion #2: Try this idea, previously posted by the member Darnell: --- Each city has a chamber of commerce. Find it. Once you find it - talk with the secretary - tell her you want a schedule of events and let her know you'd like to attend. Then - go in person to the Chamber of Commerce Office - talk with the President of the Chamber, tell him/her you want to volunteer at several of their events. Attendees at chamber events are business owners and sales geeks, all looking for new business. It usually is an informal-enough gathering where you can approach people and talk with them. Now, the cool thing about being a volunteer there - is that you will be talking to everyone at least once - you might be at the reception table, you might be at the greeters table, you might help to run the audio/video system - whatever - but - the point is that you can meet everyone there, face to face. Attend 2 or 3 of these, and folk remember you. When folk remember you, they will remember you are seeking employment and will consider you, because you're just not some name on a piece of paper - they met you at a chamber event and know that you were volunteering, helping out the chamber. Go Get Em, and Good Luck! PS - live in a really small town? go to the biggest town that's within 15 miles of your house. --- In short, networking is probably your best bet right now. Let us know how you choose to proceed. Rooting for you here.
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    To be honest, I've never thought of the form as a way to incentivize immigrants to not work. It never crossed my mind and I signed that form 5 years ago! It's just releasing the burden off the government/taxpayers. If you choose to bring someone foreign into the country, that's fine, but they are YOUR responsibility and not that of the US tax payers. I find it fair, personally.
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    Just a reminder to everyone that sooner rather than later we will all be with our loved ones shopping at the local grocery store doing every day things and this will all feel like a rough dream. Keep what is important in sight and don't lose perspective. It will all be worth it in the end. The worse it feels now, the sweeter the reunion will be 🩷 stay strong everyone!!!
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    Re-entering on ESTA

    They certainly do not volunteer with the Forestry Service
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    Lil bear

    Re-entering on ESTA

    Likely to result in extreme questioning at entry.. maybe not the second entry but pretty soon after.. a stern warning perhaps .. notes on your file… refusal of entry if you try after that any sooner than 6+ months … Just my assessment of 15 years of visiting family here on ESTA.. one time where i had an unplanned emergency trip .. 3 days only.. then a planned 3 week visit 10 days later … didnt think i was going to get in. Suggest you find another plan. And definitely do not volunteer,.. tourists don’t volunteer… they visit
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    Glad I am not the only one that keeps a tab open and was updating today non-stop. We're all those anonymous cute animals there, just stalking the spreadsheet every day 👀 hahaha January is at 40% processed already, my heart can't contain the anxiety to see that 96 approved cases in February increase!
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    It doesn't matter what you want. It's what the law says you have to do when you divorce. The court will decide. In most states that means 50/50 of assets accumulated during the marriage. So assets you had before you married would remain yours and the same for her as long as you can prove it. So if you could show a bank statement the month before you married with a $30,000 savings balance or a 401k you probably could get that exempted. But that said, 401k accumulated in the last 2.4 years could be attached to the split. And if she worked for a year and didn't contribute to expenses and just saved all of that money it would go into the split as well. Now if she worked and got paid and spent it or sent it all home to her parents it would likely be treated the same as spent on rent. If she still has it then it gets thown into the pot to split as it was accumulated during the marriage. Divorces at 2-3 years don't end up with a lot of alimony in most cases. It's longer marriages where you can get wrapped into paying alimony and/or if one spouse makes significantly more than the other. But you do still have the I-864 so hope she keeps working after divorce.
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    January 2022 I-129F K-1 FILERS

    We were approved today!!! NOA1 1/14
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    start by keeping a notebook of incidents and call the police / ask for housing for battered women for u and the child 800-799-7233 his threats are bogus children are very rarely separated from mother and given to father BTW he can't have u deported either
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    You understand the issues well. Now, you must make a decision based on your trust level. If you decide to bring your spouse to the USA to live, there is no way around this form. Trust is the key here and only you can evaluated your trust level. Yes, one could say the contract incentivizes an immigrant.... or one could say it incentivizes the petitioner to make the marriage work.
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    VAWA, Part 26

    Ran into my ex over the weekend at a social event for the first time in 2-3 years. I know he has no idea how I have been because my family and friends have been a protective vault with regards to me and my wellbeing. Judging from his reaction, I gather he expected me to die of misery following our awful marriage and even worse separation/ongoing divorce. But I didn't - in that time I have lost all the weight i gained in my suffering, graduated, and now work as a physician at a fantastic hospital, moved into a cute little condo, and just overall living my best life. Finally. He said hello, I responded cordially and i think we both realized at the same time that I am now blissfully indifferent. I always thought I would hate him or be resentful but turns out I just really don't care anymore. Guess who now wants to go to therapy and do everything to work this out? Hahaha. Never again. This process is long, draining, and still ongoing for me but i am grateful it has helped me find myself again even though that felt impossible at some point just a year or two ago. We just all need to hang on a bit longer, this story will have a happy ending for us.
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    Getting a B1/B2 after an overstay?

    Such a lame excuse. Tired of it. I traveled in 2021 and 2022 via Europe. Your friend came with intention to AOS, those "We met while I was on B-2, fell in love right away and knew we didn't want to be separated. This was not planned lol" stories. I wouldn't be surprised if she was dating USCs during those 2.5 years but unfortunately, they never materialized. How was she even paying bills? Supporting herself and her stay for 2.5 years?
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    Adding my 2 cents. It is my understanding that you have to prove that the child was abandoned by bio parents or they are deceased. If the grandmother has physical custody she is not considered abandoned or an orphan. The grandmother nor the bio parents can turn over custody to you. You are missing that legal requirements for adoption in Mexico and legal requirements for immigration are two different sets of laws. you can still adopt her but she will not be able to immigrate to the US. So she will still be living with her grandmother and now you will be providing her the money to support the child.
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    Divorce and children

    Her going home, then I guess he has to see if he prefers to be a single dad to a newborn, or to rarely see his child. Sad to see that with all the red flags they decided to get pregnant 😕
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    Most states require a 50/50 split for all marital assets and debts in a divorce. The length of the marriage will likely be taken into account as well when determining alimony. Her immigration status is irrelevant to all of this as she can re-file an I-751 with a divorce waiver, many have done this successfully. You can't "withdraw" the I-751 as it is her petition, not yours. Focus on the divorce and be civil. It is in your best interest to negotiate an agreement with her and her divorce attorney. Keep in mind that if she hires an aggressive divorce attorney, and the case goes to court, the I-864 that you signed could be used as leverage to force you to pay alimony for many years.
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    Hi @PandaEat I'm sorry your marriage is heading towards the divorce. Your wife has the same rights just like as if you were married to an American lady. Nothing different in regards to divorce and splitting assets. All depends on the state laws. If you live in a community property state like Arizona or California, you'd have to split anything accumulated during the marriage 50/50 with her, even if she never contributed even a dollar. No, you cannot take her green card away. You did not issue it and it's not your property. Only immigration judge can take her GC away and only if she cannot prove her marriage wasn't entered in good faith. I suggest getting a divorce attorney and sorting the divorce out. There's nothing you can do immigration wise. She will have to remove her conditions on green card without you. It happens all the time. It's time to focus, get the divorce done and heal. Good luck and I'm sorry you're going through this!
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    F1 Visa Revoked at interview

    I would look to see what your options are to study in your home country.
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    Wake up. This denial and dealing with is far more important than your vacation. If that is how you want to prioritize your life be my guest , but don't expect any other results if your biggest concern right now is going on a vacation abroad.
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    Nat Liuu

    DECEMBER 2021 1-129F K1 FILERS

    NOA1 - 12/30/21 NOA2 - 3/9/23 Thank you all for the burndowns and charts and words of encouragement. I am beyond grateful for this group. Blessings for speedy approvals and long, strong marriages to you all. 🙏🏽❤️
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    finally ... rfe today... beers on me in Irvine, CA if near wild wings Culver & 5 ... ask Alejandro (server) where I am
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    Can She Do This?

    This is the exact reason why people have trouble obtaining B2 visas, because of people like this who think that they are above the law and cheat the system.. Honestly, I hope they get caught and I hope that one day adjustment of status from a B2 is abolished.
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    Only if they’re bunny slippers, and she is also wearing flannel pajamas and rollers in her hair.
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    Financial requirements - Green Card

    He (your spouse to be) is your primary financial sponsor and petitioner. He is obligated to show he can support you and ensure you will not become a public charge or he needs to find a joint sponsor (he still remains the primary financial sponsor despite a joint sponsor). That’s exactly what happened to me when I was adjusting from K1. No, it doesn’t make sense. You chose to pursue a K1 path that requires you to adjust status. That was your choice as a couple and nobody else’s. If this was an issue and you wanted to work right away, then you should have pursued CR1 spousal visa path.
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    Divorce and children

    The three A's (abuse, affairs, and addiction) should be automatic rationales for divorce. You're the victim of abuse. Pull the I-864 immediately without notice, hire the nastiest divorce attorney available and make your custodial preferences known, and let all the chips fall where they may.
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    DECEMBER 2021 1-129F K1 FILERS

    My NOA1 was Dec 13 2021, just got approved today. No RFE's thankfully. Good Luck to all of you whose still waiting. Fingers crossed.
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    Prenup early and often I say. And did. Relevant: https://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/rod/docs/pdf/6/2012/2012-ohio-2088.pdf
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    apply for married brother

    I am not sure you understand the process, if they want a work permit they need a basis for applying for one first. Also you just apply for your Brother, spouses only come into the equation when the Priority sate is current the same applies to minor children. I would expect this to take a lot longer than 20 years but to some extent we are guessing.
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    L. Jones

    January 2022 I-129F K-1 FILERS

    I got my approval today!! I hope the rest of you get yours soon! The graphs and the updates really helped keep my mind at ease. I'll continue to keep updating as the process continues.
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    Here are some possible routes are below. Route 1. 1. Study in Portugal 2. Get job and experience in Portugal 3. Get H1B 4. Get Green Card Route 2. 1. Play DV lottery every year 2. If you win, go through process and get visa, you get a GC after entry to the US Route 3. 1. Get F1 to study in the US 2. See if you like US 3. Get OPT 4. Get H1B For the route 3 though, you cannot plan on coming and staying in the US. This is only a hypothetical scenario, which gives you a chance to get education and work experience in the US. You should also be aware that GC comes with responsibilities, such as (there's more than provided): - Reporting income for tax purposes world wide, even if you moved out of the US. - Selective service in US army for men between 18 and 26 - Living in the US on permanent basis. Trips overseas generally shouldn't exceed 6 months.
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    IR1 - Difficulty finding work

    What I suggest doing is at the top of the resume write a short sentence stating “authorized to work in the US - Lawful Permanent Resident” I put that on my resume because I read that employers or recruiters might think you’re looking for visa sponsorship since all of the companies in the resume are foreign and skip you
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    VAWA, Part 26

    An observant. Finally an approval after submitting I-360 September 2020. 4 Prima Facie No RFE
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