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    For anyone with Ukrainian beneficiary's that are interviewing in Frankfurt. Please bring all the items listed below where applicable. One set of documents is required for each applicant. All documents not in English, Ukrainian, or Russian need a certified translation into English. We understand that Ukrainian applicants may not be able to obtain some civil documents, police certificates or international passports. The officer has discretion to waive some of these documents at the time of your visa interview. 1. Passport, child’s passport registered with the courier service for delivery https://www.ustraveldocs.com/de/de-iv-documentdelivery.asp (please bring a printout of your profile page with the selected passport delivery method) 2. Two photographs 5x5 cm taken in the last six months cropped and signed in English (first and last name). 3. Medical examination https://www.ustraveldocs.com/de/de-iv-medicalexams.asp Must be completed by a CDC approved panel physician in Germany, Ukraine or any other European country. See: https://www.ustraveldocs.com/de/de-iv-medicalexams.asp#PanelPhysicians (this exception is temporary and applies only to Ukrainian applicants) In most cases, panel physicians transmit the results to the Embassy electronically, but they will provide you with a Vaccination Records copy. Applicants must submit proof of vaccinations. Applicants should also pay attention to the validity of the medical examination. If the medical examination expires before the applicant arrives in the United States, it must be repeated. Unless a certain medical condition exists, the validity of the medical exam is six months. 4. Confirmation page for DS-160 application form. Complete the DS-160 “Nonimmigrant Visa Application Form” online for each applicant at https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/ and print the confirmation page. IMPORTANT, please select “Frankfurt” as the processing post. Without a submitted DS-160 for each applicant, it is technically impossible to conduct the visa interview! 5. Birth certificate original. 6. Divorce certificate(s) original(s). 7. Death certificate(s) original(s). 8. Police certificate(s) original or electronic version (as of April 23, 2022 it is possible to request an electronic version here: https://vytiah.mvs.gov.ua/app/landing), listing all names ever used, including maiden and married names. You will need one for each country where you have lived for 6 months or more while 16 years old or older. Originals only. Include court and police records if ever arrested, detained or convicted of a crime (even if expunged) as well as translations. Police Certificates from Ukraine should be “FULL” («ПОВНА»), not “SHORT” («СКОРОЧЕНА»). 9. Military records original. 10. Adoption decree original. 11. The custody status of all applicants’ children will be reviewed. Applicants need to bring all documents related to the birth, adoption, and parental rights including permission to travel of the other parent is not accompanying them. The Ukrainian government has certain requirements for children under 16 years old traveling outside of Ukraine. You may contact the Ukrainian Border Control to find out more about the requirements applicable to your specific situation. 12. Evidence of relationship with your fiancé(e) – written correspondence, photographs, phone records, skype logs, travels etc. 13. Marriage certificate(s) or name change certificate(s) original(s). 14. Evidence of support – from your American fiancé(e) – Affidavit of Support I-134 with the most recent IRS tax transcript and/or W-2 original or copy. 15. Confirmation of payment for each applicant (265 USD), for payment options see this link: https://www.ustraveldocs.com/de/de-niv-paymentinfo.asp#feepayment (if you need to pay at the Consulate, please note that we accept cash only). Please be advised that no advance assurance can be given as to when or whether a visa will be issued. You should NOT give up your job, dispose of your property, or make any final travel arrangements until you receive your passport with the visa. Please be advised that no advance assurance can be given as to when or whether a visa will be issued. You should NOT give up your job, dispose of your property, or make any final travel arrangements until you receive your passport with the visa.
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    We are APPROVED finally! So excited 😆 and my husband’s green card fee’s has been paid…My sweet husband will be in America in June 2022. This process has been a long 4 years and 5 months. Traveling back and forth was not enough for us.. We are so happy our LIFE TOGETHER will began in a few months. ❤️❤️
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    Hi to all who found this post and are interested. We definately didn't mean to start anything we just thought we'd see if anyone had ever experienced this. Some of you may have seen us on Jim Hacking live and our experience is as we talked about with him. Our two main concerns have been first and foremost getting her to USA as a LPR. Second is and always will be not getting banned from any country at anytime. I truly found my soulmate and would commute for a lifetime if that's what it takes however we have obviously talked with Mr. Hacking as well as consulting with two other immigration attorneys. All agree, as we do, a CBP officer has the final decision at the time of entry who to allow in and why. This officer determined my wife was not moving on the day she presented at the border, true or not this was her decision and she provided my wife a B2 visitor visa instead of allowing the IR1. We are not POE shopping as my wife has a valid legal IR1. We don't agree she should have to resign her job as she can now work remotely and we will continue to lease our house in canada and keep a vehicle there as our youngest adult son will maintain the property and the vehicle so we have a home base to operate from when we go back to Canada to visit her family and our grandson. We have decided to take the legal advice and I will fly to Canada at the end of March to spend some more time with our grandson. My wife and I will then present her IR1 at one of the international airports prior to her expiry date and fly back to the states to move our belongings into the home we will build together. If we again run into problems she will again take whatever legal entry is offered. If she is unable to get her LPR status then we will start the entire process again after her current IR1expires. We have been informed on multiple occasions it could be more difficult to get if this one expires but it's really out of our hands and we have accepted that. We are in no way trying to game the system, or otherwise circumvent the rules and regulations of LPR status. We just want her to be legal to change careers in the USA if the offer ever presents itself. Again we are not POE shopping and will explain we believe perhaps there was a miscommunication on the 16th of February if necessary. My wife was coming into USA for a week while we look at property and was returning to Canada a week later to finalize the finer points of moving. Perhaps we misunderstood the requirements perhaps the CPB officer did, but we do and always will have ties to Canada and will spend as much time as legally offered with her family. She will be going back to Canada in 6 days. I will go up late March and we will return before April 17 through an international airport. I will post our experience here for those who want to know and or who may one day find themselves in a similar situation. Thank you all for the interest questions and suggestions. You are all great.
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    To all who recommended the secondary inspection. Thank You . I went straight to their Atlanta office this afternoon. While the Officer I spoke with seemed sympathetic he unfortunately continuously told me there was nothing he could do. He did look at her IR1 Visa and the Visitor stamp and asked a few questions and repeated this is not a clerical error and this office can not assist. He did suggest we (she) attempt to enter again except this time try by air rather than ground. It is this officers opinion this is not a clerical error but a judgment call and he can not second guess another officer. He did admit the first officer(s) should have let her pass without a problem but again nothing he can do. He also informed me he cannot "look at her file" or assist in anyway other than to suggest she try again from a different port. I think we have decided to do just that. Since my wife was not handed any documentation of any kind and especially nothing stating any restrictions to enter on her IR1 we can not see how attempting again without proof of resignation or lease terminations in hand. We are also contacting another Immigration attorney to get reassured this is not going to cause long term problems.
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    After the random home inspection at my husbands apartment in Lagos from the Consulate we have now received an update on CEAC website. Still says refused but date change have occurred 10/05/2021, Inspection 10/12/2021, date change 10/13/2021, date change 10/14/2021. Praying this is the home stretch. My husband was informed he should get a call from the consulate within the next few weeks.
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    Hola Patty, gracias por el comentario que dejaste, lo borraron, pero lo pude leer en mi correo. No sabía lo del proceso del consultado, así que ahora lo tendré presente para hacer el proceso. Te cuento que ya recibí la residencia en poco tiempo, así que ya estamos más tranquilos con Jimmy y podremos vivir por siempre juntos 💖 Gracias!
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    Hello Trust you are in good health I am looking to transfer my IR1 case from Ghana to the Freetown embassy. May I know if possible what DQ months are being scheduled for interview? Thank you
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    it's been a while since I have posted here in VJ, I have gained a lot of friends including my kids' godmother. One of the friends I have met was Cathy. https://www.visajourney.com/profile/43970-gumbolette/ She was murdered (gundowned) by her ex on 04-02-2020. May she rest in peace https://www.ardoinfuneralhomeseunice.com/obituary/Catherine-Miller
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    How are you? Please let me know when you receive your receipt ok.99% of my clientes that I submitted the waiver that never took more than 20 days to receive the receipt, but I have 2 cases pending since April and one of them the person paid the fees.
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    Hello! We got an interview date today for July 6th. Any news for you yet? Best wishes.
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    Hi all, I just wanted to stop by on here and thank everyone who has helped me on my journey to receive an ir1 through the Montreal embassy. After almost 3 long blood sweat and tear years… my visa is finally on the way. If I have any suggestion for the Montreal embassy people, I’d say to get your medical well in advance 2 to 3 weeks in advance from interview date. My interview was on Jan 25th and I will have my visa in 2 days by Feb 18th. I had my medical a week prior to interview and it still wasn’t there on time. I’m happy my journey is over with and I can FINALLY Begin my future in the USA. thanks visa journey for all your help!
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    Hello Mr. Steve01 I just sent you a message about my husband and I age difference and that my husband was just approved with his USA Visa this month. Just always be honest with immigration. Age is only a number. If you are in Love like me and my husband, age difference does not matter. Continue to Love each other and be happy!
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    hey im a march 17 filer too, have you heard anything?
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    It helps to do a timeline it helps to know if you filed the N 400 from old address or the new one after u moved it helps to know what state old address and new address are in as we can look up some information on internet about state immigration offices and timelines and even some federal districts court dates for the oath after the interview all that is why a timeline helps the VJ community answer questions processing times per office can be checked here if u know what office will have your N 400 https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/
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    My fiance just received the 2 doses of the pfizer vaccine in Zagreb Coatia, they are allowing tourist to be vaccinated there. Going home tomorrow to Russia as I have a 3 year multi entry visa to Russia. Very smooth and process and many Russians going there! FYI
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    To any fellow Cameroonian that stumbles upon my profile and needs some guidance regarding the K1 process, feel free to inbox me and I will get to you as soon as I can.
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    Hey, congratulations on your interview. May I ask where you had the interview/if you transferred to another embassy?
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    Hey, just following this, also waiting on NL embassy and give a shout if yours ever gets sent from NVC to AMS!
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    Hey, just following this, also waiting on NL embassy and give a shout if yours ever gets sent from NVC to AMS!
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    "LOVE recognizes no BARRIERS. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, breaks down walls, to ARRIVE at its DESTINATION full of HOPE" ~Maya Angelou~
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    I finally received visa interview for Haiti!!! October 6th, 2021 PD: May 13th,2018 DQ:September 3rd, 2019 Hopefully this gives anyone out there still waiting some hope!!! I know how you feel.
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    There is a big age gap for my husband and myself also. When the CO asked him why he chose to marry someone much older, he said he didn't think age was an issue, it's about finding the person that is right for you. The CO said good answer. His visa was approved amd he's been here since Jan. 22, 2021. Started working within 2 months. What matters is how many times she has visited you and the time spent together. Also make sure to have all your documents in very good order. Best of luck!
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    Hello! how long did you have to wait for your IR1 visa appointment at the embassy in Jordan?
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    Any luck with your interview schedule?
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