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    We miss you in the forums! Hope you are having a good vacation
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    Wanted to pop in and say hope you're doing well! We miss you 😊
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    After the random home inspection at my husbands apartment in Lagos from the Consulate we have now received an update on CEAC website. Still says refused but date change have occurred 10/05/2021, Inspection 10/12/2021, date change 10/13/2021, date change 10/14/2021. Praying this is the home stretch. My husband was informed he should get a call from the consulate within the next few weeks.
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    I finally received visa interview for Haiti!!! October 6th, 2021 PD: May 13th,2018 DQ:September 3rd, 2019 Hopefully this gives anyone out there still waiting some hope!!! I know how you feel.
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    I had my interview on 24th march.. It was very short and smooth CO: hello goodmorning, how are you Me: i am fine thank you ....swears oath and thumbprints... CO: have you ever been arrested or been to court before Me: No CO: How did you meet your husband Me: explains how we meet CO: when was that Me: 2018 CO: how long was he in Nigeria when you meet Me: 2weeks CO: so he didn't visit again till the wedding? Me: he visited 3times before the wedding CO: can i see a picture of you and him Me: i have both wedding album and personal pictures of us (takes the personal pictures ) CO: (see our engagement picture) were you aware he was going to propose today Me: no i was aware CO: ..smiles..gives me a letter about U.S.A marriages and citizens and laws Then gives me another letter and says this tells you where to collect your Visa and Have a safe trip
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    It has been a long long time since I've been on the forums. I hope everyone is doing well and has achieved all the immigration and life success they so richly deserved
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    Congratulations on your approval! Happy for you 😊
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    Hey, just following this, also waiting on NL embassy and give a shout if yours ever gets sent from NVC to AMS!
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    "LOVE recognizes no BARRIERS. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, breaks down walls, to ARRIVE at its DESTINATION full of HOPE" ~Maya Angelou~
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    I am happy for you.i hope all goes well.
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    Hey, just thought I drop you a line, if you make contact with "too frustrated" on this forum, he may be able to guide you as he is currently going through the I-601 process for the same inamissibility grounds as your other half. Do mention that AUSTIN 96 pointed you in his direction. I am sure he will be happy to assist as he has been very kind and helpful towards me thus far. Keep me informed
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    2nd interview this morning documents asked for US citizen birth certificate ORGINALS and prior divorce papers for US citizen and parent of child ORGINALS. VISA APPROVED!!!!!! YAY!!!!
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    There is a big age gap for my husband and myself also. When the CO asked him why he chose to marry someone much older, he said he didn't think age was an issue, it's about finding the person that is right for you. The CO said good answer. His visa was approved amd he's been here since Jan. 22, 2021. Started working within 2 months. What matters is how many times she has visited you and the time spent together. Also make sure to have all your documents in very good order. Best of luck!
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    Buenas Carlos me gustaria saber como vas su caso, pues yo envie en Abril 19 y no es recivido la aprobacion as recibido usted la aprobacion?
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    After getting documentarily qualified, how long did it take for the embassy in Kyiv to set up an appointment for you? Thanks!
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    Just got my appointment it is July 19 2021 I'm glad they gave me a few days notice starting to book hotel and arranging flight or car they emailed me at 1:22 am today july 6th 2021
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    Got our visa approved July 2nd!! Started this visa journey December 2019. I cannot believe it has taken this long, but I'll be finally seeing my fiance after 10 months in August YAY!!!!!
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    Well how time flies !. Life with hubby has been absolute beautiful. He has been staying busy working around the house and job. He has adapted quite well. Our life has been truly blissful and productive. Soon we will be removing his conditions and moving forward. I wish everyone that is going thru this journey the best of luck.
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    Hi we had our interview today and I wanted to offer a tip. You may want to go ahead and fill out the DS 5535 and have it ready in case your fiancé is asked to provide it. The adjudicator in our case stated that this is being required of every K1 out of Abu Dhabi. So our case was put on administrative processing pending the review of this form (we completed and submitted it same day).
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    Hi. I am from Michigan and live close to Detroit, Royal Oak. I came to the USA in November 2020 on K1 viza and applied for adjusment of status in February 2021 as you did too. My papres in a system since 22 February . I have only Noa 1 and waiting now invitation for biometric. I saw you got RFE already according you green card...?
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    Good progress and good luck.

    Good progress and good luck.
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    I just received an email from Montreal saying they are not processing F3 visas there yet. We had an interview booked March 23 2020 and it was canceled due to covid pandemic. So they aren't even rescheduling F3 canceled interviews yet 😕
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    After a year and a haf he finally got his K1 approved. We could fly to the moon on the happiness.
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    Just got the K-1 approval . What a happy day
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    Be intentional in being focused.. desist from minding every barking distraction, for success is not far off!😊
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    Well , my fiancé checked his email this morning and nothing. I advised him to check spam/junk and behold, we received an email from Kosovo Embassy acknowledging his DS160 application. Now, we wait a little more till they send an email or send us a letter to setup an interview date.
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    Congratulations on your visa approval!
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    My fiance has an upcoming K-1 interview in RD. Since COVID was crazy in the US where I live. I came to stay with him RD and work remotely. Since then I have been recently laid-off but I am receiving a nice severance package. I have plans to return to the US but not until July. Which is 4 months after the visa is approved. I believe there is up 6months he can act on coming to the US. I do not rush and mess up things. This a major life change since I will looking for a new job and new location to live. Since I have been financially secure the last 3 years and I am certain I will find a position soon will this have any impact on interview. I have a saved up in my investment accounts so I hope that this will be bright spot.
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    Thanks for responding. One last question regarding the medical. Did you have to go twice, once for lab work and then a little later for the actual review? What were the dates in relation to your interview? Many thanks! Sorry - one more question. Regarding your ASC biometrics - did you arrange an appointment through the YATRI system? Thanks
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    My daughter in law got her interview today for March 3rd, DQ date June 2, 2020
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    Testimony Time Overcomers Time!!! Thanks to GOD ALMIGHTY! A LONG READ... My interview was initially scheduled for the 12th of Jan but then reschedule to the 3rd of Feb (This was when i started perceiving God's mercy) On the interview day we followed same procedure Passport submission and others, then sat down to be called, i was number 3 but shockingly i turned out to be the second person to be interviewed maybe cos I'm IR1(I don't know) I watched closely how the first person was being interrogated by the CO in window 20, she was easy i felt relaxed, a woman, something I've always hoped for... long story short his visa got issued! I was waiting on number 2 to be called then i saw the CO going through my paperwork "Oh it's my turn" i felt relieved and ready, not long then she called number 3, i stood up and the interview goes thus: ME: Good morning CO: Replied CO: Take off your mask for identity confirmation CO: Raise your right hand "Bla bla bla to say the truth" ME: YES! CO: Who's petitioning for you ME replied My wife( stating her long name with my last name) CO: How and where did you meet your spouse ME: On Facebook 8th of Sept 2014( wanted to give more details on the "HOW" but i kept my energy, since the first guy doesn't explain too) CO: And y'all get married on the... (stuttering and looking at my marriage certificate) ME: 20th of... 2018 (I didn't take no chance) CO: Okay CO: I see y'all had a court wedding ME: Yes, on our blue african attire with beads on (Reaching for my big heavy album) CO: Oh no no I'm not about to look at that big... i can see your pictures here (I uploaded more than 60 pictures at the NVC) ME: Ok CO: How many times has your wife visited ME: 1time for 57 days (Me trying to explain why 1time but got shunned...) CO: 1 time right... okay okay. CO: Have you been married before? do you have children do your wife? or does she have children? ME: No no no no! CO: Can i see your call log and chats ME: Handed all it her CO: Do your wife give you transcripts? ME: "Reached for my folder without saying nothing" i gave her my 2019 return and IRS w2 then explained: My wife had requested for the transcript but they said they are backlogged and they don't know when it will be ready CO: Okay(Typing and moving the mouse, this took about 3min and she keep saying 1sec pls 1sec pls sir!) ME: Me okay ma! "In my head, it's show time" CO: What is your wife occupation ME: Replied CO: What is your occupation ME: Replied CO: "Reached for a white sheet" then said: this is your right blablabla go through it when you home. ME: Okay thank you (I thought I've been approved, was waiting on the second positive paper) CO: "Reached for a sheet" So tell your wife to get a JOINT SPONSOR, i can see she have two of her siblings as dependants plus you that's family of 4 and with what she made here is not enough( She already took her pen writing something on the paper, i was lost! but then summoned courage, i said in my head if i collect this PAPER FROM THIS WOMAN IT WILL BE AN EXTRA YEAR, MAYBE MORE! NEVER!!! so i spoke up while she's still writing... ME: Ma, that was 2018 when she was helping my mother inlaw take care of her siblings cos she wasn't financially stable at that time but she's financially fit now taking care of her own children, (SHE PAUSED WHAT SHE WAS WRITING) She lives alone, she has nothing to do with the kids she lives alone now (i said this like 3 times) CO: So she don't claim them no more ME: Yes! CO: (Tore what she already wrote then opt for the right sheet) Said: You're approved ME: Didn't even listen to anything else, i just said thank you with huge smile, made sure she saw it through the mask... I folded my eyes so she can see it! and she did smile back at me. 7HRS LATER STATUS SAID ISSUED! PLS PRACTISE ON HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF! They want you to talk, that's why it's called an interview. KEEP CALM, TAKE IT THEN GIVE IT BACK! And reach for the GREEN LIGHT! #KINGFISHERMAN
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    Congratulations on your approval.
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    Hello Susie, I am so grateful for your advice. I am more confident now, having learned your explanations that my grandson will not be aging out during the immigration process. He has just completed 15 years old this month of January 2021. You did help me a lot understanding the steps of the I-130 process until approval. I put in writing my understandings. Please be kind enough to check them. As per Chart A predictions of the Immigration Planner www.immigrationplaner.com/visa-bulletin/all-countries/f2b-predictions/, my son’s PD of June 2018, will be current by September 2023. Then, NVC would be requesting documents by September 2022: - September 2022 is one year sooner than September 2023 (when our PD will be current in Chart A). - September 2022 is also when our PD becomes current in Chart B. The approval I-130 letter from California Service Center will be sent to me sometime between 40 to 52 months (3 years+4 months to 4 years+4 months) from the receipt date of June 2018. I should be receiving the approval letter any time from October 2021 to October 2022. In the worst case scenario the I-130 will be approved by October 2022 and USCIS will send it to NVC. If my I-130 is approved by October 2021, then it will take until September 2022 for NVC to request our documents. If my I-130 is approved by October 2022, the NVC theoretically would be requesting our documents by September 2022 (before receiving my case from USCIS??). I understand that the Service Center time range is estimated, and the Visa bulleting dates are prediction dates. Please let me know if I did learn the lesson! I thank you very much for your kindness. Best Regards, C56
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    Hi, did you have the biometric app?

    Hi, did you have the biometric app?
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    Hey, did you guys hear something from ALG embassy? Thanks
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    Hello Willowmg, great experience, I'm doing the same process for my fiance I'm in the US and she's in Argentina but I just filled the I-129f form in September so I'm in the long waiting time step.
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    Check your timeline for accuracy... re: Receive Instruction and Interview appointment letter : 2020-09-01 ...or did you do AoS?
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    Hey there! My fiance had his emergency appt at the embassy today and we were APPROVED!!
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    Hi, just wondering did you apply for expedite for your interview? Thank you!
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    Well its been almost 8 months since hubby arrived in the states and its been nice to have him home. Hes been staying busy with the house and does have a job. I never expected such a life as I have with him. He's been such a joy to have in my life. Despite this Covid, we are still going strong. Gotta thank VJ and its members for helping us out along the way.
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    I've been so depressed because it's been 7 months and we haven't found anyone that would qualify or even want to help us to be a sponsor. Why do people get scared about being a sponsor and help someone during this long difficult process. I'm really losing hope here. I miss my husband so much. I don't see an ending to this separation. If people only knew what we go through.😥
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    what is happening with the k1 visa in Nigeria,the embassy is really doing a bad job on this one...
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    Still waiting for any news/update on the embassy in Russia to open. 😩
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    It was real, and it was fun. But the time has come...
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