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    After the random home inspection at my husbands apartment in Lagos from the Consulate we have now received an update on CEAC website. Still says refused but date change have occurred 10/05/2021, Inspection 10/12/2021, date change 10/13/2021, date change 10/14/2021. Praying this is the home stretch. My husband was informed he should get a call from the consulate within the next few weeks.
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    I finally received visa interview for Haiti!!! October 6th, 2021 PD: May 13th,2018 DQ:September 3rd, 2019 Hopefully this gives anyone out there still waiting some hope!!! I know how you feel.
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    Hey, just following this, also waiting on NL embassy and give a shout if yours ever gets sent from NVC to AMS!
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    "LOVE recognizes no BARRIERS. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, breaks down walls, to ARRIVE at its DESTINATION full of HOPE" ~Maya Angelou~
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