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    At this moment the form is no longer required due to an Injunction of the Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds Final Rule.
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    Another reminder to always check: an appeals court has issued an administrative stay, which means the public charge rule is back in effect. 😵
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    As if we all needed the reminder, but we should always check with the official websites regarding these crazy changes (or check with a lawyer). Since I posted this the order was allow to continue for new applicants, but then just the other day (Nov 2) the AILA announced the following, Therefore, we are back to the Public Charge form not being legally accepted but that doesn't promise that the rule will be (and likely) appealed by the administration which may lead to the form being required... again. How the USCIS is currently managing all these changing dates is beyond me but you may want to prepare the paperwork as a backup if not include it in your application to be conservative.
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    We will be updating the guide(s) shortly. Thank you for posting!
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