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    Recently, my wife and I met in Italy. She flew from Serbia -> Munich -> Milan, so technically she did passport control in Germany, rather than Italy. That said, the German border agent asked her directly if she was planning on traveling to Poland, and she just said no, her next flight was to Italy, and they stamped the passport and let her through. So, I would say it doesn't really matter where they enter/go during the trip... That said, I have always read the advice that the country you get a Schegen visa from should ideally be the country you spend the most time in, or if you are splitting time equally, then the country you will stay in first... My suggestion just to not rock the boat, would be try to have some proof that she has "planned to go" to Spain, since that's her visa. I don't think that entry point really matters, if you can kinda "prove" that you will "be in" Spain - maybe have some dummy hotel bookings, etc., in case she gets called out on it. Even better if the bookings are in your name with her as an extra guest (possible in Airbnb for example), so that if it ever "changes" then she's not really responsible for that... So, at least that is my plan - get my wife an Italian visa, have a couple placeholder bookings that I can cancel, and at least enter Italy and spend the first 2 nights there (also, this acts as a buffer in case either of us have missed connections, etc.)
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    Elena & Craig

    November 2021 ROC Filers

    I’m a very late October 2021(filed on 28th to be precise) filer, WAC. Decided to share my news here as well. - RFE in October 2022 - Sent my response in January - RFE response acknowledged on Jan 10 - Today, Jan 25 “New card is being produced” HOORAY! And good luck to everyone here! My range was 11XXX.
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    dont want to be party pooper but my case also changed after 2 days to "actively reviewed" .......cricket for 19 months before approval. actively reviewed means nothing with uscis
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    Elena & Craig

    I-751 October 2021 Filers

    Well folks, I finally got lucky. WAC filer here. Had and RFE sent to me in October 2022(lost almost the whole pile of docs), replied to them in January, they acknowledged receiving it on Jan 10. Today as a part of my morning routine I clicked to renew the page for checking MyCase and it happily shines from there “New Card is being produced”. GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO AWAIT.
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    VAWA, Part 26

    -My Vawa was approved on 01/13/2023. -EAD C31 received on hands on 01/20/2023 exactly 7days after i360 approval. -I 360 approval letters received 01/24/2023. It took 7days to receive EAD C31 and 11 days to receive all approval letters.
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    Hello VJ Community, I attended my N400 interview today at NYC Federal Plaza so thought I would share my experience with you all! Before I begin, I want to summarize a couple of main points since it is quite a lengthy read: I noticed some people were being given orange pieces of laminated paper that had “SAME DAY OATH” printed on it in large font – contrary to my prior belief, it appears that same day oath ceremonies are being held on the third floor at Federal Plaza My experience was not that pleasant – the officer conducting my interview was snappy – additionally, he had my I-751 paperwork with him but opted not to review it there and then. He only ran through the N400 with me and stated he would be reviewing the I-751 paperwork when he had time – his exact words were that he would do it “maybe today, maybe later this week” (you can read on below for the full debrief) Background: I filed N400 based on the 3-year rule (married to a US citizen). I filed in Oct 2022 and received my interview notice in Dec 2022. Prior to this I had filed my I-751 in Oct 2021, although that had remained pending. The only update I received was that it had been transferred to another office to speed up processing - this was after the filing of my N400, so I had anticipated a combo interview. The interview: My interview time was at 8:35AM, so my spouse and I arrived 30 minutes early. Despite it being chaotic outside the main entrance, we made it through the security checkpoint in 15 mins. We proceeded to the 7th floor, and upon arriving at the reception area, an officer asked to see my paperwork – he looked over it briefly and at this point he directed my spouse to wait downstairs while waving me though to check-in. This caught us by surprise as we had anticipated a combo interview – we tried to explain we were married but he cut us off mid-sentence and repeated that my spouse needed to leave as the appointment was for me only. We said a quick goodbye and I continued on ahead. Total check-in and wait time was around 25 minutes before I was summoned by the interviewing officer. I was taken to an interview room and asked to raise my right hand, promise to tell the truth, etc. After that I was seated and the officer asked for my identity docs (passport, state ID, interview letter). To my surprise, the officer stated I was not eligible for naturalization since I did not meet the 5-year rule! I figured this was a test of some sort so I informed him I was filing under the 3-year rule as an LPR married to a US citizen since 2020. He nodded along and then asked if I had filed for ROC? I confirmed I had and that it was still pending. He nodded again and stated, “well then you are aware that the N400 cannot be approved until the I-751 is processed and approved?”. I confirmed I was aware of this. The officer then asked me to provide proof that I was eligible to file under the 3-year rule. I went through my stack of evidence and presented him with my marriage certificate. Upon seeing it he got snappy with me and said, “I don’t care about that, I want to see evidence of an ongoing relationship” – before I could react he proceeded to reel off a list of evidence (again, in a snappy tone) that he wanted to see: “taxes, leases, joint finances” ... fortunately, I had all of this, so was able to satisfy him regarding those requests and he seemed content. He took it all and piled it up but didn’t actually look through any of it - I realized after the fact that he asked for no proof of my spouse’s citizenship or identification. After this, he signaled that we’d begin the civics test – he whizzed through the procedure and then asked the following questions: When do we celebrate Independence Day? Name one of the writers of the Federalist Papers? Who lived in the USA before Europeans arrived? What major event happened on 9/11 in the USA? Where is the Statue of Liberty located? Who was the President during the Great Depression and WWII? Interestingly, as I answered each question he would not tell me if I was correct – he just continued onto the next question before stopping after #6. At this point he said we would begin the reading/writing test. I read and wrote the statements as directed and again, he did not confirm whether it was correct – just proceeded to the next part which was to question me on my N400 form. For this section he asked every one of the Yes/No questions to which I answered accordingly. I had to provide paperwork of a police caution dating back to 2006 – he was interested in seeing this and even stated enthusiastically that he’d “never seen one of these before!” – I thought it was a funny thing to share but said nothing. Secondly, he quizzed me on a ticket I’d received in April 2022 for running a red light on my bicycle. I provided details and gave him the ticket for the fine I’d received and subsequently paid via the DMV website. I thought it was interesting that he opted to keep those – I understood that typically officers only want to check a fine has been paid but assumed due to my police caution he was being diligent. After this, he said that the N400 interview was now complete but there was the "problem looking over your police documents and of the I-751 that is still pending". I nodded along as I understood his rationale for needing to look at the police docs - in every prior interview (for K1, AOS, etc.) it has been a talking point but has ultimately been approved without issue. I did however take the opportunity to ask if the I-751 was at another office as I assumed it must still be. He shook his head and replied “no, I have it here – and I’ll be reviewing it when I have time… maybe today, maybe later this week” – he even pointed it out from a stack of folders on his desk. I was surprised to only be learning this now. In hindsight, it may have been worth questioning him further but given his earlier snappiness and lax reply regarding it sitting on his desk awaiting review, I sensed I wouldn’t get a helpful response so did not ask anything else. At last, he stated that the interview was now complete, and that he would escort me back to the waiting area. I gathered up my things and he walked me out – as we walked along the hallway towards the waiting area, he turned to me and said that I’d "passed the civics test and I’d be hearing about next steps within a few weeks". I thanked him and wished him a good day. Overall, this whole process seemed a little unconventional compared to what I’d read about other people’s experiences - particularly the need to review the I-751 separately. I'm curious if anyone has had a similar experience or general thoughts to share on the situation. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about any of the above!
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    ISOs can ask pretty much whatever they want. Had @ImmigrantKrish answered “yes” the next question might have been, “in the past 5 years”? * If the answer was “yes” well bad stuff happens. * If the answer was “no”, the ISO might have delayed approval to verify that CBP admitted Krish as a returning resident, versus letting an NTA drop on the floor. Even if you are concerned about the question, one applicant’s question is not a guarantee others will get the same question. For example, I had over 500 days of absence in the statutory 5 year period. The question asked of Krish (a LPR for 9 years) wasn’t asked of me (an LPR for 32 years). As a famous immigrant once said (who I am sure had more days of absence than you): you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. The longer you pine over this decision the more likely something will happen that makes it harder to naturalize.
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    But you were admitted as LPR and wasn't put in removal proceedings. My suggestion (not a legal advice) is to file based on 5 year rule sometime later this year (say April 2023, more than 5 years since you came back in February 2018). You will give travel history within last 5 years which would not include that long trip, because you will be covering April 2018 - April 2023 period in your travel dates. You should be OK but may want to consult with a lawyer first. If USCIS asks about anything prior to that and accuse you of abandoning LPR, you can show the same proof of ties you showed to CBP after that long trip. Of course if they ask about any trips over 180 days ever since you became a LPR, you need to answer that truthfully. Perhaps @Mike E, @Family or @Crazy Cat can comment on your issue.
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    August 2021 K1 Filers - I129F

    Monday Result 119000: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 119500: 4 Approvals (1 new / 3 in progress) 120000: 3 Approvals (1 new / 2 in progress) 122000: 3 Approvals, 1 Withdrawal (1 new / 3 in progress) 122500: 2 Approvals (1 new / 1 in progress) 123000: 3 Approvals (2 new / 1 in progress) 123500: 6 Approvals (3 new / 3 in progress) 124500: 1 RFER (1 new / 0 in progress) 125000: 3 Approvals (1 new / 2 in progress) 125500: 4 Approvals, 1 Denial (2 new / 3 in progress) 126500: 1 Approval, 1 RFES (2 new / 0 in progress) 128500: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 129000: 3 Approvals (0 new / 3 in progress) 130000: 2 Approvals (1 new / 1 in progress) 130500: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 131000: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 131500: 2 Approvals (1 new / 1 in progress) 01/23/23: 44 Total Updates: 40 Approvals, 1 RFES, 1 RFER, 1 Denial, 1 Withdrawal Tuesday Result 118500: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 120000: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 121000: 1 RFER (1 new / 0 in progress) 122000: 1 RFER, 1 Withdrawal (2 new / 0 in progress) 124500: 1 Approval, 3 RFERs, 1 Other (Document Was Returned To USCIS) (4 new / 1 in progress) 125000: 1 Approval, 2 RFERs (3 new / 0 in progress) 125500: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 126500: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 127500: 2 RFESs, 1 RFER (3 new / 0 in progress) 128000: 1 RFES, 1 RFER (2 new / 0 in progress) 129000: 2 Approvals, 2 RFERs (2 new / 2 in progress) 129500: 3 Approvals, 1 RFES (2 new / 2 in progress) 130000: 1 RFER (0 new / 1 in progress) 130500: 1 Approval, 2 RFESs (3 new / 0 in progress) 131000: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 131500: 3 RFERs (3 new / 0 in progress) 01/24/23: 36 Total Updates: 13 Approvals, 6 RFESs, 15 RFERs, 1 Withdrawal, 1 Other (Document Was Returned To USCIS) Total for this month: 177 Untouched, 2615 Approvals, 425 RFESs, 168 RFERs, 377 Denials, 12 Expedites(Denied: 12), 168 Withdrawals, 91 Others Kindly reminding again. I will not scan numbers after Friday guys. Thank you for understanding.
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    I've been folding mine to fit my travel document holder and have been traveling with it pretty regularly--and it has been fine so far. No issues coming in and out of the US. But agree that the letter is getting worn out, and it's sooo annoying not being able to use self check ins. I think I'll continue to use my 24 month letter until the 24 month period is valid, and will use the 48 month one when the 24 month period expires.
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    Just approved our complaint today! It should be filed within the next 14 days. *fingers crossed* Also the end is in site Ice-qube! Stay strong!
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    Let's face it, what USCIS really should be doing is sending us actual conditional gcs with a new expiry date for 48 months from now. It's stupid to have to carry a letter around with you.
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    Not sure I understand the relevance of the flight conformation in May.
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    RFE Received Requesting I-693

    Yes. I strongly advise you to take the path of least resistance with USCIS. FYI, I-693 is only used by civil surgeons in the US. Overseas panel physicians use different forms (DS forms). Yes No. It gets sent to USCIS. Sometimes it gets lost. Which is probably what happened They should have (CD is of no use btw, it’s still collecting dust in my documents). But you had you known that you’re gonna need a copy of DS-3025, you’d have asked for it, you could have emailed them before submitting AOS and most likely they’d have sent it to you but it’s too late to dwell on that now
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    N-400 January 2023 Filers

    I have officially submitted my application online this afternoon and received my case number.... Hoping I get a joint I751 and N400 Interview!
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    The October scanner is a wonderful human and sent me that data! So here we go.
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    i751 -> N400

    Yeah, probably some USCIS personnel vacations and retirements too.
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    Finished the interview at Phx FO waiting for the oath letter. i was worried on the speeding ticket but officer said they are only looking for serious issues or offenses. Finally this chapter of our lives is coming to close. Wife got naturalized in November.
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    Adoption in Mexico

    Yes, the child needs a B2 visa to be able to enter the US for the N600K interview. With 2 USC parents, one already with a US job, it's going to be tough to convince the consulate that your family has no plans to move to the US. As others mentioned, your child's case seems to be textbook IR2 for adopted child, so just go through the I-130/IR2 process. After your child enters the US with IR2, apply for her US passport and N600. No need for N600K. Plus, with IR2, you have a chance at an expedited process via DCF. Not so with B2 and N600K, which is not treated as urgent unless the child is close to aging out at 18 years old.
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    Immigration visa case has been expedited

    What visa class? What is the case status on CEAC? If your case is expedited, the US embassy in Manila typically expects you to book the interview schedule yourself via the USTravelDocs portal once your CEAC status turns "Ready".
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    Kiana & Katarina

    OCTOBER 2021 I-129F K-1 FILERS

    Tuesday (24/1) Updates 1000: 1 RFES (1 new / 0 in progress) 1500: 2 RFERs (2 new / 0 in progress) 2500: 1 RFER (1 new / 0 in progress) 3000: 1 Approval, 1 RFER (2 new / 0 in progress) 3500: 2 RFERs (2 new / 0 in progress) 4000: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 4500: 2 RFERs (2 new / 0 in progress) 5000: 1 Withdrawal (1 new / 0 in progress) 5500: 1 Approval, 8 RFESs, 1 RFER (10 new / 0 in progress) 6000: 4 Approvals, 1 RFES, 1 Other (Notice Explaining USCIS Actions Was Mailed) (6 new / 0 in progress) 6500: 1 Approval, 1 RFES, 1 RFER, 1 Withdrawal (4 new / 0 in progress) 7000: 2 Approvals, 1 RFES, 3 RFERs, 1 Withdrawal (7 new / 0 in progress) 7500: 4 Approvals, 1 RFER (5 new / 0 in progress) 8500: 2 RFERs (2 new / 0 in progress) 9000: 2 Approvals, 1 RFES (3 new / 0 in progress) 1/24/23: 49 Total Updates: 16 Approvals, 13 RFESs, 16 RFERs, 3 Withdrawals, 1 Other (Notice Explaining USCIS Actions Was Mailed) 9500: 3 Approvals (3 new / 0 in progress) 1/24/23: 3 Total Updates: 3 Approvals 10000: 8 Approvals, 3 RFESs, 1 Withdrawal (12 new / 0 in progress) 10500: 1 RFES, 1 RFER (2 new / 0 in progress) 11500: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 12000: 2 Approvals (2 new / 0 in progress) 1/24/23: 17 Total Updates: 11 Approvals, 4 RFESs, 1 RFER, 1 Withdrawal
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    What’s the exact timeline for this?
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    December 2021 I-130 filers

    Case was approved today from CSC. Accepted 12/20/21 approved 1/25/23. Best of luck to all of you still waiting.
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    Adoption in Mexico

    This link also states that if you are not adopting using the Hague process, that "If you are adopting from a Hague Convention country, certain restrictions apply that may prevent your child from immigrating to the United States using this process. Please fully research the adoption laws of the country you hope to adopt from before beginning the process." It cannot hurt to consult with a qualified lawyer about your situation to avoid any surprises in the future.
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    mw & rg k1

    DECEMBER 2021 1-129F K1 FILERS

    Now that it looks like December cases will start opening this week (or maybe next), I will start posting on Tues and Friday updates. The burndown graph will be based on Friday from the week before (so be sure to pay attention to the date). Will also post the December case graphic (in December Groups) once activity starts. As for Dec Case Activity: 5 "Termination Notices" Sent (K3 Visas), one "Withdrawal", and one "Expedite Denied". Hopefully they start into us by Friday and ramp up quickly. So far (Friday to Tuesday) 82 unopened cases started Week Was: Now: Delta: Approved: Denied: RFE: 10/01 100 91 9 1 0 8 10/08 106 102 4 3 0 1 10/15 240 215 25 4 0 17 10/22 211 188 23 13 0 9 10/29 449 393 56 42 0 13 11/05 555 473 82 50 1 30 11/12 567 495 72 60 0 10 11/19 653 608 45 42 0 3 11/26 591 580 11 10 0 1 12/03 561 561 0 0 0 0 12/10 710 706 4 0 0 0 (4 Termination Notices) 12/17 751 749 2 0 0 0 (1 Termination Notice / 1 Withdrawl) 12/24 769 769 0 0 0 0 12/31 542 542 0 0 0 0
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    YOU GUYS!!!! I got my RFE today!!! OMG OMG I am crying I am so happy! I never thought this day would come!!!! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, really thank you! I have informed mail so I will know exactly when the RFE arrives. I have a packet of info ready to overnight to them. Hoping for fast turn around!! I'm over the moon right now. I can't believe it!
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    The last one you can see is “case was reopened after approval” 😂
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    mw & rg k1

    DECEMBER 2021 1-129F K1 FILERS

    Thanks all ... 1 and 3b it is. want to appeal this decision? send me a message instead. Again, value your input so if I can do better in some way, let me know with DM.
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    As long as you each sign one, it doesn't matter. Aesthetically, typing it afresh looks nicer.
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    Number of cases processed hit new high!

    I don't have Sept or Dec's numbers still but for July, Aug, Oct and Nov we have approx 464 processed for Mon+Tues and approx 325 of them were Approval/Denial/Withdrawal and therefore should be removed from backlog. Looks like we should def be trending on ave higher than pre-xmas unless the next 3 days are weirdly slow. Excited for Saturday!
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    Love it! I hope it makes it at least to a vote, and I do wonder if this impacts NB? Sen. Josh Hawley introduces ‘PELOSI Act’ to ban lawmakers from trading stocks Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) wants to bar lawmakers and their spouses from owning and trading stocks while in office by proposing the ‘PELOSI Act.’ The bill, whose title is “Preventing Elected Leaders from Owning Securities and Investments (PELOSI) Act,” takes a dig at its namesake, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “For too long, politicians in Washington have taken advantage of the economic system they write the rules for, turning profits for themselves at the expense of the American people,” Hawley said. “As members of Congress, both Senators and Representatives are tasked with providing oversight of the same companies they invest in, yet they continually buy and sell stocks, outperforming the market time and again.” https://nypost.com/2023/01/25/josh-hawley-pitches-pelosi-act-to-ban-lawmakers-from-trading-stocks/
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    It would seemingly take almost nothing extra to cause NB to "act" on Pelosi.
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    We are less than 2 weeks from February 7. The juice (file a few days sooner) is not worth the squeeze (hassle of 3 year evidence). 5 year basis is a no brainer. Agreed. I agree with filing on February 7.
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    First they cannot look outside the period of 3 or 5/year . Second they cannot “revoke” your LPR so zero chance of that.
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    Nat Liu

    DECEMBER 2021 1-129F K1 FILERS

    Thank you for doing this! 🙏🏽🙏🏽 1 + 3b please.
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    Yeah I can do it if people want. I've been doing weekly numbers for my FB group for a few months now. I usually do 3-5 months at a time, whatever USCIS is focusing on. The FB group is November filers so we are doing daily November scans. We will start daily December scans in about two weeks because ~20% of the group is December.
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    Number of cases processed hit new high!

    This is the week so far as I can pull from threads here. Sadly Sept, Nov and Dec aren't updating daily in threads but sitll decent numbers! Didn't break up by RFEs etc as I'm just going by processing. Feel free to check individual threads or I assume Anna may keep us in the loop weekly. May update to incl RFEs if a source isn't easily accesible as trying to keep track of backlog and processing week by week
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    that's okay still a decent approx! I really appreciate them pls don't delete
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    It’s a mixed bag whether airlines accept official USCIS copies or not. I’ve heard of denials and acceptances. However, while we were boarded each time with our original, I can now understand why some airlines in concert with CBP deny boarding to LPRs with original USCIS extension letters. Because as @OldUser says, they are different forms and not matching what the CBP carrier guide says. My wife’s original extension letter says I-797 and not I-797C. So thanks to @OldUser ‘s catch, LPRs need to carry two extension letters: the original I-797 and the I-797C. The carrier information guide hasn’t been updated in 4 years!
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    I said this and then never updated it. Whoops.
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    For those of you wondering about the weekly number of cases, here is what I have. I did NOT do October myself. I pulled that from the October thread here and it seems like there were two days missing, unless I'm just blind. I'm in a K1 FB group and the numbers here are a collaborative effort between us mods. Depending on what the October numbers were, it wasnt a bad week. But doesnt look like it was another 800+.
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    Yesterday she got scheduled an infopass appointment for next week. The service request to find out why its taking so long to get an roc interview also stated that they will discuss that at the infopass appointment.
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    the way the cruise ships work is fly the person to the port person works the length of contract and then is flown back to his home u do need work visa https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/other-visa-categories/crewmember-visa.html That is the site for the D Crew member visa The transit visa (C-1/D visa) allows crew members of airlines or employees on ships to enter the United States on a temporary basis.
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    You are good to go. And FYI, do not offer unsolicited information.
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    I was in a similar situation. My wife (USC) and I met and got engaged in Thailand. We got married while I was back in South Africa and I applied for a tourist visa to the US to visit her before coming back to work in Thailand. When I went for the B1 interview I told the CO that I was going to visit my wife and gave him my wedding certificate and also showed proof that I was going back to work in Thailand. I got my B1 visa and have visited the US twice in 2022, once via JFK and the second time through LAX. Both of my entries were smooth. If she already has a visa then I don't think it will be an issue, assuming her record is pristine. In regard to applying for a B1 while having an I130 processing, I think your profession, ties and straightforwardness play a large role. I told my CO from the start that I want to visit my wife for a month while we are processing our I130, my profession is also in education so I think they know that it is basically impossible to land a teaching job on a tourist visa. It might have also helped that I showed him my work contract to return to Thailand after my visit to the US. Best of luck. Dewald
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    For the NIW you need at least a Masters degree, but practically speaking a PhD would be a minimum educational credential. You also need a decent publication record (for sciences), or equivalent for other fields (books, media coverage, etc). One thing you do NOT need is an employer, as the NIW is self-sponsored. So, have you published in the field of cybersecurity? Is the industry benefiting from your creative work, and can you document that? If so, you can try https://www.wegreened.com/Clients-NIW-National-Interest-Waiver-EB1-Attorney-Lawyer (as recommended by Boiler, above, and myself). Incidentally, I hired the same law firm for my NIW and they ARE good. But, my guess, based on your post, is that H1B or L-1 would be more appropriate avenues for you at this point, especially if you have an employer willing to sponsor you.
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    JULY 2021 I-129 K-1 FFILERS

    The consulate in Amsterdam was super fast, they received our petition on Jan 10th and I had my interview today. It went well! I still have to do my medical exam and supply one more document before they can officially approve the visa. But at least the scariest part is over now! And getting so close to end!
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    JULY 2021 I-129 K-1 FFILERS

    Friday Updates: 107000: 2 Withdrawals (1 new / 1 in progress) 108000: 1 Other (Notice Explaining USCIS Actions Was Mailed) (0 new / 1 in progress) 109000: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 109500: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 110000: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 111000: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 112500: 1 RFER (1 new / 0 in progress) 113000: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 114000: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 116000: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 116500: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 117000: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 117500: 1 Withdrawal (1 new / 0 in progress) 118000: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 118500: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 01/20/23: 16 Total Updates: 11 Approvals, 1 RFER, 3 Withdrawals, 1 Other (Notice Explaining USCIS Actions Was Mailed) Total for this month: 73 Untouched, 2408 Approvals, 252 RFESs, 124 RFERs, 328 Denials, 9 Expedites(Denied: 8 / Approved: 1), 155 Withdrawals, 67 Others
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    597 new cases processed this week. Pretty good considering it was a 4 day week. May mean we're more averaging ~700/week but guess we'll see next week 🙏
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    Because, let's face it, we've been spoiled. We can run any report in seconds, we can marry in 15 minutes online, we can drive to another state with no one caring. The entire concept of slow, drawn-out immigration paperwork is firmly outside of the paradigm of an average American. I'm looking back at myself a year ago just starting this journey and I am puzzled how did they even allow me on USCIS website to begin with.
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