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    I'm guessing it's a combination of an abused mindset (still clinging to her abuser) and family/cultural pressure to stay together even if the marriage isn't working out. There's really no way to obtain JUST work permit and at the same time prevent the green card from just arriving. My personal recommendation would be to kick out this sorry excuse for a husband, divorce him and withdraw the affidavit of support.
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    The title of your thread is "fiancé in jail". If you're married, he's a spouse, not a fiancé. Just clarifying so you don't file the wrong forms or interchange the words fiance/spouse on any of your forms.
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    K1 Visa port of entry

    Please expand on this. There is no “invitation” for a tourist visa, and applicant needs to qualify on her own. What ties does she have to her home country? You definitely missed @Mike E’s central question and that is, what is your fiancé’s plan if she’s not allowed entry? What is he going to do with her?
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    June 2022 K-1 I-129f Filers

    Hi all! I haven't ran any checks since July 12th when I created the spreadsheet and decided to run all numbers today. I do it manually via the app and it takes about 2hours. The new updates are: 88500: 1 approval (from Sep) 89500: 1 req for initial evidence (from Aug) 90000: 3 approvals (from July) 91000: 1 approval (from Sep) 92000: 2 reqs for initial evidence (from Sep) 92500: 1 approval (from Sep) 93000: 1 approval (from Aug) 93500: 1 req for additional evidence (from Sep) 94000: 1 approval (from Sep) 94500: 1 approval (from Aug) ; 1 req for additional evidence (from Sep) 95000: 1 req for additional information received (from Sep) 95500: 1 approval (from Sep) 96000: 1 approval (from Aug) 96500: 1 approval (from Aug) 97000: 1 approval (from Sep) ; 1 req for additional evidence (from Sep) 98000: 1 approval (from Sep) ; 1 denial for insufficient funds (from Aug) 98500: 4 approvals (1 from July/ 1 from Aug/ 2 from Sep) ; 1 req for additional inf. received (from Sep); 1 denial for insufficient funds (from Sep) 99500: 1 approval (from Aug) 100000: 1 denial for insufficient funds (from July) Total (12 July - 25 Sep) : 19 approvals // 3 requests for initial evidence sent // 3 requests for additional evidence sent // 2 requests for additional evidence received // 3 denials for insufficient funds. I suppose that most of these are expedite requests. Approvals by latest dates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1worFuR3iwHjir9xvpZSbgmYDxVzNH0PAJ9LfKkegysE/edit?usp=sharing
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    Mike E

    K1 Visa port of entry

    So because she has children who are U.S. citizens, there is a decent chance she will be denied entry. What will he do if that happens? 1. Return to her country of origin with her? 2. Let her return to her country of origin without him, and he proceeds to enter the USA? If he plans to do the former, there is a chance his single use K-1 will be canceled anyway, meaning he will have to ask the embassy for another K-1 visa. Escorting his mother is creating a moving part that risks his own immigration journey. I prefer no moving parts. How long have his siblings been U.S. citizens?
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    Utah zoom marriage bypasses all of that. If I didn’t know what I was talking about I wouldn’t. Now, I don’t need to “pretend”. Back in 2020 Utah zoom marriage did not exist unfortunately which made us apply for K1. Good luck in your journey. I’m out
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    My Timeline 1)08/2016 Met USC via online dating. Introduced to her family in October. She has been divorced previously to a immigrant & successfully sponsored GC. 2)01/2017 moved with her (official Joint Lease) 3)08/2017 moved out as my parents coming, bought a house alone. 4)02/2018 USC moves in with me. 5)07/18 Marriage with parents flying to attend the marriage. 6)08/2018 Filed I-130 & 485 . With USC's weak financial background and inconsistent job. I pay for my attorney Fees. Also 864 form is filled by my friend. 7)08/2018 Received receipt for I-130 & I-485. Biometrics complete in 08/2018(Chicago). 8)11/2018 Both Move to California(Joint lease). EAD arrives. 9)02/2019 Interview scheduled in Chicago even Attorney requested to transfer. Conditional Green card approved in 10 minutes without Attorney present. 10)08/2019Marital Problems begin. Giving a police threat Angry USC abandons the beneficiary in 08/2019 with unfinished lease, credit card debt and no job. Denies marital counselling. 11)09/2019 Hires a top immigration attorney. Recommends filing divorce if no hope. 12)11/2019 With no hope of reconciliation & communication Beneficiary files divorce. USC makes it difficult by not responding. USC calls random Immigration attorneys probably to complain about immigrant. 13)07/2020 Divorce Finalized after lots of drama. 14)10/2020 I-751 waiver filed in California. Joint (Insurances, Credit card statements, lease, Auto loan, Pictures, 2018 Tax ) Text messages, DL showing same address, Stress Therapy, USPS informed delivery, NO JOINT BANK STATEMENTS. 15) 07/2022 Interview Scheduled, attended with Attorney. GC approved in 20 minutes by officer.
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    5 years and your parents haven't sniffed that you're married? Hard to belive this or you must be good at burying stuff. And should your parents obtain visas without knowing about the marriage, how will you juggle your living arrangements? Is your spouse going to leave the house the whole time your parents are around?
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    The CO will ask what he/she wants to ask. He/she may quiz them about your marriage, or he/she may not. Having a lawyer or having you there has no effect on what is asked.
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    Lil bear

    Visa after greencard?

    Although not explicit that the GC cannotbbe renewed overseas, the person involved certainly doen not meet the following found on the USCIS I90 info page If you are outside the United States and your Green Card will expire within six months (but you will return within one year of your departure from the United States and before the card expires), you should file Form I-90 as soon as you return to the United States. She has failed to meet the requirements for maintaining LPR status. If she wants to fight it out in court .. fine .. the form requires a current physical address .. unless she is going to not be honest , this must be her overseas address. Open the can of worms if her travel history is checked during processing.. or when asked “ how long have you been overseas” at POE. Way to many implications for my comfort zone … but thats me. im out
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    Affidavit of support

    Well that's a valid enough personal opinion and I see where you are coming from. But...in a spouse visa case, the petitioner's history, even criminal history except for sex crimes against a child are not grounds to deny a petition or visa application. Since he effectively has not sponsored another person who is now an LPR, the ex wife will not need to be counted in his household size. In a spouse visa case, he will not be able to delay the "use" of the I-864. Petitioner's are not required to be "seen in a favorable light" or be "ideal candidates" to sponsor immigrants, in order to bring their spouse with whom they have a bona fide relationship to the USA. Felons currently in prison bring spouses to the USA.
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    Visa after greencard?

    I 90 takes a year or so I 130 18 months? I 90 is rolling the dice assuming it is issued. I do not see the logic especially given the time lines. Sounds like she visited for a month and went home.
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    Affidavit of support

    You are only committed to the I 134 which is not enforceable. With that history and new petition can expect a lot of scrutiny.
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    They do not respect to my knowledge just process the paperwork and this seems a simple case
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    If you would like extra assurance when you travel, bring a printed copy of pages 2 & 32 of the official CBP Carrier Information Guide. Those pages state that an endorsed immigrant visa is an acceptable travel document into the US -- https://www.cbp.gov/sites/default/files/assets/documents/2019-Mar/2019 Carrier Information Guide - ENGLISH.pdf
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    EAD extension

    Obviously I paid an immigration attorney for bad information, fortunately I reached out on this platform before I began paying my new wife through one of my companies. I wanted to be 100% sure what she told me was true. I was having a hard time believing you could work after arriving, then not work while waiting for the EAD, then work again. She is anxious to keep busy, we will just have to be creative for the next few months, while waiting for the EAD Thanks all
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    Congrats!!! still waiting for mine to be transfer May I know how does your timeline look like??
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    RFE is not the end of the world. You answer it quick and your case moves on.
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    K1 Visa port of entry

    He can enter where he likes,. I doubt his mother will have an issue but it is always possible.
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    Mike E

    K1 Visa port of entry

    You also missed my question about what your fiancé will do if his mother is denied entry and returned to her country of origin. Why didn’t one of siblings petition for your fiancé’s gc 15 years ago? The F4 category (siblings of U.S. citizens is current for cases filed December 15, 2007 and earlier). He could have been interviewing for an immigration visa by now.
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    VAWA, Part 26

    It is Sunday -- time for our Official Weekly VAWA-Thread Joke: ============================================== A HOLY PARKING SPOT A man drove to the local mall. He drove around and around for 45 minutes, struggling to find a parking space. "Lord," he prayed, "I can’t stand this. If you open a space up for me, I swear I'll give up drinking and go to Mass every Sunday." Suddenly, the clouds parted, and the sun shone on an empty parking spot. Without hesitation, the man said, "Never mind -- found one!"
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    Financial package is anything supporting the affidavits of support forms and the new updated forms. How do "more photos" and "lease agreements" or "affidavits" other than the actual affidavits of support relate to the financial package?
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    All new updated financial package. Not sure what you mean by additional stuff.
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    Try it and find out. There...IS...a replace function. I do think it's a question you see after you click to add.
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    You could just redo both forms with accurate information and "replace" the previous financial documents.
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    Please do not post foreign-language translations of other people's posts. If you quote a post, quote what the poster wrote. If English is not your first language and you must translate a post for yourself, do it privately, but keep everything in English in these forums. The only place on VisaJourney that foreign-language posts are acceptable are the regional forums. VJ Moderation
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    Russian company on work history

    To try to file for I-130? Of course. Unless you were specifically involved in some sort of anti-american govt efforts or nefarious agency, then it doesn't really matter. If anything, you might receive and RFE asking to describe you role/position, or get some additional questions during the interview. Without going into to much detail, my wife has a somewhat of a similar situation, not 10yrs but still a govt civil servant, and I personally have no concerns about our application.
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    They may not have a dedicated team of investigators out to 'catch" people naturalizing and it may not be that difficult to evade Philippine law on the issue. But the law is the law and when they make it so easy to do it the right way, there is really not much incentive to risk it. I could imagine it might come up in a variety of circumstances in the Philippines, such as if you claim exemption from travel tax leaving the Philippines or want to stay more than a month without extending a visa. There is a good chance if you have kids in the US they might want to claim Filipino Citizenship. If it's $50 and a visit to the consulate to fully comply with Filipino citizenship law, it is wise to do, whether you might "get caught" otherwise or not.
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    If you are in PA as your profile states you would file to re-acquire Filipino Citizenship through the Philippine Consulate in New York City. Costs $50. Well worth the effort. https://newyorkpcg.org/pcgny/consular-services/dual-citizenship-ra-9225/ You should also apply for a new Philippine Passport after you re-acquire Filipino Citizenship. Any previous Philippine Passport is invalidated when you naturalized to the US.
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    At long last ... I wish good luck to everyone on this thread waiting for their case to be transferred 🙏
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    The officer might want to ask them about your relationship and there is obviously nothing that an attorney can do if/when this happens. But additionally, if they do indeed come, is your spouse leaving when they visit you? And most importantly is your spouse ok with this?
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    Save The Last Rants For Me

    My, you sure are a valued Costco customer. Must be getting a BIG rewards check at the end of the year.
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    If she doesn't know which hospital, then it's a no-go. Maybe she can get a blood titer test as mentioned above, but she will have to pay for that. If she has no objection to getting vaccinated again, just let her get them at the visa medical. The cost of all the required vaccines (except those for COVID) are already included in the standard fee charged by SLEC.
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    K1 Visa port of entry

    Her fiance will provide her (the petitoner's) address where he intends to live so there is no issue of address msmatch.
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    Sending you a message in the PM section
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    We filed it may 8, 2022 and receive date is 12 may, 2022. So we’ve only been in processing time for a little over 4,5 months. when are you guys expecting to move in together and get married? we are hoping for end 2023, beginning 2024. Broadly taken (hopefully😅)
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    Oh yeah I’ve added my I-94 and copy of my Dutch Passport too. We have only met 2 times in the usa so far since before that it was just a 1,5 hour train ride and we’d be together. I have my fingers crossed that your package gets a fast approval and that everything goes well for you both!💗
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    Mike E

    K1 Visa port of entry

    It would be simpler if she went to the U.S. alone too, and he flew directly to your city the day he arrives in the U.S. Of course the officer can ask questions. That's the mission of CBP: inspect. If there is anything a CBPO legally cannot ask, I'm not aware of it. When your fiance checks in for his flight, he will have to provide his address where he is staying in the U.S. This address will not match the address of the petitioner, and IME, when CBPOs sees such discrepancies, they ask. When my fiancee and I entered the U.S. on her K-1 visa, our CBPO asked U.S. why the paperwork in the sealed envelope listed San Jose as my city of residence and not the city we provided the airline. I suggested to the officer that perhaps his paperwork refered to the USCIS office where my fiancee will be adjusting status after we married. He looked and said "yes you are correct. You've 90 days to marry", stamped her visa, and we were out. CBPOs rarely deny entry to K-1s, and when they do, usually it is because the CBPO doesn't believe the K-1 visa holder will marry the petitioner within 90 days. An address discrepancy can raise suspicion that the K-1 doesn't intend to marry the petitioner. If so, your fiancé will have to convince the CBPO that he intends to marry you. You should be by your mobile phone from the point he lands until he emerges from baggage claim in case CBP wants to call. The explanation "I'm dropping off my mom at by sibling's home" is plausible, but as I've noted, might drag him into drama.
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    Crazy Cat

    K1 Visa port of entry

    No issue. He can enter anywhere in the US.
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    Mexico you are probably fine My wife used the stamp to fly out of Cancun airport a few year ago, but we were on American Airlines who is pretty familiar with the stamp.
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    JULY 2021 I-129 K-1 FFILERS

    SATURDAY RFE Updates: 106500 - 1 RFER (0 new / 1 in progress) 107000 - 1 RFER (0 new / 1 in progress) 108500 - 1 RFER (0 new / 1 in progress) 109500 - 2 RFERs (0 new / 2 in progress) 111500 - 2 RFESs (2 new / 0 in progress) 113000 - 1 RFES (1 new / 0 in progress) 115000 - 2 RFESs (2 new / 0 in progress) 115500 - 3 RFESs (3 new / 0 in progress) 116000 - 2 RFES (2 new / 0 in progress) 116500 - 2 RFESs (2 new / 0 in progress) 117500 - 3 RFESs (3 new / 0 in progress) 118000 - 2 RFESs (2 new / 0 in progress) 09/24/22: 22 Total Updates: 17 RFESs, 5 RFERs
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    N-400 September 2022 Filers

    So easy! Almost felt wrong not having to print, mail off, and track a big packet. The same day NOA1 was nice. I wish they all could have been online. Hopefully they keep moving in that direction and make more forms online. Applicants of the future won't know how good they have it.
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    F2A category - Montreal interview pending

    Hello, Visa Interview (F2B) was successful. My appointment was at 8:15 AM. reached early, (stayed literally within the block) at 7:30 which is also the time the Embassy opens up. Security Personnel looked at the managing personnel (Indian), who rolled her eyes and let me in anyways. Wont go into the security detailing procedures, since @Trushal Patel and a lot many have explained in detail in this thread anyways. Was first up in the line of interviews for the day. Climbed up, and my token was shortly announced in a matter of minutes. If your DS-260 has been clear and the same from the day it was approved, (no matter how long ago, it was approved), the first part of the interview (where, you're called to submit your docs) should be pretty smooth and brief. I was only asked for an updated RCMP clearance, passport picture, passport, birth certificate and latest tax forms and W2s from your petitioner and sponsor, if you have one. Rest of the stuff just included confirming details regarding me and the petitioner ( in my case, my father). After that was complete, I was summoned again for the main interview in a matter of minutes. The officer was a jolly, middle aged gentleman. Here are the questions I as asked after being asked to take the oath: Who's petitioning for you? Are you single? (as relevant to the type of visa) Where's your petitioner staying now? Since my father had been residing in Boston, he found some common ground and we chatted about his hockey games in the town he'd played, in. Amongst other things, we'd talked about Boston, its beer, Southies, and Mark Wahlberg. Shortly after that, I was asked when was the last time I was in the US and how long. I was there in the US (student visa and subsequently OPT) for about 6 years before immigrating to Canada. I said, "Well I was there on a student visa..." where I sweetly cut off by nodding and "Oh perfect..", followed by "No, illegal presence /, or anything of that sort?", I said No, "perfect, your visa's been approved, Thanks". He handed me the paper for the courier instructions. I was off the premises before actual interview appointment time had even started. Most of the interview time, we made more small talk than talking about the real thing. Was fun and quick. I got the email from the embassy about my visa (passport) being dispatched to to the Courier (Canada Post) the same day, and an email from Canada Post confirming the same. Receiving my passport in less then 3 days. (because of the weekend) My Warm Thanks to all the people in this thread who have previously shared detailed accounts of their experiences. Its helped me to make important decisions and be updated about the process.
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    August 2021 K1 Filers - I129F

    August : 3134 Untouched, 128 Approvals, 6 RFESs, 6 RFERs, 319 Denials, 163 Expedites(Denied: 161 / Received: 2), 106 Withdrawals, 171 Others Friday Updates 119500: 1 RFES (1 new / 0 in progress) 123500: 1 RFES (1 new / 0 in progress) 09/23/22: 2 Total Updates: 2 RFESs I hope , We will see more uptades the following monday or next week.
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    Reaching out to congressman

    I would go ahead and reach out. The current processing times are unacceptable in a world where most transactions take seconds. The more of us speak up to our community leaders to pay attention to their constituents at home rather than someone half a world away, the more likely something positive is to happen. P.S. I've contacted two of my representatives myself. One has ignored the request and the other one provided a rather canned letter. But I'm not giving up.
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    Options to transfer personal funds

    I have used Wise, formerly Transferwise, to transfer money. Wise. com When comparing rates, look at the service fees and the exchange rate offered. Income tax is based on income earned in a tax year. Your entire savings balance was not “earned” in one tax year just because you change the bank that holds it. If you were paid $10 interest into that savings account in the tax year, then you “earned” $10 which is reported on the tax return, no matter if earned in the US or abroad.
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    married 3/25/22 in utah online marriage, filed report of marriage with san francisco embassy - received stamped report of marriage back 7/20/22 and have been emailing PSA/DFA almost weekly since then. As of today I have no answers. How do I get notified that it's available at PSA? I tried to order through PSA last week but the result of the document was "negative" and they claim to not have it still. DFA responds extremely slow and keeps repeating the same thing - that they transmit to PSA weekly. still, no news or any updates. I can't keep placing the PSA order randomly and hoping they have it finally. Is there some better way I should be checking? This feels really annoying.
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    APRIL 2022 I-129F K1 FILERS

    Welcome! I try not to listen to doomsday predictions and pray that both uscis and embassy speed up! I pray for a wedding next Summer
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    N-400 September 2022 Filers

    I uploaded those twice just in case.
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