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    VAWA, Part 21

    The officer will ask the questions that you answered YES or NO(form I-485). Yes the interview is different when based on marriage. Mental abuse is a pattern involving humiliation,isolation, degradation, threats etc..
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    We tend to blame government, but at some point we have to look in the mirror. I accept that we sometimes elect people who really can't do the job, but sending them back to congress over and over when we know they can't get it done, there is no excuse for that. We can only blame the broken system for so much before we need to accept that we (the people) are part of why the system is broken.
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    Impeachment is a very serious process. I liken it to a final effort when all else has failed. If it becomes a common occurrence, something is quite wrong somewhere. Our government, the American people.......
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    VAWA, Part 21

    Sill can't imagine that it shows my case was approved. Really keep your faith everyone, God moves in a mysterious way.
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    N-400 September 2020 Filers

    Yesterday, I had my oath taking ceremony at the USCIS Jacksonville local office in a covered garage area. Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ Sorry, I canโ€™t help but share my experience to you guys. Not complaining here though. I was so surprised that we had our oath taking in a covered garage, uncovered windows (it was cold). My husband described it as a bunker. Lol. Anyways, I can understand due to COVID. The oath ceremony was fairly quick. From the scheduled time to finish, only lasted about 20 minutes. Definitely, it was a day to remember. Finally, I am a US Citizen and no more immigration.
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    VAWA, Part 21

    You lived 18 days with your spouse.. your VAWA was adjudicated and approved.. this means that the officer at Vermont did NOT have a problem with the brevity of just 18 days! it is not the place of the officer (at the local office) who's going to interview you for the adjustment of status, to re-adjudicate your i-360.. you did not plan to live with your spouse for just 18 days.. you were abused and hence left.. the officer should have enough sense/training to know this but if not you can remind him of these words!๐Ÿ’
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    VAWA, Part 21

    Sometimes the truth doesn't sound nice but it must be said regardless!๐Ÿ˜ That said, I would like to encourage you Apollo to tell your friend if she's been abused she should file for i360 it will only get worse if she tries to hold on... these people do not change!๐Ÿ’
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    Yea, since this is the Philippines we are talking about here, you must go to Bureau of Immigration's official Facebook page to get the real story.
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    Yep. The evidence points to the fact that there was a concerted effort to discredit and reverse the legal election of Trump....... but to some, the end justifies the means.
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    Yep, no spying by their FBI, no suggestions of how to play it. Sure Rice sent an email to herself as a CYA, who does that? You can believe what you want, but I will go with Mollie H. Sheโ€™s pretty good with her investigations, and career politicians are corrupt.
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    VAWA, Part 21

    You have posted this question before if I remember correctly and many users here have tried to reassure you the interview for the 485 based on VAWA is more a formality then anything else. However I think you are looking for something more specific right? Here is a link that may help. Starting at page 17 through page 23. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/memos/Role_of_Private_Attorneys_PM_Approved_122111.pdf Its an old policy memo from 2011 about the role of attnys but the pages I mentioned discuss 'interview environment' and 'officer conduct' as well as 'basic interview procedures and techniques'. I think we can all understand why someone who has suffered through mental abuse would be fearful of authority figures and hopefully reading through the pdf linked will put them at ease that they will be treated respectfully and fairly.
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    Usually it's the loss of insurance that works? You lost yours when you switched residencies.
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    The word doesn't mean that much anymore does it? Democrats have given the word a new meaning; "An abuse of power for political gain"
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    Medical exam height

    Dwarfism is a genetic disorder. There is no such thing as medically classification of dwarfism by height.
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    expedited ir1 interview

    Do you have a reason for it?
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    BS. The number of applicants for adjustment of status was 565,427 in 2016 to 549,086 in 2017. This is total from every country. Not just one country. Data from DHS. https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/Lawful_Permanent_Residents_2017.pdf You want us to believe that for 2 months in 2020, the number of people filing for AOS from one country is 4 to 6 times the total annual number worldwide. Totally false.
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    Could he be racist?

    Oh yes, for sure, I'm just explaining why some American racists would still marry a woman from a poor Asian country. It's a particular type of racist. The fiance might be that type.
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    Could he be racist?

    Very few racists actually admit they're racists. Some are even lying to themselves. And in the US, I've noticed that a lot of racist dudes also have some pretty horrible views about women and they specifically seek out Asian women because "American women are the worst". Attitudes like that are a pretty big red flag to me, especially if they also believe that Asian women are going to be submissive. Beware. For the record, I've been living here for almost 4 years, in a place with a lot of immigrants (SoCal), including illegal immigrants from Mexico, and, no, I haven't "understood".
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    I am heading to Portland tommorow. I will let everyone know what kind of post apocalyptic mad max hellhole I discover. I hope the Ramen is still good. I know, but when you storm the Capitol building and chant that you want to hang the VP and Speaker, it gets federal attention, it's not a local dc matter.
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    Medical exam height

    I'm pretty sure most disabilities (and I don't even think she's disabled) are not an issue for the medical. There's nothing to worry about. Basically, if she doesn't have an infectious disease, addiction issues and she's not a danger to herself and others, she'll be OK, as long as she has the necessary vaccinations.
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    300 would be a slow night in Portland.
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    Fiance is here on visitor visa

    Read the I 864 explains how you fill it in.
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    K1 Visa & Wedding plans

    Be careful with tentative wedding dates, plan on flexibility until the beneficiary has the K-1 visa in hand, in their passport. Same warning for buying flight tickets, quitting jobs, selling property, and so forth. Others have been burned when they put down non-refundable deposits to hold venues, etc., only to have delays and have to change the date. As long as you don't pay up front, non-refundable deposits, and have planned on flexibility, you should be fine. Some counties are more of a hassle with COVID or have long wait times for the marriage certificate, which can delay filing the AOS paperwork, so research that as well. You can get married anywhere in the US. Good luck with your K-1 process and wedding!
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    VAWA, Part 21

    Same happened to me.. my address was only updated for my i-360 case but not on the I-485 so I believe it's best to do both.. Apparently Vermont doesn't always update the local office.. sometimes they do sometimes they don't so I guess you should do both.. that's what I did!๐Ÿ’
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    August 2020 - AOS Filers

    Thanks! I am just hoping I haven't wasted time by not checking in sooner. Probably not. Or at least telling myself that makes me feel better!
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    So this was stated as the reason or is this your assumption?
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    Ciudad Juarez interviews ???

    Thanks a lot! Everything went smoothly and I got approved They only asked for the original birth certificates (mine and my husbandโ€™s), marriage certificate and police records. We updated some documents and upload them in the CEAC before the interview, maybe thatโ€™s why they didnโ€™t ask for taxes or anything else. The questions were pretty basic: how do we meet, where and when did we get married, is my husband a resident or citizen, where was he born, where does he work, how often do we see each other, have I been to USA, if I have a current visa, and that was it. About the measures @StarSeed1: you need to wear make all the time, they have gel and they practice social distancing. Also they are only performing a few interviews every day. I didnโ€™t see a lot of people at the consulate, it basically looks empty. I count only 4 windows checking the documents and I would say less than 10 windows performing the interviews. I had the number 25 for immigrant visas (my appointment was at 8.30). i would say there was only 20 people waiting in the huge room at the time. It took me like 2 hours (mostly waiting). I am back home and I will wait for my package here, I hope it arrives next week so I can get to US before January 26th.
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    Evidence? That is something new.
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    Federal charges levied in racial unrest Federal authorities have arrested more than 300 people amid a crackdown on racial injustice protesters in the U.S. since spring. An AP analysis shows that while many are accused of violent crimes, others are charged with relatively minor violations. CHARGE PEOPLE CHARGED Arson (includes attempt and conspiracy to commit) 86 86 Illegal possession of firearm 46 46 Civil unrest/Disorder/Rioting/Creating a disturbance/Disorderly conduct 39 39 Assaulting/Impeding/Intimidating federal employee or officer 33 33 Use of explosives/Use, making or possession of destructive device (including Molotov Cocktail)/Receiving explosives 30 30 Damaging/Destroying property by fire or explosive/Conspiracy 17 17 Failing to obey lawful orders 17 17 Damage/Destruction of government property 17 17 Burglary/Conspiracy to commit burglary 14 14 Interfering/Obstructing/Resisting law enforcement 11 11 Attempting to destroy/Destroying a vehicle by fire/Conspiracy 10 10 Making threats by phone/Internet 9 9 For those arrested for multiple crimes, each separate charge is tallied in this table. Source: AP analysis of court records
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    I think the American people play a big part in it.
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    Too bad this didn't apply to the BLM and Antifa riots that lasted over 5 months.
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    Indeed it should never be a common occurrence, but neither should it never be wielded. This is entirely why it is up to the people to make better choices about just who we are putting in government. There are large philosophical arguments about the values of impeachment and that we as society should perhaps start carefully weighing the morality and competency of the people we elect.
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    Impeachment is a process to judge if an official has committed an offense worth removing them from office. Partial impeachment is an indictment and a moral condemnation that is supposed to mean something for face value. To be fully impeached and removed from office is the trial part, where crimes are aired and defense if any is given. But impeachment itself is a political process which renders at times the ability to actually convict difficult, not simply because the official has indeed done something wrong, but because of amoral men rendering party over country. Still the founders did not state that because an official isn't convicted, makes the process and point moot or that it is somehow not worth pursuing just because it makes everyone generally unhappy or could have a political cost. Pence himself seemed to understand this back in the 90s, how serious a moral condemnation it was.
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    VAWA, Part 21

    Same. Just got the letter with the biometric appointment for february
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    August 2020 - AOS Filers

    So, I checked my status today and my EAD updated to finger prints were taken yesterday. What a coincidence the day I contacted them to check. Oh well, maybe that means the ball will finally start rolling. I am going to do to same for my daughter today and see what happens. Frustrating but at least it's done!
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    It's very unfortunate indeed. I hope the delay for you will be no longer more than a month. Thank domestic terrorists for that
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    The point of impeachment is to remove a democratically elected official.. the President. There is no such thing as a successful impeachment that just ends there. If it can't do what it set out to do, remove the President (at minimum), then it is indeed a failure. This is why impeachment likely should be done with an ounce of consensus, because the impeachment threshold of a simple majority doesn't apply to the Senate trial. If people made less of a joke of what is supposed to be a serious process, Congress might have been made to be slightly more useful.
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    How do you know Obama, Biden, and Rice weren't trying to unseat Trump? You said it didn't happen.
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    I assume terrorism threat.
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    Im going to echo what @millefleur said back on page 1. This discussion/argument comes up every so often on VJ. I will admit my first go around with it I argued for one side passionately. Then after much research and debate I stepped back from my position. You seem to be as passionate and stubborn as I was in seeking a clear answer which spoiler alert- is a fruitless endeavor. The issue is 'Congress has never bothered to define "employment" under the immigration laws, and the definitions of the term in immigration regulations, case law and non-binding policy guidance are incomplete or imprecise'. As a result there's no law/policy specifically allowing such (digital nomad) and no law prohibiting it specifically. The above quote is from- https://www.ilw.com/articles/2012,0625-Paparelli.shtm Its a rather short read of 2 attnys taking opposing stances on the issue. I believe the only appropriate advice we can give someone about this topic is explaining about the incomplete policy and reassurances that working w/o auth is not a bar to adjustment as an immediate relative. Beyond that it becomes a moral issue. If a law doesn't exist does that make it legal>? Technically yes I suppose but does that make it 'right'? (In the United States and Common Law Britain โ€œwhat is not prohibited is allowedโ€ where In Napoleonic Law Countries (most of Europe and Africa) โ€œthat which is not (explicitly) allowed is prohibited")
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    John & Rose

    Philippines - lawsuits

    They are asking the judge about adding plaintiffs. This suit is $2000 a couple but do your homework first. The state department and the lawyers warn that there is little to no impact on plaintiffs outside of the Schengen Area, UK, Ireland, Iraq, Brazil and China. Make sure to talk to the lawyer before you send money that may be wasted.
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    To directly answer OP's question... Go to the website of the county you vote in, you can also search for the [county] board of elections. Send them an email (or call) asking for your voting record. You may need to send/attach a letter with your signature formally asking for it. They will advise you of any other specific requirements needed to obtain your record. Fwiw I sent in my voting record with domicile, as part of an effort to produce too much evidence rather than not enough. I don't know if it was useful/contributed to getting DQ'd or not. My thought is that if it doesn't hurt it doesn't hurt.
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    Is ROC really faster for Texas residents?

    The reuse notice clearly says: "The biometrics fee will not be refunded." Yeah, there's many different applicants that have to file I-751: CR1 Spouse of US citizen, new arrivals, conditional CR6 Spouse of US citizen, adjustments, conditional CF1 Spouse of US citizen, entered as fiance(e), adjustments, conditional CR2 Child of US citizen, new arrivals, conditional CR7 Child of US citizen, adjustments, conditional CF2 Children of CF1, adjustments, conditional C21 Spouse of LPR, subject to country limits, new arrivals, conditional C26 Spouse of LPR, subject to country limits, adjustments, conditional CX1 Spouse of LPR, exempt from country limits, new arrivals, conditional CX6 Spouse of LPR, exempt from country limits, adjustments, conditional C23 Children of C21, C22, C26, or C27, subject to country limits, new arrivals, conditional C28 Children of C21, C22, C26, or C27, subject to country limits, adjustments, conditional C22 Child of LPR, subject to country limits, new arrivals, conditional C27 Child of LPR, subject to country limits, adjustments, conditional CX3 Children of CX2 or CX7, exempt from country limits, new arrivals, conditional CX8 Children of CX2 or CX7, exempt from country limits, adjustments, conditional CX2 Child of LPR, exempt from country limits, new arrivals, conditional CX7 Child of LPR, exempt from country limits, adjustments, conditional
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    Yes, except there is a waiting step. Once you are at the DQ stage, the NVC is holding your information until the consulate tells them they have available interview slots. NVC doesn't send your info to the consulate until they can schedule the interview. That's why although you are ready for the consulate/interview step, your information has not been sent over yet.
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    Proof of Domicile - Voting Record

    Not everything you read in here is correct, but you can get a lot of good stuff too. Also, there is no perfect place to get all the info you need. There are even caseworkers at the NVC who are not privy to their own guidelines. My husband was working for a public international organization at the time of submitting documents to the NVC. He explained this thru a letter, which we submitted for me and our 2 children. While I got DQd using that document, our kids were sent the message you received. He then replied with a lengthy letter, specifically pointing to the guidelines on qualified employment abroad. He attached a 40+ page treaty between the US and the organization, and he also added his voting record and bank statements (which we didn't submit for me). A few hours later, the kids also got DQd. Utlimately, we still have to be on top of our cases. Please do come back here and share your experience so others may learn. Good luck!
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    Voting to recall this guy would be even more satisfying than when I voted to send Gray Davis packing.
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    Not sure if this has mentioned here but US will require proof of negative test to enter US by Air. Order goes in effect on Jan 26th "If you plan to travel internationally, get tested before you travel by air into the United States (US), or be prepared to show proof of a recent positive viral test and a letter from your healthcare provider or a public health official stating that you were cleared to travel." https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html
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    We just got him/her to settle down and you and go and mess things up. We don't know when the interview took place as the OP hasn't updated their timeline. But what we do know is that ceac has changed dates on 1/13/21 so there is movement on his/her case. I'm going back to .
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    Hi everyone! just checked my mailbox and found my green card in there, 13 days after my border crossing. Still no SSN though
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    VAWA, Part 21

    I just wanted to share the good news to everyone my I-485 was approved.
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