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    VAWA, Part 20

    A very happy and blessed thanksgiving to you fam!✨⭐ more grace and blessings to you all. Lots of love!💘💕💕💕💕💕😊👍
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    Being "stressed out" is not an excuse to verbally abuse your spouse in front of your children. And a mature man knows how to respectfully handle his children and to ask if he's unsure of something. I'm a woman and have practically no maternal instincts whereas my husband has changed his siblings' diapers when he was a teen and they were infants. He knows more about child-rearing than I do. This isn't about gender. It's about just common decency and not being abusive.
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    VAWA, Part 20

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May Almighty shower his blessings on all of us Ameen
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    Really not good to generalize about men raising or dealing with children! I had no trouble and I was "smart enough" to raise and deal with my children!!!!!
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    From the spouse's point of view, he comes home from work, has to take the wife to work, care for the kids, stay up until 11 or midnight to wake the kids up to pick up mom. Then he has to get up at what 6 maybe 7 to go to his job. I can understand his frustration. 1. Never, ever leave a child under 12 home alone. This is a crime and dangerous. 2. Try to work out a compromise. Bike, Uber, quit the job until you get your license, etc. 3. I this is the only major issue in the marriage both partied need to discuss it and work out a solution. I think the people who are speaking of abuse are a little to quick on the draw. I can see if I were sleep deprived being a bit short with the spouse. Not justifying just saying I can understand.
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    March 2020 I-129F (K1) Filers

    Finally. I picked my fiancée up from the airport (she’s from the USA, arrived in the U.K.) and whilst we were talking, an app alert popped up. we’ve got our NOA2!
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    Approved! My son and I are on the train heading home now. When the interview notice came through my son's interview was actually listed as 15 minutes after mine. I explained to the security guard he is a minor (at least for a couple more weeks 🤪) so he let him in with me and instructed me to tell them upstairs why he was early. I only gave them the documents they specifically asked for. The lady took my originals first and then my son's. She only wanted one photo each which she scanned and gave back to us (I gave her the stamped ones but she did not appear to check for this). As we had to update our police certificates I only gave her the new ones. (Mine looked like the sample on our spreadsheet and was accepted). Likewise, when she asked about the I-864 since I brought a new one she only wanted that one. I did not have a 2019 transcript but the copy of the 1040 and W-2s was accepted with no issues. I did notice the main thing they were looking for was the new I-864 was actually signed by the petitioner. (Also, for anyone who is required to file form 8938 they DO want a copy of this if you are providing tax return copies). We waited about 40 minutes to get called back up for the actual interview. The interviewer was very pleasant and nice. I think I got asked every question others reported combined and then some lol (who is your petitioner, when did you meet, where do each of you live, what does he do, have you been married before, when did you get divorced, do you have any children together, any other kids for each of you, have you been outside of the US, have you been to the US, longest time in the US, any trouble with the law or immigration, etc). Since my son is 17 we didn't know what to expect as I couldn't find reviews talking about older children interviews. They did ask him some direct questions as well (is he in school or finished, what does he plan to do, is he excited to move to US, has he had any trouble with the law or immigration and if he was married now or ever had been married. She explained they ask this because it impacts the type of visa he would be eligible for. ) At the end she said she was going to approve us. I got the welcome to the US paper. We were in there about an hour and 40 minutes total. When we got back to the hotel I checked our status on CEAC and it has already changed to ISSUED pending further processing. Sorry for the lengthy post; I found other reviews helpful in preparing for today and hope this is of benefit to others. To everyone else still waiting hang in there. This is a horrible process that tests your nerves, patience and perseverance. Your time will come (even if it feels like it won't) . For those with their interviews in the next few weeks best of luck!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I hope everyone has a nice, enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy CEHST Thanksgiving everyone!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Pie is out of the oven. I still need to make mashed potatoes and whipped cream, and we'll heat up the prime rib I picked up yesterday at Bristol Farms. Sprouts/stuffing/green beans too. My goal is not to cry all day thinking about how grateful I am to be alive and well, and that my family and friends are, too. After yesterday's COVID scare (Alex is still not in the clear), it brought home to me how the simple gifts of health and love are the best ones of all. I am particularly thankful to be spending this one with the man who married me just over a month ago -- I mean, he has known me for 15 years and he STILL married me knowing what I'm like! Best wishes for a safe and happy Thanksgiving to you all. May you know love and peace at the beginning of this holiday season. ❤️
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    Beside the arguments. I've been in your husbands shoes. Having to wake my kids up and to pick up their father (now ex). Sleeping whinny, cranky, kids up and brought out in the cold. (not sure where you live) Then having them just fall back asleep just to wake them back up to get them back in the house and into bed. This is horrible and not something I would ever do again. You don't mention what your job is, but if your husband is thinking the same thing I am thinking, changing shifts may not even cover the cost of daycare. Plus with Covid daycares are limited capacity and you run a greater risk of exposure to the kids. I know you feel like he only asked to leave the older one home because you felt like it was because he's not his child. I'm sorry you feel that way but in your own post you say he has to wake the child and he probably deals with a cranky possibly crying child. This is hard on both of them too. Examine your income and the cost of daycare if you change shifts. Then do it again with taking an Uber both ways and just one way. See if it is worth it before giving up your job. Once you do that show him on paper if it is double and discuss it. I agree with counselling as it looks like he lacks communication skills and this may help.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Having a nice vegan Thanksgiving here. No turkeys were harmed in the feeding of this family.
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    VAWA, Part 20

    In this time of Covid19 there are so much things to be thankful for. To all my Vawa family from my home to yours......................Happy Thanksgiving and please continue to be safe...blessings continually ⭐⭐⭐⭐.🎊🎊🎉🎉🍴🍛🍗🍖🍞🍻🍸🍷💃💃💖💖
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    Crtcl Rice Theory

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Wishing everyone here all the best through the holidays. It is challenging to get through a normal season, but the isolation from our extended families is making this one a doozy. I tell myself the q4 game plan : stay safe, take a deep breath and keep my eye on the 2021 horizon, because how bad can it be compared to 2020? I will leave everyone with this Thanksgiving game plan from another era:
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    I would lose my mind if I was in either of your situations. Don’t ignore the potential abuse (since as you said he did this before the job too), but also consider that maybe getting a job before you could drive may have been more than either of you bargained for. I’m the one who works full time right now and sometimes my husband doesn’t get that I’m too tired to deal with anything after work. Or course you’re caring for two kids which could be anywhere from peaceful to exhausting and miserable. It’s time to talk with him about if you’ve both overextended yourselves, how he’s feeling about the situation with the kids, how long you can make it on just his income and your feelings about the job.
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    ^^^ this. Almost no chance he will get to visit. Such a shame he threw away his VWP privileges. Presumably OP is aware of the requirements for UK quarantine if plans to visit next month?
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    https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/guides/M-618.pdf I found this manual for people immigrating which may be helpful
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    I work as a nurse in the US and probably will have to show proof of the COVID vaccine, but honestly I will step up and get it no questions asked. Good luck to the rest of you. And besides it probably won't be a once and done vaccine, more like the yearly flu shot unless they come up with a vaccine that will work long term.
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    Husband did his medical with Dr. Mascarenhas last Tuesday 11/17. The results were sent electronically to the embassy today. Im so relieved!The doctor’s office said they would need 10 business days and they did it in 6. Interview is in less than a week!
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    VAWA, Part 20

    Hello Everyone Yesterday I went to my interview at Federal Plaza. I had a very sweet IO. He was so soft spoken and asked basic questions. After he made copies of my passport, EAD, Driver License and Tax Return, he told me that I would received my GC with in two weeks. On my way home I received two emails , one was that my card has been ordered. Second is from my previous I-485. In my previous post I had mentioned that my lawyer had filed two I -485 and I was worried if it would be a problem. He didn’t asked anything about the first I-485, the status of that now changed to, “ Case Closed, petitioner received status through other means”. IO seems to have all paperwork I ever file with USCIS in one file. Timeline Filed I -360, I-485, I-765 - April 3rd, 2017 Approved I-360- January 4th 2019 Interview - November 24th 2020. Current status- Card is being Produced It was a long ride but I am happy it is finally over. Good Luck to everyone waiting. God Bless @Stillwinning!!!😊 Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. You were always there to ease my mind when I was so worry about the little things. You always responded to my silly questions with enthusiasm and encouragement. Pray that god always protect and guide you.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Shhhh. Please... Happy Thanksgiving to all. Come on over if you are in the area. Weather is fine and we're having a pool party with lots of food and drinking. Good times for all.
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    VAWA, Part 20

    Happy thanksgiving to you too🙏🙏
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    Happy Thanksgiving from Ramstein Air Base and Landstuhl Army Medical Center, Germany! God bless everyone, and may God bless America
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    Told people this would happen months ago.. the first amendment and constitution prevails again, people targeting religious institutions and freedoms over the virus lose.. again: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/supreme-court-blocks-ny-enforcing-covid-limits-churches-n1249079 While they changed the rule at the last minute then tried to argue in court that it was moot, injunctions like this would basically help set the tone for future cases that will inevitably come before the courts in the coming weeks/months as those in power again try and see how far they can go in using said power to target specific people for harm.
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    Feel free to delete if not allowed. But had my medical in London today. Pretty straightforward process, went through and asked questions about my medical history (of which there is thankfully not a lot of, it seems), had to get two shots and do an xray and that was basically it. Interview on the 7th, 11 days from now. Will update y'all. ❤️
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    i-751 October 2020 filers

    Hi, I am the one that created the shared document. I was wondering why I am getting hundreds requests to the document. I didnt do anything on my side. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13RCTakDzgWAidVNgroLIjgVsgg4RpMhvHo531eS0S0M/edit?usp=drivesdk I think it should work now.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! :-) All prep work was done yesterday, including six loaves of bread and several pies (donated to the VFW hall). The turkey is roasting now, and the tree is almost up. I'm leaving some meals for a couple of my neighbors today that are back home after spending weeks in the hospital with COVID. Everyone could use some cheer this year I think.
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    JULY 2020 I-129F K-1 FILERS

    You get offended by people's remarks much more than I do from what I've seen and oftentimes you are just rude instead of helpful. Maybe you shouldn't post so much on here in that case or perhaps try to dial it down a bit to just helpful advice instead of getting your panties in a wad 😉
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    He can try to get a B2 visa, but it will likely be a waste of $160. Seems odd to have originally posted this in "AOS from work/study/tourist visas”......
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    As much as everyone here disagrees with each other, we have much to be thankful for. Be safe, eat lots of turkey, and enjoy time with your family!
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    Interview coming up...

    I don’t know why you are worried about the interview either. If I were in your shoes my biggest worry would have been during the 2 years between your I-94 expiring and your I-485 being received by USCIS - you were out of status for that whole period and could have been deported at any moment. Fortunately for you and your child, you did not come to the attention of the authorities and no action was taken on your overstay. Being deported would have been bad enough. Potentially being separated from your child would have been even worse for you and the child. But that’s water under the bridge now. Compared to the risk you were under then, the interview will be a walk in the park. Naturally there is a lot of skepticism surrounding AOS from VWP and B-2, and it’s not without justification. Most settled people, with a job, rent or mortgage, car, bills, etc are not able to just decide never to come home from a holiday without at least some element of pre-planning so many people struggle to see how it could be genuine. But that’s not the issue here. You arrived lawfully and were admitted by a CBP officer following inspection. Even if you had intent to stay and adjust (and I’m not saying you did), that in itself is not reason enough to deny the AOS of a spouse of a USC. Many people have been down this road. It is a legal path under certain circumstances. I understand that people view it as “queue jumping” but in your case nothing could be further from the truth. Being out of status for two years is not an enviable position to be in and it has taken you far longer to get to being a green card holder than if you had returned to the UK at the end of your trip and followed the CR-1 process. Assuming your marriage is genuine, you have nothing to worry about.
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    LBC in Los Angeles area picks up the box and that is included in the price. Forex also picks up. Forex seems to be more flexible as they are run by agents. Last time I shipped two boxes from my sister's house in L.A. area, I was impressed by the LBC method. Even if you have your boxed taped to high heaven, they put more LBC security tape on it, and their tape is the ultimate tape! Super strong!
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    That is great news. Now your status moves from one column to another in your month analysis.
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    Have you heard of Kafka?
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    Husband wont let me work, what can I do?

    How would they pay the mortgage etc?
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    There are of course multiple sides to every story, but unless the OP is blatantly lying, BOTH her and her husband are currently working and sharing childcare responsibility while the other one is at their job. I don’t know the specific hours they are clocking, but that sounds like it could be an even split. If the husband is the one getting stressed with the arrangement, maybe he should be the one to think about cutting his work hours down, or look into work from home jobs if he can’t hack it.
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    I also suggest family counseling. For those passing judgement on the husband...please bear in mind that we have one side of the story. Up until the part about waking/not waking the 5 year old, it seems, even from the OP's side of the story, that both the husband and wife seemed to be doing ok .. both sharing burdens. Perhaps the guy is a jerk. Or perhaps his side of the story will shed a different light. For now, there is some friction in their relationship and seeking a counselor is much better than asking a bunch of strangers in an immigration forum.
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    She shouldn’t have to find a new job just because her husband can’t handle the responsibility of working and also caring for his children. It sounds like they had an agreement about work schedules and he is the one not following through. She is trying to find acceptable work arounds for needing to be picked up (like uber). Yes times are stressful for everyone because of Covid, but multiple, extended instances of verbal abuse and profanity towards your partner are not excused by that. There are plenty of men who are wonderful fathers and that are more than capable of looking after their children. Please don’t act like that’s abnormal. OP, I would recommend counseling for your relationship as well as his anger issues ONLY IF you would like to work on the marriage and still feel safe. You mention being financially reliant on him, but please make sure that you prioritize your safety and well-being as well. Many large and even median-size cities over worker pools if you need transportation to and from employment. Are there any bus lines around where you are? I know the idea of public transportation doesn’t sound like the best idea in the middle of a pandemic, but busing services in my area have really stepped up and put policies in place to help keep riders safe.
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    Embassy interview

    Emergency interview due to passport expiration? No, you simply get the passport renewed. Something you need to do anyway
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    I would suggest finding a day job and then putting children in daycare. Otherwise, look for work at home jobs. He is stressed out due to working all day and then as a husband dealing with very young children alone. Men are not smart when dealing with children. We are Mama Bears. It is not easy during COVID times. You can Google work at home jobs
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    Hello. We got our NOA2 today. The same day that my fiancée travelled from America for a short stay since we haven’t seen each other for 10.5 months. looking forward to reading the next steps. good luck all
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    Hi Guys Finally i had my interview yesterday. DQ was June 18 and first interview scheduled on Sept 18 and got rescheduled to 24 Nov at 8am. Reached embassy at 7.30 am and completed all screening process without any issue. Front desk gave me the token and entered the waiting room where they have collected Birth certificate, marriage certificate, PCC and Tax transcripts. Exactly 9.00 am , the consular called me and she is more friendly and guided me with the interview process. -Who is filing for you? -What is her name? -When was the last time you spoke? -What state does your wife reside in, and with who? -How often you visited? -When was the last time you saw each other? -Was there a reason you guys haven't seen since then? -Questions about employment/position? -Have you ever traveled out of the country? -Have you ever been convicted? -How big was your wedding? -Was your medical completed, and when? She was trying to pull other documents from the system and asked me to wait for few minutes. She took my visitor visa page and stamped it as cancelled. After few minutes, she said your interview went well and you are good to go now and everything is ok. we will process your visa. Gave back the Birth certificate, marriage certificate and domestic violation paper and kept the passport with her. She mentioned You will get an email about the courier details for the passport/Visa. Wished for safe travel and advised to stay safe in US. No other documents asked and it was quite productive discussion and the consular made more comfortable during the entire interview process. So, finally i have completed 11 months of waiting period. Currently, in the CEAC portal the status got changed from "Ready" to "Administrative processing". No form 221g issued or any instructions to provide more information nor did the immigration officer tells me that my visa application requires further processing. Hope everyone has gone through the same situation after the interview. I request the persons who have attended the interview to give clarity on the status update from Ready to AP. Thank you all and thanks for your guidance. I hope i will get my visa back very soon. All the Best for those waiting for their interview.
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    We finally got our NOA2 today!!❤❤❤ NOA1 March 19th NOA2 November 24th It took 250 days
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    Thanks for this detail! I just got approval for expediting my interview by the way!
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    N-400 July 2020 Filers (merged)

    Congrats ..
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    "Merit-based/Family-based Immigration and Diversity Visa Biden disagrees with Trump's position of creating a merit-based family immigration system. Biden would instead "expand" family based immigration to the US. He would allow any approved family visa beneficiary, whose green card is not yet available due to the annual country cap, to receive a temporary visa and enter the U.S. until a permanent visa (“green card”) becomes available. In addition, Biden would support legislation that: Expands the definition of “immediate relative” beyond spouses; minor, unmarried children; and parents of U.S. citizens to add spouses and children of green card holders, exempting them from caps; and Allows parents to bring their minor children with them at the time they immigrate into the U.S." Can someone explain more details on this? How is this different from current policy? This means family-based visa process will come faster right? Thank you.
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