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    Your wife is right to be concerned. Because what you are planning to do is adding to the problems with people abusing the tourist visas. You say this... Using a visitor visa to plan to come over and change status is visa fraud. A visitor visa is for visiting the US. Not to skip the line. This is why many agents at borders are cracking down. Because too many people are planning to do what you are planning. What you are planning will be adding to the problem. What you feel or want is irrelevant. It is what the immigration officers feel if she is a risk to abuse her visa. And based on what you posted with your plans, they would be right to deny her. And this is probably the same excuse others who are abusing the visa is using. Again, the visitor visa is not a "wait and see" visa. That is why a person with a B2 must show travel itineraries with return dates and tickets. They don't tell the agent, "Oh, I am gonna wait and see when i return". You kept making points in your post that your wife has proof and has demonstrated that she does not want to stay in the US, but your plans state otherwise. So it comes off contradictory. We understand your situation. These are difficult times. The holiday season is here and for many the holidays are cancelled.
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    This is not legal. This is what you cannot do on a B visa, and it is precisely the reason behind the horror stories you cite. If you eventually decide you both want to live here, you will need to petition her for a spousal visa, and get into the queue like everyone else.
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    My passport came today! I just picked it up from the post office I’m in Vancouver. Tracking number was received Monday (November 16th), and the passport was available today for pickup at 9am local time today (November 18th). So only 2 days to get across the country!
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    So you are going to ask your girlfriend’s mother to take on a massive financial responsibility, one that could see her being sued by the government in the worst case, yet you don’t think you owe her the courtesy of being honest with her? I’m sure the mother isn’t stupid. She will read the forms and know exactly what’s going on. I’m sure she’d rather hear it from you two than by reading it on a government form that you got married. If you’re old enough to get married, you’re old enough to tell the truth to her mother. And if she doesn’t like what she hears and refuses to act as joint sponsor then you’ll have to act like adults and deal with your own mess even if that means being apart (it won’t kill you - all of us here are living proof of that) whilst your girlfriend returns to the US and gets a job that makes enough that you don’t need a joint sponsor.
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    March 2020 I-129F (K1) Filers

    Hey guys just wanted to post a quick update. My NOA1 was March 5, and today was my visa interview at the US embassy Abu Dhabi, UAE. And we got approved!! The Abu Dhabi embassy has resumed interviews for K1. I hope all of your cases move along really quickly as well! Hang in there, the backlogs with the embassies arent as bad as they seem now, once you get through the USCIS approval. Good luck everyone! ❤️
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    Seriously? What a way to start a relationship with the mother of your fiance/spouse!!!! Any joint sponsor should be aware of everything involved in their obligations as well as the situation..
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    Trump's Travel Ban Mega Thread

    Hallelujah!!! Just got my Visa issued today. God is faithful You are next!
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    Hello, What others have stated, perhaps harshly or not, is that what you are planning is not correct. If you decide to move to the US, then the IR-1 is the only correct route. It is not a preference. You technically have the option to abuse your wife's tourist visa and try to adjust status. But that will be committing visa fraud because you will be misrepresenting your intent when you enter the US (stating to CBP that your wife is just visiting and will return after X weeks or months). If you state your true intent to CBP, that you are not sure when your wife will return because you may decide later to stay and adjust status, then CBP will deny her entry. No one here will give you advise or suggestion on how to commit fraud, no matter your unique situation and the "pros and cons".
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    As a native Montrealer, I can tell you all that the orange construction cone has become the city’s most renown symbol. Some days, some streets are open, some days not. Or even, they change direction. It’s such a pleasure driving around 😂 And you’d think we were a North American city, until you see the conditions of our roads. It’s been like this for a decade at least 🤦🏻‍♀️ So anticipate to run into issues as you drive to the consulate. Especially since St-Catherine reduced traffic on the street, and removed parking on both sides.
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    Don't listen to Dashinka, not only is he a Trump supporter, but you see that Russian logo in his posts.. he's clearly compromised by Putin!!!!11
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    OP wants to get married but doesn't want to tell the future mother-in-law about the marriage... And yet wants this same future mother-in-law to be a co-sponsor and to use future mother-in-law's good financial position in order to obtain a marriage-based immigration benefit. Yes, I see nothing that could possibly go wrong with this plan.
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    You may want to check on that. If your parents are not making Canada their primary home, then they are likely to lose their provincial health care benefits. Highly unusual for a US health plan to allow adding parents as health care beneficiaries even if you claim them as tax dependents. Furthermore, claiming them as US tax dependents would conflict with their claims of Canada as their primary residence for accessing provincial health care benefits. Be 100% sure of all of this before your parents end up in a situation without legal access to health care. Perhaps being snow birds may be a better plan.
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    Unfortunately a ticking biological clock and the desire to have children will not qualify. These are lifestyle choices and the government does not provide exceptions for them. The previous contributor who did get an exception was because the intending immigrant is the parent of a USC minor child. You can still travel to meet each other if you want to make a baby. Mexico is open to citizens of many, if not all, countries, for example. Several members of this site have successfully met in Mexico recently where travel bans restricted them from being together in each other’s home country.
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    So. I had my interview on Monday this week. Echoing what everyone else has largely been saying, the whole process was very easy going. I was terribly nervous while waiting to be seen, but the guys I spoke too were very good at putting me at ease with the situation and talked through everything very calmly. one moment of anxiety hit as the first chap I spoke to, advised me that they still had not received my medical from Visa Medicals. He advised that I give them a call before the immigration officer called me up. I did as they asked and was informed by Visa medicals that my information had been submitted on October 27th, but not to worry because if the immigration officer couldn’t find it, there would be no problem sending copies over. about 20 minutes later I was called up to speak to the immigration officer. Again, the nerves kicked in, until I approached the window and he immediately commented on my tattoos. 😂 he said it was clear I’m more of a PlayStation fan than Xbox (I have the PlayStation button logos tattooed on my right hand fingers) and he also commented that I’ve “got the entire justice league on your other arm” he also asked me if my wife was allowing me to buy a PS5... because his wasn’t!! after we got down to business, I was asked if I’d lived and worked in America before, and why I wanted to go back again, he asked me if we’d looked into medical insurance and where we’d be staying. Then he asked about the medical information. I relayed what Visa Medicals had told me and he made a note of it on my file. he gave me the dreaded green “refused” paper, but explained not to worry because I was technically approved, but they couldn’t issue an approval until they found the medical notes. I was in the embassy for a total of about 50 minutes. just today, my status online has changed from Refused to “Administrative processing” so it looks like they found my notes!! finally we can start making solid plans!! Stay positive everyone who’s still waiting! Best of luck to everyone!
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    2018 called..... They want their Russian interference claims back
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    London CR1 / IR1 Appointment Updates

    UPDATE: just got an email with courier details and tracking no. My visa and passport will be with me tomorrow! This is within 2 days of visa interview (it was on Nov 17).
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    According to American culture, if you want your gf's mom to commit to sponsoring you, you are first going to have to spend some of your $30K in visits to let her get to know and trust you.
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    When it's late at night here in Commiefornia and I've been having a bit of indulgence myself, I usually end up having a stack of boxes from Saks arrive about five or six days later. I don't think much about VJ, I confess.
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    Finally have some great news to share: my husband had his removal of conditions interview today at the LA local field office. Was a little nervous because he received his interview letter 2 weeks ago, and his status never updated online on either site to say an interview was scheduled. The interview letter also did not have any USCIS letterhead, but when we checked in- there seemed to be no issues except confirming who the interviewer would be. Our letter was very specific about what to bring to the interview which was great since I know some letters others received were a little vague about what evidence to bring: it said to bring any new evidence of good faith marriage since our first petition in March of 2019 (like joint leases or deeds, joint bank accounts, insurance documents showing my husband as the beneficiary, birth certificates of any children, joint credit cards, etc.) plus copies and originals of all the supporting documents we submitted with our original petition. We waited maybe 15 minutes before being called in. The interviewer was professional but polite and said the interview would be brief, she had all our information that we previously sent for the CR-1 and the removal of conditions. She asked my husband: how we met, our address, my cell number, where we got married and his career. She asked me about my career, if I had been to Italy for trips other than for the wedding and when they were, and if I spoke Italian (I said I was still learning). She asked us both to describe the wedding day. Then she asked if we had any additional evidence- which I gave her another large stack- she joked that she would need another book to add to the 3 books of documents and evidence I had already sent over the entire immigration process. She went through the photos we gave her and asked a few questions, then she asked my husband to confirm the info in his removal of conditions application, and then she said she was approving the application and gave him a piece of paper stating the same. She said he should receive the green card in about 2 weeks. Entire interview was maybe 15 -20 minutes. She did not ask for copies or originals of the documents we submitted with our original petition. She said the office is getting busier, a good sign for any of you still waiting for LA interviews (the office was closed for 5 months, so they are behind in scheduling interviews). We checked his online status when we got home and it had already updated to New Card Being Produced. Quick parking tip for anyone with interviews at the LA field office downtown: we used the LADOT (Los Angeles Department of Transportation) Aiso Street Garage - Lot 763 (101 N Judge John Aiso St, Civic Center-Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA 90012), we were there for and hour and a half and parking came to $2. It's only $3 for 3 hours, which is much cheaper than the LA Mall parking at a whopping $17. Lot 763 is also just across the street from the USCIS building. VJ has been such a great resource for me so a heartfelt thank you to you all for the information and feedback and advice I've received from the community over the years. @Lucky Cat I updated your MSC I-751 filers spreadsheet as well.
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    and i always thought it would be bacon that would bring us all together.
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    There is value in all sorts of education. Life doesn't always land you in the job for the degree you have though. I remember growing up, I wanted to follow in my uncle's footsteps and attend a prestigious art college and be a fashion designer or photographer. My uncle of course went to that school in an age long before it now costs... something around 80k+ for a masters I think these days. Did he become some kind of famous artist for his degree? Nope. Absolutely not. He was a great painter, even better photographer and sketch artist and those skills back in the day meant he was in high demand from all sorts of people. Ultimately he ended up with a job in a completely different career field, but he used the skills he honed every day. As a poor gal going to that college was really a pipe dream and as I got older other things took higher priority in my life. Still, I think had there been greater accessibility and affordability I'd have been very happy there. There are many kids that know what it is they want to do, but they can only dream about doing it. There are also many kids that were never given the tools they needed to figure out what it is they might be good at, interested in, or wanted to do with their lives. My husband always knew what it was he wanted to do, and was the first in his family to graduate. His degree has given him valuable skills, but the truth is what he does now has nothing to do with his degree. He needed a job, any job. He took that job and has moved through the ranks. Now they want him to be a teacher with no experience in teaching because they're desperate! That being said we're still paying the loan, and will be for years. I don't think anyone else should pay for it either.
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    A - J


    What a day! It took a minute but we made it! Green Card is finally in hand! Best of luck to everybody here! Keep the faith.
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    So according to a blog this is the requirement: All provinces, except Ontario and Newfoundland, require you to actually live in your home province for at least six months plus a day (183 days in most years) in order to be considered a permanent resident of that province, and therefore qualified for provincial health insurance (medicare) benefits. That means actually residing in your home province and being able to prove it, ... Ontario allows you to be out of the country for 212 days (seven months) and Newfoundland for eight months without risking loss of your medicare benefits. If you stay out of your province longer than that, you risk losing your “residency” and with it your medicare benefits, https://blog.ingleinternational.com/how-long-can-a-canadian-snowbird-stay-out-of-the-country/ So here’s the thing, all the above may have different time limits but they all require you to have residency in your province in Canada. And a green card requires you to have residency in the US. And by definition (at least under US law), you cannot be resident in more than one place. (For everywhere except Ontario and Newfoundland it is physically impossible too, as you cannot spend more than half a year in both places in the same year.) So yes it is either give up Canadian healthcare to become a resident in the US and meet the requirements for maintaining your green card, or just be a snowbird. Given the periods mentioned to maintain Canadian healthcare, it seems a snowbird is the best option anyway, far less hassle, no tax implications, etc. Separately, is it actually a thing that parents can pay taxes, own property, receive pensions in Canada but be a tax dependent of someone else in the US? How does this work when they have to declare worldwide income /assets to the IRS? Genuine question, there may be a workaround as there often is with taxes, but it seems intuitively contradictory to me.
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    August 2020 - AOS Filers

    Correct, not being subsidized is part of the determination of whether the insurance coverage is a "heavily" positive factor, instead of just "positive".@GetOutside and @Toby_HB I should have flagged this as one thing to watch for if selecting a plan from the marketplace. As far as appropriateness and guidance for evaluating health insurance plans, USCIS says the following: https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-8-part-g-chapter-9#S-A-4 So if you can financially afford it, I would strongly consider obtaining marketplace insurance, because there's no telling how USCIS is going to decide these cases, e.g. they haven't said anything like "we'll approve applications that have less than X number of negative factors". It's up to the IO.
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    Exactly. Once a B-2 traveler says that it's easy for CBP to refuse entry per the INA. For example, INA 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I) means she would be determined to be inadmissible for being an intending immigrant without a visa that permits immigrant intent.
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    Why come all the way to the US. I have renewed My Type-O spousal visa ( I am assuming you are living there on this, as I have) and I would always just make a quick run/trip to the Thai embassy in Cambodia. I would plan for 3 days, but IF I dropped everything off in the morning I would pick up my new visa at the latest the next morning, maybe the next day in the afternoon, and then make my way back to Thailand. I would reccomend this, and avoid the US all together. You don't want to come here now, trust me, I am so close to jumping ship as the lock-downs and curfews begin again. I would stay where you are. On a side note, I know of at least 3 Thai friends of my wifes and that I know that have entered within the past 3 months on tourist visas with no issues. As another side note, I have found it easier just to keep 400,000 Baht in a savings account at Bangkok Bank, and I just renew while in country. I am thinking you don't have the income to renew in Thailand, so that is why you want to leave and return, I recommend Cambodia.
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    zuckerberg doesnt actually care about the country. he is human scum. he is hated by the left and the right and for the same reasons. i barely use facebook anymore, and mainly to keep in contact with friends all over the place and to post music. i dont think anyone would be upset to see him or facebook destroyed.
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    February 2020 AOS Filers

    Yep! Interview has been scheduled today. That's quick lol! Hopefully get the notice soon!
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    I can understand there being situations where you wouldn’t want a partner’s family to know about a marriage. Family dynamics can be all over the board and sometimes people find themselves in situations where distance and independence from family is necessary for an individual’s and/or couple’s well-being... THAT BEING SAID, those type of situations would make it odd or even inappropriate to then ask any family members to provide the sort of responsibility required for the I-864. This is a weird have your cake and eat it too moment. Or, I guess, avoid and lie to your cake and expect it to be responsible for you too moment.
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    Seriously? I can now understand why her mom would be unhappy. For this to even occur to you hints that you’re not exactly a forthright and/or mature person, none of which makes you recommenced marriage material.
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    I just wanted to say thank you to you all. I'm so grateful to have this topic thread - it's so super helpful. It's shining a light into the pitch black dark of the Long Wait for any news from the Embassy - it's super heartening to hear so many of you geting your interviews and visas - absolutely fanastic. We were DQ'd on the 24th Sept, so looks like it might a wee bit of a wait yet... but we are getting a bit closer each day! It's really, really helpful to get an idea of the timelines, this is by far the most information I have found on it. Thank you!
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    It's appalling to see foreigners coming to the Philippines insulting Filipinos when, in their own countries, they're very careful/scared. I am not directing this to any race--but it seems to me some people are innately bullies, and they just feel that they HAVE TO bully others.
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    Visa approved CR1 DCF London I-130 application started 19th February 2020 Interview was straight forward, nice people. simple questions; when did you meet your wife? why do you want to go to the US when you are now together in the UK? Visa approved No questions on domicile even though wife is living with me in UK on spousal visa. Thanks for help all
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    I am not a sir. AP/background checks cannot be expedited. I'm not sure why you are harping on this, as this thread is about NIE exemptions from presidential proclamations. The fact that one poster was able to get such an exemption to travel from the Schengen area makes it pretty obvious that her case was out of AP, otherwise that would not have occurred. I promise you that visas cannot be issued until AP is completed. I'm not going to look that up for you, but I'm sure you'll find it if you search hard enough.
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    February 2020 AOS Filers

    Got an update on my i-485 that interview is ready to be scheduled. No EAD, hopefully it gets scheduled fast, at least that.
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    N-400 April 2020 Filers

    The 6 questions were from the list of questions published by the USCIS (the old version). Just go through it beforehand, and you should be fine. Besides that, the officer will go through your application with you including the Yes/No questions we answered at the end of the application. Yes, at the end of my interview, the officer indicated I was approved, informed me there was a oath ceremony this upcoming Friday, and asked me if I wanted to be included in this one. I said yes, and I left already with a copy the notice to appear to the oath ceremony. Good luck!!
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    May the fleas of a 1000 camels infest your underwear and you get married
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    It’s like virginity. You can preserve it for years, but once it’s gone, it’s gone. I really think it’s hard to tell how much it will count against you for this, though. Only one way to find out. (Is the UK even interviewing for E visas yet? Most embassies are still very restricted in terms of which visas they are interviewing for at present.)
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    I'm sorry but you are asking your partner's mother to take on an enormous financial contract for you guys that involves the American federal government. I would hope that just as a basic courtesy, you will be honest about the reasons behind why you are asking her to sign the I-864. Additionally, what would stop your partner's mother from Googling around and immediately discovering what the I-864 is for and putting 2 and 2 together? Lastly, separation time is to be expected if you are an international couple. If you don't want separation time, then your only option is to stay put in your current country. Or find someone local to date (which I know you're not actually wanting to do). In any case, you're both adults who decided to be together and to pursue legal immigration, so that means accepting the setbacks and consequences that come along with your decisions and this process.
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    Time to put on your big boy's pants. Being honest with the Joint Sponsor is being respectful that she is putting her financial self on the line for YOU.
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    Echoing what Dags said here, I also had my interview today and it was super quick and easy. The interview itself was just two questions - where and when did you meet? and when did you last see each other. All staff I interacted with were lovely! From the staff to the security staff (In fact, while I was going through security I heard one of the staff on the radio, saying "We've had a woman come in who says she has info on the whereabouts of 3 wanted Iraqis with a $5 million reward on their heads and she has been told to contact the embassy. She's outside now." WHAAAAAAAT?!!! I so want to know the ending to that story!) The following documents were the only ones I was asked for (bear in mind this was non-expedite CR-1 and filed through the normal process, NOT NVC - I understand that could change what they request) 1. Originals: Passport, marriage cert, police cert, birth cert 2. Only one passport photo 3. The letter inviting me to interview and the courier confirmation letter 4. My husband's W2 They didn't ask for any of the other tax things I had brought, any joint financial stuff or extra pictures. I had taken photocopies with me that I offered up, but she said no need. Got the verbal approval and one person said 3-4 days to get the passport, and the second 1-2 weeks. I get the impression that the first is very likely and the second was just managing my expectations. Anyway, good luck to everyone still going through the process!
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    Morning fellas. Had my AoS interview this morning. 'New card is being produced'. Wishing everyone the best of luck.
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    I think it's against the TOS to say someone is a troll/dupe so I won't say that. I have sat at the feet of Boiler and now follow his teaching that the TOS should be my bible. An atheist bible. Because in Joe Biden's America, the Bible will be verboten, as they say in Germany.
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    It has been big news here (and I mentioned it to you the other day, Boiler! but I may not have been clear). I'm furious about this -- I adhered to the spirit and the letter of the guidance we had from the state when it came to my wedding. We tested and isolated and then bubbled so we could have a wedding with seven people plus an officiant, and have it be safe. Newsom followed the letter but not the spirit and it is a terrible look. That and the trip to Hawaii. WHY? Our mayor is no more than a figurehead, but he's doing the right stuff, sending the right message. Next door, Garcetti is an often ineffective, spineless leader about homelessness but he's modeled excellent behavior when it comes to mitigating risk. If you think Democrats don't care here, that's definitely not the case. Who broke this in the first place? The Chronicle!
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    Any recent pet movings from the UK?

    Ours arrived yesterday and they are absolutely fine! It all went smoothly. Only issue we had was at the pick up and that was nothing to do with Petair. Petair advised we called Atlanta airport desk and asked any questions we had about collection and they were very helpful. Informed us we had to pay a small handling charge (which we knew) and we could pay once we got there. Anyway, once we got there, turns out we couldn’t just pay we had to use the website. The website wouldn’t load on our phone and ended up having to drive to a gas station and doing a money order. So, my advice would be if you know you have to pay a handling fee, check with the airport exactly how it needs to be paid. The crates they make the cats are fab, really sturdy and the foam padding means if they have to have a wee whilst in it, they stay dry and the puppy pad beneath soaks it up. Both cats are doing great and settling in
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    You also have to be careful how they're tracking you, not just from cookies (and look at the specifics of each cookie), but image placeholders, and if you're using a phone, you're largely oblivious to the regularly used battery status fingerprint tracker, audio fingerprint tracker, motion/orientation tracker.. there's no alert that this stuff is being accessed. Beyond the fact that some of these trackers and even scripts (trackers, ads, etc.) can transmit malware/provide access to a device. These are a huge reason why I (unapologetically) use script and ad blockers and try to minimize use of mobile devices for browsing. It barely scratches the surface of how much we're tracked, and that's not counting the ways we opt into it (e.g. smart phones, smart home devices with speakers/cameras). IoT and big data have surged astronomically this past decade and consumer protection/privacy laws haven't caught up. Plenty of law making representatives or executive agencies that are supposed to be looking out for our privacy yet are too busy being useless.
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    David G

    Another Colombia embassy live stream

    Yes, Finally they addressed a question about our visa category. I even recorded it with my phone in case that they deleted that. I don't know, I thought that I was dreaming.
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    Social media, and the media, are already in the midst of a shakeup, thanks to these self-defeating efforts of censorship.
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    Please advise

    Because the 3 year marriage is not the only requirement. It is a combination of other requirements. 1. Be married to a US citizen for 3 years. 2. Be a permanent resident (green card holder) for 3 years. 3. Physically reside and have domicile inside the US for 3 years. 4. Have completed or filed ROC (I-751) if applicable As you can see, your wife must meet all of those requirements. You may have been married on January 12th, but your wife likely have been a permanent resident at a later date than your marriage. So, for example, if you two got married on 1/12/18, but your wife received her green card later that year on 7/7/18... then she is not eligible for citizenship until 90 days before 7/7/21.
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    February 2020 AOS Filers

    Good morning! We just had our interview yesterday at 8:30am and got a case update at 4pm that our case was approved and green card is being produced! Whoo! I still cannot believe that this process is over for now, after months of being stressed out. It's kind of insane. This is how our interview went for everyone getting ready for theirs: We were called in at around 8:35am, were informed about COVID procedures, and taken to our IO's office. We handed her our IDs and appointment letter and were sworn in. She asked us about our full legal names, each others DOBs, and each others parents names. She asked us where we live, and who lives there, and where we lived before. Next she wanted to know where we met, how long we were seeing each other before we officially started dating, how long we were dating before we got engaged, and who was at our wedding. We did not have a big ceremony, so she asked us if we were still planning on having one after COVID to which we said yes, but that we do not have any specific plans yet. Then she went over some of the I-485 questions. Lastly, she read all the changes she made to my application and had me sign for it. (There were like 6 changes/notes, including our new jobs etc.) We were not really nervous about our interview, but here are the two things I was a little stressed about and how it went, for whoever might have similar worries: 1. My family was not at the courthouse wedding. We had decided we wanted to do two small ceremonies, one here and one in Germany, with each of our families. We knew it would be a while before we would have a big celebration (for financial and logistical reasons) and didn't want to make everyone travel. Sadly, due to COVID, we haven't gotten to celebrate with my family yet. We were worried that that might seem weird, but it was no problem. 2. We do not wear wedding rings. We aren't super traditional and wedding rings don't have a deep meaning to us as they do for many other couples. I was worried that might be something they would question us on, especially since we also had such a small wedding celebration, but she didn't even ask us about that. So for anyone who might also be stressing out about wedding rings - it was no big deal at all in our experience. She then told us she'd run a BG check and make a decision today if possible, but for sure this week. We did not get a piece of paper like I read others got, but she also didn't say we were approved. So while the general impression we got was that we were basically approved, since she also explained to us how removal of conditions would work in 2 years, we didn't actually get a result right away. Oh, and the entire process, from check-in to leaving the building took about 45 mins. And she did not really care about any of the new proof we brought haha. So we had a very smooth experience. I hope this helps some of you and good luck to everyone still waiting!
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