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    Hello guys from Chicago sunshine I just landed safely today (24.06.2020) with my K1 visa, I flew from Dubai and my LA flight is tomorrow morning.... here is my travel experience which might be helpful for you guys. When checked in at Dubai airport, in start the counter lady said that my visa is not listed in their system and currently they are letting only US residents and citizens to fly in US i told her my visa is going to expire soon and i am not going their for tourism, anyway she called her colleague and sorted out this and let me to check in, flight was smooth with no social distancing but everyone was using mask. I hope i did not get the virus When Landed in Chicago, it was quite busy at the immigration counters and took me around 45 min to reach the immigration officer, after greeting i handed over my passport along with immigration form and the embassy packet, the office was very nice man, he took finger scan and pic and open my packet and wrote few things on top of it and stamped my passport and handed over to me and told me that i need to get marry within 90 days ......NO QUESTIONS AT ALL ..... all process took 5 min and thats it..... so K1 is not listed in the current and previous ban list. A long journey for us which was full of stress and patience like everyone else came to an end finally ...... I wish you guys all the best .....
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    VAWA, Part 19

    Hello to everyone here in this journey. I am a March 2018 filer and my journey has been a very long one. Afer filing i did not not receive any till January 16 2020 when they sent me my first rfe, they asked for a whole lot and i was panicing and crying thinking i will never succeed. I have a lawyer but i was 80 percent on my case. I read people's experiences on here and try to get all the necessary documents myself, the good thing is he was very corperative. I had to submit a background check from Europe where i had lived before coming to the US. I responded to my rfe on March 2020 and yesterday i checked my status and this is what i saw on my i 360. I guess this is a fat big and great news for me. I just graduated from a nursing school as an LPN on June 2 , 2020, that is what has been keeping me busy and taking my mind off the stress of this journey.
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    Thank you for taking the time to write all of that and stating your opinions. You assume you know who youre speaking to and who it is that wrote this post based on what you see, that's fine. Let me put it clear that not once have I asked any US Citizen to contact their representatives on my behalf. This post was for others that are currently in the K1 process under this whole situation with the EO, bans and embassy closure to come together in a way and ask for clarity on the K visas. Apparently not taken good by some. I am aware this is a public forum but apparently asking for kindness is where the line is drawn. I am grateful for veteran members as they help many of us in times of need however even though they are entitled to do it why be condescending or rude? He in specific, did not go through what we are going through right now and that is why I said. "This issue does not affect you personally so you wouldn't know or understand exactly what we are going through. Be a little more sympathetic." Empathy, kindness and humbleness doesn't hurt. Best regards, Be blessed and Have a nice day.
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    Married but not able to file for AOS?

    Personally I would have much less "peace of mind" leaving something that important in the hands of RV.
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    There are so many threads about this issue, do we really need another? Just saying.
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    FEBRUARY 2020 I-129F K-1 FILERS

    We got approved today! NOA 1: 02/05/20 NOA 2: 06/24/20
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    I emaied Tammy Duckworth (IL Demo Sen) and in the works for Richard Durbin and John Shimkis asking them to urge the Dept. of Homeland Security and Department of State to clarify K-1's as family based mission critical visas and to use the current FAM handbook and not the PP's to issue visas. it may be just a shot in the dark but im ready to write letters to the pope and god at this point. *cue pity party for a moment* I would live the rest of my life throught a skype screen if i had to but i really just want to hold his hand again :(. Thank you OP for the suggestion, it feels better to try something than wait around for nothinig. Cheers and lots of love to all the K-1-ers and families fighting to be together.
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    FEBRUARY 2020 I-129F K-1 FILERS

    We just got approved!! NOA1 Feb 06th NOA2 June 23rd
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    June 2020 I-751 filers

    Was off the forum for a few days, but I have good news, got the credit card debit alert yesterday and got the e-notification on phone today with a LIN receipt. Nebraska service center apparently! best of luck everybody!
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    Okwu Samuel

    All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 6

    My was Approved today praise God 🙌🙏🙌🙌 PD 23 April 19 To God be the glory great things he has done🙌
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    CR-1 / IR-1 Interview updates

    Thanks! Literally just grabbed the data and threw it in a spreadsheet! Looks like of the 10,856, only 279 were IV (2.5%). 97% are NIV. The lion's share are B1/2 (50% of the total). There were only 82 CR1 and IR1s combined in Jan 2020, and 93 K1/2 (They are listed at NIV). There were a little over 2000 H, J, and L visas combined (about 19% of the total Jan 2020 issuances) Which is all a very long way of saying that the backlog is going to be bad but not astronomically bad.
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    I-130 November 2019 Filers

    MY HUSBAND'S CASE HAS BEEN APPROVED!!!! I am so happy! PD 11/29/2019 Approval-6/23/2020 Case was not transferred from Nebraska and the date changes were: 12/13/2019, 5/26/2020 Good Luck Everyone!!!
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    June 2020 I-751 filers

    Hi Guys, i am a silent reader and i just want to share my timeline. June 17 - sent it to Phoenix Arizona via USPS June 18 - received by USCIS June 24 - check is cashed and received a text message with my receipt number starting with LIN.
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    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, Thank you for yours. This is not to fast track anything but rather to get clear answers, get included etc. I understand how the world is right now, I'm in it. To be active in something that affects my fiance and I personally is something I will continue doing. You dont have to and thats fine. If you want to sit tight and wait, if that is what you believe is best and if you are not comfortable contacting anyone in the government or consulate, that's your prerogative as a US Citizen or your fiance's as a Us Citizen. The US branch does have bigger fish to fry as you say, however there is many sections of the government and they have always dealt with an array of subjects. Someone's representative already confirmed they will be contacting the US ambassador in London. I will keep waiting Just as you are but in the meantime I will be hopeful and take some type of action as I believe there is absolutely nothing to lose by doing so. Best regards Sir. / Mam. Have a blessed Day.
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    COS to H-1B is possible. As noted, you would not have a visa, though. Status only applies while within the US. To re-enter, you would need to obtain a visa. And those are suspended until at least next year.
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    VAWA, Part 19

    Dear guys, My I-485 got approved and card production is in place for me and my daughter without an interview.😂 I believe Corona virus played in my favor. It seems like they are cleaning their desks to reduce a backlog. I've filed I-485 on November 20, 2019 with medicals, hoping that it will speed up the process. My VAWA was approved February 14, 2019 after 2 years of waiting. Before that my first I-485 was denied and I've never even had an interview in a first place. That is a blessing, that I wish for all of you awaiting your VAWA approval and Green cards. Let's hope we will see more approvals coming our way! God is good!
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    Why would it? The EO has nothing to do with filing a petition at the USCIS. Does the EO say that? It says that certain immigrant and, now, non-immigrant visas can not be issued until the end of the year.
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    FEBRUARY 2020 I-129F K-1 FILERS

    174 days answering questions this year.
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    I don't see how it changes K-1 processing at all.
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    Hello all, There is a lot of mixed answers. The EO does not mention that K1 is affected however nor does it mention it is exempt as the only exemptions to this are spouses and children. Some lawyers are saying the K visas are not affected and some are saying it is; Just like some embassies. The most simple solution is to gather information from the government themselves, mind you, we might still get mixed answers. If all the US Citizens take some time to write an email to either their house representative or their state senate regarding where the K visas stand, we can get a more clear answer than the speculations going around and everyone's take on the EO. We are all in the same boat and we are all in this together. Lets be positive and lets make some noise. Instead of having each consulate have their own interpretation, as some already are doing so. For Ex. the London embassy saying that the K1 is affected as stated in their appt cancellation email. If we make noise regarding the K visas within the Gov we might get a clear answer and they might include us in the EO. Please no negative replies.
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    My fiance' s parents are directly contacting a US Rep in the House of Representatives in DC that they know personally. Hopefully this all gets straightened out before my appointment on the 7th July haha. Started this process in May last year and originally planned to get married last weekend. Just can't wait till its all over and we are married.
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    Rante Macabre

    Baby girl was born June 15th at 7:12pm. I got maybe a minute of skin-to-skin with her before she was taken away and off to the NICU because she was struggling to breath. They had her on CPAP and within two hours of birth was breathing regular air just fine. After that, they came up with "low blood sugar" and "she's not feeding on her own" to keep her there longer. After a full day and a half of that I told the nurses that if they wanted to keep saying she wasn't feeding on her own they needed to stop feeding her through her NG tube and let me try feeding her to see if she was truly not feeding on her own. Once they stopped doing that her blood sugar normalized and she could eat on her own. Amazing how that works... She was discharged from the NICU less than 24 hours later. She looks like her dad ❤️
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    Wow! Great to see all this activism going on! Kudos to everyone! As others have mentioned, contacting the White House directly is another option. White House: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ Also, Social Medial is a great way to engage. You can leave comments on the State Department Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/travelgov/) or tweet @TravelGov. Remember to always be respectful and polite no matter who you are engaging with. Reportedly, the State Department is negotiating with the EU as we speak about possibly revising the travel restrictions (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-24/u-s-eu-discuss-restarting-travel-after-bloc-considers-a-ban). WE HAVE TO MAKE SOME NOISE OR WE WILL BE FORGOTTEN AGAIN WHEN THEY WRITE THE NEW ORDER! Thanks to all again! You are doing amazing work!
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    Paul & Mary

    Permium Processing

    Yes it is very surprising that she got married after the ban and was either unaware of it (could not have missed it in the news at that time in Nigeria) or didn't understand it. Amazed how many American Citizens think things don't apply to them. How many expats do we see that say "I never filed my taxes while overseas"? It is like they can't read their own passports.
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    Permium Processing

    There is a ban on immigrant visas for Nigeria yes but spousal visas have been greatly waived up until March 2020 before the covid by the COs It is at their discretion. Someone posted the issuance rate of this category of visas from Nigeria some days back. Let's stop misinforming people, claiming to be all knowing or blatantly trying to be cold with responses. Nigerians have a forum on here an it is up to date with any information you might need @Tjimba you can follow up and see stuff for yourself.
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    N400 Seattle (merged)

    I had my N-400 interview this morning and the officer who did my interview also conducted a one-on-one oath ceremony. I received my Naturalization certificate within 20 minutes and was on my way. Good luck.
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    June 2020 I-751 filers

    Just sent in my packet to TX....another journey begins...
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    VAWA, Part 19

    Stillwinning i can't thank you enough, when i was confused and depressed i sent u a text message explaining my situation and to responded giving me courage and hope. God alone will bless you for always standing by, being supportive and celebrating with others. Thumbs up sweet heart.
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    Scandinavians Part 2

    Husband got approved today! 💑🥳🍾 He showed up almost an hour before thinking there would be a line. Boy was he wrong. He was the only 1 there lol. So the guard's told to go sit in the shade for awhile and they will call him over when he can go in. He handed over the papers to the first lady who looked through them and said he was missing his Norwegian birth certificate. He was told (by the Embassy) to get it translated or to get 1 in multiple languages (which heh did). She said ok well you will have to talk to the interviewer about that. Then he waited 15 mins til the guy (Patrick) greeted him and asked a few questions... How long we were married (20 yrs) and they joked about being easy to remember the anniversary year etc and then he asked about our plans and when we were moving (beginning of Aug.) and then Patrick said..everything looks great...you're approved and will mail out your passport tomorrow! Embassy staff were friendly and interview lasted a whole 5 mins heh. Thank goodness this process is over. 💑
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    I 751 November 2018 filers

    Hello People! FINALLY! 20 months waiting, Texas, Nov-2018, "GREEN CARD PRODUCED". No Interview, no RFE. Thanks GOD!
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    Case Complete to Interview July 2020

    Hi, yes, it is definitely frustrating for just about everyone. Just a few important things to note: 1- No embassies have started routine visa services. We only have reports of embassies resuming CR-1/IR-1 or K-1 cases, either rescheduled from those that were cancelled due to COVID-19 or those that were approved for expedite or considered emergencies. These are mostly CR-1/IR-1, which are not considered routine visa services. On June 17th, the DOS designated these as "mission-critical"-not routine. The worldwide suspension of routine visa services is still in effect. 2-As we have seen from individual reports, quite a few embassies have started scheduling CR/IR1 appointments over the past week. Only around 3 have updated their FB or webpages. A couple have sent an e-mail reply indicating this. Most have not. Based on this, you probably won't see any public update. You will most likely be contacted directly by your embassy. When? That will depend on your embassy and how soon they start mission--critical visa processing for the children and spouses of US Citizens and any non-immigrant visas like K-1s or tourist visas. Just my two cents. I hope it is helpful and I pray you get an interview scheduling e-mail or a call soon.
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    Time to reread the email or get rid of RV
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    Permium Processing

    Nigeria first has to open up their airports. They have posted that they hope to reopen airports maybe end of July. As far as the embassy no native or anyone here can tell you that. That's up to the embassy. And as others have stated yes their is a Travel Ban on Nigeria that started February 22nd I know a few who got the Ban waived not many but then COVID happened. All you can do is put together a quality petition and submit to USCIS (Front Load) online is best and at NVC (More updated evidence- Sideload) and think positive about the process.
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    Why is London embassy STILL insisting K1s are included in the immigration ban when we aren’t? Let’s get noisy! I’m fed up of this rollercoaster !
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    Paul & Mary

    Permium Processing

    Many months. Depends on what stage the country is in based on the Department of State requirements. And it won't matter until you have an approved petition and get thru the NVC. . . There isn't much reason to worry or stress about things that you aren't even close to getting done. Focus on keeping busy with living and keeping in touch with your spouse. Visit when you can.
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    Hey guys! Did my part to contribute. I contacted both senators and all of the Democratic House Representatives in my state (6). Hopefully I’ll hear back. I also sent messages under the White House and Department of State contact us sections. Don’t know if anyone will actually see them but it’s worth a try. Also the travel state department’s twitter regularly interacts with comments and tweets @ at them. So I would try tweeting them and letting them know just how many people are affected by K1 visas not being processed and I’m sure it will at least draw attention to our situation
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    Permium Processing

    Not sure where the all knowing comes from but my response was more out of shock than trying to be cold. Shock that she was unaware and sadness that she was unaware.
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    June 2020 I-751 filers

    Hello everyone! Preparing to send package to TX lockbox on June 29th. I have prepared our joint bank account statements, joint-filed tax return/account transcripts, our joint car lease, joint car tax, joint car insurance, joint e-renter insurance, joint apartment lease, joint KP healthcare cards, joint Costco membership cards, Trusted traveler cards, Both ID/DL showing shared address. Further, envelope from IRS showing both our names, White House Corona Relief letter addressing us both, vet bills in my name to our address, water/electricity bill in my husbands name to our address, some letters from German authorities to me at our address, letters from our health insurance to each of us sent to our address (recent). Also, I have a few photos of us at activities we like to do together, and when we were at a friends/ colleagues wedding, plus some photos of us and in-laws at our niece‘s graduation party last Saturday. I plan to print out some Facebook/text messages I received from friends, inviting us to festivities or wishing well. My dear husband thinks I worry too much and wonders if the cost of the package due to its weight might exceed the filing fee..😂 His take is: we are married, in love and living together finally after about 10 years of long-distance..that’s all we need to know. I however like to quadruple check everything. 🙄 I guess many of you are in a similar place. We filed our I-130 and waiver of home residency requirement with a lawyer and it cost us so much money, we decided to not use a lawyer this time. The quote I received from him for filing the I-751 made me nearly fall off my chair. anyways-TL;DR-I wish everyone a successful ROC! Kat
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    Nothing new. They will open and process backlogged CR-1's that should be first as they have established a marriage. Then they'll move onto K-1 cases already at the embassy. After that they will instruct NVC to send the case assigned files to them and begin opening the scheduling function. That's my opinion.
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    I emailed the Embassy in Jamaica for clarification and this was their response: The Consular Section remains closed for routine services until further notice to help control the spread of COVID-19. We do not currently know when the Consular Section will be able to resume providing routine services. K-1 visas do not fall under the June 22nd Presidential Proclamation. Once we are able to resume normal visa operations, we will handle K-1 applications in the order they were received from March onward. Please know that your visa case is important to us and it will be processed as soon as it is feasible to do so. We appreciate your patience in the meantime. All we can do is wait, but it's good to know that K1 visas are excluded from the ban. 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
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    Not really going to entertain a group that's known for their lying and various scams. But I suppose if I had enough money and shoddy skills I could make a video with actors pretending to be moderators for facebook and say whatever things I wanted to whistleblower style. Hey I thought whistleblowers were looked on with scorn these days. Since when do people step outside their bubbles? Content moderators for facebook and other companies have a thankless underpaid job with little support for the distress they deal with daily. Little guidance is given and that's why it's generally the mess that it is.
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    Its not. Its just not mentioned.
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    Were K1 Mentioned in NEW EO?

    By analogy. They listed the affected nonimmigrant categories. If not listed, then not included
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    Who would have imagined that a moderators own political leanings might influence their moderating activity in some way? Like it hasn't been a bad enough year already without finding out something like that for the first time. I truly hope this is all a giant hoax.
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    No one said he could adjust, but I don’t see why he can’t COS IF he is eligible for H1B (or something else). The proclamation only applies to people outside the US who will seek entry on a visa they don’t already have. He is in the US already.
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    June 2020 I-751 filers

    Hi everyone. Good to be back here after 21months in the US. I hope @Ajt3 is here already
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    The whole process will be slow regardless of how fast the USCIS process your NOA1, this will be due to the backlog now forming at the NVC since embassies are not processing K1's at this time expect those getting an emergency exemption. But a tiny positive we have is the Sydney embassy seems to be at phase I of resuming normal operation, but with how Australia is travelling they should be at phase III in no time (Victoria needs to pull its together to make this happen) https://www.axios.com/pompeo-coronavirus-state-department-reopening-ec5dc86d-6393-4614-b05f-68d3b5f6ec10.html
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    I can’t see it happening. There’s no way to prove that the person on camera is the applicant. The whole point of the in-person interview is so that fingerprints can be taken and identity verified. I had my fingerprints taken twice at the embassy to make sure I hadn’t switched places with someone between handing in my documents and and being interviewed. We have been wondering if they would do this for N-400 naturalization interviews but the reasons against it were the same - no way to be certain that the person on camera is the applicant.
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    December 2019 - AOS Filers

    Our interview was rescheduled! Case status is now 'Interview Was Scheduled'. Will wait for the mail to see what the date is. We originally filed in December, had an interview scheduled for early April, and had that cancelled in late March. We've been on Interview Ready to Schedule since early May. It updated today. So it looks like cancelled interviews are now being scheduled.
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