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    I am a very persistent individual and have lived my life by when there is a will there is a way. And you really can't accept no for an answer. I wanted to give an update on my wife obtaining her Green Card. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Baltimore they are unlike many offices in that they do not approve a GC on the spot. Their standard MO is to give a letter saying that they need to review the case and to allow them 120 days to make a decision. There are some exceptions but this seems to be done the majority of the time. The letter which we were given actually told us to please wait at least 120 days and at that point we may make an inquiry through the national customer service center or we may request an infopass appointment. The letter was had the name of the local field office director in Baltimore. At 122 days I called the national customer service center requesting an infopass appointment, was routed to tier 2, and was told its not a thing to request an infopass for case update. I asked for him to please explain to me why the field office director would have letters issued with his name and title on the bottom of the letter if its not a thing? They Tier 2 officer kept on talking in circles and really couldn’t give me an answer. I asked him for the email address for the officer handling my case so I could reach out directly. He said he didn’t have it. I asked for him to call the local Baltimore field office. They said he can’t do it but maybe he supervisor could. So he put me on hold and got his supervisor. This supervisor told me the same thing. That the prior officer was correct and that infopass appointments are not for case status updates and he couldn’t speak to the letter that I received. He told me I could complain to the ombudsman about the letter. I told him I have no interest in making a complaint as that does not solve my issue at hand. He then advised for me to make an online inquiry. I told him we both know that it’s a waste of time and it wont get anyone moving on the case. He didn’t acknowledge this directly but seemed to agree with me. I asked him to call the local office and the officer handling my case to see what was going on. He said he couldn’t do that. I asked him what else I could do. He advised for me to write a letter to the local field office director that was listed on the case. I basically did a pre writ of mandamus letter. Outlined my concerns and said I was reaching out prior to filing a writ of mandamus and that I wanted the case to be adjudicated as its been over 120 days since the interview. I found the email address for the field office director online and sent it to him via email and also sent signed receipt certified mail delivery via USPS. That letter was received on Monday and this morning the case was updated to “New Card is being produced”. Hope this helps someone else.
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    I-751 July 2019 Filers

    Hi Guys, Starting the July filers thread right here. We send today our package for delivery Monday July 1, 2019 Best to all of you!
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