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    221g white slip/Tunisia K1

    Absolutely no need for that. You said you had been apart from one another for 3 years. This poster was merely pointing out that this is a common cause for denial. Part of the task is to present a convincing argument of a bona fide relationship. That’s a tough one when you have not spent time together in 3 years. Although your visa has not been denied yet, it’s not been approved either. Long-term visitors to this forum know the pattern that MENA cases take. Good luck. You are going through a very difficult embassy and not being together for 3 years is not making it any easier - in fact, that’s making a difficult case even more difficult.
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    “Come ̶u̶̶p̶̶ to the US and see my etchings”
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    both littles need glasses, this is what they picked out
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    221g white slip/Tunisia K1

    Possibly a good indicator of why you are not approved
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    Hey, you forgot to thank me for posting the correct link for you. Remember the TOS is your bible. Anyway that's OK. Glad I could help out with all this.
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    Oh your interview will come soon! And then you will be doing “arts and crafts” every day. Just have a little patience with the paint brush until then.
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    This website is only giving useful infos to enter the USA LEGALLY not SNEAK IN. Been waiting for interview since June and I was not included in the interview letters given this month for Montreal. Thinking of doing some arts and crafts with my husband asap. 🙂
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    I just thought of it as my "badge" showing I had passed the first of two required tests...written and driving. I too had been driving more than 30 years. Everybody has to pass the written to show they know the specific state rules of the road. The reward is a slip of paper called a learner's permit. That lets you get in a driver's training class, or practice with another driver present, or simply move straight to the driving test. I drove on my UK license for over 2 months until I got EAD and was allowed to do the DMV thing. My thoughts were like pushbrk, I was a visitor until I got something that allowed me to stay. The officer who gave me a ticket agreed and didn't cite me for failure to have a valid license. What makes you a resident was not defined in TX. Florida is one of the few states that actually defines when you become a resident. You must get a Florida license within 30 days of becoming a resident. You are considered a resident of Florida if you: 1. Enroll your children in public school, or 2. Register to vote, or 3. File for a homestead exemption, or 4. Accept employment, or 5. Reside in Florida for more than six consecutive months.
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    Ha ha. There is a third option in there. It's the one that won't have cardiovascular surgeons so exited.
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    Scandinavians Part 2

    Called postnord today. He said it arrived at my postal office store. Called postal office. Confirmed. My package is there. Today I'll pick it up and hopefully it's all in order. I recommend you call to the store its being delivered too. It should arrive today. Strangely they forgot to let me know or send me a msg.
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    Immigrant visa

    Something does not add up.
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    We just received our interview letter! October 18th, Montreal! 4 months and 2 days of waiting since Documentarily Qualified!
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    Yep!! I refused to let her cut my bangs after years of "mom bangs". You know the ones that are way too short and uneven. My aunt is the one who started cutting my hair after that. She was a hairdresser, so at least everything was straight and even.
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    Mary Lou

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    At least The Family Chantel is over. I am not sure why i expected it to be any different then their regular fighting and blame game episodes. Sad to say the only couple i am interested in is Pole and Karine, and that isn't saying much 😂 The whole Caesar story, and now Jenny, plus i don't care for Evelin.Like some other posters have commented, Tiffany going on and on about Ronald being a recovering gambling addict who put her through so much!! She is like a twin to Rachel of Jon and Rachel, it's not fair!!!!!!!!! Avery and Omar, disaster in the making. Rebecca and her greasy haired man, uggg. After her, i had a relationship with a woman, bombshell, i don't see them lasting either. Angela is very abusive to Michael, the pie in the face was funny though, not the physical parts of her pushing him ect. Darcey competing with Stacy, maybe if she laid off the booze, and got some therapy she wouldn't be such a crazy mess. She isn't a role model for the daughters to say the least, they seem to have more sense then she does. I know im forgetting someone else...........I'd rather watch Pillow Talk, minus Mother Debbie and Coltee
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    ~~Moved to AOS Family K1/K3, from K1 P&P - The OP is starting the AOS process.~~
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    Moving from Canada to US on a K1

    Thank you! Thanks very much
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    Moving from Canada to US on a K1

    VJ Canadian regional forum. Your fellow canadians would be able to help
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    I had glasses just like the Jedi's when I was in 5th grade. I'll upload a photo when I find it.
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    Very bookish. I remember those days. Every time I got a new prescription it looked like there was a big hump in the floor and I walked funny trying to step over it. Blind as a bat without the specs.
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    Green card holder is not eligible to petition for a fiancee. Time to do some due diligence
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    Neither, she would sponsor him under F2A once they are married - this is the spouse of a permanent resident category. She obviously needs to actually get her green card first.
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    Biometrics appointment tips?

    Thank you! I think a few of the things I was reading were on lawyers websites, so I think they maybe said some things to scare people into booking appointments with them as they said at the end “if you have concerns about your appointment book an appointment with us”. Made me feel like it was going to be a formal interview!!
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    Read the I693 instructions regarding the K visa exception. The original ds3025 needs to be in the envelope
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    VAWA, Part 15

    Congratulations and my pleasure! @aquila even if you don’t see me here often my prayers are with you for prompt resolution in your case! @rayofhope and @Destiny prepaying hard for your answers to come soon!!! Best to all!!’ Patience is key!
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    Just tell them you want to correct it. I would suggest after oath (oath is like the 1st thing they do after saying hello).
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    Green Card/EAD status look up

    There are 2 sites you can check. Old site: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/displayLogon.do New site: https://myaccount.uscis.gov/ You received 2 receipt notices, correct? I-131 is also free: "If you properly file Form I-485 and pay the required fees, you may file Form I-765 and Form I-131 without paying additional fees. You may file these forms together, or if you choose to file Form I-765 or Form I-131 separately, you must also submit a copy of your I-797C, Notice of Action, receipt as evidence that you filed and paid for Form I-485." https://www.uscis.gov/system/files_force/files/form/i-485instr.pdf Page 16
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    Biometrics appointment tips?

    It is the most casual thing ever. Wear what you want, but remember they will take a picture which will be used on your cards. in my case husband came in and waited at the waiting area. There was nobody else there but us. i had my phone, I am not sure but some may have different rules. it is really nothing to be nervous about. Just don’t forget your marriage certificate if you had a name change after marriage and your passport and biometric appointment letter shows different last names.
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    Biometrics appointment tips?

    Just dress comfy. Phones are fine
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    Ds3025 should be included inside your "do not open" envelope, which is where it needs to be
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    If the Vaccination record isn't accepted by USCIS you can get it transcribed by a civil surgeon.
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    VAWA, Part 15

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏Amen dear thank you so much for the support! Well appreciated!🙌
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    September 2018 I-129F FILERS

    Hello Berries!! I thought I'd start the new September 2018 129f thread. Best of luck to all new filers Currently it takes at least 6 months to receive the NOA2 for I-129F. One of the useful tools that the US petitioner should sign up for is the USPS Informed Delivery: https://informeddelivery.usps.com/box/pages/intro/start.action. Update your VJ timeline so that others could answer your queries more appropriately. New site:https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ Once you have your WAC you can create an account in the webpage! Good luck and welcome to your new virtual Family! Feel free to ask !
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    VAWA, Part 15

    @Stillwinning!!!😊Amen my love, amen in Jesus name. I am really looking forward to celebrating your GC approval very soon. As you always rejoice with others, so will we all celebrate your good news which is already here in Jesus name, amen. We are one with God, every door of success MUST open to us. Let's continue to thank God in advance, praise and worship songs are very powerful 🙂
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    ~~Moved to IR1/CR1 P&P, from NVC - in hopes this forum helps the OP~~
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    CR-1 in the Philippines. Thank you.
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    VAWA, Part 15

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    VAWA, Part 15

    Oh woahhhhhhhh.. congratulations 🍾🎉🎈🎊 been waiting to hear this good news
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    VAWA, Part 15

    AMEN! AMEN and AMEN! I receive it! There you are prophesying to me..HE said HE will confirm the words of HIS prophets!🙏🙏🙏🙌 ❤😘😍
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    I thought this was relevant in light of recent conversations here about donuts and fried chicken. "Customers have two options: a chicken and doughnut basket meal for $5.49, which includes chicken tenders or bone-chicken plus a doughnut; or a chicken sandwich for $5.99, featuring a fried chicken patty between two doughnut buns -- the much more exciting option." https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/17/us/kfc-donut-chicken-sandwich-trnd/index.html
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    Hello me dear friend:) Thank you so much!! Like the way you said... time is on my side:)) 👍 Hope you and everyone else waiting receive wonderful news very soon!! 🙏
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    Any advise ?

    I'll go into deeper idea of thought of what could be the possibility. 2 things though. One thing is that you never told anyone, friend or family, about the whole immigration process/progress you're doing. This is clearly the scammer's investigation finding you a target. So how did they found out? Mail snooping? Paying a 3rd party to send these info like if the US Mailer person who gave out the info? Did the USCIS get hacked in some way that the scammer got the name and phone numbers? This goes a long way that it can be pretty hard to be traced back if done right. The other things is that you did tell your friend and family. Either they didn't know and accidentally leaked some info through a snooping 3rd party or someone carefully listening... or worse case that they did gave a bit of info out without knowing or they did. It's likely the first thing that seem to be doing the work than the 2nd. So don't always overthink it because there are million of ways of how it fall into the wrong hand and it's not worth dealing with it as in we don't have enough info to report to the police. I often avoid answering the phone because my phone does not enable recording on all call (I do conference calls too for example because if a scammer happen to be on the call, I'm on a group call so I have witnesses!) so I just let it slide to voice mail if anything is important. If it is important, they will tell you and if it found to be a scam, that's 1 piece of evidence. There is always more steps to be proactive against these things but it's a lot of work, who wanna do that for free? So yeah, there is anything. Just ignore it and pay attention to your mailbox/informed delivery. This is where the most important stuff come from.
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    Please clarify question

    Answer Lagos Nigeria. Note that you are not applying for anything. You are filing a petition. When your petition is approved, your spouse will apply for a visa.
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    It is so crazy. Haven’t eaten meals since this morning , couldn’t feel any appetite not even hungry at all. Been looking for some similar situations and found a couple videos and blogs that they were given a letter stating to explain what happened and reasons etc etc and should be within 30days. Mao it’s going to be okay.
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    B2 Tourist Visa Extension

    In order for her to be approved for Naturalization under the 3 year rule, she has to be living in marital union with you on the date of oath.
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    MARCH 2019 I-129F FILERS

    There is nothing to be afraid of if you receive an RFE. An RFE is an opportunity to correct a mistake and has no baring on the approval/or denial unless such information produces a red flag for the adjudicator then that only uncovers additional issues. Most additional issues we see is prior criminal cases and those may or may not affect the outcome of your case. Such things as forgetting to include a document or such doesn't put you in a position for a denial. So relax.
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    D & T

    Case Complete to Interview March 2019

    Same here!! There’s another brazilian with the same situation as well! We’re just waiting for the embassy to contact us with our interview date! Yaaaaaaay!
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    I agree with the post above. I would first include how you originally met. For example, If you met online you would say..." We met online on (name of website) in 2015 and then we started talking etc etc and then we met in person for the first time in (place) on (date), etc. Following visits were on.... in (location, country, etc)...." You word it as you want. The above sample is more or less how we did our letter when we did my K1 like 6 years ago. So it gives a general idea of your love story to someone stranger that don't know you. Do NOT make it too long or give too private details.
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