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    I-130 Filers March 2019

    Approved!!! PD 03/18/2019 NOA1 03/21/2019 NOA2 09/06/2019 Texas Service Center
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    What would a lawyer do? Your fiancé has to visit you more if you want to be approved for the visa. Bringing someone in from overseas is a very costly and time-consuming process. If she can’t afford or does not have the time to visit then a long-distance relationship is perhaps not something she should be pursuing.
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    I-130 Filers March 2019

    No. Thank you!! Hold tight, you'll be soon. I didn't expect this for at least another month.
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    I-130 Filers March 2019

    We did not expedite or file for a k3.
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    AGREE ^^^^ The general forum rule of thumb is to never purchase/reserve/arrange any non-refundable/non-transferable/non-changeable travel or plans until your passport is in your hand, and your visa is in the passport.
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    Anybody want to take odds

    Dude, just stop... even MY wry sense of humor is offended.
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    130 visa

    Since you're a year or more out from having the visa, she should have time to secure a job or a joint sponsor.
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    130 visa

    You can't just expedite because you are frustrated by the wait. There are specific criteria for expediting. No one's marriage/relationship is more special than anyone else's. Everyone has to wait their turn.
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    Best Beer

    A BIG shout out to @Neonred for offering to put up my family for a day or two during the hurricane. You are a fine American for doing so! So glad we did not need to...
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    April 2019 I-130 Filers

    Hi everyone. I thought I would make a thread for us April 2019 I-130 filers. Our packet was delivered on 4/2 to the Chicago Lockbox. Waiting to see the check cashed now... Good luck to us all.
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    Let's look at it this way, shall we? A man chooses an abortion (statistically) every time they rape a woman and every time they abandon a woman without taking responsibility for their actions. No babies formed, no abortions chosen.
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    Perhaps it is. Sometimes I wonder if schools stopped teaching basic anatomy or sex-ed.. or like anything. I mean I know parents in general do a dreadful job of explaining.. I hope newer generations try and do better with that sort of thing, before the youngins' get crazy ideas. Parental and church blame n' shame also do contribute to many youth abortions.. so there's work to be done there too. Statistically it's going down, so that's always a good thing. Beto doesn't know much either... which is why he has a snowballs chance at being president.
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    VAWA, Part 15

    That's an interesting read but not relevant to the situation. @Pinkrlion was her 360 approved before she remarried? If not then she can not get approved for it. If the 360 was approved and the 485 is pending thats different. VAWA policies say you can't get remarried during 360 process or they can't approve it. If she was a k and is no longer able to get approved on the 360 due to remarriage she will have to apply and do what others who have no status to adjust from in the US do. It involves filing all the paperwork here and then leaving US for consular approval. Waiver will be pre done.
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    VAWA, Part 15

    You will get approved on the spot! That's my prayer for you!🙏😊 pray daily towards this. Let God go before you and perfect everything about that day including the interview!
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    Again, babies do not form without involvement of a male. Perhaps men should be more careful and involve themselves elsewhere. Perhaps men should also stop raping women, and perhaps men should take responsibility and assist to raise the children they create. This would all significantly contribute to less abortions.. I hope that the uncareful men of the species step up in this regard someday soon...
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    Best Beer

    Part of the reason I would like to see stiffer penalties for irresponsible people. Both for illegal acts related to alcohol and firearms, the punishment is not always enough of a deterrent. If it was, people wouldn't drive after drinking. They wouldn't leave loaded guns lying around in a house with toddlers around.
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    That and a few other things. I think Trump is accomplishing a lot of what he wanted to do. Which is much different than saying he is accomplishing a lot of what he promised to do.
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    Many congratulations Leslie :))
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    August 2019 - AOS Fillers!

    Oh lol that’s awesome!
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    August 2019 - AOS Fillers!

    Also received the Notice Letter for Biometrics today. Appointment date is 9/16/18.
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    We have a joint sponsor that doesn't even have a passport, all they wanted was the birth certificate and they approved that.
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    Woohoooooo! We received my husband's Green Card through the post today (just a day shy of his 1-year anniversary since moving the US!) We finally popped the bottle of champagne we've been saving since our wedding, and we're officially USCIS-free for quite some time! ...Now to start officially planing our trip back to England in over a year to visit family! 🎉 It feels pretty surreal that this day is finally here, and I'm so thankful for all the support and encouragement from you all. I'm still here rooting for anyone still waiting on EAD/AP and the GC. If anyone has any questions about anything, feel free to DM me! I may not be checking VJ quite so much for a while, but feel free to get in touch if you have any questions along the way, or just need someone to vent to. I'll be happy to help in any way I can. Good luck, everyone! 🧡🧡🧡
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    I 751 November 2018 filers

    Received my card this afternoon! The online status didn't update until earlier tonight though.
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    No. IR2 because the K-2 can not be pursued.
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    took me about 4 days
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    August 2019 - AOS Fillers!

    Biometric notice in this morning 16/09.
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    K1 cancellation

    Reinforcing those stereotypes......
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    Javier Mera

    Argentinians AOS fillers

    Our case status changed today to fingerprint review was completed.
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    Yes I told him that. Hopefully he will.
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    When does 90 day duration start?

    How do you know this? She must enter the US within 6 months of when her medical was done.
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    I will bring her to live with me here in Tunisia
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    sputum test

    He is sort of like a martini? ... extra dry.
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    like I said, my fiance can't be visited again, but we can make a lawyer for example ?It's would help us ?
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    sputum test

    The most recent cases on VJ have received notification before the eight weeks were up. That is not a good sign....
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    Not a simple case as she came on a K-1 she cannot simply adjust status through you, she must adjust through the original petitioner. I believe the attorney is correct in the I-130 is now invalid due to her marriage. She will need to return home and do consular processing. On a side note, it sounds like she is desperate to stay in the US no matter what. This will be an issue.
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    Need information about N-600 for minor kids

    just got the kids passports delivered at the same time, you don't need to apply one kid at a time you just need to copy the Naturalization certificate of mother, their green card or foreign passport that ha I-551 for both of the kids and need to notarized each copies and send with the application, you don't need to send the original anymore just the certified true copy. its work.
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    1. Both your husband and his parent use the I-864. If the joint sponsor parent is using the other parent’s income too then the other parent completes the I-864A. They can start now. 2. He just needs to write and sign a statement that he earned below the filing threshold and was therefore not required to file.
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    No Response from NVC

    Called NVC today and they said my case was received on 26th August exactly after two months. Expect up to two months for welcome letter.
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    In the absence of criminal history, waivers etc, a lawyer is totally not necessary. The process is expensive enough, even without legal fees. Plus, I would rather use those $1000s for airfares between NZ and USA!
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    N400 APRIL 2019 FILERS

    So I got an update on both. But what was weird was, I emailed them to ask about my place in the oath ceremony queue. After the update, I got a reply for my email question. I told them in the email that my daughter will age out soon that I needed to see if they can bump me up. The reply just said we sent you a letter for the oath ceremony. Kind of a weird timing but good timing?
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    Anybody want to take odds

    Isn't it amazing, how you can be SO WRONG about so many things, but us arguing with you helps you feel like WE are the wrong ones? And the best part is... we on the correct side don't even charge for this service!!
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    Anybody want to take odds

    Alas, Trump is NOT a politician, so you'll never see him trying to capitalize on things like most politicians would.
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    The Daily Trump wins again thread

    The president doesn't dictate the economy. But public confidence... does.
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    VAWA, Part 15

    Amen dear, @Stillwinning!!!😊 like I mentioned earlier sometime ago, this journey is all about perseverance, patience and endurance which only God Almighty gives because without Him going thru evil abusive spouses and waiting this long for one approval and waiting again for the second is just unbearable. I really do admire @Apolo for his patience, God bless you 🙏😇 and congrats for this long wait. Drink some wine and say a prayer of Thanksgiving 😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏🍻🍻🍻
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    I Just called the nvc. Wait times are 90 minutes if you call around 7pm est. they said noa2 dates before 8/20 should be received. The rest can take additional time. I will call again on 9/11.
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    Have DACA married to US citizen

    Your process would be as follows: file I-130 & I-130A. Once that's approved, file I-601A, if approved, finish NVC processing then go to your original country for medical & immigrant visa interview.
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    How to Fight Toxic Masculinity

    "Female" isn't a noun when it comes to humans, unless you're a cop. We are women or girls, thanks.
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    Interesting. She cheated on you and your main concern is that your ex can petition someone outside the US
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    130 visa

    hi Nebraska takes for ever you have to wait one year then the nvc stage, I send my case to Nebraska it takes forever you have a long wait.
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