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    OMFG, you guys! We just got approved!!!!!!!!! Hubbs just sent me a screenshot of the text notification he got, then we both checked and took screenshots πŸ˜‚ Gah. Uber excited! PD 09/14/18 Approval date: 09/05/19
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    Yep, it's lifted from the beginning of a letter he wrote & hid in my hand luggage before I left the first time I came over here to visit.....& Forget Me Nots because he asked me to promise never to forget him(that's the easiest promise ever to keep).
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    June 2019 AOS Filers

    My husband has been wonderful with the time he has to spend not working. He has fixed so many things in this over 100 year old house and the garden has never been more beautiful! Even though he can't work, yet, we both feel we are contributing to our life together.
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    VAWA, Part 15

    Dear VJ Family i wanna share something with you, like 30:40 minutes ago i receive the best update on my VAWA I-360 Petition, i got my petition approved πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ 😭😭😭. Finally after after all the suffering stress and worries i got my petition approved. Can someone tell me what will be the next step and i know that this may be a stupid question but can they change there mind and make a another update and say your petition is denied ??
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    Hey all, hope everything's groovytastic with youse ❀️ So, my biometrics appointment arrived, its next week & I'm just about ready to start gathering info to hit the stoopid attorney upsides the head with, husband's memorial service is a week Saturday(as is his grandma's-too awful-grandma hit & run victim 2 days after my husband died!)...oh & I had this done today
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    Best Beer

    Whoever had the great idea to use it in anything or to consider it edible at all should be locked up.
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    congrats! may I ask if u have also submit i129 too?
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    N400 APRIL 2019 FILERS

    So I got an update on both. But what was weird was, I emailed them to ask about my place in the oath ceremony queue. After the update, I got a reply for my email question. I told them in the email that my daughter will age out soon that I needed to see if they can bump me up. The reply just said we sent you a letter for the oath ceremony. Kind of a weird timing but good timing?
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    VAWA, Part 15

    You are next!!! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’«
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    VAWA, Part 15

    ...but it's all good now!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ and you WILL get your Greencard!πŸ™ŒπŸ’ͺπŸ™
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    VAWA, Part 15

    Yeah it toke a while glad i'm one step closer hopefully my interview will go smooth and i wont get a denial πŸ™ Yeah you can say that again, also i got a lot of assistance from my congressman which by the way i will be forever grateful not a lot of help from the ombudsman or anyone else
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    Can you define what an assault rifle is for us, please?
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    VAWA, Part 15

    Amen dear, @Stillwinning!!!😊 like I mentioned earlier sometime ago, this journey is all about perseverance, patience and endurance which only God Almighty gives because without Him going thru evil abusive spouses and waiting this long for one approval and waiting again for the second is just unbearable. I really do admire @Apolo for his patience, God bless you πŸ™πŸ˜‡ and congrats for this long wait. Drink some wine and say a prayer of Thanksgiving πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ»πŸ»πŸ»
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    Exactly, Last time I was at the Embassy in Manila doing our interview, we were chatting with a girl and she had used a lawyer, she didn't bring the correct paperwork thanks to the lawyer and got a 221 AP to furnish more documents. I have seen way too many lawyers who are not up to date on what is needed since each embassy has different requirements. Plus it just a waste of money to pay some one to fill out paperwork for you. The petitioner still has to gather all the paperwork and then all a lawyer or visa company does is submit it and maybe fill out some online forms. I would say someone with at least a 8th grade education can do their own paperwork now of days.
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    Does your surgery have an online system where you can look at your current summary and active prescriptions? Mine does and it showed my prescriptions from the past 12 months. They printed off a surgery copy of this for my patient summary document. Perhaps if you haven't been going back to check in with your doctor & get a reissued prescription they won't be on there for you, but if you can get to an online system to check that might help you determine when to request your summary. Otherwise, it can't hurt to make an appointment to talk to your GP and explain that you'd like them to note down that you stopped taking them some time ago and are feeling very well and just want it on record. They'll probably tell you off for not doing it with their supervision but hey ho Whoever writes your letter about your mental health will likely refer to your records to do so (it was a senior practice member and not my personal GP who wrote mine), but if your GP surgery is anything like mine, I had to put in a request in writing explaining what I needed them to say (a brief explanation of history and last treatment, that I was not a danger to self or others - this is key as long as it's true!, and that i am currently well) and based on my records they were happy to do exactly that. edit: Also when you fill out the initial questionnaire that you have to bring to the medical, it asks for you to add second sheet with more details if you answer yes to various questions like, say, hospitalisation and self harm. I added a sheet that explained dates and some context for my particular case and how my health currently is. The doctor did read this and ask me about it and was ultimately satisfied. The key to me seems to be making sure you are honest and upfront about everything.
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    Anybody want to take odds

    Upon reflection, two groups who would care are poets and pigs. Poets have a pen and ink. Pigs have a pen and "oink."
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    Receipt number and case number are the same. That stopped years ago. Checks aren't deposited like they used to be, so no endorsement either. Maybe ten years ago that would work.
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    Why weren't we invited?
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    The stated purpose is still practical in many places...
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    This editor-in-chief seems to have watched: https://thefederalist.com/2019/09/05/climate-change-hysteria-dangerous/ A column well worth reading. This guy is on my very exclusive "read everything he writes" list.
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    I never did FB either, no man, but otherwise we are quite similar, si man. However, Mrs. T-B. does FB heavily and probably other such, so is dissimilar to Mrs. B.
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    We remain here in the Colonies, si F&J ma'am. You eat your English food and barf it up on international visitors, huh F&J ma'am? Got it, first try, si to we man.
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    Curious........how is this an emergency?
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    I sent no evidence at all and my approval notice was already printed by the time of the interview. The officer didn't want to look at any of the evidence I had brought with me either. So yes, you can absolutely be "pre-approved" without any evidence whatsoever.
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    VAWA, Part 15

    Yayyy Congratulations πŸ™‚ please share your timeline for reference
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    VAWA, Part 15

    Lol! But for a good cause! Wish you success in your interview!πŸ™πŸ’ͺπŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š
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    I guess it is your husband's handwriting? Came out beautiful. Lovely words and lovely way to carry him with you forever.
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    VAWA, Part 15

    Congratulations to all the new approvals! I’m rooting for each one of us here! We will all have a reason to smile at the end I’ve got my medicals updated and my arms are so sore from multiple vaccinations and blood tests πŸ˜‚
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    I-751 June 2018 Filers

    We finally got approved after the RFE! 😁😁😁
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    New York AOS 2018 Filers

    But i am not sure if people before November will get the 2 years valid period too. Hence we need to hear from persons who did there interview already.
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    New York AOS 2018 Filers

    https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-policy-manual-update USCIS Policy Manual Update USCIS is revising policy guidance for the validity period of Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record. The updated policy, which goes into effect on Nov. 1, 2018, will require applicants to submit a Form I-693 that is signed by a civil surgeon no more than 60 days before filing the underlying application for an immigration benefit. The Form I-693 would remain valid for a two-year period following the date the civil surgeon signed it. As such, USCIS is retaining the current maximum two-year validity period of Form I-693, but calculating it in a different manner to both enhance operational efficiencies and reduce the number of requests to applicants for an updated Form I-693. USCIS officers use Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, to determine whether an applicant for an immigration benefit in the United States is inadmissible under the health-related grounds of inadmissibility. By specifying that the Form I-693 must be signed no more than 60 days before the applicant files the underlying application for which Form I-693 is required, the validity of the form is more closely tied to the timing of the underlying application. Additionally, requiring submission of a Form I-693 that was signed no more than 60 days before the date the underlying application was filed may, in some cases, maximize the period of time Form I-693 will be valid while the underlying application is under USCIS review. Officers will still have the discretion, as they have always had, to request a new Form I-693 if they have reason to believe an applicant may be inadmissible on the health-related grounds. Delays in adjudicating the underlying application will also be reduced if fewer requests for updated Forms I-693 are necessary. Please see the Policy Alert (PDF) for more detailed information regarding this update and how USCIS will handle a Form I-693 submitted before Nov. 1, 2018. Visit the Policy Manual for Comment page for more information on stakeholder review and comments, which are due by Oct. 29, 2018.
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    New York AOS 2018 Filers

    congrats.....about 3 days
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    Loren Y

    Marriage in US after arrival - how soon?

    The license bureau is open 8am to midnight in order to get your license. the courthouse does walk-ins during the week Mon-Thu just about anytime other than the hour they close for lunch so usually 9-5pm, but I think the last one is done at about 4:30pm. On the weekends is is appointment only usually, but they have been known to take a walk-in if not busy, and occasionally I have seen walk-in hours posted for the weekend, but you can check the whole schedule or make your appointment all online. I also strongly recommend you apply for your license online before you arrive ( Up to a Year before) then all the information is in the computer and you get to bypass the line and go straight to the window where they scan your barcode and verify your documents, and you are off to the races. When I pick people up at the airport I have a laptop in the back seat and have them fill out the license application on the way to the wedding license bureau, and from the airport to downtown gives you just about the right amount of time to get it filled out and submitted . But, the weekends are pretty busy. Just to give you some numbers, there are over 7000 marriage licenses issued per month here in Clark county. the average is 200-250 a day. A slow day is only 170 or so, they have issued on a Busy Friday for the weekend over 550 marriage license in one day. Then, their last busy day was 9/9/19 for the people wanting the number thing for their wedding date. The clerks office told me one Monday they had over 1100 licenses turned in, and they had to stay in the office to after midnight to make sure they were all recorded. There is a reason Las Vegas is the marriage capital of the world, and I had no idea until I saw the numbers at the officiant training class. Weddings are big business here in Las Vegas, we are talking hundreds of millions of dollars, and they just spent 1.1 million on wedding promotions thru the visitors authority to step up the numbers of weddings. Their best year was 2004 with over 120,000 marriages, and as a note a little over 80 percent of licenses are issued to tourists or international travelers, not to Nevada residents. But, as @missileman stated, I can get you from license to certificate in hand pretty easily during the week in under 4 hours. weekends the clerks office is closed, but I can record first thing Monday morning.
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    Adjustment of Status

    My husband had a valid visa. How did I commit a crime or assist him in committing a crime? I gave the USCIS full disclosure in both applications.
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    August 2019 - AOS Fillers!

    Hey Guys! For anyone worried about their letters from USCIS somehow getting lost in the mail or mistakenly placed in your neighbors mailbox, I just found out that you can sign up for the USPS ”informed delivery” service. Once you sign up and register for the service, you will get an email every morning from USPS with scanned pictures of mail that are scheduled to be delivered to you that day. Just another way to keep track during this nerve-racking experience πŸ˜…
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    Thankyou! Such a long wait for this moment. Hopefully it’s delivered soon πŸ˜…
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    Dal Gaga

    New York AOS 2018 Filers

    Congrats! It took us 1 week to receive the interview notice after the status had been changed to β€œ we scheduled the interview ....”
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    Adjustment of Status

    Thank you that helps. yes the I-485 was rejected because of the priority date. my husband is in the US.
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    Just updating my case hopefully helps anyone Sent all my paperwork on June 14 (DS3035 and embassy paperwork for NOC) my embassy filed the NOC on 19 of June The check was cashed on June 22 it took exactly one month to appear in DOS with Fee/form ds3035/form ds2019/ passport id page/statement of reason/other =dated July 18 2019 (but appeared in the page till July 20) July 23 = sent email asking for an expedite to DOS.. just a regular email to 212e explaining that my program had already started and if there was a possible way to get it faster and explaining that my Non Objection was sent before. My Case is NOT Gov funded, and I already had an H1B approved. Non Objection statement July 25, 2019 [although My embassy filed it by mail the June 19 and re faxed it July 11] July 29= they responded (by email) telling me they had sent a fav recommendation (DOS site was updating July 30) After calling every day to USCIS for a month, sending emails to lockbox, DOS, to Vermont center and also contacting a local congressman...having 3 inquiries... Finally was DOS 212e email who talked to USCIS and gave my receipt number yesterday... Checking my receipt: Case was received at another USCIS office on Aug 30, 2019. Apparently some of others had the same issue... I just put a request for expedite now and let's see how that turns out..I'll update once I have more BTW haven't received DOS or USCIS mail... Should I confirm my mailing address??? as it's different that my current address? I'm just worried... I also hired a lawyer for the expedite... sorry guys this process is taking the toll on me .. and I see that others feel the same. Best of luck!
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    Your case is different as you are adjusting from a tourist visa, meaning you filed an I-130 with the I-485, so what you sent is the required evidence. It was not front loading.
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    My wife and I had our interview super early this morning after a lengthy wait. My wife adjusted from a B2 visa. Interviewer was super friendly. The interview was maybe 20 minutes, and about 15 minutes of that was spent going over the I130/I485 forms. We needed to make numerous changes to the forms since we moved, had a kid, my wife used AP so the had to update her "last entry" date, and so on etc. Then just a few questions about how we met, plans for future, and we spent a few minutes talking about kids since we all had infants. No questions whatsoever about "intent". He recommended us for approval, but said since he's new he needs a supervisor sign-off and said we should expect something this afternoon.
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    My wife was able to get Medi-Cal (California's name for Medicaid) immediately after she arrived here in the US at 5 months pregnant. She is now working and also just became a citizen. We did not have to pay anything for the delivery or hospital stay.
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    I-129F approval rate

    I guess if a person doesn't trust the fox, he has to talk with all the chickens in the hen house.......
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    Looks like he is a user and he is planning for his future..... without you!
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    His refusal to go to counseling answers your question. I believe you should discuss your financial situation with a progessional and your family situation with a divorce attorney.
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    The way your story began tells a lot. There are men in countries that work women tourists for romance. If they meet you and are quickly in love and as quickly need money and a visa. I get people upset trying to tell them this when they’re in love. But it’s no less systematic than a Nigerian prince email. You could try and go to marriage counseling about the fairness. When my husband first came over, sometimes we had issues with understanding the difference between having more money than he did and having an inexhaustible supply. It wasn’t as bad as your case. After working a month and buying things for himself and sending some to his parents, he had a much better feel for what the value of money was, budgeting and was proactive in being fair about it. Your husband by now should understand that every dollar given to him or his family means something you have to give up. You have given up things for the next several years. If he has no concern about it, you need to be concerned about yourself for both of you. Frankly if he’s that blatant about using his wife as an ATM, he really isn’t into self respect. Even in liberated America, a man doesn’t freeload off of a woman if he has any kind of self-respect. In other cultures it’s a sure sign of zero respect for you or himself to do it and be fine with it. Tell him you’re going to enjoy your own money and to enjoy the car when he goes back.
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    It definitely sounds like he doesn't think about your future or even your present. That is just wrong. When you marry someone, you share a life. It sounds like he dragged you into his, and you're just in it to make it work out for him.
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    There are two sides to every story. He will tell you I don't want him to save money. I will tell you that I absolutely understand his position and encourage him to save money BUT the amount of money he is now saving in a separate bank account is more than he is contributing to our household and the debt I have incurred because of him. That's not acceptable. The burden should not be on me and I will absolutely withdraw the I-864 or risk financial ruin. He sees me as the means to live in America, work and not have to pay his fair share. If he loved me, he would want to lift me up and make me happy the way I did for him. I know the truth.
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    In an effort to save my marriage I asked him to go to counseling with me and he refused. He sees nothing wrong with taking and saving for himself more than he's contributing to the household. The hurt that comes from my spouse not wanting to help me the way I helped him is devastating.
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    You are not the first go into sever debt bending over backwards for their spouse to find out they have been used. Start cutting things off, you need to pay bills if he won't help then time to turn off the cash flow. Cut things off that you don't 100% need to live.
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