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    First of the all, I got mind approved within 2 months. At first I thought I was expedited because I was military, but it turns out it's only because my receipt number start with IOE, the new filing system. ( perhaps being in the military did helped a bit) anyway, that's not the point, today I received an email reply from NVC, and told me it was approved faster simply because I was under the new system. So, for petitioner who got a receipt number start with IOE, this is definitely a good new to you all. below are the exact email reply from NVC "Greetings from the Department of State's National Visa Center (NVC). We are contacting you regarding your recently approved immigrant visa petition. Based on your USCIS receipt number, your case benefited from a pilot electronic process for the I-130 petition. USCIS reviewed and approved your petition faster than average cases of this type as we develop the fully electronic transfer of data from USCIS to the Department of State. We thank you for your patience while we continue to refine our process with these electronic petitions. We wanted to alert you that it will likely take longer than the 30-day timeframe mentioned on USCIS's approval notice to you. Despite this delay, please rest assured that we expect the overall time between filing your petition and completing processing with NVC will be far faster than average for this petition type. When we complete the data entry for your case you will be notified by email or letter. This will include instructions on how to log into the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) to begin case processing with NVC.
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    I would like to share my recent medical examination (ME) experience at St. Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic (SLEC) at 1177 Jorge Bacobo Street, Ermita, Manila (Philippines) for CR1 - US Visa to give you a peek, knowledge and understanding of what happened to me inside. Since I am not from Manila and SLEC is the only medical facility for a US Visa ME, I emailed them for my queries and waited for their response before I filed my leave of absence at work and booked my flight to Manila. After 2 days, I got their response that female applicants may now undergo ME even during their period. Though an online appointment with SLEC was not necessary (since they operate on a first come, first serve basis) I made sure to accomplish my US Immigrant Visa - Online Registration to reduce registration time. Me and my mom arrived around 4p.m. in Manila, a day before my scheduled ME and we stayed in a hotel 6 mins. away from SLEC. DAY 1 04:45 am → Me and my mom arrived at SLEC. I was approximately the 50th person in line 05:00 am → Two guards opened the entrance door & started accepting applicants 05:35 am → When it was my turn, I handed my organized documents to the guard. He took two (2) NVC Interview Letter, one (1) photocopy of my passport biographic/data page, four (2) 2x2 visa photos with my full name written at the back of each photo (make sure you have the neutral facial expression in your photos otherwise the guard will ask you to submit another photos/ this visa photo guide will help you ---> http://www.slec.ph/img/us_photo_guide.png), one (1) copy of the SLEC online registration confirmation and my passport 05:45 am → The guard stamped my papers and handed them back to me with the number 14 (small rectangle green card) on top. He stamped the back of my right hand with “SLEC A”. He checked my bag and saw the bottler of water and small biscuits that I packed. I was allowed to keep the bottle of water but he asked me to leave the biscuits (since foods are not allowed inside) so I gave it to my mom. Good thing, we already ate before we went to the clinic. I was the only one allowed inside and my mom had to wait outside the clinic. But don’t worry, SLEC has a waiting area for your relatives who accompanied you 06:00 am → Reception Counters at the ground floor started to open. They started calling out numbers & colors. I saw three different colors, mine is green, some are blue and some are red. It was pretty cold inside but I had my jacket to keep me warm. 06:15 am → When it was my turn, I gave the receptionist all the documents and he started asking me questions (is this your first time at SLEC, complete name, date of birth, educational attainment, civil status, occupation, last country visited etc.) After that, he took my photo and fingerprint scan. Then he instructed me on what to do next, handed me my PDS form with my patient number and passport back 06:20 am → I went to the 5th floor to pay the Medical Examination Fee at the Cashier. It was still closed when I got there. The lady guard took the PDS form, instructed me to sit at the waiting area and wait for my name to be called 06:35 am → Lady guard called my name, gave me my PDS form. I handed my PDS from, passport and P17,025.00 to the cashier. SLEC doesn’t accept checks, credit nor debit cards for payment. The cashier instructed me what to do next, gave me my passport, receipt for the fee and PDS form. 07:12 am → I went to the 3rd floor for the X-ray. I handed my PDS form, receipt and passport. The nurse asked me to read, sign a waiver and/or consent and fill out all items she checked. She asked me to write the date of the last first day of my period. I returned it to the nurse and waited for my name to be called. 07:20 am → The nurse called my name, gave me my documents (PDS form, receipt, passport and radiology number), instructed to me go to radiology room, take my shirt, bra, jewelries off, wear the hospital gown and make sure my long hair is tied up. There are seats inside the x-ray changing room and I waited there for my number to be called. 07:25 am → It was my turn, the radiographer took my documents and asked me a series of questions (full name, date of birth, educational attainment etc). She then asked me to stand in front of the x-ray unit positioned at my chest level, placed both my hands on my hips and hold the pad, roll my shoulders forward, lift my chin and take a deeeeeeeep breath, exhale and then another deeeeeep breath. That was it and I was done. She asked me to take my documents which she placed on the chair, change my clothes and go to Laboratory. 07:37 am → I went to the Laboratory at the 4th floor for my blood and urine tests. I handed the nurse my PDS form, receipt and passport. She gave a paper to read and sign (consent/waiver document). I returned it to her, took a seat and I waited for my name to be called. 07:45 am → It was my turn, the nurse returned my documents and asked me to scan my finger. She lead me to the laboratory room where I waited for a few minutes. I gave my documents (PDS, receipt and passport) to the nurse, she scanned my finger and took my blood sample to be analyzed for many things. She returned my documents and instructed me to go to the first door at the right side for the urine test. 08:00 am → I drank the bottle of water I brought with me before the blood test so by this time, I was ready to pee. I handed my documents (PDS, receipt and passport) to the nurse, she asked me when was the last first day of my period and what was the time when I last peed. She gave me a clean sterile container to collect my urine sample. There was a line drawn on the cup, she instructed me to fill the cup up to that level line (do not add water if you did not reach the level line and if it exceeds just let it be) cover the container, if you get anything on the outside of the cup, wipe it off with toilet paper. After I collected my urine sample, the nurse asked me to place it on the round tray with my name on it. I washed my hands and went out of the room. She handed me my documents back and instructed me on what to do next 08:00 am → I went to the 2nd floor for the immunization interview, I submitted my documents (PDS, receipt and passport) to the man at the immunization reception. He gave me a form to read and sign. I returned it to him, took a seat and waited for my name to be called. 08:40 am → After the long wait, my name was finally called, I went to the reception area where the man gave me my documents back then I was lead to the immunization interview room. The doctor asked for my finger scan and she asked me a lot of questions. It was quick though. 09:00 am → I went to the 5th floor and submitted my documents to the nurse at the vital signs counter. I waited for my name to be called. When it was my turn, she took my weight measurement, temperature, blood pressure and then asked me to go to another room where my height measurement and eye test were taken. Then they forwarded my documents to the US Counter and instructed me to wait for my name to be called. 09:25 am → US Counter called my name, the lady handed me my documents with number 7 (Room 8) attached. She instructed me to wait outside the room. 09:40 am → I was called by the doctor inside the physical test room, I handed her my documents and she asked for my finger scan. She asked me to sign a document stating that I have not given birth nor had any pregnancies and/or abortions. Then she asked me a series of questions (full name, date of birth, educational attainment, occupation, operations, hospitalizations, mental health etc… it was a lot of questions) and she types all of your answers in their database. She then asked me to take my clothes off (except for bra and underwear) and wear the hospital gown. She checked my throat and asked if I have other tattoos aside from the ones on my left arm. She then asked me to lie on the bed. By this time, my heart was pounding and the doctor felt it. She asked me if I am scared or nervous. I said I am scared that I will be asked to get totally naked. She smiled. Then she asked me if I have given birth, I said no. Any pregnancies…… no.. she checked below my tummy and my back and legs. And that was it. She returned my documents and instructed me to submit them to US Counter outside. 10:30am → I submitted my documents to the US Counter and after 10 minutes, my name was called. The lady instructed me to return tomorrow at 9:00 am for immunization and collection of my medical examination result. She returned my receipt which was stamped 9:00 am at the back and my passport which was stamped and signed at the 2nd last page. DAY 2 08:30am → I handed my documents (receipt and passport) to the guard at the entrance and he asked for my finger scan. He instructed me to leave my passport and receipt at counter A. I took a seat and waited for my name to be called 08:45am → I heard my name was called and I was asked to wait on the 2nd floor for the immunization. Yeap, it was a super long wait… I took my phone and played games while waiting. 10:20am → Finally, my name was called. I went inside the immunization room where I got my four (4) shots. The first two shots didn’t hurt but the third and last shots hurt so bad. The nurse told me to avoid becoming pregnant during the first 60 days from the date I got the vaccines. 10:45am → I went to the ground floor - counter A and waited for my name to be called. 10:55am → yhaayy I was called. The receptionist asked me to leave my passport on counter A and wait for my name to be called. 11:00am → Counter F called my name. I went there and was greeted by a lady nurse. She asked me a series of questions (full name, date of birth, educational attainment, occupation, inteview date, husband’s name, my medication for my asthma, my last hospitalization etc) she then asked me to check my name and date of birth which were written on the CD of chest radiograph. Then she asked me to check the details written on the Vaccination Documentation Worksheet. Then she handed me the US Dept. Of State Form (Vaccination Record) which will be presented for application of work in the USA. Then she gave me a sealed short brown envelope with the huge warning “DO NOT OPEN” written on it. This will be brought at the time of interview and only the consular officer has the right to open it. Then she stamped the 2nd last page of my passport and signed it. Before you leave SLEC, make sure you have your passport, official receipt, CD, sealed brown envelope and your vaccination record (Vaccination Documentation Worksheet). The whole medical examination process was exhausting yet I am so glad everything turned out well. It was such a wonderful experience. If you are about to do your medical examination. I am wishing and praying it will turn out well too. I hope this post helps.
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