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    I went to Omaha today for my N-400/I-751 interview (although they never actually said they were combining the two interviews). Interview took just over 30 minutes. Got the first six questions right along with the first sentences in the reading and writing parts. Then I was asked some general questions about my I-751 application mostly they were reviews of the evidence that had been submitted. The IO said I passed and was recommending my N-400 application for approval pending quality review. She said my oath ceremony will be sometime this summer in Lincoln. Almost finished!!
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    So here we are, I finally had my interview today and I was approved!! Reading the London reviews REALLY helped calm my nerves so here’s mine and I hope it does the same for at least one person. So my bus from Somerset left at 2:20am this morning, superrrrr early. I got into London Victoria at 6:30am and my interview was at 11:30. I’m actually very glad I had all this time as I was able to go get some coffee, relax at Victoria station and get some breakfast which water a couple of hours. And it was just my luck that the Victoria line was completely not running which panicked me because I am NOT a London person and no idea how else to get to Vauxhall! But luckily by the time I’d had some food and wandered to the underground all was well and it was just two stops southbound to Vauxhall, so really quick and easy. Once at Vauxhall station I left via exit 4 and used my gps to walk along the river which was just gorgeous as it was lovely and warm today. I got to Vauxhall around 9am - my choice to get there early and you totally don’t need to. I sat by the river and read for an hour or so then I got out the trusty gps and walked the rest of the way (it’s only a 10 minute walk from Vauxhall station). I walked right up to the embassy so I knew where I needed to go, and I spotted the Waitrose across the road which I’ve seen other people on VJ mention they went there for a coffee as it’s right next door. I went and had some water in the cafe and used the loo and decided to walk over to the entrance and just sit outside the southbound entrance at 10:30. I was incredibly nervous. Incredibly so. I felt faint, I felt like I could have a panic attack but that’s all my own ####### I have going on as I’m quite an anxious person and I do not enjoy being in London at all!! There were a lot of other people around with their folders just like me. The walk past the embassy is lovely, there’s a water feature there and the building itself is spectacular. i waited until 11am (the advised half hour before my appointment) and went over to a very friendly lady under a sign saying “visa applicants” - it is a little daunting to know where you’re going but everyone greets you and asks you what you’re there for and will ask you for exactly what they need and tell you where to go. She asked me what I was there for, I told her a K1 fiancé visa interview. She asked for my passport and email with my confirmation of my appointment. She directed me inside which is where you put your bag/coat though a security check just like at the airport and they ask you to walk through the security detector thingy. Once you’re through they tell you you’re all good and you leave through the door and follow the signs up the slope to the main building. Inside there’s another desk and 2 friendly girls were there to greet me. One asked why I was there and when I told her she asked my surname, then asked if I was nicola and I said yes. She asked for my DS-160 which she put a sticker on with my number and directed me to level 1 and to follow the signs to the allocated windows where I would be called. Now, I’ve read a lot of reviews where people said they were in and out in a matter of 10 minutes. I was in there for about 2. My appointment was at 11:30 but I didn’t get called up until just gone 12pm as it was quite busy. The first man was lovely, very friendly. He asked for: my passport my letter confirming my appointment my birth certificate (original only) my police certificate (original only) one US sized photograph he checked all of these things then asked if I had brought the affidavit of support. I gave this to him. He then asked if I had a W2 which I gave him. He asked for a bank statement, I didn’t have this as it wasn’t one of the required documents. I had 6 months worth of payslips and I had a letter from his employer confirming his job and income but he didn’t want those. He mentioned that if they did require additional information it wasn’t the end of the world and I could just email it to them. He made me feel very at ease as he kept telling me I should be absolutely fine. I then went and sat down and waited about 10-15 minutes and was called up by a second man. He was lovely too, very friendly. He took my fingerprints and asked me to raise my right hand and swear that everything in my documents was the truth, I did this and said yes it was. He then asked me to sit down and said I would be called up for my interview next. i went and sat down and watched the screen intently for my number. I was probably waiting around 20 minutes for the final part. This was another man again who had my file in front of him and he took my fingerprints again and he asked me quite a lot of questions in a very “matter of fact” manner but he was pleasant. These are the things he asked me: How did you meet? so you met online and started talking online? when did you first meet in person? and did you go back again? When? and has he been here? When? have you met his parents? has he met your parents? have your parents met his parents? have you been married before? has he been married before? what does he do for work? how long has he worked there? what are you thinking of doing when you get there? when are you thinking of going? How do you usually communicate? how often do you talk? he then asked me if I had my phone with me which I did, he asked me to go into Facebook messenger and scroll through our messages for a while so he could see our communication. i THINK that was it, it was a lot of questions compared to what I’ve read on here! I was terrified. My palms were clammy the entire time. I knew it was more thorough than usual and I honestly have no idea why, as there’s nothing shifty about either of us. But after a couple of minutes of him typing stuff into his computer and me nearly shitting my pants, he gathered my documents and gave them back to me and said “ok, you’re good. Your interview will be with you in 1-2 weeks” I just stood there and smiled and said “ I’m approved??” Just to clarify as I didn’t believe it! He said “you’re approved” and I welled up and said thank you so so much. And I walked out of there in a state of shock and called my fiancé straight away to tell him! It was scary, I was petrified. But in the end it was absolutely fine. I’m just a very anxious person but it was fine. Everyone there was lovely and put me at ease and it was all pretty laid back and now here I am, sitting on the bus back to Taunton and still can’t quite believe it. all of you guys have got this. I didn’t think we’d get approved, but we did. And so will you ❤️
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