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    Rejected Payment

    I was very excited when things appeared to be going very fast for me at NVC and then this NVC received my approved petition from uscis on May 6, 2016. On May 20th i received my case number and invoice number and was able to complete the form ds-261 (choice of agent). I called the next day to verify who the agent was supposed to be (me) and then the AOS fee opened up on May 23rd which i paid... that fee and it was in process for literally one day and then it was "PAID". On May 25th the IV bill opened up and we paid that and it was in process for two days. Yesterday that status changed to "PAID" as well.. I was super excited when i saw the Immigrant visa application opened up. My husband and i decided that we were going to send off our AOS & IV packages that day.. Here is where things started to become confusing & frustrating for me.... I sent our packages off by priority mail, received a tracking number and all. When i came back home and called my husband so that we can fill his application out, i logged into nvc and noticed that my AOS fee changed from "PAID" to "PAY NOW" i selected receipt and next to my AOS bill it said "REJECTED" :cry:The IV bill still said "PAID". Now i am losing it because no one at NVC can explain to me what is going on. I had to pay the AOS before the IV bill..I used the same account to pay for both fees. How could it say "PAID" for a few days and then changed.. We decided to fill our IV out and submit since it had been unlocked. We were able to submit it. Has anyone experienced anything like this? This is very strange and no one can explain it to me.. I'm so lost right now things just seemed to be messing up..
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