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    Your “fiancé” cheated on you and got pregnant. And you’re sticking around ? wow...
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    Just got back from my interview. I got APPROVED!! It was really quick, was in and out within 30 minutes and nobody else was there. CO was really friendly. He asked quite a few questions but it was more like general chit chat. He congratulated me on our anniversary today and told me to expect my passport back within 2 weeks. I called my husband once I got out (at 05:30 his time 😂) and woke him up with the good news! I still can’t believe it’s finally happening and that I’ll be with my husband soon!
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    You guys, I am SOOO excited! ☺️😊 My original interview date that I selected was August 17th because it was the earliest one available. I checked the booking site to see if there were any new dates and they now have August 6th The relevance of that date is it's going to be our second wedding anniversary!! I immediately rescheduled to the 6th. I'm going to let my husband think it's still booked for the 17th, and I plan to surprise my him on the day Hopefully it will be positive and something along the lines of "Surprise, I had my interview today and got approved, happy anniversary!!" If that's the case, it'll be the best anniversary gift in the world 💙
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    Best Birthday ever!!

    My husband's first interview was on his birthday in 2017 and did not end as we hoped. His third and final trip to Islamabad embassy happened to be on my birthday. After spending 4 hours at the embassy he walked out with Visa in hand (yes this actually happened)!!! Alhamdulillah!!!! I'll update more later after I get over the initial shock. Ahmed is coming home!!!
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    Despite Covid and a swath of US consulate closings, 34 VJ'ers had their IR-1 Visas approved in July so far! Good news and congrats! https://www.visajourney.com/content/visa-approvals-this-month/
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    Case Complete to Interview August 2020

    Husband had his interview in Prague today..........APPPPPPPRRRROOOOVVVEEEDD!!!!!!! The man at the embassy said he should have his visa in hand in 3-5 business days!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank you to everyone in this chat and all the others who were so helpful and encouraging along the way!!!! I hope you all are approved/interviewed soon and reunited with your loved ones ASAP!!!
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    Embassies Reopening

    Does anyone know when the embassy on Mars will reopen? Have they even got the news yet? Trying to get my bride here on the little used ET-1 visa. Thanks
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    K1 after annulment in NY

    You are the reason why the immigration becomes harder and harder, there is no such help, it is fraud and I wish it will come back to you.
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    I'm pleased to update on our situation, our visa has been approved!
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    How pathetic when the level of political discourse is reduced to schoolyard epithets and populist scare mongering rather than a reasoned debate of actual positions taken by people. This is why we should be keeping politics out of these forums.
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    i think people are either missing the point, lost, or deliberately disingenuous. Of course there are people on here who are anti most types of immigration so it is no surprise😆 🤣😆The point is that Trump is cutting immigration drastically regardless of whichever program he is touching, ultimately it affects ALL immigration processes and almost none in a positive way. He says he is for merit based immigration, well H1 programs are heavily affected. Processing times for virtually all types of petitions and visas are negatively impacted. So those who are saying the media is exaggerating are the ones who don't know what they are talking about. There is virtually no immigration process which has not been adversely affected under Trump, none. The media loves to cry wolf, but guess what there really is a wolf in the immigration world!
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    I’ve been researching a lot on the subject because I also am in a CR1 process. Trump has never touched on those situations in all of his Former “immigration plans”. He is primarily focusing on job related visas and their families. His plan from 2018 (maybe 2019?) was not touching anything with spousal immigration. If anything, I think he’s trying to make it somewhat easier. That’s what I heard, we shall see I think if anything, our biggest worry will be the USCIS putting people on furloughs. I don’t think Trump’s immigration overhaul is gonna affect people like us. I will say this, DO NOT believe everything written about this subject. Nobody knows what the heck theyre talking about anymore. Plus the media is doing their best to push fear and make people crazy. Read, but take each article with a grain of salt and follow this forum for updates.
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    This likely happens a whole lot more than we hear about it on this forum. I vaguely remember a couple of cases in the pass that were along the lines of the OP. This is an extremely difficult and embarrassing situation. I admire the courage of the OP to come here and discuss his options. But it also makes me wonder if he did it to get the I want to share a phrase I learned that should help you decide on what to do.... "Don't light yourself on fire to keep someone else warm." You may love her, desire her, and she has a lot of things you want in a wife. But she may not be for you. You can love someone without being with them. There is no governing, spiritual, or physical law that states you HAVE to marry someone because your love them. Some times people are not good for each other no matter how they feel about each other. I'm all for giving someone a chance if they make a mistake. But this may be something that is beyond restoration in my opinion. Here are things to consider: You will be responsible for her and the child, even if you two divorce later. It is in the affidavit that you will sign for her. The bio father may want to be in the child's life and could very well have the right to say whether of not the child can leave the country. Having a child is stressful for any relationship. You two would be going from young loving newlyweds to a full family with huge responsibility and trust issues. You will not have given your marriage enough time to develop. The baby will multiply your financial expenses 10 fold. You don't seem the know the true nature of your fiance and the biofather's relationship. From your follow up post it seems you have little information about him. She may had some serious feelings for him now. Obviously, she has some feelings with him if she produced a child with him. But it could very well be more than a fling. This situation will put an extremely negative variable in your relationship. Immigration issues, assimilation issues, and financial issues are already waiting to put a burden on your relationship. Now you have to deal with trust and uncertainty. To answer your question, it is possible for you to go through with the K1. But there may be some tough questions during the interview. If you are there during the interview (and I HIGHLY suggest you be at the interview if you move forward with this), she will need to be 100% truthful. The interview is not the time for surprises to pop up. And those officers may ask some really tough questions. At 31 y/o, you have to realize that life is just now starting for you. Don't start it off on the wrong foot. You have a choice to direct the path you want to take. You can start a successful business or backpack around the world if you wanted to. You can still care for her and be there as a friend to her. If you do decide to continue... at least make the choice to delay the interview. Tell her you need some time before move forward. Give yourself a few months or even a year before finishing the process. I truly wish you the best of luck. And if I knew you personally, I would have a case of whatever your favorite beverage waiting for you.
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    I forecast, divorce after green card, and she marries her baby daddy and files for him.
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    Please call the non-emergency line of her local police department and ask them to do a wellness check. You don’t have to reveal any details: the fact that her friends and family have not heard from her is enough for the police to do a check.
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    Interview on Monday! Just checked into hotel, around the corner from US Embassy in London. Can't wait to get this done with. Would be awesome if I got my passport back the same day, but not making plans for that to happen.
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    Hey guys I just want to share my wife latest visa interview result. THANK God she got APPROVED!!! she told me they didn't ask her anything. All they asked for was my I864 and my w2's. Nothing on the sponsors side. If you guys have any questions feel free to ask.
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    March 2020 I-129F (K1) Filers

    Hey guys! Just received our NOA2!! NOA1 - March 5 NOA2 - July 28 So excited
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    All the faithful, eligible women in the world to choose from, and anyone would stick with this?
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    Had my interview today in Amsterdam and got approved! 🤩 Had to wait 2-2,5 hrs for an interview that barely lasted 5 minutes, but thank God we made it. Interview was very easy. Only questions were how I met my spouse and how our long distance relationship went.
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    Voilà ! Interview done! 🤩 Still have to receive the Passport but we are closer than ever to being fully together. For your info, my husband was able to travel to France from California with : a proper Covid test certificate issued less than 72hours before his flight, copy of my passport, copy of our Livret de Famille. My review is right there ->> https://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cnty=France&page=1&dfilter=5&topic= but honestly nothing new compared with the previous posts on the subject. 🤪 Take care you all, thank you for your great support. Alix
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    Husband FINALLY scheduled his expedite interview with the London Embassy for 17 August. Sending positive vibes and energy to everyone still waiting ❤️
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    Case Complete to Interview August 2020

    I'm so happy to share that I got my passport back with the IR-1 visa today! My NOA1 was exactly 2 years ago today. 730 days! It took us a lot of patience while going through this process. Thanks to all VJ members for graciously sharing their experiences. I'm sending love and wishes to all those who are in the process. Stay hopeful and it'll be your turn soon!
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    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone on Visa Journey. This morning my husband officially became a US Citizen—ending our nearly 6 year immigration journey. Ours wasn’t an easy one. It involved a denied K1 visa petition (2015), a successful CR1 petition (2017), Removal of Conditions (applied in 2018, approved July 2020), and Naturalization (applied 2019, approved July 2020), along with 5 trips to Ghana and 2 ½ years living apart. I know there are some on here that’s cases are even more difficult than ours was. Thank you to everyone for sharing your knowledge and experience about immigration. I am so grateful to have a community who understands the complexities of immigration, as well as the emotional toll it can have on someone and their relationship. For those of you still waiting, don’t lose faith. I know it’s hard waiting but I can promise you it’s worth it. Good luck to you all!
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    You can’t. You can’t adjust from an ESTA on any basis other than IR. And you can’t adjust status from an overstay of any status through marriage to an LPR either. So it’s a double “you can’t”. Your AOS application will be denied and by the time that happens, you’ll have accrued enough overstay to face a ban as well. Your only option is to return home before your ESTA stay expires and await processing for an F2A visa.
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    Exciting news! We received our interview date. August 13th. London. 😁
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    Here's my final post here (I think)! My wife got an expedite in late June, and was interviewed immediately after her notification. Yesterday, four weeks after her interview, she received her visa and passport in the mail. I want to thank everyone who's posted here, as their experiences and advice have helped us immensely throughout these last 19+ months (I still can't believe it took us that long). I also want to wish everyone good luck moving forward. I hope other members here are soon able to reunite with their loved ones! Stay healthy and safe, everyone!
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    None of this means that she can't be in some kind of trouble.
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    VAWA, Part 19

    Goodmorning fam!💖✨🌟 On this occassion of my birthday,💖✨🌟 I just want to reach out to anyone who's struggling emotionally or any other way..I have been there, God came through for me, HE will too for you!💖✨🌟 When I remember how God gave me victory, I'm always happy to help here as much as I can! (Quick Response Squad) lol.😊 there's always a blessing attached to helping others!✨🌟 Be blessed all. Happy birthday to me 8/8 Much love from me to you..💖✨🌟
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    Nigeria consulate

    We're not the government, so focusing is hard right now because of everything going on. We're grateful that after the ban majority of spouses who went for their interview got waived and approved, most of them are with their loved ones now. And the rest of us haven't gone for our interviews because of the lockdown plus the Consulate isn't holding interviews yet. So yes, there's Always a way, and in this case, all spouses including myself who is waiting for their interview will get approved as soon as we go forward to the embassy. And when we re-unite with our spouses we will sit together and look back at this time with hearts full of praise and Thanksgiving. So you see the cause of the ban is the governments problem to solve not ours. You guys should stop adding sand to our garri, the process is hard enough. Periodt
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    K1 Why Bother

    I mean different people have different circumstances..... I get the CR1 has big advantages, especially during the pandemic, but the amount of K1 bashing I see on this site can be discouraging
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    It does look suspicious. Not just that you got divorced so soon after becoming a citizen (there isn't much you can do about that now), but also that you don't seem to be waiting very long between getting divorced and filing for a new partner. Why not take your time? Get to know each other better, get multiple visits in, and put together a stronger packet. It will be better long-term for your relationship, too.
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    Of course it “looks” bad. Whether or not they can do anything about it now, is another story.
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    My interview was scheduled for today in Raleigh NC (Durham) and I was given details about precautions for covid19 in advance (wear a mask, don't arrive more than 15 minutes in advance, etc). Upon arrival and having navigated security I was directed to a numbered room where there was an ipad video link to the interviewer in another room. The entire interview was conducted via the ipad so there was no close contact with other people. There was hand sanitizer in the room. For the parts where I had to write things down the interviewer sent things to the printer in my room and I was asked to write and then hold them up to the camera. After being approved I was sent to a larger room next door with around 8 other people - we all sat on chairs that were around 10ft apart. After a wait of around 20 minutes the oath ceremony was conducted, and we became citizens. It was disappointing after such a long visa journey that it had to conclude without a traditional ceremony that friends and family could attend but I have no complaints - I was very impressed at how well USCIS handled things and have adapted to continue operating during the pandemic. Best of luck to everyone else out there and stay safe!
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    Hi all, My wife had her citizenship interview this morning at 10AM at the Greer, SC field office. She passed her interview and civics and reading/writing tests with no problem. When we started to leave they told us to hang out for a few more minutes. Another lady was just finishing up her interview. About 10 minutes later they called my wife and this other lady back and the lady at the reception desk called me over and had me look back through the glass. My wife and this other lady were taking their Oath. While it certainly wasn't the big ceremonies you see on TV, I was just as proud. Our long journey is finally over. I sincerely have to Thank the mods and admins here on VisaJourney. Honestly I don't know if I could have gotten us through this whole process from K-1 to Citizen without you folks. God bless you all and may you keep doing what you do for a very long time.
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    1. Protect yourself both physically and legally through an attorney.. 2. If you have evidence of fraud, you can report it. Other than that, you have no control over his immigration status. If he was issued a Green Card, your affidavit of support remains in effect....you cannot withdraw it.....and it will remain in effect for several years...maybe even many years..a divorce will not alter your responsibilities.....the best solution might be for him to gain citizenship...which will remove you from financial responsibility for him. Remember, You verified that the marriage was bona fide. 3. Seek happiness for yourself. Tagging this thread for future reference "Tales of the Green Card".
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    We just got our interview appointment letter today for August 12th!! Nearly there!!🥳🥳🥳
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    What sort of financial support did you give and to whom? 30k? Could've chartered a yacht to get you there and back for that amount of money.
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    VAWA, Part 19

    Folks as you know every year I have a meetup with some survivors of abuse, last year was in Central Park, NYC. It was great,t but this year due to the Covid19 I will not meet the survivors, but next summer probably I will have the meetup in Texas. I keep postponing Texas,lol but I have a lot of people there that I handled their Vawa petitions. This year so far I had 63 VAWA cases approved(Visa Journey's members), plus 98 private cases approved. 60% of the cases from Visa journey's members I worked pro bono. USCIS, as usual, is acting crazy. I have cases filed in May and June 2019 approved, but I have cases filed in 2018 still pending adjudication, then do not be discouraged if you filed your VAWA in 2018.
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    We have an interview July 21st in Stockholm! Medical is scheduled for the day after. Our case was randomly expedited (we didn't request it, but I think they wanted to start scheduling interviews) so now we need to update whatever paperwork we can before we head to Stockholm. Started this process in August 2018! And today is our 3rd anniversary 🥂
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    Hi all! We received our interview letter! DQ May 11, interview August 4th in Amsterdam 🥰
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    Our interview notice was received today! Aug 25 interview. Amsterdam consulate. DQ'd in last week of May.
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    Hi, all. Here is a deep dive into my experience of my journey from Serbia into the US. I will try to be as detailed as possible and provide as much help and advice as I can, but please keep in mind that this was my experience as of 26 June - 11 July. Use this as a reference for your own plans. To read about my journey flying into Serbia from the UK, please read this post from when I first arrived in Belgrade. -- Let me start by saying that Serbia's attitude toward coronavirus changed DRASTICALLY in my time there. When I first arrived, everything (and I mean everything) was open and running like normal. By the following week, the city was protesting new curfew rules, which eventually turned into rioting/police brutality. The curfew didn't happen due to the response from the public. I'll refrain from making any comments on politics in Serbia, and I can't predict what'll happen next, but more restrictions are a very real possibility that you should take into consideration. I won't go into too much detail on this, but I had to leave my airbnb halfway through my stay due to a cockroach problem... I then went to a hotel in the middle of the city and the protests erupted right outside. I THEN moved to an airport hotel for the final two days, which was not a pleasant experience due to it being in the middle of nowhere with barely any amenities. My journey began by getting a ride arranged by the hotel to the airport. You cannot check in for the flight with Air Serbia online due to a new rule about only citizens of the country you're traveling to being able to. So, I walk to the check in desk and tell the guy where i'm staying in the US. He checks my passport and visa. Asks his colleague if a K1 visa is ok. They say "yes". Asks me if i've visited the schengen area in the past two weeks. I say "no". I am given my boarding pass. I'm checked in. Next, in Belgrade airport, you walk up the stairs and through a passport control area where they give you an exit stamp. I was a little surprised that I hadn't gone through any security, but found out later that the security is at the gate. The problem with this is that they don't allow water bottles through, so you're going to be without access to much water for a while other than what they give you on the flight (which is minimal). At security, they once again checked my visa and once again ask if I've visited the schengen area in the past two weeks. I say "no", go through security and i'm at the gate. The place is pretty packed with varying amounts of mask discipline from other passengers. Can't do much about it other than remaining as careful as you can be. Be aware that you'll be wearing a mask this entire time other than when airport staff ask you to pull it down when checking your passport pic. My flight got delayed by about an hour, which wasn't great for the nerves because they didn't announce anything during the wait and I had to make a connecting flight in JFK and had no idea how long immigration would take. They announce boarding. I go on the plane. The plane is reasonably full, but most people had space around them. The plane takes off. So far, so good... The flight is just like any other long distance flight except that you don't get much service. The food was a cold mix of this cheese, turkey slice and cornbread combo. Bit weird. I only had a little. You're asked to fill a form (BRING YOUR OWN PEN, I BROUGHT TWO BECAUSE I KNEW THE PERSON NEXT TO ME WOULD ASK AND I'M NOT GONNA SHARE. I LET THEM KEEP IT AFTER USE). It's like the usual landing card for the US (address you're staying at in the US, passport number, flight number etc.) except there's a section asking about COVID symptoms and a section asking "IN THE PAST 14 DAYS HAVE YOU BEEN TO ANY OF THE COUNTRIES OR GEOGRAPHIC REGIONS LISTED ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS FORM?". The list will have these countries. Flight is 9 hours and 15 min. It'll say it's a 10 hour flight online, but they regularly get there in 9hr 15min. I was already sitting quite close to the front, but before we land, I moved to the very front so that I could be first off. The plane lands. The airbridge is delayed. I'm standing next to the door nervously willing it to attach. Around 10 min pass before the door opens and I bolt it. I overtake the two business class people who were let off first and run with all my stuff to beat the lines. It took about 5 min. When I get there, it's empty. I spot the border agent and walk over. I tell them i'm entering on a K1 visa. They ask me if I have the visa packet. I get it out of my bag and give it to them. They check my passport and the form that I filled out on the plane. They open the packet, call over a CBP college, hand them the packet and tell me to go with them. All very friendly. I walk with the CBP agent to a room off to the side where they place my passport and packet on a raised desk with about 5 people on it and ask me to wait until my name is called. Around 5 min pass before they call me over. They say "you're staying at xxxx, right?" which is respond yes. They do something with my paperwork. They ask me "you know the rules, right?" to which I say "yes" even though i'm not sure which rules they're specifying, but they clear it up with a "you have 90 days to get married". I tell them i'm really looking forward to it. They hand me back my passport with a green slip inside of it and tell me "congratulations". I thank them. I did it. The emotions I felt were immense that I almost missed having to hand that green slip to the guard on the way out. The whole process took no more than 15 minutes and was very straightforward. I made my connecting flight easily. I landed at my destination some hours later and met my fiance. We drive to our apartment. We begin our lives together. We made it. Thank you to everyone on here who helped out and was following my story. It's been an incredibly challenging time and i've experienced some of the lowest points of my entire life. The anxiety and overthinking involved is unbearable at times. To the people reading this who were in a similar situation, you have my full empathy and respect. I can now confidently say that this guy did indeed fly.
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    I'm going to be blunt about this. You simply don't want to lose the convenience of having your gf here. The threat of her immigration status bothers you as it will either cut the relationship short (her leaving) or force you into something you are not ready for (marriage). The truth is that you may need to prepare yourself for the inevitable if you are not ready to marry her. Dating an person that is limited with staying in the US is challenging, because the relationship can't progress fluidly. Almost everything plan you stated pertaining to immigration is not feasible. First, you have a gross misconception on how work visas are obtained. And nothing is wrong with that because most people are not well versed in immigration. You, yourself, can not do anything to get her a work visa. That is not how it works. In order for her to get a work visa, a company , (usually a major corp) has to hire her. Then the company are the ones who file the work visa. The process is complicated and very expensive. And because of this, work visas usually are limited to those with advanced degrees in STEM fields. It is not like she sees a help wanted signs in a McDonald's and send in an application for a work visa. Work visas are not only difficult to obtain, but the wait for them can be years. You coming up with money for tuition is admirable. But it is not just having the money to pay for school. She must remain an active student and not fail or drop out. It must also be a legit Uni. She also can NOT work on a student visa. Which means that you not only have to provide tuition, but room and board costs. It may be more of financial responsibility than you think. And student visas does not guarantee a path to residency or citizenship. And I will not get into the thought process of providing such a huge financial commitment versus simply marrying. But all of this you are doing is for the US side of immigration. If she goes to France, she may encounter the same limiting factors of immigration. Immigration is not a 'wake up one day and choose which country you want to work and live in'. Every country in the world has immigration laws and there are many that are more difficult and strict than the US. It is best for her to start researching extensively on France immigration so she doesn't end up in a compromising situation there. Like it has been said numerous times already, there is very little to nothing you can do to help her with immigration, unless you marry her. You are not the first be in this situation. Now that you know your options you can move forward with either marrying her, or enjoy the relationship until her time her is done. Best of luck to you.
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    Today, I completed the final step in my visa journey. I received my passport and passport card via separate mailings. Naturalized on July 8, applied for passport July 22, via my local NJ post office, standard processing. So, essentially, within eight business days! I want to thank this wonderful VJ community for all that it has done for me: right from the time of my AOS in 2012 down to this moment, when my immigration journey is at its final stop. Love you all and may this community go from strength to strength. For those of you asking how I got my passport in such record time, my answer is I honestly do not know. I had braced myself for a very long wait time, reading from other timelines. What MAY HAVE helped is that I did not submit an application filled by hand, but one that used the online Form Filler which lets you download the completed application form along with a bar code that practically eliminates manual labor from the processing time. It looks like my passport went straight to printing (the same day my check was cashed). I have been reading that when you hand fill an application, the staff then has to manually enter data into their database and that takes a very long time, due to reduced staff hours. Trust me, automation does have its benefits, so go ahead and use the Form Filler. My passport was shipped from the Little Rock, Arkansas regional office. To all those of you nearing the end of your journeys too, congratulations and see you on the other side. To those halfway there, more power unto you and godspeed! I remain forever grateful to the relationships this group fosters.
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    Well it doesn't apply to you. Putting on "Hold" IR5 and Family preferences and trimming some old programs is cutting the 2021 estimates in half. CR1/IR1 isn't affected.
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    Honey.... from a womans perspective here....I need to say something. For an engaged woman to get pregnant by another man is more than just cheating. Are there no more chances in life for you where you can't POSSIBLY find another woman to love and respect you? Run now while you can! For so many reasons. Stop the bleeding while you can. You will be raising another mans child because whether you like it or not, she's now a "package deal".
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    Hi David, Thank you 😃. Here is the review I posted for my experience at the embassy: « My CR-1 interview at the Paris, France embassy took place on the 20th of July 2020 at 9:00 A.M. I arrived at 8:45 A.M, but was only able to go through the security gate/screening at 9:00 A.M. I had to wear a mask. They check your bag and pockets, you cannot bring a laptop, food or drinks. You have to leave your cell phone turned off with the security staff. Afterwards, I was asked to give my passport, my police certificate, my interview letter and my DS-260 confirmation. It was just so I could give those documents to the next person inside the embassy. When I got in, I sat in a room with 20+ booths were you will get called to speak to the embassy staff. I almost did not wait and was called by an employee of the embassy. The woman asked me for my passport, my police certificate, my interview letter and my DS-260 confirmation as well as my photograph, my birth certificate and my mariage certificate. She gave me some explanations about the next steps and my entry in the U.S. She also took my finger prints. After that I was asked to sit down and wait for the Consular Officer. He called me and asked me to swear that I will say the truth. He asked me 5 or 6 questions: - How did you meet? - What kind of work to you plan on doing when arriving in the U.S? - When and where did you get married? - Where do you live right now? - Where will you live in the U.S? The interview lasted about 5 minutes. At the end he told me that I was approved and welcomed me in the U.S. He also said that I will only receive my passport in the mail, the packet/enveloppe is not used anymore, the information are sent directly electronically to the POEs. The send the passports back on Thursdays through UPS, so I should get my passport back approximatively within 4 or 5 business days. Then I exited the embassy and got my cell phone back. My whole visit lasted 45 minutes (9:00 A.M till 9:45 A.M). » I hope that answers your questions ! Laurent
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    It's unfortunately not at all surprising that USCIS didn't get to the emergency expedite quickly. There are a lot of should haves and could haves here (going physically to a USCIS office is one) that are neither here nor there at this point. I think you'll notice and almost certainly get to the point yourself, that most people who go through US immigration have a sort of form of Stockholm Syndrome with USCIS. Not quite "identifying with the captors" or whatever, but a very clear feeling of "no kidding, this is how it IS, how on earth do you think it could possibly be any different"? It's not fair and it's not particularly nice, but as someone who has been slogging through this agency for the better part of.... 6 years now, it's the honest truth on how you start to feel. And then compound that with spending time on a forum like this and seeing the same problems over and over and over, same feelings of "but she's my WIFE how could they keep us apart for a WHOLE YEAR" and it's hard to not be cynical. The sad truth of the matter is: USCIS doesn't care. They don't care now, they didn't care under Obama or Bush and the agency that preceded USCIS didn't care either. They are overworked, understaffed and underfunded and notoriously have the lowest morale (and qualifications) in the entire US government (which itself is one of the largest employers on the planet). USCIS is also just *barely* competent. See all the above on how long that has been true for and some of the reasons why that's true. Your only way of getting through is by being aware of the rules, following them exactly, and being prepared to explain those rules to USCIS itself when they make a mistake. You have to accept that there are vanishinly few, if any, exceptions to these rules. Yes, even if you're sick, yes even if a relative is dying. Again, they do not care. It is, fairly or not, on you, the intending immigrant to figure out what risks are involved with both immigrating period and which path you are choosing. Again with the should haves and could haves, but it really really sounds like the K1 was a terrible choice for you, and perhaps with a little more preparation on you and your wife's parts, you could have seen that. (The fact that her employer does not cover spouses on their plan should have been a major major factor to consider given that you've got a chronic health condition that you opted to have treated abroad). Signing up for the K1 instead of CR1 route, you (knowingly or not) signed up for the risk of not being able to leave the US for months or abandoning your AOS. Is that fair? Not really, but that's reality. Could you have foreseen your grandfather's terminal illness, probably not. But that's the risk you (unknowingly?) took with the K1. If you were counting on becoming an exception to otherwise inflexible rules... huge mistake when dealing with USCIS. If you didn't know how little they care and how incompetent they are, that's a real shame and I'm sorry. But you can barely count on them to get the actual processes done correctly and in a reasonable period of time. Counting on exceptions is a sure way to be met with disappointment at best. I suppose you could try, as others have suggested, to travel back using the AP that you've got. You need to be prepared to be denied entry and lose the money for the flight, but you *could* try. If allowed in, you'd also need to be prepared for your current AOS to be denied and file for another one (that AOS money is lost either way), which is also preparing to need to deal with EAD/AP renewal and a generally longer timeframe to permanent green card/ citizenship. Best of luck.
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    Fine. I’ll stop helping you then. Best of luck
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