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    If it was me, I'd be removing the attorney from my case and filing the application tomorrow since it appears to be ready to go. What the attorney should be doing is reviewing and sending rather than charging you an additional fee for writing some letter Just my opinion
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    I got IL CC 06/03 CR 2 ID 10/04..
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    Case Complete to Interview October 2019

    Woke up to my IL notice! It was received in my email at 1:15am PST. Interview date is October 22, CC Aug 22. Country is Belize
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    Feel free to join! We had a F4 and F2A join PD jul 31, 2018 CC May 9, 2019 IL sept 12, 2019 *Interview Date: Oct 9, 2019*
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    Case Complete to Interview October 2019

    Alhamdulillah! Just saw my email and my hubby received his interview letter. Waited over 4 months! 😭 Dhaka Embassy DQ- May 14th 2019 IL- Sept 16th 2019 Interview- October 22nd 2019 @ 8am All the best for everyone who got interviews and praying for those who are still waiting. Now one more last hurdle- the interview!
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    I just got interview letter scheduled for Oct 31! 🥳🙏 CC: Aug 7 CR-1
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    Alhamdulillah! Boom! Got the long awaited interview letter today! CC- June 12th IL- September 16th Interview- October 15th, Dhaka. We'll keep you posted. Wishing everyone a swift end to this crippling wait!
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    Case Complete to Interview October 2019

    CC 8/21/19 IL 9/12/19 Interview date 10/03/19 Ghana
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    VAWA, Part 15

    Good morning all.....I want to thank you all for your support, everyone that prayed with me, sent me pm prayer, all those who answered my question in one way or the other, I woke up this morning to new card being produced (I-485) exactly 1month after my interview. My heart ‘‘tis filled with joy for what the Lord has ✅ 🙌🙌🙌🙌
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    Sounds like the attorney isn’t putting as much effort into the process as effort and concern you are putting into it.
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    We just received our interview letter! October 18th, Montreal! 4 months and 2 days of waiting since Documentarily Qualified!
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    MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers

    We had our interview in Honolulu yesterday but didn't get an immediate approval, I checked this morning on the old site and MY Case was APPROVED.. The interview was straightforward but my husband(fiancee) struggled a little on his old addresses and job timeline as we didn't review that information before the interview . Anyway , see you guys in forums again in a couple of years😀
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    All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5

    So, we called the USCIS call centre this morning. The i130 was approved in the morning of 11 September 2019. ( the K3 was denied the evening of 10 September 2019). We explained to the agent that online website did not give any updates. He said that the online tool is renowned for being way behind, and that he gave us the most recent information. i130 pd: 6 May 2019 - Appr 11 Sept 2019 i129f pd : 8 August 2019 - Denied 10 Sept 2019. Nebraska.
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    All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5

    Case finally sent to NVC! 21 days from NOA2! Bye Helbraska!
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    Our K-1: End of the beginning

    I tried finding the original K-1 Aug 2018 thread, but I think maybe it is best to be left to its slumber. Today, 16-Sept-2019, Conditional Green card came in the US Post, cementing status of Lawful Permanent Resident issued a week earlier at the end of our interview conducted at 09-Sept-2019, 1 year 1 month after I-129F was received by USCIS on 09-Aug-2018 Attached is detailed timeline from I-129F filing to GC delivery. Special thanks to VJ admins for keeping the site running, old time members of various degrees of grumpiness with hearts of gold, and everyone else willing to support each other. Good luck to everyone still going through their journey and those who are just beginning. 2018-08-06 I-129F sent via USPS 2018-08-09 I-129F received 2018-08-13 Email receipt. Case number assigned. 2018-12-27 I-129F approved, NOA2 2018-12-31 I-797 NOA2 I-129F Approval Notice received 2019-01-14 NVC Case received 2019-01-15 NVC Case Number assigned 2019-01-22 NVC Status: In Transit 2019-01-30 NVC Status: Ready 2019-02-13 Kyiv Interview: Approved 2019-02-15 NVC Status: Administrative Processing 2019-02-20 NVC Status: Issued 2019-03-01 I-94 at JFK. US arrival. 2019-03-04 SSN Requested 2019-03-13 Marriage 2019-03-18 Marriage Certificate Received 2019-03-25 I-485/I-131/I-765 Package sent via USPS 2019-03-27 AoS Package delivered to Chicago Lockbox 2019-03-29 CA DMV ID card applied 2019-03-29 SSN Issued 2019-04-05 CA DMV Permit Received 2019-04-05 SSN received in the mail 2019-04-06 I-485 NOA1 received in the mail 2019-04-06 I-131 NOA1 received in the mail 2019-04-06 I-765 NOA1 received in the mail 2019-04-08 CA State ID received in the mail 2019-04-12 I-797C Biometrics Appointment Notice Received 2019-04-15 I-485/I-765 Biometrics Completed 2019-05-08 I-485 Ready to be scheduled for interview 2019-07-29 I-485 Interview was scheduled 2019-08-03 I-797C Interview Notice received 2019-09-05 I-765 Card is being produced 2019-09-06 I-131 AP Case Approved 2019-09-09 i-485 Interview Date 2019-09-10 I-765 Card was mailed 2019-09-10 I-485 Case Approved / Card Is being produced 2019-09-11 I-765 Card picked up by USPS 2019-09-12 I-797 NOA2 I-131 Approval Notice received 2019-09-12 I-797 NOA2 I-765 Approval Notice received 2019-09-13 I-766/I-512 Combo EAD/AP Card received 2019-09-13 I-485 Card picked up by USPS 2019-09-14 I-797 NOA2 I-485 Approval Notice received 2019-09-16 I-551 Green Card received 2021-06-11 I-751 RoC filing date (placeholder)
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    VAWA, Part 15

    Good morning All, Here's wishing everyone a very happy, healthy, and testimonial filled week ahead. Let the approval notices and GC interviews roll in in Jesus mighty name, amen. Be blessed all 🙂
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    Got IL this morning! Interview 1 October DQ 19 August The Bahamas And here I thought it was going to take a while because of their notice! Praying for everyone to get IL very soon!
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    They didn’t! Montreal got more ILs early morning today!!! Two days in a row! Thank you Lord! It is not mine but I’m so happy for Montreal group! April-May29! You guys, MONTREAL is alive!!! 🙌🏽 Thank YOU LORD!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
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    JULY - AUGUST 2019 K-1 NOA2 to NVC

    Hi Everyone, I’ve been on VJ since the start of this journey and I just got my Visa in hand, I can’t believe how helpful this forum was for me. I wish every single of you good luck on your journey
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    Surprise in my mailbox today, I just get mailed notice got APPROVED 🥳😀...... arghhh. It has been a long journey, online still case received and I called this morning but she told me my petition is still processing in normal processing time 12 to 15 months. This so surprise to me! Thank you God 🙏🏾. PD 09/14/18 Approved 09/9/19 I send 129f 08/30/2019. For those who are waiting keep praying, it’s on the way. Good Luck 👍🏽
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    jus spent 1 hour and 45 minutes on hold and did get the case number ... but in my excitement I actually got through I forgot to ask for the invoice number .. guess who's on hold again 🤣
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    MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers

    Got our EAD/AP card without any adventures in the mailbox. USPS tracking and USCIS updates worked flawlessly for a change. In a separate shipment, GC left Kansas City, MO USPS distribution center and should be arriving Monday. I guess we get to keep EAD as a souvenir.
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    Had our interview in Ankara today and we were approved! It was overall very smooth
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    MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers

    So guess who literally chased down the mail man on his route today to get my ead card? 😂 I had requested the post office put my mail on hold. Which they didn't and word to the wise, they did NOT put my forwarding sticker on the letter. So I had the lady call the mail carrier and tell me where he was and I chased him down! I was 20 min late back from my break but I have it in my hand haha!
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    Hello, Just wanted to give an update on my case. I got approved this week in mumbai embassy. CC June 21st. Petitioner my wife (USC). I had my case expedited. Reason pregnancy. We sent Doctor's Medical Certificate to NVC in July end as it was the beginning of her 9th month. I guess that is the reason the expedite got approved. Then in august i got the chance to book my interview and the only available slot was September 30. I booked it and continuously kept monitoring if any other prior slots opened up. Fortunately, a slot for this week opened and i rescheduled. So i had my interview and got approved. Unfortunately, i could not be there earlier for the birth of my Daughter. Anyways the interview was easy. The CO was the very nice lady. Asked all the generic questions: who is calling you? what is the name of your spouse? Love marriage or arrange? who arrange the marriage? when you do first meet her? what is your spouse location in usa? who is the joint sponsor? where does he/shes lives in usa? What is your relationship with the joint sponsor? Where will you be staying in usa? What are plans after going there? What kind of job will you be looking for? Where was the wedding? How many people attended the wedding? Do you have pictures? I brought two slim albums of 40 photos each. She barely looked in there How did your families know each other? What did they see in you to select you as their daughter's husband? How long your families known each other? Asked me what was the reason for expedite? I told her pregnancy, so she asked when is the baby due? I told her the baby is born already. Do you have your child's birth certificate with you? I said no, we applied and we are waiting. I also took video call screen shots of my daughter. I color printed out those screenshots. So i asked her if she wanted to see my daughter pictures and showed her. She was like this is good. Then she asked questions about my time in usa. what i did over there, how long was i there for, was i ever out of status and so on. Here are the tips before the interview: Make sure you have the original civil documents and their photocopy, medical envelope and passport ready. Dress formally Be there before time and please smile. Hope this helps
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    N-400-interview gone bad

    I think it is too soon to appoint blame. Who knows what the attorney put in the application? Who knows what kind of documents were provided, or omitted? One checked box in the AoS form that was incorrectly filled (deliberately or not) might affect the entire outcome of the application. Could it be that the IO in charge of that case overlooked some critical information? Yes, but let's not rule out critical information being left out altogether, and only being detected many years later, with contradicting details in the N400 application. Immigration is a long journey, so every little thing you enter on forms, everything you say to an officer will build either a consistent or inconsistent immigration track record. "Surprises" are very rare when you do your homework and abide by the rules.
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    We got our Interview Letter! At like 3 am. PD June 6, 2018 (Nebraska) Case Complete August 28th, 2019 Interview Date October 8th, 2019 North Macedonia
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    Case Complete to Interview October 2019

    Case completed on 30 Aug and I received email today (13 Sep) with interview date on 18 Oct. London Embassy.
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    I would suggest questioning the attorney on why he needs more than a week to review, sign, and mail it off. The fact that it's been over a week and he's yet to confirm he's even RECEIVED the package from you to review is disturbing in itself.
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    MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers

    Hey all, The wife and I are at a nice breakfast celebrating a successful green card interview in Chicago. The experience was easy. We got there 30 minutes before our interview time, and we were called in for the chat almost exactly on time. They asked her the verify some some of the answers we had previously submitted (name, DOB, parents names, etc...). They asked for her birth cert and our marriage certification, both passports, and my (American) ID. They asked when she last entered the country, and if she had been paroled. Then they asked how we met and how things progressed up until this point. She asked if there was anything else we wanted to add to the file, so we added some photos, joint bank account info, and our lease. They also wanted something in her name that showed her residency. Fortunately, the bank statement and lease showed this. It was super easy easy and no stress. The interview took less than 20 minutes. Now to enjoy these Belgian waffles! She said aid she will have a decision made in the next three weeks, but also stated our case was “an easy one.”
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    MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers

    My husband had no issues coming back into the country with this emergency AP this week. Huge relief. They only asked how long he was out of the country. Unfortunately there is no change in his AP/EAD status. AP still says they sent an RFE even though they’ve had the response for a week already. EAD still says fingerprint review completed. We are at 6 months now...but green card interview is in two weeks so I’m thinking we just leave it!?
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    Please Help!

    I would love to hear her side of the story
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    We FINALLY received our IL today!!! Type: CR1 Embassy: Singapore (transferred from Mumbai Embassy on 03 July) CC: 01 Feb 2019 IL date: 17 Sep 2019 Interview date: 08 Oct 2019
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    Case Complete to Interview October 2019

    Received interview letter today for my mom . Interview date: Oct 1 (only 15 days from IL), CC on May 23 Interview location: Dhaka, Bangladesh Didn’t receive IL for my dad IL which got CC on July 23. Really want to have their interview in the same date because for family based IR5 in general they schedule a single interview. Submitted expedite request but don’t know how long it may take since the interview is 15 days away only. NVC kept saying before that these cases are linked together and should get the interview together but today I called they told may be the scheduler overlooked the other case :(. I know lot of other members also experienced the same!
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    Case Complete to Interview October 2019

    DQ June10,2019 .(US Embassy Dhaka )Received interview schedule for October 24
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    Is this a story from 90 Day Fiance on TLC? Sounds a lot like that 21 year old Jamaican guy on there?
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    Travel Ban Support Group

    Well guys, this morning (oddly enough) we received a good news. The Yerevan embassy asked us to send passport, medical and other documents to them. The waiver process has come to an end for us after exactly 1 year and 7 months. I cannot express in words how relieved we are that this ordeal is almost over.
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    K1 Denied without Denial slip

    Like most people dealing with immigrations, choices must be made. Many choose to do the legal wedding for the visa, and then a family 'wedding' later in the US.
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    November 2018 AOS Filers, Part 2

    Hey! The interview was super awesome-seemed more like banter! She was the loveliest. I got asked the usual stuff confirming name, dob, yes/no questions from I-485. She only asked Jake 1 or 2 questions at most from memory like when did we meet and she mainly spoke to me. She didn’t want to see wedding photos (which I did offer) and said that my folder was organised beyond what she normally sees and my lawyer joked saying I could have a job in his office 🙈🙈🙈🤣🤣🤣 She spoke quite a bit about Cali (as entered in Oakland for K1 and that’s were she’s from) and was intrigued how I went transitioned from The Emerald Isle to brown Vegas 🤣 All in all wonderful experience. It lasted 15 mins at the very most; super quick. Approved same day on case tracker and in person ❤️
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    Happy Friday the 13 to all!:) Definitely a lucky day for me!! Finally I received great news.:) Received IL at London Embassy. Submitted docs-August 2 - CC September 4 -IL September 13 -Interview October 29 Worked our perfectly for me! 🙏 Wishing the best for all that are still waiting. Be patient it will happen at Gods timing. 🐞
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    OMG JUST RECIEVED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Until USCIS receives the package and marks it as completed, you haven't filed the AOS either. That was the point behind missileman attaching that topic thread.
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    JUNE 2019 K-1 FILERS

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Just got our approval notification by e-mail (the old site - https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/ - sends one if you create an account there). NOA2 - September 12, 2019 NOA1- June 19, 2019
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    Glad to see another obama activist Judge get put down. Great news
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    Our case was sent to the Dept. of State yesterday. Bye bye Nebraska!
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    This is not true. Custody does not give a person the right to remove a child from one jurisdiction to another. Dominican Republic is a Hague Convention country. This treaty ensures that children that are internationally abducted by a parent are returned to their country as quickly as possible. You need a specific court order to remove a child from one jurisdiction to another. I did this for my child. I did it before we filed our immigration petition. I represented myself in court and made a comprehensive proposal detailing how immigrating was in the best interests of my child. I detailed how I would ensure my child could continue relationships with people from the home country. This is the only way you can obtain a visa for a child that is a citizen of a Hague Convention country. The first thing they ask you at the consulate interview for the visa is if you have permission to permanently remove the child from the country and they want the original paperwork (court order or signed permission from the other parent) to prove it. If the mother won't give permission then you will need to get a court order. Personally, I wouldn't be content with only a signed permission as people can and do change their mind. If you apply for a court order they usually insist that all parties attend mediation to resolve any issues before appearing in court and finalizing either permission or denial. If the mother won't attend then a decision will be made in her absence. Given that the grandmother is caring for the child too then that will need to be resolved. There's been a lack of planning here. There's been a lack of research about the process and the requirements. The alternatives haven't been thought through. It's not enough to hope for the best where children are involved. The child needs to maintain relationships with the people that are currently in her life. Immigration is tough. Assimilating in to another culture is tough. The laws are there to protect children. People often mistake parental responsibility for parental rights. The child has rights, the parent has responsibility. A judge will look at facts about who has behaved responsibly and make a judgement (based on the factual evidence presented) on what is in the best interests of the child. I would offer mediation (with a qualified mediator) to see what can be resolved. If the grandmother is elderly then that needs consideration too (what if she got sick or died in the current situation?). Detail, in minute detail, your proposal (e.g. I offered my child's other parent pay less child support so there was funds for visitation. I detailed exactly how much plane tickets to and from the US are, etc.). In my opinion this situation needs sorting out regardless of immigration. Informal agreements often leave children vulnerable if something goes wrong. Once your husband has left the Dominican Republic and has become a permanent resident of the US it will be even more difficult to negotiate an arrangement for his child. This needs sorting ASAP. Leaving this until 8 days before he is planning to leave does not bode well for proving responsibility and forward planning if he wishes to bring her to the US.
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    August 2019 - AOS Fillers!

    Biometrics done. St. Paul ASC is so fast. Everything done within 5 minutes. Now we wait. Good luck to everyone.
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    He has burned all his bridges in Texas, After his gun comment he will no longer be able to hold any office in Texas. .
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    IL received today! Interview date October 8, CC August 16!
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