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Thanks to Everyone - Approved

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This morning was the interview at 7:40am.

I stayed at the Best Western on Drummond and they were so nice and they had a printer downstairs to allow me to print off some stuff I needed to add to my files.

Left the Hotel at 6:55 got in a cab and was at the US Consulate at 7am. Nobody was in line, also I walked over to the Starbucks grabbed a coffee and back to line up at 7:15am. Was #1 through the door.

Called to window #1 at 8am and gave everything required, was asked to have a seat and I would be called again for the interview. At 8:15am I was called to Window #8 for the interview, was finger printed again, asked to declare everything was true that we submitted, asked how and when we met. Asked what we both did for a living. He then said congrats you are approved. Gave me a welcome letter and directions on how to track everything. Said it should arrive in about a week.

Walked out the door at 8:25am.

Was a very pleasant experience, and very thankful for all the help along the way.

Next stop California, and then going through the AOS stuff very soon.

Thanks again everyone

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7/30/2015 Sent I130 priority mail to have tracking, I suggest you do the same.

8/4/2015 NOA1 (Nebraska)

12/17/2015 NOA2

♤♤while waiting for noa2, I read this wiki to get through

NVC quickly ->http://www.visajourney.com/wiki/index.php/NVC_Process

12/24/2015 Petition Sent to NVC from Nebraska

1/4/2016 petition received at NVC (call and confirm it arrives. About 15 days try to get your case number and receipt number, I got mine in 11 days)

1/15/2016 Called NVC and got case/invoice number logged into this site to pay fees, pick agent -> https://ceac.state.gov/IV/Login.aspx 1/15/2016 picked agent DS-261

1/18/2016 paid aos fee

1/28/2016 review 261 to get iv fee unlocked ( unlocked once I did review,was taking to long)

2/1/ 2016 sent AOS & IV packets together to nvc while I waited for iv fee to open to save time.

2/4/2016 paid IV Fee and waited to do ds260

2/3/2016 nvc received aos and iv packets(scan date)

2/7/2016 ds260 completed and now waiting for cc

♧CASE COMPLETE. .. march 8th

3/11/15 interview email

4/20/15 shots 4/25/15 rest of medical exam


April 27th 221g for additional documentation and placed in administrative processsing.

June 20th submitted evidence requested

June 23rd case was touched by embassy

August 1st case was touched again.

AUGUST 16TH embassy called and wants a new co sponser yet he met requirements.

Found a new co-sponsor

Handed in aos sept 11th

Set 18th another update

Sept 28th update and embassy called


OCT 2nd visa in hand

POE October 22nd 2016


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Congrats! Glad it went well! When are you planning to cross the border?

K1 Visa timeline: Application sent to Visa in hand: 10 months and 4 days (Texas Service Center)

02/26/2015: I-129F Application mailed to Texas lockbox

03/05/2015: NOA1 email notification

08/27/2015: NOA2! (176 days)

09/02/2015: Sent to NVC

09/14/2015: Called NVC and obtained MTL case number

09/18/2015: In Transit to MTL consulate

09/21/2015: Consulate received our file (24 days post-NOA2)

09/24/2015: Sent Packet 3 (unprompted, but CEAC status had updated a second time)

09/29/2015: Packet 4 received, interview scheduled. Still haven't received Packet 3, I advise not to wait for it!

10/09/2015: Received Packet 3 in the mail!

11/09/2015: Medical

12/16/2015: K1 Interview in Montreal (111 days from NOA2, 293 days total): Approved!

12/18/2015: CEAC status changed to Nonimmigrant Ready

12/21/2015: CEAC status changed to Nonimmigrant AP

12/24/2015: CEAC status changed to ISSUED! Merry Christmas!!

12/30/2015: Visa in hand

01/15/2016: POE @ Houlton, ME

01/22/2016: Married! (L)

AOS timeline: Application sent to card in hand: 6 months and 7 days.

01/25/2016: Mailed AOS, EAD & AP applications to Chicago via UPS

01/29/2016: NOA1 email notification x3

02/04/2016: Received NOA1 hard copies x3

02/29/2016: Still haven't received biometrics letter, Filed service request

03/30/2016: After more calls to Tier 2 and 2 service requests, letter still not received, USCIS said no appointment has been scheduled. Reached out to Congressman.

04/06/2016: Biometrics letter finally received thanks to Congressman's inquiry (Appointment scheduled 04/18/2016).

04/18/2016: Biometrics appointment

04/25/2016: Officially outside processing times for EAD/AP. Scheduled Infopass appointment for 05/10.

05/21/2016: Finally received email notice that EAD was approved on 05/19 after numerous service requests, infopass appt and ombudsman inquiry

05/23/2016: Received hard-copy letter notifying me that my AP was approved on the same day as my EAD. No hard-copy for EAD yet.

05/28/2016: Received EAD/AP Combo Card (122 days since filing).

06/21/2016: Received email notification of AOS interview (Appointment scheduled 07/21/2016)

07/21/2016: AOS interview. Approved, but file was missing medical. Local office can't issue GC until they receive medical from DOS.

07/25/2016: USCIS case status changed to New Card Is Being Produced!

08/01/2016: Green card in hand. ROC window opens Apr 29, 2018.

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Met Playing Everquest in 2005
Engaged 9-15-2006
K-1 & 4 K-2'S
Filed 05-09-07
Interview 03-12-08
Visa received 04-21-08
Entry 05-06-08
Married 06-21-08
Filed 07-08-08
Cards Received01-22-09
Roc X5
Filed 10-17-10
Cards Received02-22-11
Filed 10-17-11
Interview 01-12-12
Oath 06-29-12

Citizenship for older 2 boys

Filed 03/08/2014

NOA/fee waiver 03/19/2014

Biometrics 04/15/14

Interview 05/29/14

In line for Oath 06/20/14

Oath 09/19/2014 We are all done! All USC no more USCIS


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2012-10-30: FedEx delivered I-130 to Chicago Lockbox Mail Room
2012-11-01: NOA1 by email - MSC
2012-11-02: $420 (x3) debited from our account
2012-11-05: NOA1 hard copies received, Priority Date 2012-10-30
2012-12-11: NOA2

2013-01-02: Rec'd case#, IIN, BIN & OPTIN emails for EP sent
2013-01-03: Submitted DS-261 (x3)
2013-01-07: AOS bills invoiced and paid & OPTIN for EP accepted for each of us
2013-01-08: AOS bills appear as paid & AOS packages sent by email
2013-01-08: IV bill invoiced & paid (kids' only)
2013-01-09: IV bill appears as paid (kids' only)
2013-01-09: IV Package emailed & DS-260 submitted online (kids only)
2013-01-11: AOS received -notified by email
2013-01-11: IV bill invoiced & paid (for me)
2013-01-14: IV bill appears as paid (for me)
2013-01-14: IV Supporting Docs received for kids - notified by email
2013-01-14: IV Package emailed & DS-260 submitted online (me only)
2013-01-18: IV Supporting Docs received for me - notified by email
2013-01-18: Son#1 CASE COMPLETE - Son#2 checklist - saying $ on I-864 don't match tax return (but they do)-resubmitted
2013-01-23: AOS 2nd submission for Son #2 received - notified by email
2013-01-25: My CASE COMPLETE
2013-02-06: Packet 4 Received by email

2013-02-13: Medicals 2014-12-17: Delivered to California Lockbox 2015-12-15: Delivered to Phoenix Lockbox
2013-03-06: Interview 2014-12-19: 1 I-751 + 3 Biometrics Fees debited from our account 2015-12-16: Fees charged to Credit Card
2013-03-08: Visas in-hand 2014-12-22: Received NOA1 by mail. Receipt Date: 2014-12-17 2015-12-17: NOA
2013-03-12: Paid USCIS Immigrant Fee 2014-12-24: Received Biometrics Appointment Letter 2016-01-02: Biometrics Letter 2016-01-11: Biometrics
2013-03-14: POE 2015-01-06: Biometrics 2016-02-15: In Line for Interview 2016-02-19: Letter
2013-03-25: SSNs arrived 2015-05-27: Approved 2016-03-22: Interview
2013-04-01: Green Cards arrived 2015-06-03: New Green Cards arrived 2016-04-15: Oath Ceremony

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I-129F Sent : 2014-09-15
I-129F NOA1 : 2014-09-24
I-129F NOA2 : 2014-10-20
NVC Left : 2014-11-05
Packet 3 Received : 2014-11-13
Packet 4 Received : 2014-12-05
Medical : 2014-12-19
Interview Date : 2015-01-23 Montreal
Interview Result : Approved 2015-01-23
Loomis picked up passport from Montreal: 2015-01-27
Passport/visa in hand:2015-01-30

POE'd at Toronto Pearson Airport: 2015-04-01

SSN received: 2015-04-08 or so

Married : 2015-04-23

AOS/EAD/AP submitted as one : 2015-05-19

Biometrics AOS: 2015-06-15

EAD approved : 2015 July but did not receive until 2015-09-30

AOS interview: 2015-09-25

AOS approved: 2015-09-25

GC received: 2015-10-02


ROC I751 package mailed 7/19
uscis received package 7/21 as per USPS
check cashed 7/25/2017
noa i797 dated 7/21/2107/ WAC17293xxx
noa i797 received 7/27/2017

Biometrics not needed; used what was on file

Infopass i551 stamp ( 12months) done 8/17/2018


No Interview.

ROC approved Oct 25,2018.  i797 notice received Oct 29,2018 

PR card received Oct 30 2018 


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Congrats. I figured you were number 1, but you were in and out so fast I didn't get a chance to say hello.

I was also approved and had a very similar experience apart from having to wait for nearly an hour while the couple before me handed over their documents at the first window. The interview itself (also at window #8) was more moaning about the weather than anything else. And even with the delay, I was finished by 10am.

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Congrats. I figured you were number 1, but you were in and out so fast I didn't get a chance to say hello.

I was also approved and had a very similar experience apart from having to wait for nearly an hour while the couple before me handed over their documents at the first window. The interview itself (also at window #8) was more moaning about the weather than anything else. And even with the delay, I was finished by 10am.

What number were you, dam would have been nice to say hi. Sorry about that.

I wished the lady that was #2 good luck before I left because she had forgotten her I-134 document, but had all the back up for it and they told her it was up to the guy doing the interview. I hope she made out ok, I met her and her fiancé outside before hand.

My only negative today was the security guard at the front door he was a little rude and abrasive. But beyond that I was very happy with everything.

Congrats on getting approved, where and when are you going?

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Congrats guys! please keep us updated with how long it takes to get your passports back :)

2009/09/30 Married
IR-1 begins: 2015/07/07 Courier I-130 petition to Chicago




2015/07/08 Petition delivered | NOA1 date
2015/07/10 Received emailed NOA1 (California) 2015/07/20 Received snail mail NOA1
2015/08/25 NOA2 by email/USCIS site (48 days) 2015/09/02 Received snail mail NOA2

2015/09/15 Received by NVC (21 days)
2015/09/27 Case number assigned (12 days)
2015/09/28 Got case number and IIN over the phone
2015/09/28 Submitted DS-261 2015/09/29 Paid AOS fee (IN PROCESS) 2015/10/01 AOS fee PAID
2015/10/13 Received NVC Welcome Letter hard copy
2015/10/15 Reviewed DS-261 (17 days)
2015/10/16 Received IV Invoice 2015/10/16 Paid IV fee (IN PROCESS)

2015/10/17 Submitted AOS package & IV package 2015/10/19 IV fee PAID 2015/10/19 Submitted DS-260 (scan date)

2015/10/20 Re-sent files (new scan date) 2015/10/29 CASE COMPLETE!

2015/11/13 Heard about interview date (phone) (15 days) 2015/12/07 Medical

2015/12/18 INTERVIEW! 221(g) request for additional sponsor. Otherwise good to go!

2016/01/07 Additional information and passport sent back to Mtl Consulate.

2016/01/12 Passport & 221g delivered to Consulate

2016/01/14 Status updated on CEAC; no update yet on ais.usvisa-info.com

2016/01/28 Status updated to READY 2016/01/29 Status updated to ISSUED

2016/02/01 Received Canada Post info 2016/02/03 Got it!

2016/02/04 POE YVR

2016/03/18 Received green card

2018/11/08 Submitted N-400 online

2018/11/09 Estimated wait time: 31 Days  2018/11/09 Estimated case completion time: 11 months

2018/11/10 Biometrics appt scheduled 2018/11/13 Appointment letter received online

2018/11/27 Biometrics appt

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I was #9. Thought I was on a roll - 3 and 5 were quick too - just number 7 that slowed things down. And #2 was okay - she was so pleased I could hear her thank you from the waiting area.

And yes, the guy at the door was less than professional. I was okay, but while waiting to go through the metal detector, he opened the door and yelled at someone outside who'd just arrived (something along the lines of "I don't speak French. Lose the backpack or go somewhere else"). Once inside, though, security was very pleasant - they even checked my cigarette lighter.

As soon as Canada Post delivers my passport, I'll be driving down to Louisiana. Hopefully next weekend.

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